Ajer right to move on


I don’t know what Kristoffer Ajer is planning to do over the next two seasons, but when his then agent, Tore Pedersen, suggested the player would not sign a new contract with Celtic, a bridge was crossed.  Even players who are committed to leave usually observe rules of discretion.  Pedersen broke those rules, unnecessarily putting his client on the spot.

It was shoddy, Kriss was right to move on.

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  1. excathedra44 on

    Agree he was right to move agents as the public announcement was a breach of trust.



    However I am a bit dis-appointed with mixed info from player ( or was that the agent ) as I felt he was fired up as a long term member of the group,whats changed.

  2. I’m pretty relaxed if big Kris moves on. Looks like we will get good money and I hope we set a chunk of it aside to replace with better quality.



    I think the EPL will be a very unforgiving place for him right now.

  3. Paul is right not to make any assumptions.



    Kris moving agents isn’t necessarily a sign he wants to stay. Having a small-time big mouth agent from Norway might not be ideal when you are negotiating with clubs in the European top 5 leagues.



    I’ll believe he wants to stay when he opens up contract talks with Celtic. The club have been open about wanting to sign him up since the start of last season.



    The ball is in Kris’ court. I suspect he will wait and see if there is any interest over this new window.

  4. News this morning.



    People dying because of virus not from virus because hospitals are basically shut down ( except for virus).



    Cancer, heart, stroke, kidney failure etc.



    Announced this morning that 700 people tested positive for virus was not reported in the Toronto area.(april)



    I dont see why we could not have used empty halls like our international centre that will not be used for the foreseeable future for the covid patients.They are used for various shows (home show, golf, boat etc).


    I am sure they could have been set up as emergency covid hospitals.

  5. Republica – Ready to go…… Saffron babelicious with a voice.



    Kris was played left side his wrang side.



    I hope the Mad Kristoffer stays.



    VERY Talented dude.

  6. Happy Wednesday eve from a bit and humid Louisville that is now free of sirens and helicopters.



    Been one heck of a last 5 days, never thought I’d live in a city with a curfew, teargas and a militarized Police force.



    When does the fitba start?




  7. aipple



    It will be interesting to see if Joe Biden manages to keep a lead in the polls if the US heads for a long hot summer with the Donald playing Big Daddy…

  8. My only real disappointment with Ajer is he didn’t get a run in midfield which I believe was his preferred position when we signed him.



    Pretty sure the utube clips showed him scoring lots of goals from midfield.



    The cool goal he scored at Pittodrie in a hard game was acracker!

  9. PHILBHOY on 2ND JUNE 2020 2:39 PM


    My only real disappointment with Ajer is he didn’t get a run in midfield which I believe was his preferred position when we signed him.







    He was a central midfielder in Norway. He even got a run playing as a number 10 due to an injury crisis.

  10. rpmcelticfan on

    I would like to see Ajer play central in a back five of Frimpong , Julien , Ajer , Benkovic and Boli , two central defenders with three attacking defenders in front , a very flexible and dynamic structure that would be a winning formula imo :) Ps I know why we cant do it though :(

  11. Celtic Mac



    Indeed, I was truly scared Louisville would burn after the police killed that local restauranteur on Sunday night.



    Surely the last thing they would have said before they sent the troops on to the streets was ‘right guys, let’s make sure we don’t kill any unarmed black men tonight.’




  12. EXCATHEDRA44 on 2ND JUNE 2020 1:41 PM


    With the departure of Jozo we clearly need to strengthen the defensive options.




    In my opinion one of the best defenders I seen over all of last years games against us,and when watching recordings of non Celtic games, was Alex Gogic of Hamilton,a no nonsense defender who reminded me of Jim Duffy in his heyday.




    Declan Gallagher also a consideration,as his heart in the right place,plus now in Scotland contention.




    Really disappointed in Ajer if rumours are true,seen him as a mainstay for future.





    Gogic was immense when I saw him playing against us.


    Question, would he be good enough when we play against stronger opponents from abroad?



    HH jg

  13. Gogic is minging…..



    I call that thinking Momo Sylla syndrome….one good game against us does not predict a good player.




  14. When I read yesterday that Ajer had changed agents my initial thought was ‘that’s good news’… because I want him to stay at Celtic



    Then I thought that maybe he’s gotten rid of his agent because he wants a better, more connected agent to broker a better transfer to another club (I dont think anyone is buying the Morelos-esque ‘Real Madrid / Atletico Madrid tug-of-war’ story)



    I dunno. Hope he stays tho




  15. Aipple



    Must admit I was not aware of that particular incident, but as in Ferguson Missouri a few years back, or Minneapolis last week it takes only one “incident” to create a huge reaction. What can I say, look after you and yours, and try and stay safe.

  16. TIMALOY29 on 2ND JUNE 2020 1:56 PM


    BIG WAVY on 2ND JUNE 2020 1:52 PM



    Think his pace will hold him back



    Have to disagree with that point.


