Aberdeen last man standing against Celtic again


Aberdeen’s win at Fir Park last night may have delayed Celtic’s title party but it will be the form of the Pittodrie team, who remain in the Scottish Cup, which will most concern Brendan Rodgers.  Celtic’s record against Aberdeen has been imperious since the Irishman took over, but the oftener you show your strengths to an opponent, the better prepared they will be next time.

Aberdeen finished second to Celtic in three of the last four domestic competitions and are in the mix for the second in the league and the Scottish Cup final, should we get through our semi, I will be quite happy to see Motherwell also progress to the final.

Before all that, we have Dundee at Celtic Park tonight, then a trip to Hamilton on Sunday.  Win both of those and we will be at least 12 points clear with five post-split games to play.  If Aberdeen drop points in each of their next two games, we could win the league against Newco on 22 April, although it would be nice for our city neighbours to watch a league title being won, it does not look likely.

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    SIX COUNTIES FRY,you told me.



    Ever tried Harlem,it’s superb.





    Rogic deal? Tell me more.



    That’s a result!

  3. 50 shades of green on

    Knew it:-):-)



    Now I know it’s not a given that its 2 at home and 2 away, but I dont want the hun monkeys anywhere near Celtic park when 7 is confirmed, get as many Celtic fans in as possible and win the league without a worry about friends and family’s safety, and think of the poor toilets have they not suffered enough ( the toilets I mean).







    Similarly winning it at doomdome might just tip them over the edge, I mean beating them 3 times in one season at the piggery, ffs they would have a meltdown, lets leave that for Lenny and Efe.




  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    First I have read about Tom Rogic deal. Delighted is the word.


    Stuart Armstrong needs to sign extended deal too. These 2 make us play.

  5. 50 shades of green on

    Has oor Paulie jumped the gun with the TR announcement, or did I miss it….




  6. 50 shades of green on

    Also I think we would struggle to sign any player for 10 million, but I know what you mean.




  7. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    Lol 6 county fry indeed Bobby M. Not tried Harlem yet chief.



    My mate’s missus makes the best fry I’ve ever tasted – No mushrooms, beans or even tomatoes, none of that carry on because it’s all about the bread really – she even does a wee bit of fried pancake for extra sweetness.



    DD – Starving now mo chara.








    Maybe PAUL67 has given us an exclusive,the tease.



    If so,made my day.

  9. I’m still stuck on that “oftener”……………..





    It’s always good to be a Tim / Tom





    16 ROADS



    We’ll discuss it nearer the time,the finest breakfast I’ve ever tasted is on me if you supply the company. Any day,Fri-Mon.



    Be grateful I don’t drag you to AVOCA for a scone. Canny wait to see my Dad’s face when I suggest it!

  11. Re Tom Rogic’s new deal.



    I heard for every week he is injured we deduct a week’s wages.




  12. There is a Tom Rogic/Three Year Deal story on the official website but it looks like an error, the story is dated 2016.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Hoopslegend wee Derek Riordan has signed for amateur side St Bernards.



    No disrespect [what?] to the big hairy mountain rescuers but what a waste of talent that bhoy’s career has been.

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    St Bernard’s last won the Scottish Cup in 1895.



    It still gives them a shinier trophy cabinet than Sevco.

  15. Paul 67,



    If Aberdeen had a more tactically astute manager, then yes they may have given us some competition .



    In fact I remember saying that when we came back from St Petersburg it was a stroke of luck playing McInnes ‘s team.



    HH to all COYBIG.

  16. And there’s nothing on the Daily Record website about a new Rogic deal so it can’t be true :-)

  17. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on







    Not a problem mo chara, look forward to it.




  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I reckon these are deliberate errors today to make Winning Captains feel missed. Time to sharpen your pencils.

  19. Hoping the crowd isn’t affected by the Liverpool Man City game tonight.



    Aw the time

  20. Greepinata


    If you are still around, 4 PM for the Flying Emerald from Arbroath.


    Most of the working ghuys can still make it.



  21. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    Willie Maley – County Down.



    Martin O’Neill – County Derry.



    Neil Lennon – County Armagh.



    Brendan Rodgers – County Antrim.




  22. Is Paul talking of something else or is he referring to this from the Celtic site and didn`t notice the date?:



    ” By: Paul Cuddihy on 09 Aug, 2016 17:18



    CELTIC are delighted to announce that Tom Rogic has signed a new three-year contract, committing himself to the club until 2019.”




  23. Only three hours for me to find someone I can give my ST to.As I am not going out and am not going to offer it to anyone anyway, I suppose I will just `have to make the effort` to do one of the things I really enjoy in life.Watch Glasgow Celtic.



    Glasgow`s Green and White!……………………………………………………………………..Glasgow`s Green and White !




  24. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    So I’m happy, tonight.



    I’m not worried about anything.



    I’m not fearing any man.



    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord



    Martin Luther King Jr, Memphis, 03/04/68

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Man C v Man U , probable title decider, live on TV, it’s what Sky and fans want to see……but not here, you can bet your last penny, if Sevco were miles ahead of us and same scenario was possible, they would make sure the fixture happened after the split.

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