At least one club will be supported through and through


I can’t tell you how many statements I’ve read from those trying to bring down Newco Rangers (bonne chance) but not one comes near to approaching the key question: what can they offer the the men and women who own shares in Newco to convince them to accommodate their future aspirations?

Threats, intimidation and blackmail are all possible incentives, but no one has actually put a case forward which would compensate the investment made by the shareholders who, let’s remember, own all club assets.

An enormous assumption appears to have been made that hedge funds and various Easdales will capitulate and simply walk away and sign their paid-for assets over to a group who are regularly abusive towards them.  It’s like 2012 all over again, when parts of the world assumed HMRC would capitulate and agree to a CVA for Oldco, despite all genuine evidence (i.e. published policy) indicating otherwise.

Game Theorists would have a ball with this scenario.  Shareholders are being offered a choice, hand over your assets to a hostile opponent or attempt to continue with a vastly reduced business.  The former option should not be taken seriously.

Question is, where does this particular game end?  It’ll not be in an outcome satisfactory to many of those dreaming of ‘competing with Celtic’ anytime soon.

This mind-set should be familiar.  It’s the same one which blamed Celtic, or small-minded small clubs, the SPL and/or SFA, blamed anyone, in fact, apart from those who endorsed years of overspend at Rangers, for their eventual demise.

Walking headlong into unsustainable debt is no different than walking headlong into a conflict with hedge funds who would sell your valued acre for landfill rather than be held to ransom.

I’ll renew my season tickets tonight (still annoyed I didn’t do so in time for the free ticket draw).  Whatever happens in the wider scheme of Scottish football, one club will be supported ‘through and through’.

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  1. anditsthepoleagain on

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    I would say that in 140 years, the club’s gone into administration once; I don’t think it would survive a second one



    Sandy Easdale



    Rangers shareholder



    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. They have to play things carefully right now – the “fragile” line is a threat to those who might be considering not renewing immediately: “we need loyal fans’ money”. But of they overplay it the share price will begin to fall and the big investors will get nervous.



    The lovely thing is that there is no good scenario here.

  3. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Well done Paul.


    You might find that it’s pretty lonely in the stadium if the past few days on here are anything to go by.


    Hail hail

  4. Gutted not to be renewing my books this year.



    Had 2 books but i’m missing too many games due to games being shifted fro Sat afternoon.



    I’ll still go but it’ll be pay on the day.

  5. anditsthepoleagain on

    Its not looking good – just like the Mug Shots of them in NTV back in the day

  6. Was talking to a lifelong Rangers supporter this morning and father of Rangers second highest ever goal scorer, who is building at my mothers house at the moment.



    He cannot believe what is happening at Ibrox at the moment and does not believe that Rangers “Will ever get out of this situation” he is a great guy and does have some inside track as to what’s going on within Mordor.



    He also cannot believe that any Rangers fan thinks McCoist is a “hero” taking close to £1 Mio per annum out of the club to produce “Rank Rotten” football.



    He was a tidy player as a youngster himself and believes that what should have happened at Ibrox, a mixture of youth and a small number of senior pro’s to come back through the leagues.



    Will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days / weeks.



    I believe Canalamar said on the blog last night something like “Keep your season ticket money handy” I don’t have the inside track on Resolution 12 but it seems that some of the poster “in the know” are happy with the progress. Lets hope so for the sake of Scottish Football.



    Anyway Jelly and Ice Cream at the ready!




  7. Paul67 –



    pretty sure that your army of disciples here on the ole blog were just waiting on your announcement before deciding to renew themselves. Where do I sign? ;-)

  8. markderrybhoy on

    Good article, Paul now that I’ve read it. The peepul seem to expect that The Glib and Shameless Liar can march in unopposed and invest lots of other people’s money to challenge Celtic without paying those who have already invested in Rangers (not to mention fit and proper test and previous directorship difficulties). King’s strategy of withholding season ticket money may be to force an insolvency event whereby he can pick up the “business and assets” on the cheap.

  9. Really hope Sevco survive till the end of the season. That way the points deduction will be next season and a 15 point (or is it 25 point ) deduction would scupper any chance of being them promoted.(even allowing for the MIB)


    Having said that I see no way for them to survive never mind compete. If they can arrange a leaseback agreement for Ibrox and Murray Park they might complete the season but to do that they need to come to some arrangement with Craigey Boy.


    Once that leaseback agreement is signed they are truely F**ked.


    They are finished , all this talk about how it is ineavitable they will get back to the SPL I believe is rubbish. Unless they find someone willing to gamble minimun £30m it just isn’t going to happen. Even then I’m not so sure.

  10. traditionalist88 on

    Couldn’t resist a look(love how they use club/company interchangeably when it suits):





    If we go into administration again then I’m done



    Sick of it



    It’s affecting my family life and the last few yrs we have seen no progress other than people taking money off us for fun



    I done without a family holiday last yr so I could help the club out and buy shares!


    It will be my last penny if it happens again


  11. Geordie Munro on

    Robin bhoy



    I think your mate is bang on. It’s hardly rocket/ economic science.



