A rising tide lifts all boats


The annual KPMG Football Benchmark included Celtic for the first time, this year.  The report provides an Enterprise Value for elite clubs, which are otherwise often ranked by simple revenue or coefficient point tables.

While there is often talk of the ‘big five leagues’, 21 of the 32 clubs are from either England (9), Italy (6) or Spain (6).  Germany and France have three each, while Turkey (population >80m) lost their third club this year and now have just two.  Ajax, Benfica and Celtic are the remaining three.

The inclusion of Benfica and not Porto, tells the story of the formers dominance of Portuguese football in recent seasons, winning five of the last six titles.  Ajax runs counter to this argument, having won their first trophy in four years this month, although I hear they have done well in European competition recently also.

There are no clubs from Greece, Switzerland, anywhere in Eastern Europe, Belgium or Scandinavia, all territories we would expect to compete for Champions League spots with.

Being on the list, in itself, is not going to put break on the table, but it has value, nonetheless.  Players of exceptional value will continue to leave Celtic for wages well in excess of what they can earn in Scotland until league structures change.  But the fees Celtic have been able to command are significantly less than what Ajax or Benfica can get for similar talent.

This is because the grade of our domestic competition inhibits what we can test here.  Being the best central defender in Scotland is worth less than being the best central defender in the Netherlands, as talent in the Netherlands is valued higher.  This metric is an inhibitor on Celtic.

It was JFK who said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  If Celtic central defenders are rated higher, this reflects in the value of those who score against them, so everyone in Scotland should benefit from our inclusion.  Celtic being dominant is good for all.  As a consequence, the Scottish Premiership is a quoted league.  I know it’s hard and football does not really work this way, but the rest of them should be happy for us.

I also over promised on this stuff (below) if we won the Treble Treble.  Orders have been placed…

Eden Mill Treble Treble Gift Set

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  1. Agree with the posts above : Paddy Roberts is not a necessity



    A 1st choice right back is


    An additional centre half is



    Lets get the priority positions filled.

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BIG WAVY on 29TH MAY 2019 3:17 PM


    Put a line through the Paddy Roberts dream.


    Off to Norwich.





    That just broke my heart – but only for a second !!!



    It’s only a loan – whoopeee !!



    All part of the cunning Pedro Plan to wait till the January transfer window so we can pick him up for nothing on a pre-contract à la J McGinn.



    Oh-fek !!! Wait a minute…..







  3. ROCK TREE BHOY ( 2:27 PM )



    Sorry bud, canna agree with you here. Setting a (relatively) shorterm goal with no succession in mind, is straight out of the Moonbeam School of Management.



    TEN is a massive emotional milestone for us all, but (sadly) football is a business, ergo TEN needs to be a part of a bigger 3 – 5 year plan.



    Fans celebrate trophies, Board’s balance sheets – ah canny mind ever seeing a team parade a balance sheet in their lap of honour, but that’s the reality. A poorly controlled balance sheet is a one way road to failure (and we dinna have to look to far in Glasgow for an example).



    So (in my opinion only) there’s no way on God’s Green Earth that the Board will venture into such “shorterm-ism”. There will be a release of cash for NFL to rebuild, but with a more, moderated view than winning the League in 24months time.



    Hope I’m wring, but …….

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    See “boyhood Gers fan” James Morrison is urging Harmer to reject Celtic move.



    Whit ur they like :-)) ?






  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Harmer = Harper (or is he a tough midfielder?)

  6. 1. Right Back (first pick)



    2. Centre Half



    3. Left Back (back-up)



    4. Centre Mid



    5. Centre Forward (maybe two)







  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH MAY 2019 4:00 PM


    Wee Paddy to Norwich seemingly





    See above – year long loan

  8. traditionalist88 on

    I’d have taken wee Paddy definitely to ease the burden on Jamesie.



    Sinclair won’t be around too much longer, Schvad is an unknown in terms of how he’ll settle in Scotland, Karamoko is only 16 and by many accounts so good that we should just enjoy him while we have him, Arzani also is a big question mark and not here long term.



    We know what Paddy has, his directness offers something different to Forrest making for the byeline. And you can never have too much proven quality.



    Surprised Man City letting him go on loan again, suspect there is a big fee and future price agreed.



    If not we should be in there next year.




  9. traditionalist88 on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH MAY 2019 4:17 PM



    Yes, thats what I thought too,




  10. Traditionalist88



    Nothing’s a guarantee fella. Roberts last season was poor, first season sensational. Same with Sinclair and Forrest has been the first Celtic scapegoat to win player of the year. Wingers are notoriously fickle.



    I’m allowing myself to get excited by Schved – good pedigree and looks a player. Arzani could be the breakthough this year. Sinclair could give us a vintage last season.



    Or Lenny could just play Jonny Hayes to spite us all :)

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Big Wavy-I think Sinclair will get punted, the year extension gives us a transfer fee, will get £4-5 mil from down south IMO

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PLANS are underway to have a statue of Celtic legend Billy McNeill erected in his home town of Bellshill.



