Ajax, Strachan and Rodgers


As Ajax contemplate the impossible (winning the Champions League the season after being knocked out of the Europa qualifiers by Rosenborg), it’s appropriate to note the stark European facts of Brendan Rodgers’ tenure.

Excluding qualifiers, Brendan’s Celtic played 6 home games in the Champions League and 5 in the Europa, he won three, all in the Europa, drew 1 and lost 7.

Gordon Strachan also played 11 home games excluding qualifiers, all in the Champions League, 2 in the knock out rounds.  Gordon won 7 of those games, drew 3 and lost only 1, a 2-3 defeat to Barcelona.  Among others, the wins came against reigning champions, Milan, as well as Manchester United, Villarreal and Benfica (twice).

While Gordon Strachan’s Celtic never came close to what Ajax have achieved this season, they were eye-wateringly good compared to our recent seasons in Europe.  And for what it’s worth, I don’t think Periier Doumbe, McManus, Naylor, Hartley, Donati or Jarosik, players Gordon started in that win against Milan, would get near this Celtic team.

It is possible to do much better in Europe with our existing resources.  We will always love what was achieved under Brendan, but his stubbornness in Europe is irrefutable.

And a big thanks to Kevin (brother) for throwing this comparison at me after the Valencia defeats.

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  1. oldtim67 on 17th April 2019 4:50 pm



    I wish I could find the one where he put a shot through the open moving bus window. that was a touch of class.









    1 minute in





  2. TIMALOY29 on 17TH APRIL 2019 5:09 PM



    Celtic didn’t need tens of millions of investment to beat a rank rotten AEK Athens. Rodgers couldn’t get past the first hurdle and I’m glad the board didn’t give him and Lee Congerton megabucks to spend. Would surely have been wasted.



    *our board might be lots of things but they’re no daft, looks like they, unlike clodagh, learn by their mistakes.

  3. See this new age verification requirement for, er, adult sites, will proving that you post on CQN do the trick??

  4. ‘Mon The Port, tonight!



    Save the Barça bus from being pelted with missiles in the semi-final.







    Thanks for that BHOYS,I spent a half hour wasting my time,fantastic to see that clip again.

  6. TIMALOY29 @ 4:53 PM,



    Not the way I see it.



    Celtic played a semi-final on Sunday, Lenny used 14 players, although Brendan Rodgers improved many of those ghuys only 4 were BR players.



    Our most successful Manager of the PL era and was not backed. In fact none of PL’s managers have done well in Europe.



    In the summer BR was planning to build a great Celtic side, not move on. He moved on because like the previous managers he wasn’t backed.



    BR would have done great in Europe with the right players of that I’m certain.



    Aff Oot



    Hail Hail

  7. CHAIRBHOY on 17TH APRIL 2019 6:03 PM


    TIMALOY29 @ 4:53 PM,



    Not the way I see it. Celtic played a semi-final on Sunday, Lenny used 14 players, and although Brendan Rodgers improved many of those ghuys only 4 were BR players.



    Our most successful Manager of the PL era and was not backed. In fact none of PL’s managers have done well in Europe. In the summer BR was planning to build a great Celtic side, not move on. He moved on because like the previous managers he wasn’t backed.



    *not even WGS or Lenny.



    Aff Oot



    *and so was clodagh, tae China if he could have.



    *I posted this around 4 weeks ago and IMHO it’s still germane, I’ve edited it a bit tae reflect events since then:



    I posted at the start of the season that BR had a quite an easy couple of years but now that sevco were throwing caution tae the wind and everything but the kitchen sink at dethroning us was the time for BR tae earn his corn.



    I was at a pub night in October when I bumped intae a fellow Tim, “Brendan Rogers has tae go” I said, this was the Friday after another capitulation in Europe, I got all the double trebles, invincibles thrown at me, my response was that he couldnae win in Europe and in fact we had been humiliated as bad as Liam Brady and WGS first game and Europe was the true benchmark no a 3rd world league.



