At least one club will be supported through and through


I can’t tell you how many statements I’ve read from those trying to bring down Newco Rangers (bonne chance) but not one comes near to approaching the key question: what can they offer the the men and women who own shares in Newco to convince them to accommodate their future aspirations?

Threats, intimidation and blackmail are all possible incentives, but no one has actually put a case forward which would compensate the investment made by the shareholders who, let’s remember, own all club assets.

An enormous assumption appears to have been made that hedge funds and various Easdales will capitulate and simply walk away and sign their paid-for assets over to a group who are regularly abusive towards them.  It’s like 2012 all over again, when parts of the world assumed HMRC would capitulate and agree to a CVA for Oldco, despite all genuine evidence (i.e. published policy) indicating otherwise.

Game Theorists would have a ball with this scenario.  Shareholders are being offered a choice, hand over your assets to a hostile opponent or attempt to continue with a vastly reduced business.  The former option should not be taken seriously.

Question is, where does this particular game end?  It’ll not be in an outcome satisfactory to many of those dreaming of ‘competing with Celtic’ anytime soon.

This mind-set should be familiar.  It’s the same one which blamed Celtic, or small-minded small clubs, the SPL and/or SFA, blamed anyone, in fact, apart from those who endorsed years of overspend at Rangers, for their eventual demise.

Walking headlong into unsustainable debt is no different than walking headlong into a conflict with hedge funds who would sell your valued acre for landfill rather than be held to ransom.

I’ll renew my season tickets tonight (still annoyed I didn’t do so in time for the free ticket draw).  Whatever happens in the wider scheme of Scottish football, one club will be supported ‘through and through’.

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  1. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    From twitter


    Daily Record Sport‏@Record_Sport·1 hr


    Stewart Regan on R*ng*rs 120 day review: No contact with Graham Wallace, review is a club matter. Unaware if club has submitted accounts.




    @Record_Sport What? Accounts for 2nd biggest budget in Scottish football were due 31/3/14 and SFA chief exec doesn’t know?

  2. Auldheid:



    I’m not in “wilful ignorance” but I am in ignorance, a public update of substance would be much appreciated.



    Might put to sleep for good those pesky, conspiratorial, numbskulls that agitate my life’s third passion. (My family, my faith, my club).

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    13:55 on


    24 April, 2014



    You`re right,of course.I really shouldn`t.


    I just want unity.


    It`s beyond my control.

  4. Kick me oot? Wut fur tellin the truth?


    Let’s see how you CHANCERS get on the next time you ask for a proxy wi peoples shares? Never gonny happen, I would nae trust yi ti go ti the ice cream van for a pokey hat, CHANCERS, and nothing good to say about Celtic that’s you lot.

  5. What was mightytims story ?



    Id love 1 match at parkhead never mid have a season book but fully understand fans who are fed up with police videoing people enjoying themselves during a game.



    Espcially in a city where there is alot of actual crimes happening.



    Read a piece the other day about catholic area in belfast, load of youngsters burnt and wrecked a football pitch the community campaigned for .. A long time.



    Anyway next nyt same people there drinking .. Residents came out to show their disgust -non violent- against those responsible . 100 yards away the police sat in land rover videoing the residents.



    Just seems as usual those who are harassed and picked on are those who dont want trouble but will stand up for their rights.



    Always been the same throughtout the world.

  6. MWD



    I reckon it will be a long process of change but what I can say on Res12 itself is that Celtic were treated less than honestly by the SFA and are treating what the Res brought to their attention seriously and are acting in unison with shareholder’s representatives to establish the truth.



    That is how matters stand now.

  7. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Afternoon Paul.



    What is your opinion of Mighty Tim’s tale and do you think Celtic’s actions have been proportionate?

  8. My boss is Peter Principle on




    14:13 on 24 April,



    Celtic were treated less than honestly by the SFA and are treating what the Res brought to their attention



    Are you saying before you put this resolution in front of Celtic they had no idea they were being sh@t for years?

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Just remember, Sevco are going to be challenging Celtic for the title in two years…




  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    14:12 on


    24 April, 2014



    Not the Rangers huns.


    I think he got the bum`s rush at a public forum without being forewarned.


    Peerless Patsy.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The Battered Bunnet 14:01 on 24 April, 2014


    Our cat died. It was run over. It was quite sad. The children were particularly upset.


    I really don’t think it could survive another death.




    Have you thought about getting a “holding cat”?

  12. moonbeams wd. rooting for wee oscar. voting ‘yes’ on the 18th of september. kano’s yer man.



    14:13 on 24 April, 2014


    TruthsayerDonnelly awwe 6′s and 7′s



    Yur huvin a larf.






    What a baws up your birth must have been.



    MWD says Aye.





    Nope I just called my mother there, she assures me I came out head first,

  13. Auldheid



    King to force liquidation, Ogilvie to ensure a smooth ‘transition’?

  14. traditionalist88 on




    Is withdrawing FULL support really the best course of action at this stage?