    When the squad were out in Dubai for their winter-break, Celtic F.C put content out on social media for fans to guess the fastest 3 players. They must have been doing sprint competitions as part of training.



    Ajer was 2nd fastest man within our squad. 2nd only to Frimpong

  17. Paul67



    Down with agents
























  18. PETEC on 2ND JUNE 2020 2:06 PM


    Republica – Ready to go…… Saffron babelicious with a voice.



    Kris was played left side his wrang side.



    I hope the Mad Kristoffer stays.




    I think this casual acceptance held by a significant majority of our fans, that they won’t lose any sleep if Ajer leaves… personally i think this is wrong.



    As your man Petec rightly outlines, Ajer plays 2nd fiddle to Jullien, and as such is shoe-horned to play left centre-back.


    He has double figure caps for Norway, and there is a reason, its teams of calibre, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Dortmund, etc that are being linked with him. The reasoning being, they are all very much aware of him and his abilities. And at 21, his future potential.



    Careful what we wish for, fellow troops

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, good news Cumbernauld have been promoted, Paddy will be delighted.



    Hopefully once the SPFL & Junior fixture lists are released , if the season gets the go ahead ,, I can get to a Clydebank Cumbernauld or Pollok Cumbernauld match it they tie in with one of our away games or a match played on a Sunday.

  20. RUGGYGMAN on 2ND JUNE 2020 3:34 PM



    Ajer was 2nd fastest man within our squad. 2nd only to Frimpong






    I’m shocked by that. My eyes must deceive me.

  21. https://thecelticstar.com/report-celtic-identify-replacement-if-edouard-departs/



    CELTIC have reportedly identified Shon Weissman as a potential replacement for Odsonne Edouard, should the Frenchman depart this summer. The Israeli striker has scored 29 goals in 30 appearances for Austrian side Wolfsberger AC.





    Obviously, we all want Eddy to stay.



    But if he were to go, this is exactly the kind of profile of player we should be after. The Austrian league is comparable to Scotland and he is prolific. A couple of Europa League goals this season as well.

  22. The amount of yards Ajer covered to catch up with the forward players and score against Aberdeen was phenomenal, and he did it at a pace too, not too sluggish across the grass is our Kris por cierto.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The blogger …. @ 1:55pm – Lol.






    Shameless sensationalism and clickbaiting by Mr Brennan




  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada – thanks for coming back to me in last thread.



    Agree with you on the need for clarity.



    Personally think Dominic and his cabinet are doing a superb job.



    Just missing a few pieces of the jigsaw



    – A clear direction


    – A strategy


    – A plan


    – Effective leadership


    – Talent


    – Integrity


    – Empathy

  25. RUGGYGMAN on 2ND JUNE 2020 3:42 PM



    I think this casual acceptance held by a significant majority of our fans, that they won’t lose any sleep if Ajer leaves… personally i think this is wrong.






    I’m concerned when we lose any of our top players. There’s no guarantee we can replace Ajer with somebody just as good.



    But there’s an acceptance that these players don’t want to stay in Scotland forever. When a team from a major European league comes calling at the right time…we should keep our word with players.



    We could hold on to Ajer for a further two years and lose him for nothing. We made that choice with Boyata and I think that was a mistake.



    What would that mean when we try to sign the next Ajer? When we sign these guys they don’t expect to see out their 4 or 5-year deal… They believe they are destined for the big leagues and Celtic are an enjoyable step in that direction.



    Our appeal is simple: Come to Celtic, play in Europe, win things and enjoy some good times with our great fans. We will help you get to where you want to be.



    I doubt Moussa Dembele, Virgil Van Dijk, Fraser Forster and Victor Wanyama regret their choices.



    If an offer arrives that fits our valuation of Ajer and Edouard… I’d let them go.

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I wonder who at Celtic Park if anyone has said they want no part of next season in the hoops – they want out now? Maybe no one, hopefully no one, but if any of them are less than 100% committed to the cause then they need to go, that of course includes big Kris and anyone else who wants out,



    if we look at rangers attempt at 10 and the mistakes they made, we can learn a lot from that, best defender (amo) crocked at the start of the season and inadequate cover, the manager announcing he was going half way thru the season, Laudrup off to Chelsea, Gascoine off to Mboro, all whilst they were going for the 10 – thanks guys, we appreciate the efforts you put in there:-)



    for the attempt at the 10, obviously we will need a fully capable committed squad, everyone on the same page etc, I wonder if we are giving any thought as to how to incentive / reward the squad for a successful 10th consecutive title, hope so, I’m sure big Peter will have something up his sleeve :-)

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    Meant to add yesterday. While you are in the darkest, darkest place, you WILL see a chink of light, be that a kind word, gesture or something else, but you will see it. Then you can expand it and realise the love you had and gave and that your good lady is with you, always.



    The very best and be brave.




  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    No Testing info,12 days in a row……but what about Track and Trace……fkn chancers,that buffoon Johnston back hiding under his bed.

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