    We did go on a nice wee run after that starting with thumping the calvinists a couple of days later in the LC and scoring for fun but that was only papering over the cracks, we then lost at home tae Leipzig seriously crawling intae the Europa and a couple of very poor away displays at Easter Road and hades where the truth be told 0-1 flattered us saw us once again scratching our heads, of course PL got the blame fae the usual suspects.



    After the Valencia game the various sites were gushing with our “great” display in the Mestalla, all except one poster who claimed that Los Murciélagos were comfortable in holding their 2 away goal lead, he was right; however his hatred of PL clouded his view.



    Normally I jump all over him but not this time, we’ve had a lot of European away games where we left with our chests pumped up and heads held high but FGS we lost once again tae a team that never got out of 2nd gear.



    In his first managerial role after various roles at Chelski clodagh was offered the Watford job, he won only two of his first ten league games leaving them in the relegation zone by January. Their form dramatically improved however, and he was able to guide them to finish 13th, avoiding relegation.



    Weeks later, much to the consternation of the Watford fans who stated his reputation was “severely damaged” in their eyes although they did wish him well and thanked him for his efforts, he walked out and took the Reading position.



    Just over six months after his arrival at the Madejski with Reading one place above relegation in the Championship he was given the sugar lump.



    The following summer he took over at Liberty Stadium where to give him his due he won them promotion via a play off, thanks in part to a hat-trick from Scott Sinclair, meaning Swansea became the first Welsh team ever to gain promotion to the Premier League.



    After signing a 3 ½ year contract within 4 months he was off tae Anfield where until the mersey tunnel mooth slipped, or did he, he was on his way tae their first Premier League title, it was all downhill after that and eventually having been the first Liverpool manager tae not win a trophy in 3 seasons he was given the bums rush after only 1 win in 10 games and sitting tenth in the table.



    He was 18 months out of the game before we stepped in and gave him a chance tae regain his credibility back. One thing to note is that after we completed his first treble he admitted he thought he was having a heart attack due tae the pressure on the run in, so mibbees the job’s too big for him and mibbees the King Power Stadium is a safe haven and mibbees again that’s why he isnae waiting for the job at Stamford Bridge.



    The above tells me that he disnae have any loyalty tae anyone but himself although his current wife who he met at Anfield might just no fancy it up in Scotland, seemingly slippy’s disnae so don’t discount the power of the lon chaney.



    But why oh why did he no wait until the summer as his 3 year shelf life would be over or is he really scared of slippy. He’s now tainted as far as I’m concerned.



    Also let’s not forget another former Anfield employee who when he left Glasgow we were doing cartwheels over it, they were behind the sheep when he left but eventually won the title on the last day thanks tae the thuggish display by a player who was on the way out of the door, there were a few there that wurnae unhappy tae see him go including chauncey who revived his career after he left and at the time claimed he would need an operation tae remove the smile fae his coupon. Oh aye and the sleekit face striker who replaced him left shortly after the beast as they returned tae their roots.



    I’ve only ever been disappointed in one manager leaving us and that was big Billy the first time and I blame that on desmond scheitd. I know it’s a cliché but managers and players come and go but we the lifeblood of the club as TB once said will always be there.



    As for Lenny, no my choice even the first time around and his leaving left a bad taste in my mouth, but mibbees just mibbees he has a chance tae resurrect his managerial career. After working for putrid and dumpster PL will be a breeze.



    The Big Mhan NOT an alleged born and bred Celtic supporter once said “Cups are not won by individuals, but by men in a team who put their club before personal prestige.” This from a mhan that on leaving the park when playing for Albion Rovers used tae ask how the boys got on the day, not the bhoys I hasten to add.



    When the word broke on the Monday night he was leaving there was a lot of disbelief on here and then when it became official the PL haters were in their glory, actually reveling in a Celtic trauma.