    Playing straight into the hands of the wrong people imo.




  15. hamiltontim is praying for oscar



    14:16 on 24 April, 2014





    Afternoon Paul.



    What is your opinion of Mighty Tim’s tale and do you think Celtic’s actions have been proportionate?





    Can u copy his post or give me time it was put up ?

  16. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Have you thought about getting a “holding cat”?



    Are you sure that the cat really died? because you could have bought the cats soul and planted it into a dogs body (see whut ah did there?) and you might have got another two season, oops ah mean two years, out of the same cat dog thingy

  17. moonbeams wd. rooting for wee oscar. voting ‘yes’ on the 18th of september. kano’s yer man.



    14:13 on 24 April, 2014


    TruthsayerDonnelly awwe 6′s and 7′s



    Yur huvin a larf.






    What a baws up your birth must have been.



    MWD says Aye.





    Nope I just called my mother there, she assures me I came out head first,





    Genuinely laughed out loud at that!



    Off to visit my Auld Mammy in hospital.



    Play nice!

  18. My dad once told me that God works in mysterious ways, now I understand why he gave me ingrowing toenails, ripping them out is such a respite from humouring the haters and the head in the sanders.



    borrowed from CelticWiki…



    There are few players in the history of Celtic so fondly recalled as the great Patsy Gallacher.



    The Donegal-born forward is commonly regarded as one of the most gifted footballers to ever wear the famous green and white Hoops and some would argue that he was the most talented Bhoy of them all.



    The man who would later be nicknamed ‘The Mighty Atom’ first caught the eye at Clydebank Juniors but some thought the player was simply not physically strong enough to perform in the senior game. At 5′ 7″ Patsy was a frail looking character who appeared capable of being blown away in even the mildest of breezes.



    After a number of trial games he was eventually signed by Willie Maley on October 25 1911 and made his full competitive debut at Parkhead in a 3-1 league win over St Mirren. When Maley first introduced the fragile looking player to his new team-mates the legendary Jimmy Quinn remarked: “You can’t put that Bhoy on the park boss. If you do it will be manslaughter!”.



    But peerless Patsy soon convinced Quinn and the Celtic support that despite his slim build he had the steel to go with his skill and that no opponent would be allowed to bully and kick Gallacher out of a game.



    In terms of his ability with a football Gallacher was a revelation. A genius. He was the most wonderful of dribblers and his audacious talent saw him tease and terrorise defenders. He was an entertainer but his cheeky skills also had an end product as time after time Gallacher would deliver a killer pass or hit home an unstoppable shot.



    The Celtic support had seen nothing like the unique brilliance of Patsy and his dazzling runs and thunderous shots would brighten up the dourest of Scottish winter afternoons. His jinking, gutsy, jousting runs had the supporters roaring their approval year after year.



    Possibly his most celebrated moment was in the 1925 Scottish Cup final, a match since dubbed ‘The Patsy Gallacher Final’. Getting the ball just inside the Dundee half, he rolled past challenge after challenge, sometimes appearing in danger of toppling over as he swerved and swayed dangerously close to the ground. No Dundee boot or body could stop him completely as he veered, sure foot as a young deer, towards their goalmouth. Finally a heavy, desperate tackle grounded him inside the six-yard box. Patsy hit the ground and for an instant his brave effort seemed to be at an end. But Patsy had not yet parted company with the ball, which remained between his feet. A quick somersault and both Patsy and the ball ended up entangled in the Dundee net for the most unorthodox goal in a Scottish Cup Final. It was one magical moment.



    The Irishman – who came to Scotland with his desperately poor family when just a young child – was a major factor in numerous Celtic successes as the Bhoys established themselves as the dominant team in Scottish football. His Parkhead career would last 15 years in which time the Hoops won six league titles four Scottish Cups, four Glasgow cups and eleven Glasgow charity cups.



    He had a good sense of humour as well. Patsy Gallacher played in the blue of Rangers in a benefit match for his Rangers’ pal Andy Cunningham. Not an easy thing to stomach for any proud Celt, but at the end of the game he took off his jersey to reveal that he was wearing actually The Hoops jersey underneath. Even the Rangers fans are said to have laughed.



    His most audacious stunt, however, came when the Celtic manager Willie Maley took his side to a luxury hotel in Dunbar for a thoroughly modern spa-style period of training, rest and relaxation. The team were, for health purposes, put under curfew. Gallacher, however, decided he would quite fancy a nippy sweetie or two, and so persuaded a hotel chambermaid to lend him her uniform. Small and svelte enough to exude femininity, a glammed-up Gallacher sashayed past Maley, on sentry duty in the hotel foyer, bade his boss a very good night in a comedic high-pitched squeal, and disappeared through the door Maley was holding open for “her”. Prepared to go out on the town in drag, in the old austere environment in Scotland in the 1920s, he must have really wanted that dram.



