When even Jim Farry blocked a royal postponement


25 years ago, Scotland were due to play a World Cup qualification game against Belarus on the day of Princess Diana’s funeral.  The SFA, then run by chief exec Jim Farry, the same man who was eventually removed from office for delaying Celtic’s registration of Jorge Cadete, decided the game should proceed as planned.

Whatever you think of Farry, he acted without concern for the royalist contingent.  Despite the SFA’s offices being vandalised and Scottish Secretary, Donald Dewer, applying political pressure, Farry dug in:   ”We have taken heed of the various viewpoints, but let’s be reasonable about this, life does and must go on.”

He did not act alone, the SFA International Committee were involved, and they included Celtic’s Jack McGinn, and the Greatest Football Administrator the world has ever known, Campbell Ogilvie!  This was a strange time in Britain, maybe the strangest few weeks of the last century.

Royalists were split between backers of the self-styled Queen of Hearts (honestly), and those in the minority, who sided with the actual Queen.  The Queen, a bit like Farry, held out as long as she could against the indulgent wallowing infecting millions, by resisting calls to lower flags to half-mast.

Before the end of the week, royal flags were lowered and the Scotland game was postponed.  Those of us who never took an interest in royalty were often heard saying “Let’s be reasonable about this”, but were largely ignored.

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  1. SCULLY 8.12


    Willie Wallace,Jimmy Johnstone and Stevie Chalmers.Player to right of Willie,Joe McBride??

  2. I feel it is wrong to postpone football matches – playing these games is not disrespecting the Queen. Personally, I did feel great sadness when I heard the news, but it’s not grief, and I’m not in mourning. I feel she was a remarkable lady who fulfilled her role with dignity and showed remarkable commitment to her people.

  3. Wee poser:


    I mentioned the late Joe McBride (see above).


    Joe made his debut v Motherwell,game was not played in Scotland,but where?



    Bring on the Vulcans! Shipbank Shipwrecks F.C. rool ya bass! 🤣









    “Highly illogical.”



    “Live long and prosper.”

  5. I am not a supporter of the IRA songbook at Celtic Park. Unlike away games, it tends to kill the atmosphere as many ST holders like myself don’t see it as reprinting their views.


    On Tuesday I did think about the the words FTQ as they were sung and thought that it literally means the rape of a 96 year old women. Unknown at the time this was two days before her death. Surely as a support we have moved on from this!


    The Thomson gun, FTQ (FTK) and Fat orange bastard lines that we added to songs do not fit well with me.





    Only my opinion CFC

  6. 67ECW, my apologies for my earlier comments I realise now that I am an uppity fenian bastard and will now return to the back if the bus silently, don’t want to upset anyone.


    Is there a space next to you?

  7. Night night y’all. I’m off to dreamland and a virtual pilgrimmage to a fantasy pint in Barga CSC. One day……..

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    BelmontBrian that is beyond the pale. You are in serious trouble next Friday. There’s a queue waiting to ….

  9. From QF and Parkheadcumsalford.


    I think literally is the key word.


    As a man of a certain age I see no need for the ira stuff at football but we definitely don’t need celtic fans putting the boot in with daily mail type hyperbole.

  10. Always thought the FTQ stance was more against establishment and monarchy shoite …



    Think QF & co are reaching and pretty sick, if they actually thought one person singing those words meant what they are inferring …



    Now that’s pretty sick .. so every song any one person now sings means they are intending to act out the words they are singing



    QF … watch what you sing in future, hopefully you will treat your own words as you do others



    As suppose we should just stick with …



    Let The People Sing 🎵

  11. Dammit BelmontB….am gonna put the Shatner, and Nimoy Albums on in yer local if they have any class 😂




  12. TLT 9.22pm



    Read QF 9.04pm



    How that is even a thought in somebody’s head



    Anyhow .. Shahtar on Tuesday should be CQNs immediate thoughts



    Shved ???



    I thought he was going to be a star … did Brendan dinghy him “because he didn’t want him”

  13. Cheers Gerry….Apologies to T7…and a get to grip ya idiot QF…does that mean Queens Fancy 😂




    Never have I read the daily mail.



    FTQ on Tuesday did literally mean rape a 96 year old. Saying that is the truth inot putting the boot in – just fact. I would feel much more comfortable with fuck the monarchy as I am a republican.





    Truth CFC – not whataboutery or deflection.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Leonard Nimoy wasn’t speaking to William Shatner when he died,………to be fair, he wasn’t really speaking to anybody when he died.

  16. Amidst all the hoo-ha……ye’d expect muck-rakers might attempt a we sortie under kover of the prevailing meeja guff………..et voila……

  17. GFTB…looking at their stats from last Tuesday,..Shakhtar were clearly efficient up-front and probs incredibly lucky defensively. So I predict Shaktar 1 Celtic 3




  18. QF you are adamantly repeating that allegation? No idea what point you are trying to make but I hope as gftd suggested you are as careful in your choice of words in every day life.

  19. 67 European Cup Winners on



    I fear I may not like what I see !!!


    But we all have the same DNA


    We all love the same Celtic




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