    However, not other Celtic sites felt the same, the word roger hunt was in competition with rat tae describe him, in fact there was a poll that indicated 9% partial legend and 91% cee u next Thursday, now these are not PL lovers, in fact some had a go at him as well but the now defrocked blessed brendan has upset the support like I’ve not seen since a wee striker who made the sign of the cross against deidco on being ejected fae the field double crossed (nae pun intended) us and actually signed for a team that despises and prohibits that act of faith.



    The day he left having been out most of the day I came home tae watch an EPL game, I had previously chose Huddersfield/Wolves as I particularly like both working class clubs, but chose tae view Leicester, a club I also actually like incidentally, instead.



    The site of the European failure manager walking round the park at the beginning with his new club tie was gut wrenching and then when they scored and was seen in the stands with that big phony grin clapping was enough for the channel tae be changed.



    In the cold light of the day, actually it was 4:00 am on a snowy morning, I had some quiet time tae analyse what had actually happened, a lot of different stories out there BTW.



    Before MON came here from ironically middle of the road Leicester he already had accumulated a Football League First Division play-offs victory and 2 Football League Cups as well as 8 Premier League Manager of the Year awards, he was a winner.



    Trigger’s owner had 1 Football League Championship play-off victory that was it until he came to us and then reversed MON’s route by going backwards.



    Now we all know the alleged Celtic fan won a slew of honours with us but let’s be honest that was in a one horse race, once the likes of Stevie Clark appeared and let’s not be kidded here Clarence would have no hesitation in dumping slippy if he even hinted at going tae hades. His European record is diabolical and a huge embarrassment to a once proud club.



    Now I was in management for years and I’m well aware of KPI’s and all the perks that can come with achieving them, I also know the detriment of not.



    naesurname was one of the most successful hun managers of all time, 7 titles, 3 SC and LCs but he failed miserably at the trophy bader coveted most, the Big Cup, in his 6 years in charge he spent over £50m, of OPM, on transfer fees, more than any other club in the uk over the same period.



    On their way tae a crooked tiat they spent another £13m on eight new players. However they were ousted out of both European tournaments in the opening rounds, by lowly Gothenburg and Strasbourg respectively so in October of that year it was announced he would leave deidco at the end of the season.



    As a result they lost the league tae us on the final day and then a week later the icing on the cake the SC tae the calvinists at Parkheid where the worst player on the park was a wee Inverclyde scheitd who later on kissed their badge and sung hello hello.



    So what’s not tae say that part of the worst performing European manager we have ever had KPI was progress in Europe, after more dismal showings could he have been told that his jaiket was on a shoogly peg and he jumped before he was pushed.



    Finally for all you, in this Holy Week, iscarriot lovers out there he tried tae gut our backroom staff including coaches, sports scientists and data analysis as he left, thankfully good Celtic mhen like Stevie Woods and big JFK told him tae GTF. Celtic mhan my Irish language.



    IMHO although we all loved the first 18 months or so, European humiliations notwithstanding, that he made us invincible we then capitulated at swinecastle, in fact we were gubbed with a player that cannae even get aff the bench now at hades putting us tae the sword and showing our support the red hand salute.



    Again I reiterate, he bottled it for the run in and ran away, he’s no as good as is made out.

  8. hi bhoys, I was only about 12 or 13 when joe McBride got injured, I cant really remember him as the prolific goalscorer that he certainly was, but willie Wallace and bobby lennox plus obviously steve chalmers, were the regular goalscorers in the celtic team, what would those players be worth in the transfer market today I shudder to think, I feel proud that I saw these players in the flesh, messi and Ronaldo eat your hearts out.hh.

  9. Is someone going to tell the BBC that the ‘quadruple’ was achieved in 1967 – fed up hearing that financially doped Citeh are on course for history

  10. What is the Stars on



    The guardian is for lefty liberal namby pamby pinkos.


    No one takes it seriously


    Also Celtic play in a pub league so anyone could win a domestic treble..and the European Cup back then wasnt a real competition like it is now.


    TONTINE TIM on 17TH APRIL 2019 6:18 PM



    honest pal do you talk like that.do you talk to your family in riddles.