    A public meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow night to discuss how to move forward with plans for the tribute to the legendary Hoops figure – who last month died aged 79.

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    The three year test run of our railed seating is over now, I believe. The decision – what now?



    Celtic fan option – increase the number of railed seats around the park. Party on.



    Police option – remove all railed seats. Jail the Green Brigade, close Celtic Park.



    Cheap option – no change, do nothing. Also known as the Celtic Board option.

  14. Seems we are getting ‘an innovative coach’ – Err no scratch that its Gary Parker (again) allegedly.

  15. Paul67 et al



    Associations get away with murder. UEFA is a cartel simple as that. If any other industry in Europe behaved as football does, it would facing investigation from the EU or more particularly the European Commission, on the grounds of restricting access to the market, of self-serving rules, anti-competitivism, and the deliberate favouring of the powerful to the detriment of the rest. Or in other words, of enriching the few at the expense of the many. A rising tide may well lift all boats, albeit momentarily, and it may well benefit Ajax, Benfica and Celtic, but the Big Five in Europe, just like the Five Families in New York City before them, intend to leave everyone else crawling from the wreckage, or perhaps more appropriately, scrambling for the lifeboats.

  16. This is because the grade of our domestic competition inhibits what we can test here. Being the best central defender in Scotland is worth less than being the best central defender in the Netherlands, as talent in the Netherlands is valued higher. This metric is an inhibitor on Celtic.






    Here you get some insight into why Title stripping, Res12 etc were buried by the PLC. The most important thing to the PLC is value, pursuing the former does nothing for value. Alan McRae wanted a strong Rangers but i strongly suspect the PLC do as well.

  17. Bada



    I think he’ll be here next season. Fits with Lenny’s words and a core of dependeables he wants too.



    Just conjecture of course and as I’m on my pills I’m not going to let it start a half-empty rant….



    In Lenny we Trust csc

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    RIOSKORRIE on 29TH MAY 2019 3:50 PM



    It has to be a short term goal, a one off two year short term goal , this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, all our ducks should be lined up with one objective, Ten in a Row, everything else must be secondary.



    Europe, balance sheets, projects, young bucks coming thru, stadium upgrade, everything has to take second place , if you think our fans are unhappy with the NFL appointment just wait and see how unhappy they will be if we blow the Ten,



    they (PL and DD) will become the Unforgiven~, no two ways about it.

  19. Fool Time Whistle on

    Rock Tree Bhoy & Rioskorrie



    Interesting conundrum though.



    Some questions spring to mind…



    Is there ANYTHING football related to Celtic that you would trade 10-in-a-row for?






    Would you pay any price to secure 10-in-a-row?




    Opening that choice for both questions up as wide as possible.




    Supplementary question if 10-in-a-row is secured..



    What then?






    IF securing 10-in-a-row is essential for you, are you comfortable that this is merely a form of Old Firmism in the wee world of Glasgow?



    The board of Celtic FC often stand accused of Old Firmism in terms of the club’s own apparently limited ambitions, so in these circumstances is it correct to put all our eggs in the 10-in-a-row basket or should we keep some back for long termism?



    Asking for several friends.




  20. glendalystonsils on

    Looking at our possible opponents over the 4 rounds of Qualifying for the CL ,it’s maybe even more of a reason to prioritise our domestic competitions . CL qualifying looks a very tall order and probably beyond the squad as it stands at the moment.

  21. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 29TH MAY 2019 5:51 PM



    Obviously the club going bust is out of the question – but all other considerations should be put aside – all our eggs must go in to the 10 in a row basket – we can get back to long termism AFTER ten in a row.

  22. Fool Time Whistle on

    Rock Tree Bhoy






    I know that winning the league EVERY year is our primary priority so on that basis we can do both by focusing on that, but…



    It would also mean that European football is consigned to the “not that interested” box – until afterwards…




  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ GLENDALYSTONSILS on 29TH MAY 2019 5:55 PM



    Well that is surely representative of our poor squad management and forward planning.



    We have had record turnover and profit and appeared in Europe the last three season and twice after Christmas and yet CL is looking a tall order.



    CL participation is what has elevated the club to its current level. We need to invest to try and improve our chances of participation. If we write off this year, then we may as well right off the years to come as well, as we are not going to speculate to accumulate in the face of dwindling revenue.

  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Obviously you would have to avoid “tapping up”, but surely nothing wrong with saying you liked the way a team played. Not sure it’s that fanciful. Arsene Wenger got the Arsenal job because David Dein spoke to him at a game six or seven years earlier, was impressed with him and kept an eye on his career. I’m sure that wouldn’t be the only instance. The personal touch can be important and sometimes the small details can make a difference. But in any case my point really was that we seem to be fishing in a very small pool and we could be doing a lot better.


