Background noise on England unhelpful


Several news outlets are running with our name attached to a prediction that we will join one other club in the English football structure within five years.  This prediction is little more than background noise and is not indicative of any initiative or plan.  A Scottish club cannot ‘buy’ an English club, relocated them and work their way through the leagues without the prior permission of both the Scottish and English FAs.

The notion of clubs buying clubs is not worthy of your attention and you should none of this ‘information’ should be used to support share valuations.

Celtic’s future is inextricably linked to the futures of Scotland’s other senior clubs, all of whom need to plan for their futures.  Background noise like this only makes creating the environment necessary to fulfil those plans more difficult.

The Wayside Club in Glasgow has been serving the homeless and destitute for 80 years.  It survives exclusively by charitable donations and is the only homeless resource in Glasgow which is open 365 days a year, offering food, non-alcoholic drink, showers, a hair-cut, shaving facility, first aid and a friendly face to those living on the very brink of existence.  For its patrons, it is an oasis of normality in a harsh and cold world.

To raise funds they are having an 80th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the Hilton in Glasgow on Saturday, 27th April.  Individual tickets are available for £50 each, with tables of 10 also available.  If you would like to attend email me, celtiquicknews@gmail.com, and I’ll put you in touch with inspirational volunteer, Tom Boyd senior.

If you can’t make it along to the night you can support the Wayside Club by donation at their VirginMoneyGiving page.

I know the generosity of CQN readers does not need to be stated but my sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the auction for a bottle of whisky yesterday. A stunning £1901 was raise. Nippy.

We are busy pulling the next issue of CQN Magazine together, if you would like to advertise, let me know.  The Magazine has incredible reach and offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand of company (see below).  Enquiries to the usual addres…….  Thanks.
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  1. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Put your head back in the clouds and shut your mouth


    Chuckie shut your mouth, shut your mouth

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Palacio67 08:23 on 25 March, 2013


    Chuckles latest in the Mirror this morning…


    Just read it. Are you sure it wasn’t mirror with a small “m”?

  3. PJ –



    TRFC will of course have 99,999 Euros in their Cypriot bank account, so that in keeping with a dead former relative, they pay no taxes.




  4. If you want to make at donation or can provide a auction or raffle prize, please email Paul67 with that as well.


    There are some great auction prizes on the day including a four ball with the captain who stopped 10 in a row.


    We have some great guys on this site so we would appreciate all your help.








    Finding it difficult to COPE wi the latest chucky-chat?



    Soul destroying to see the tosser getting column space instead of questions.

  6. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Bad result for newco at weekend, MSM focus on newco going to England, anything to avoid talking about why Sally can’t motivate his overpaid bunch of mercinaries

  7. The rally on the 6th.


    Is the plan to walk from George Square to the game/ title winning party at Paradise?


    Is it an authorised/ organised gathering?



    I’m not back here until the 6th, so would appreciate any advice so allow for planning.







  8. Just dropped in to say…






    Why don’t Celtic, or sumdy from the hierarchy – come out and nail chuckles to the wall ?


    I mean, Celtic will NEVER get into England or, the EPL to be more specific if, we are seen


    to be the other side of the same coin – as chuckles is making out.



    I think that Celtic are foxing their way round chuckles and – not being enticed into the ring


    so to speak.



    Or…Celtic are hiding behind the settee – watching the chuckles show through the cracks


    in their fingers.



    The boil has to be lanced. imo


    Why don’t we come out and say something along the lines of…”…even when we as a club where on the – life support machine(1993/4)…it was our club and, more so, our magnificent traveling support who were so coveted by England’s top teams!!!”



    Only saying like – Hail Hail n God Bless

  9. eddieinkirkmichael




    last article



    re ipox and murray perk



    have no inside info mate


    but charles has sure stopped saying they have £22 million in the bank


    the info will be in the fine detail



    1 club going to the wall in a season


    how will the sfa cope if its 2 or 3 this year alone




  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Chico said on Saturday he was certain it would be four leagues next season. Okay I know that’s not exactly a cast-iron guarantee! But if it is right then this English league thing is obviously Green’s next desparate plan if he can’t get into Division 1 next season.

  11. Eurochamps67


    12:54 on


    25 March, 2013


    The rally on the 6th.


    Is the plan to walk from George Square to the game/ title winning party at Paradise?


    Is it an authorised/ organised gathering?






    Was asking the same mate.



    When the demo finishes and everyone starts walking to the stadium, will Salmond’s stormtroopers then decide this constitutes an ‘illegal march’ and police accordingly?

  12. Am i correct believing that the English football league system is basically a private members club and one has to be invited to join. Can the European courts force the aforementioned private members club to admit all and sundry! Is Chuckles barking mad or as crazy as a fox!!

  13. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Oh the liquidation differences dilemma approaches.. MSM spin.. The herald make no mention of Elbows dive.. Richard Wilson reports however , Sevco players watch videos of the Match on a Monday ..