  12. Big Packy 1 @6.24pm


    I consider myself very fortunate to have seen Celtic teams down the years from the middle 1950s ( first Scottish Cup Final v Clyde 1955 ).


    The passage of time helps with perspective although comparing players in different eras is fraught with difficulties. How do you compare a winger today with say Charlie Tully who would probably not pass a medical in todays football but in his time was an outstanding footballer and entertainer.


    To your point. I saw Willie Wallace play with a Hearts then Celtic. He was outstanding. I watched Stevie Chalmers in the reserves and was in Lisbon to score that winning goal in 1967.


    The King of Kings matched Kenny Dalglish but in my


    opinion the best natural centre forward in the last 60 years was Joe McBride. I saw him in a semi final for Motherwell shortly before he signed for us. He was terrific. In the Lisbon season the man was unplayable till he got injured. One of my all time favourite Celtic greats.

  13. GARCIA LORCA, thanks for your reply, my late father loved joe McBride even when he went to meet the almighty, you could not say a word against joe McBride.hh,

  14. Okay, down in sun kissed Manchester again today. Tickets available foe the Citeh game tonight, a smattering of Spurs fans around the place, makes me think that we could enhance this competition no end.


    Hang on though, we play in a shitty league with a tiny TV audience ; so move on then.


    Thanks UEFA for bringing the peoples game into disrepute . Off for something to eat, I truly wish Ajax every success in this media managed circus.


    Yes, I know they have some dodgy people in the support, so spare me that type of comment.


    Take care everyone. HH

  15. BP1, was at a game when Joe tried tae be fancy, one supporter behind me shouted ffs Joe stop trying tae play fitba and just stick tae goal scoring, a man of many clubs and nae spring chicken when he joined us he was the greatest goal scorer I ever saw, and yet if he hadn’t got injured Stevie might not have played in Lisbon.

  16. Quality rantage Tontine!



    Before my battery goes, my top 5 ranking of Celtic managers in my lifetime (69 onwards)
















  17. ssb gets some slagging on here sometimes,



    but chic charnley and jim duffy on it tonight are very funny.

  18. What is the Stars on

    Garcia Lorca


    Good to see you back posting


    Havent seen you on here in a while

  19. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Kilmarnock: Rangers ticket allocation cut to 4,000 for final day’ bbc

  20. Saw a link on my FB feed about Sir Minty buying backing into Rangers. Anyone else heard this?

  21. What is the stars


    Been working in Manchester today and the sight of Man City and the fewSpurs fan in the city saddens my heart for my own club. To think Celtic took around 12,000 to Lisbon and God only knows how many to Seville then a competition like this cries out for Celtic.


    Financial engineering has created a distorted football world but in the fullness of time real football clubs ( and there are plenty of them ) May yet return to the sun.


    Imagine a football world free of the drug of television/ rich owners money. I think it’s called financial fair play.


    In the meantime more power to Celtic.

  22. Over the last 2 years or so rodger’s gave us some great moments in domestic football, some very good and very bad moments in europe. Despite the gap in money highlighted i think we could do better in europe.



    We have developed and sold some very good young players and we have retained some very good players as well. Biggest problem we have is having players 1st team ready when we lose or are forced to sell. if we could sort that out it would go a long way to helping. We would also benefit from having a smaller squad of no more that 20 with academy lads making up the numbers.




  23. Imo, Joe McBride is THE best centre forward we ever had. He was no silky skills player. He was first last and always a goalscorer.



    Again, imo, he gave the others the confidence to become the great team they were.

  24. Am I right in thinking Joe McBride was injured ( broken leg?) before Christmas, didn`t play again that season but still finished as the league`s top scorer?




  25. Tontine Tim



    Splendid stuff and spot on too.



    Europe is the benchmark against which we measure progress. Previous managers with inferior players and on a fraction of his salary fielded teams which suffered none of the routine humiliations BR did.



    Couple of things:


    Jock Stein did look for pastures New in 1972 when Pat


    Crerand brokered talks with Man U.



    Desmond White forced Billy out with a series of small humiliations.

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