    In the summer of 1926 Maley announced that Gallacher would be retiring but a furious Patsy denied all knowledge of this and subsequently joined Falkirk where he played on for another six years. Speculation among his fans was that the board wanted to save on Patsy’s wages, which were considerably higher than those of any other Celtic player of the time. He was sadly missed by the Celtic support but his performances in the Green and White meant he would never be forgotten. Many believed that if he’d stayed we could and should have won even more.



    In total, Patsy Gallacher played 464 times for Celtic and scored 192 goals. He also won international caps for both Eire and Northern Ireland. He became the highest paid international player at the time, and over 50,000 turned up at Windsor Park (N Ireland) to see him in his debut. Even after over 50 years after his death his name is revered like few others by Celtic fans, most of whom were not even born when he was still alive.



    A brilliant and evocative encomium to Gallacher is found in James E. Handley’s The Celtic Story: A History of Celtic Football Club (1960):









    ‘From the days of Johnny Campbell, Willie Groves and Sandy McMahon, the ‘prince of dribblers’, to the era of Willie Fernie and Charlie Tully, the Celtic club has recruited a host of players whose cantrips with the ball have given ecstatic delight to the followers of soccer, but in that brilliant galaxy no star has shone with the effulgence of Patsy Gallagher. Commentators exhausted their repertory of metaphors in trying to place him. To them he was ‘the mighty atom’, ‘the vital spark’, ‘the will-o-the-wisp’, ‘the Cinquevalli of the football field’ and a dozen other extravagances. It is hard to refrain from claiming that he was the greatest forward the Scottish game has ever seen. From the beginning, fresh from Clydebank Juniors, a stripling of seventeen, he caught the popular fancy with his unorthodox style, his inexhaustible treasury of tricks, his magical elusiveness expressed in uncatchable wriggles, slips, swerves, hops and famous ‘hesitation’ stops. To see Patsy halt in mid-career, place a foot on the top of the ball an calmly wait for opponents, reluctant to approach and be fooled, to make up their minds, made many a supporter’s afternoon. Physically speaking, he should have been wafted off the field like thistledown. His small, fragile form seemed altogether out of place in First Division football. Only his supreme cleverness saved him from annihilation, for he had incredible pluck an tenacity and took alarming risks. For such a puny frame his stamina was phenomenal, and at the close of play he was worrying the opposition with the same degree of doggedness that had marked the opening minute.’ (p. 89)




    Patsy died on the 17th June 1953 aged 62.His funeral mass was held at St.Paul’s Whiteinch, and Patsy is buried in Arkleston Cemetery on the outskirts of Paisley.



    You can never underestimate the impact “The Mighty Atom” had on Celtic and the Celtic support. A true Celtic great.





    do you drink your CALLIES warm or chilled and how many does it take you to get to this state.



    jist sayin like ken pal.

  20. macjay:



    It was a trick question, I meant – Did Charlie Tully ever sign for Rangers?

  21. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Here ye go.






    mighty tim supporting wee Oscar




    18:18 on 23 April, 2014




    Evening all. Just thought I would say that I will not be renewing the 4 ST from my house. The main reason being that as posted about 7 weeks ago my son who has had a st for best part of 20 years was arrested at the ICT game. Now having been with his lawyer today the scenario at the moment is he has not been charged yet and although he was held for 7 hours at the police station was released without charge but they would send it to the PF to decide if he should be charged. To this day no charge has been made yet. However Celtic FC have called him a few days ago and have since sent him a letter to say that he has been banned from attending all home and away games with immediate effect. So there you have it your guilty until proved innocent in the eyes of Celtic FC.

  22. Kitalba



    TD was offered information that would aid his understanding of the issues involved.



    He chose not to take up the offer. Fair enough but to then make judgements and accusations based in that wilful ignorance suggests he is taking a chance he will not be viewed as an idiot in the fullness of time. His choice.



    On where we are: Celtic thought they had covered the issue of granting a licence in 2011. Hence their opposition to Res12.



    They were provided with info that suggested SFA had been less than fullsome in their response.



    On that basis Res12 was adjourned to allow time for the info and what it might mean to be digested.



    That has happened since Christmas with Celtic listening to and accepting there were issues to be addressed with SFA and agreeing how that might be done.



    That is where it was at last week and where it has to be left with Celtic to follow up.

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    14:23 on


    24 April, 2014



    Before I came to Oz.,I stupidly left a menu commemorating Celtic`s 10th Scottish Cup win in a house we rented.The menu had the autographs of all the Celtic team of that day,including that of Patsy.


    Unsurprisingly,it wisnae there when I returned some two years later.



  24. Auldheid:



    Rather than offer TD information that would aid his understanding, any chance you (or any on else) could enlighten the blog, in public, in meaningful words?






    14:28 on 24 April, 2014




    Fav uncle



    I don’t drink at home, I’m a pub guy, if that’s any help to you.




    good for you.if you tell MASTY and COMMIE I am coming up for sundays game I will be in LYNCHS THE CALTON afte game all 3 of you are welcome for a pint.so there.

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