Anywhere but Warsaw


My thought on looking at our potential opponents this morning was ‘Anywhere but Warsaw’.  Our man Zbyszek tells me Legia were awful in the first leg in Warsaw against St Pat’s, where they drew 1-1 courtesy of a late goal, but we’ve been there.  Henrik Larsson & Co. drew 0-0 against St Pat’s at Celtic Park before winning 0-2 in the return leg.  St Patrick’s have a big job ahead if they are to progress.

A trip to Ireland on Champions League qualification duty for the second year running would suit Celtic, especially our Irish-based supporters, but my money is on a more testing trip to Poland; Ronny’s pulse should have quickened on the news.

Zbyszek doesn’t reckon have what it takes to eliminate Celtic. All being equal, that may be the case, but summer football will be unpredictable for both clubs.

I am, of course, being completely disrespectful to KR Reykjavik, who we annihilate next week.

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  1. Geordie Munro on




    Aye Steinreigned. The very man. I like the cut of his gib as Kojo would say ;)



    Away trips are fab. Berlin will still be rocking possibly after the events from last weekend.



    Never seen us win away in Europe yet funny enough.





    I know,mate.



    I can only assume that it was a fight which they considered better for another day.



    Priorities,remember. They did have a lot of rebuilding to do.



    I suspect that the Iraq war screwed any chance of taking that fight on.



    Well done,Mr Blair.

  3. congrats to frantic07 and family, welcome to our world Hamish and don’t be feart when they a’ huddle roon co coin’ gawkin’ an grinnin’ ……its a celtic thing god bless yer wee cotton soaks, hail , hail, and you’ll never walk alone (for a year or so anyway)

  4. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    Time for yer cot,


    You need yer rest for tomorrow:)))))))))))





    Hell,small world.



    Give him my fondest regards,mate.



    Nipping over to that London is quite cheap for me,and worth every penny for the company of the fella.



    Not a minute wasted,a real joy.



    Dunno if I get value for money for my return trip though!

  6. HIv ye seen the Clip o’ St.Paddy’s Goal,agin the Poles?



    Well, Ah jist Did..n..It wiz wannna o’ things.. which Ah am Sure W.B.Yeats wid Hiv described as.. a…



    “Terrible, Beauteee!”



    Yes, the St. Pat’s hiv goat wan hellava Good Team.. Make No Mistake,laddies..



    They could be the Ultimate Winners o’ the the Return Game…Agin the Poles.



    N..If They dae Win.. it….as Ah believe they Wull ..



    Then . We wull be in Fur a Real Tousy Affair.. if..n.. when.. We Play agin ’em






  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    A just walked into BV


    Oldtim without his phone and company…





    No problem,bud.



    Too hot down here today so stayed indoors.



    Plus later start tonight.



    Though I won’t see Crackerjack!



    How’s things with the young and the old?





    Give him my best,mate.



    I hope he’s enjoying that cucumber-infused concoction.



    Not sure I could,but hell,he thrives on it!








    Not a bad book about The Troubles.



    Heavily factionalised. But well worth a read.

  11. I watched the St Pats game on Wednesday in Katowice and most of the locals were finding it amusing that Legia were struggling but they expect them to make it through.


    As mentioned before if we consider ourselves a Champions league team we should be able to get past them.

  12. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on




    Long story involving the NHS & patient care. (no laughing at the back)

  13. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Welcome to the world wee Hamish, and congratulations to all the family.

  14. Dear,Oh Dear……Kojo



    Now Nir Biton…..



    Has Fallen Victim To Our Blog PC Police…



    “And Should Never Wear The Hoops Again”…



    According To Some….



    These Same Individuals Would Have Seen Us Dispense…



    With The Services Of Paolo Di Canio,Ki Sung Yeung…..



    And Leigh Griffiths…..



    [ Although, Somehow……Stokes Escapes Scrutiny…….




    For His Problematic Associations..Ed]




    I’m Sure That If Every Comment Or Political View Held By Individuals Within The Squad Were Similarly Publicised…




    We Wouldn’t HAVE A Squad……



    And It Would All Be Peter Lawwells Fault….!