    If (shudder) we found ourselves in their position, I hope them with the decisions would go down the ‘young guns and small amount of seasoned pro’s route.



    Not the sledge hammer to crack a walnut route.

  12. The Signings Rangers Need for Life in the Championship



    King Croesus


    Charles Ponzi

  13. Looks like the fix(2) is in.


    How long do sevco have to go into and out of administration before the points forfeit affects next season?

  14. RM is going to be brilliant today….. hilarious.



    “I’m actually spewing with rage ” rages one of the inmates.



    If you never pop in there for a look, I recommend a one off swatch. Fantastic stuff.




  15. jobo baldie



    13:07 on 24 April, 2014


    Paul67 –



    pretty sure that your army of disciples here on the ole blog were just waiting on your announcement before deciding to renew themselves. Where do I sign? ;-)




    Whits all this aboot disciples and signs, Jobo.


    Has Paul lost a sandal?

  16. Honest Mistake, these are the times when genuine support is needed most.



    Jobo Baldie, the dotted line will do, Jobo :-)



    markderrybhoy, this behaviour is like some daft dream by a fantasist Celtic fan set on bringing them down.

  17. I was sitting close to a group of about eight guys in their fifities and sixties in a bar last night, watching the Euro game. At half time they started talking about their dignified club. Resisting the temptation to remind them that their old club was dead I was interested to hear their take.



    Not one of them rated McCoist as a manager. Only one of them expects promotion next season.

  18. Neustadt-Braw on

    roll up roll up …..Huntertainment for all…………..maybees yer last chance ? hahahahahaha ……..lets hope not ….braw

  19. Re RM…. caution. If you’re easily offended by swearing,poor language skills or sheer idiocy, best you stay away. The zombos are fighting with each other noo and it’s getting nasty.



    Which is nice.

  20. I have no problem with the nut cases who come in here telling celtic supporters why they are not renewing there season ticket/tickets, it’s the ones that listen to them I laugh at, Canamalar sais this Canamalar sais that, Canamalar bottled the resolution and the ones that took over made a bigger pigs ear of it, I said at the time there was no need for it as Celtic had it coverd, but no they went along with it used peoples shares for an agenda all to fall at the first hurdle, and then come back and tell us all they had a meeting with the board but they can’t tell you what was said, work than wan oot, CHANCERS the lot of them, and they can bring in awe there heavy hitters they want, with paragraph this and article that, Celtic had it in hand, and they interrupted the process Celtic where going through, funny how they are all back on stage now that the SPFL and the SFA are having talks about changes, and the best laugh is they are making out as if it was all their work,, gimmi a fekin break, CHANCERS the lot of them.

  21. Weird!



    Sure I tapped ‘HH’ into the old iPhone.



    Yet it typed’GB’ instead.



    Perhaps some people on here are correct. The Green Brigade’s tentacles (checked I got that one right!) spread the world over!






    HailHail! Jamesgang

  22. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon.



    “Not one of them rated McCoist as a manager. Only one of them expects promotion next season”





    No surprise there. Let us give thanks to “Super Salary” for if it was any other manager with the 2nd largest “budget” in Scottish football they could be dangerous.



    Note : This is as 13.28 hrs. The 2nd largest budget status may dramatically change at any time.




  23. traditionalist88 on

    I can’t agree with any Celtic fan deciding to punish their own club over legislative issues affecting the game outwith our power. But Mightytim’s story is a different matter and I hope that is sorted to everyones satisfaction and he and his family can return to CP, where they belong.



    This is a time the rest of us though to back the club – yes make our voices heard as we have been doing – progress IS being made.



    In light of the competition down south punishing Celtic financially would be complete folly.



    Stick by the club and we will overcome these hurdles like we have the hurdles that have been placed in our path over the last 126 years, of which there have been many.



    The difference, this time, is that the rest of Scottish football, with the exception of one club and a couple of individuals whose days in power are numbered, are with us.




  24. My boss is Peter Principle on

    THE battle for control of the Ringers took another twist today as Dave King launched a new company.



    Mr King, a former board member of the club, registered Ibrox 1972 Ltd at Companies House.

  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good article once again, Paul. I’ve given up on ANY of them EVER realising/admitting that the rot set in 10-15 years ago, rather than three.

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    12:55 on


    24 April, 2014





    regards tomorrow, you should google “The Myths of Gallipoli”




    My old man was there.




    Impossible,but true.


    Sadly,I can`t ask him about the myths.


    Keep well,pal.

  27. bawsman



    12:30 on 24 April, 2014


    a senior source at Ibrox has told BBC Scotland he believes Rangers are “on a life-support machine”.



    Now where is that fuse box?

  28. Long time lurker posted couple of times over the years!



    I have had my season ticket for 16 years now, and I will always renew despite having played Saturday afternoon football and now managing in it for most of the time.



    I give my ticket away when not using it to friends FOC and when i do make it its a family get together with my Da, Brother, uncle, cousin and mates…..



    That for me has been long family tradition and will long continue as my Bhoy gets older and he gets his Season Ticket (Only 16 months) around 5!



    Hail Hail

  29. “I would say that in 140 years, the club’s gone into administration once;



    And just when did you come out of admin?

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