    Agree about the high press. Spacing has been an issue in some of these games (as fan–a-tic often posted about). But when you have six or seven players in the box and the opposition have two or three and they still score then that’s just pure bad defending.


    We should be able to play a similar style but more compact and with a better counter-attack. Have never liked the one up front in these games as they always get isolated.

  25. glendalystonsils on




    Couldn’t agree more. I did say CL qualification looks to be beyond the squad ‘as it stands’ . We need to recruit the quality needed to be ready , perhaps not for the first Q round but certainly thereafter.

  26. Gutman and Perez could be potential left and right back backups for next season. I haven’t seen much of them beyond YouTube but you have to hope we saw something in them when they were signed.


    Shved looks good in the clips, hopefully he’s a good backup at least for next season along with Arzani.


    It’s first team players we need next season not more projects.


    It’s time for the board to back the manager.

  27. Ruggygman, from ages ago…



    Ian Cathro is a very good shout…



    BIGBHOY @ 2:34 PM,



    Yes of course, it will depend on the criteria and what makes a Club compliant, two things are for sure…



    One… Rangers are certainly not compliant



    Two… This elite European division(s), if it ever happens will be a game changer, if they have a sniff, Rangers WILL be complaint… if that’s Hampden, Murrayfield where ever while Ibrox is rebuilt. They will be facilitated and the money WILL be there.



    The reason I believe we won’t be on our own is that we will struggle to make it, in fact as I said earlier I don’t think it will happen in a format that will be beneficial to us, if it does, we will need to stretch every sinew of commercial attraction, the old firm circus may well come into play.



    AULDHEID @ 3:05 PM,



    Very interesting post, I hadn’t read the Scotsman piece. It confirms what we thought, Sevco Rangers speculated to get a European run and like Oldco managed to get away with It. It will be interesting to see what was their full years turnover for 2018/19.



    Rangers Armageddon II would be interesting. Now the Clubs are completely aware of what went on, the supporters are somewhat aware of what went on and a very good point you raise… The financial stability of the “competing” Clubs in Scotland, is so much better now, excepting Sevco Rangers of course.



    The thing that irks me though, is where is the ambition. Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen all have had chances to establish themselves as number two in Scotland and have a pop at the Europa League, relatively speaking a wee gold mine for those Clubs.



    Now I’m not saying they should in anyway compromise their recent excellent fiscal record. Also some capital projects, Hearts new Stand, Aberdeen’s new stadium properly funded, I mean not on the BoS never, never. Yet it’s got to be said, fear of Rangers coming “back” to take their “rightful” role have made these Clubs far too timid.



    Sometime ago I said to you, when it looked like the brick wall you guys were hitting your head off was being reinforced, that the comfort you could take from this was that at least from now on there will be diligence, they can’t get away with It again… once again, how wrong am I?



    You are right about shareholders legal rights, I’d also mention stakeholders ethical rights. When Celtic is run in a self-serving autocratic manner, and for all those skepical of this, Saturday’s appointment of our new manager and the subsequent interview by our CEO proves the point, Res12 highlights a huge issue, manifesting itself in terms of transparency and accountability.



    You are right to carry on with Res12, yet will a thorn in their side change anything. As you suggest, Celtic now have a dependency on Rangers. Not the Duopoly it was before, but our failure to make serious in roads into Europe during their short but sweet demise means we once again need them and Administration would be a local difficulty and be resolved as a mild inconvenience.



    For all that, keep~on~keeping~on.



    Hail Hail

  28. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @GLENDALYSTONSILS on 29TH MAY 2019 6:21 PM



    Yep, point taken. There is a real lack of quality and depth in this current squad. The loss of Moussa, Paddy and Armstrong and our failure to replace them has hurt us; combined with the loss of form of Rogic, Sinclair and Ntcham (all of whom could be sold without much complaint from the fans – provided the money is re-invested).



    We really need a big transfer window to push on. Last summer we stagnated; we shouldn’t make the same mistake two years running.

  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SFA,- ‘ Flanagan did not breach the brutality threshold….’ re attack on Broonie, have you ever heard so much shite….

  30. Rock Tree Bhoy on 29th May 2019 2:27 pm



    Kind of stating the obvious here but we should have a specific 2 season business plan with its sole intention of winningTHE TENbig Peter and Dermot need to face up to this square on. Neil of course should be part of the plan and whatever resources he ask for should be specific with the intention of winning THE TEN. We can rebuild after the ten but big Peter and Dermot need to know that they are the responsible party for getting us the ten (not Neil) and if we fail its all on them, (not Neil) I’m sure they are aware of this.





    What that man says.



    Here’s why, when the huns nearly got 10 I couldn’t have stayed in this country. I was looking to get out of dodge. It wasn’t a great option as the huns are everywhere I looked at. But now I know I don’t have to consider that because if we get to 10 I will be 61 and so if anyone else is going to do it after us I would have to live till I’m 71 and that might no happen. However if that was going to happen there’s always they clinics in Switzerland.




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