  15. TSD ref your last post could you point me towards the evidence of your claim, must have missed it. Thanks Hail Hail Hebcelt

  16. Bobby Murdoch etc.



    Yes.. Ah luv W.B. ..



    n..that Particular Phrase of His.. Is ..well.. A Terrible Beauty!



    It’s a Winnah!



    That Guy is Ma Hero.



    Nice chattin’ ,Pal. .as usual.








    My Dear,Dear Fourth Cousin,Kojo..



    Did Ye See This Interesting Piece Of Genetic Research….



    That Has Been Widely Covered In Our. Own News Media…..?



    I Know That It Will Come As A Blow….



    But The Implication Must Be……



    That You Share Fewer Genes With Kilbowie Kelt…..



    Than He Does Wi’ Yon Cheeky Wee Capuchin Monkeys….



    Doon Calderpark Zoo..!!




    Inconsolable..? RIGHT..!!







    Viva Bro.Walfrid’s Finest Legacy..!









  18. My Dear,dear,dear,friend…The Singing Detective



    at 16.47.



    Man.. Dae ye want Me tae Pit Ma Heid in a Noose..Pally?



    Man o Manischewitz.. Dae Ye think Ah am a Yutzi?



    If Ye dinna Mind.. Ah wull Pass..in Making Comment,pally…oan yer last submission.



    Nice Chatting.. as Usual.though.






  19. Never read TSD but his post was the last one and I noticed a link to the American Thinker website… Fundamentalist Christian racists… Makes sense

  20. Funny Thing..



    Ur a Loata Guys oan Here..




    Being.. MANIPULATED?




    Think aboot this..



    Ah Nevah Evah.. Saw the Word ..RACIST.. used in Print..



    Awe the Time Ah Lived in England..n.. Scotland..



    which , Ah admit wiz.. a Good Few Years Ago..








    That Word is Wan of the Maist Popular of Words .



    It is Oan Here.. anyway..



    Yes.. There ur a Loata Folk oan here..’



    Who Need the Wonder why.. That Word Comes so



    EASILY tae Thur Mind.






    You Bet..






  21. This Under Seventeen Team o’ oors..is shapen Up tae be wan of the Best


    Bunches of Youngsters.. whom we hiv Produced..



    So Far.



    Fae the . .. Celtic Yoof System..




    They hiv jist Won.. Three Games ,right aff the bat..



    Hiving Beaten.. Dundee…3-0…then.. Aberdeen… 6-0



    n.. then.. Lewis United….4-0..



    in the Dennis Law Youth Tournament..



    Think aboot it… Thirteen Goals For..n.. NAIN .. AGAINST!



    That’s the Stuff that Future Chapiones.. ur Made fae..










    Celtic , ur Gonna Win that Flamin’ European Cup.. Wan day..



    Jist you Wait.





    Still ,Laughin

  22. My Dear Kojo…..



    The Term ‘Racist’……



    Was Coined By The Evil Bolshevik,Trotsky…….



    In One Of His 1930s Publications……



    The LONG MaRcH Of The ‘Frankfurt School’…..



    Through Our Institutions And Governance….



    Has Reached New Heights Of Frenzy…….












    The Frankfurt School and the War on the West




    By Bill Muehlenberg on May 11th, 2009.




    The cultural and ideological battles raging around us do not exist in a vacuum, nor have they happened by accident. There are those who hate the West and want to destroy it and make it into their own image. Many groups and individuals are actively at work in this assault on the West.




    Many movements and groups can be mentioned, but here I wish to focus on just one. It has been hugely influential in undermining the West and bringing about cultural Marxism. Even though Marxism as a political force is greatly diminished, it is still alive and well in its cultural form. I refer to the Frankfurt School.




    Much has been written on this revolutionary movement, and all that can be done here is to offer a brief summary of it and its influence. And given that very good write-ups already exist, I will not reinvent the wheel here. Instead I will draw upon a helpful recent summary article by Timothy Matthews.




    Just what exactly is the Frankfurt School? “Well, in the days following the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, it was believed that workers’ revolution would sweep into Europe and, eventually, into the United States. But it did not do so. Towards the end of 1922 the Communist International (Comintern) began to consider what were the reasons. On Lenin’s initiative a meeting was organised at the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow.




