Abada’s potential


Don’t take this to heart too soon, but Liel Abada has the potential to eclipse anyone else currently in the Celtic squad.  The natural instinct he has demonstrated inside the box since he arrived as a teenager two years ago, is gold dust.

The Great Swede was 26 when he came to Glasgow, having spent most of his days on the wing.  At Leil’s age, he was also waif-like and was far from capable of being the focus of an elite attack.  Wim Jansen knew what was hidden from others and together they rewrote history.

I could not be more delighted our Israeli Star is secured until 2027.

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  1. so we signed him as a project, and now he is moved up to the “potential” bucket, while getting henrik at the same age comparisons, and making wrong decisions on the park at the hampden huns game,



    we will sell him in january.

  2. I always thought Abada had an eye for goal – get him in the middle and build him up a little and he could be great.



    I have Israeli colleagues and they are excited about this news.

  3. today is meteriogical first day of autumn, and it feels it, someone shut that windae.



    Europa Conference League draw: Aberdeen meet Eintracht Frankfurt, HJK & PAOK

  4. Good to see key players extending their contracts and past mistakes leaving. We are in danger of building from a position of strength. (I appreciate we are, in board parlance, also protecting our assets)



    Is there still time for our marquee signing though ?



    Someone pour Pete another glass of Chateauneuff …..

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Excellent job to keep Liel. However, this is brazen news management. Absolutely no other explanation for it being announced on transfer deadline night.

  6. Phew



    for a moment I thought my suggestion of another glass of wine for our leader broke the blog

  7. This is good news. Really like Abada as a player. Some really strong performances, if a little inconsistent.


    He definitely has more to offer. Sunday would be a perfect time to start

  8. Sporting Lisbon seemingly bid £7m for Liel. Absolute chancers. They should be stripped of the Hoops with immediate effect



    Who did they think he was, Glen Kamara*



    *undisclosed fee (lol) to Leeds

  9. When Bernardo signs we will have a first team squad of 35, presuming Ajeti & Haksa go that reduces to 33.



    Soro still knocking around, thought he was offski but haven’t seen any mention of him lately.



    I would have thought that 33 is a wee bit high not leaving much room for anymore late signings but hope springs eternal.

  10. Lefty



    You know me better than that. Lol. How’s that wee grandson of yours now. Oh how I miss you both on the Celtic Way on match day. I hope you are keeping well P. HH .

  11. All bed linen now in the tumble dryer after wife gave them a thorough wash. Sadly, they will probably need rewashed come Sunday morning. Still, so pleased that the club have retained Liel.



    Quite happy with the window (for a club stuck in the SPL).

  12. Question on 1st September 2023 7:47 pm






    Best news of the day, no more sorrow!




  13. Best news of the day, no more sorrow!




    I edited that line out of my response to CorkCelt, Ha Ha



    Liked your line about the laundry




  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Gene re Cole Palmer – cheers.



    Apologies. Missed your post.



    He’s a year older than Jude Bellingham.



    World has gone mad.



    “DD has facilitated some players by paying renumeration out of his own deep pockets.”



    FFSCSC 🤦‍♂️





    Thank you for your reply.



    I was under the impression the DD helped pay the wages of at least Craig Bellamy and Roy Keane as both were breaching Celtic’s wage policy.



    But I will bow to your superior knowledge.

  16. Paul 67,



    I have mentioned this about Liel Abada for a good while now.



    Liel has the potential to be a superstar and go for a record transfer fee.


    But not yet. He has not yet reached that potential.


    Hopefully our forthcoming European journey will help that aspiration.




  17. STEBHOY on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2023 4:11 PM



    BTW I think Rangers team shows promise and will improve with games – Sunday will be a wake up call for many!



    *btw back tae you but as our wee former striker once said at Glasgow Airport, beat it yer teams deid

  18. No marquee signings then. One marquee sale – Jota to Saudi. Is anyone surprised?


    Happy we have given Abada new contract.

  19. hankray on 1st September 2023 8:01 pm



    Ten Men Won The League on 1st September 2023 3:35 pm


















    Everybody knows we needed a















    GK, LB, RB, CBX2, A DM, CM, RM, LM, LW, CF X 2, RW, and 8 x quality on the bench, everyone over 6ft 3 please.


























    You forgot to add the Main Stand renovation…











    Love it. The lady of the house as we all experience from time to time like clearouts – do you need this, do you need that . To day it happened in my estableshment and among other things I came accross a copy of the Dublin Evening Herald dated 3rd September 2018 which had a souveneir supplement of the previous days All Ireland football final and a double page spread of the Glasgow derby. Oliver Nitcham scoring the winner in a 1-0 victory for the Hoops with Brendan Rodgers extending his unbeaten run against the Ibroxi men to 12 games.







    Brendan definitely has the knack of victory in these derbies, perhaps a good omen for Sunday. Celtic have 9 new signings to date and you would need an encyclopedic memory to keep track of all these guys coming to Celtic Park.







    Hoping our central defence can have a good day and midfield, whoever Brendan choses to pick, we have the attack to trouble Newco after their collapse in the Champs Lge against the Dutch.






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    jackiemac on Abada’s potential




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  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Based in resources there should t be a title race but it looks like there will be. Alan Morrison on The Hiddle Breakdwon. You have to ask why we’re squirrelling money away rather than upgrading key positions when we can easily afford to. Cui bono?

  21. Chairbhoy




    Likewise after the carcrash of Lenny MK II it was no coincidence Ange won five out six trophies



    They are very good managers



    These things are 100% doable, the metrics, analytics etc are a numbers, time game



    We should never assume that the folk we have doing this “know their stuff” or have a talent




    Just catching up. What was your expressed view of Ange in June 2021? Does it reflect your current view that he was a good manager then, or is hindsight operating?




    I didn’t assume anything- I actually know someone who set up the Sports Science department and have spoken with the employed practitioners. I am not going to claim they were the best in the business but I am going to tell you they were trained professionals and not just an ex-player with a sponge. Now, they were on the Sports Science – so should I assume that the expertise shown there was totally absent from the Scouting and Recruitment Network? No- the only assumption I see is the one where you have assumed they are piss poor at their job and don’t use modern techniques.





    A small sample test, if we used this approach in South Korea how come the same “model”, gave us Yang and Kwon!?




    Not sure I get your point but I’ll assume you mean Yang is good and Kwon’s a dud.




    Different metrics will have been used for a winger and a DM, for a start.




    Yet- Yang is 21and has played 2 seasons in S. Korea with a struggling top flight team- 66 matches. He has 6 caps at U-23 level.




    Kwon is 22 and has 4 seasons as a Busan player but loaned to Gimcheon when he was doing his National Service as this allowed him to play locally to where he was posted. In that time with both clubs he played 35 top flight games and 41 in the 2nd flight. He has been capped at U-17, U-20 and U-23 level for S. Korea. He has 32 under age caps, 11 of them at u-23 level- more than Yang.




    So, I see no difference in their historian metrics. Young promising players earmarked for future full caps. In fact Kwon looks the lesser risk on his record.




    The only metric that makes them look different, is that Yang has had 3 competitive outings for Celtic and has looked a likely lad in 2 of those appearances. Kwon has appeared twice in friendlies, making a good impression against Wolves but having a total mare vs Bilbao. That one bad match has him portrayed as a Korean 2nd division project who has been written off. Now, maybe he won’t make it with us. But I, for one, don’t know that as yet because he is barely in the door and has not been given the playing time to impress. I did note he was still being selected for the bench by Brendan in our last game, so he hasn’t given up on him.

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