    “The aim of the meeting was to clarify the concept of, and give concrete effect to, a Marxist cultural revolution. Amongst those present were Georg Lukacs (a Hungarian Marxist theoretician he developed the idea of ‘Revolution and Eros’ – sexual instinct used as an instrument of destruction) and Willi Munzenberg (whose proposed solution was to ‘organise the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilisation stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat’)”




    The ‘School’ was started at the University of Frankfurt in 1923. “When Hitler came to power, the Institut was closed and its members, by various routes, fled to the United States and migrated to major US universities – Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and California at Berkeley.”





    Many important names are associated with the School: “The School included among its members the 1960s guru of the New Left Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, the popular writer Erich Fromm, Leo Lowenthal, and Jurgen Habermas – possibly the School’s most influential representative.”





    So what was the aim of these men? “Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief – or even the hope of belief – that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the ‘oppressive’ order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus—‘continuing the work of the Western Marxists by other means’ as one of their members noted.”





    They devised strategies by which the destruction of the West could quickly and effectively take place: “To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):








    “1. The Creation Of Racism Offences.




    2. Continual Change To Create Confusion.




    3. The Teaching Of Sex And Homosexuality To Children.




    4. The Undermining Of Schools’ And Teachers’ Authority.




    5. Huge Immigration To Destroy






    6. The Promotion Of Excessive Drinking.



    7. Emptying Of Churches.




    8. An Unreliable Legal System With Bias Against Victims Of Crime.




    9. Dependency On The State Or State Benefits.



    10. Control And Dumbing Down Of Media.



    11. Encouraging The Breakdown Of The Family.”.







    If anyone is wondering why the West is embarked upon sexual suicide, much of the answer can be found in the Frankfurt School: “One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ – the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:





    “• attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children.



    • abolish differences in the education of boys and girls.



    • abolish all forms of male dominance – hence the presence of women in the armed forces.



    • declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’.


    Munzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: ‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks’.”




    Matthews explores each of these areas in more detail, and then makes this summary statement: “The School believed there were two types of revolution: (a) political and (b) cultural. Cultural revolution demolishes from within. ‘Modern forms of subjection are marked by mildness’. They saw it as a long-term project and kept their sights clearly focused on the family, education, media, sex and popular culture.”




    Another detailed article, complete with references, is also worth reading (see second link below). But as this very brief introduction demonstrates, it is not by accident that we see the West in moral freefall, especially with sexual degradation leading the charge.




    Sure, in a fallen world, human sinfulness will gravitate toward such a direction anyway. But when guided and prodded along by activists who seek to speed up the process of cultural decline, then things deteriorate really quickly indeed.





    To engage in the culture wars effectively, one needs to know whom one is fighting against. The Frankfurt School is not the only aggressor we face, but it is one of them, and an important one at that. Being aware of such movements help us to make sense of the rapid degeneration of the West, and lets us know that we really are in a war. Now is not the time to opt out of this conflict. The stakes are far too high to choose non-involvement.







  23. Haven’t read back, so might well have been said already.



    Beram Kayal must be hurting listening to the comments of that feckwit Biton.



    Get him binned Celtic………Absolute scumbag by the sound of his twitter account.



    Oh wait…..maybe he does embody the ethos of a club who gave a platform to Dr Death Reid and Jim ‘friend of Israel’ Murphy.



    Wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Rumsfeld got invited on to that board.



    Maybe Biton should feck off back to the obscure club he came from as he certainly hasn’t shown anything other than being a headless chicken at Champions League level.



    And people have a go at Leigh Griffiths and Anto Stokes……



    Ffs……..Jesus wept…..

  24. jobo baldie


    17:55 on 18 July, 2014


    Look out your own windows!



    Is It A Bird..? Is It A Plane..?



    Nooo..! It’s CQN’s Own Jesse Jackson….







    Faster Than A Speedin’ Bullet…



    More Powerful Than A Locomotive…



    Coming To Save Scottish Society…..



    From Itself…!



    By Jings..!

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