    I’m sure they ll condemn elbows..

  14. Surely it is about time Celtic came out and say that they want nothing to do with this nutcase rants.

  15. From Garngad to Croy I am Neil Lennon. on

    3rd Divivsion League Champions (from 1994)



    2011/12 – ALLOA – 77 PTS


    2010/11- ABROATH – 66 PTS


    2009/10- LIVINGSTON- 78 PTS


    2009/09- DUMBARTON- 67 PTS




    2006/07- BERWICK RANGERS- 75 PTS


    2005/06- COWDENBEATH- 76PTS




    2003/04- STRANRAER- 78 PTS


    2002/03- MORTON- 72 PTS


    2001/02- BRECHIN -73 PTS


    2000/01- HAMILTON- 76 PTS


    1999/00- QUEENS PARK- 69 PTS


    1998/99- ROSS COUNTY- 77 PTS


    1997/98- ALLOA- 76 PTS


    1996/97- INVERNESS- 76PTS


    1995/96- LIVINGSTON- 72PTS


    1994/95-FORFAR- 80PTS



    Yes I am obsessed ! (and loving it)

  16. curly



    12:47 on 25 March, 2013


    PJ –



    TRFC will of course have 99,999 Euros in their Cypriot bank account, so that in keeping with a dead former relative, they pay no taxes.












    On that subject, they are in a League of their own.

  17. mcgrory1888




    13:05 on 25 March, 2013




    A wee bit of nostalgic reminiscing if nobody minds. I was reminded by the references to Glenconner park earlier. I spent my formative years in the timland enclave that was the Garngad.



    We lived at 30 Rosemount St., the old building and not the later “high flats”. I remember playing football on the ‘brickfield’ behind Murphy’s pub (used to collect beer bottles and return them there for a penny a time) playing on the ‘black rocks’ beside the Molendinar (spelling??). Does anybody else remember McAfferty’s paper and sweetie shop on Millburn St.? Went to the wee Roch on Royston Rd across from the chapel. We were then uprooted to Ruchazie when I was about 9 or 10, I would still come back every Sunday to get the papers from McAfferty’s and spend the rest of the afternoon in the snooker hall attached to the chapel……..ah memories.



    Sorry for the ramblings, had to remove it from my chest.




  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Don’t be silly bhoys it’s Dunfermline’s Holding Company that’s going breasts north.

  19. Oglach – Chuckles threat to take the English FA to court over freedom of trade is a not starter. No one is stopping Sevco from selling their product(s) in England. Sevco games are regularly shown on TV and merchandise is easily available in stores. There are no barriers to trade.

  20. I think it would be wrong of Celtic to comment on anything that comes out of Chucks mouth. Don’t interrupt your enemy and all that. Everyone can see through him anyway.

  21. mcgrory1888




    Toonheed mhan masel….but ye were close….St Roch’s Secondary but not the primary

  22. This from RM;



    “RANGERS have sent a delegation on a top-secret scouting mission to HONDURAS.



    No2 Kenny McDowall and agent Dave Baldwin took in the Tegucigalpa derby between Motagua and Olimpia on Saturday.



    Sources claim Rangers were in Central America to run the rule over three Motagua players — Bryan Figueroa, Junior Padilla and Omar Elvir.



    Motagua’s technical director Julio Gutierrez said: “I think it’s their fourth of fifth visit to check out the talented players in Honduras. ”


    Hmmm, four or five trips to Central America. Could this be a clue to how chuckles plans to fund his buy out of a team from the blue circle tampax league.


    This plan has not to be “sniffed” at.

  23. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    KevJungle – “Here we go – here we go – here we go…”


    12:56 on


    25 March, 2013


    Just dropped in to say…






    Why don’t Celtic, or sumdy from the hierarchy – come out and nail chuckles to the wall ?





    When the rambling, dribbling drunk on the bus lurches into the seat next to you and spouts gibberish, best just to ignore him.

  24. 31003



    You are closer to the truth than you may think.



    James Edward McGrory, s granda and my dads granda were brothers.

  25. KevJungle, Celtic would clearly like to move to England but I’m sure they don’t want distracting nonsense blown up on the topic. He also doesn’t need oxygen for his ranting.

  26. Dead and Loving it on

    does anyone think that chuckles latest ramblings are for the benefit of major shareholders, when he starts saying that they will be in a English league within five years,? who do you think he is trying to fool?



    The share price has been dropping, the average fan who bought the shares is not likely to dump them.


    I was speaking to a couple of guys today about this and they thought that the institutional investors would not believe chuckles either, regarding moving to England, had to point out to them that they must have believed him to buy the shares in the first place.



    So I suppose it is roll on the audited accounts , nuclear ?

  27. Is the EPL about to implode? Depending what Roman Abramovich has been arrested in the US by the FBI for?



    Just rumour atm but Channel 4 just tweeted it in addition to Guido Fawkes.



    Arrest could potentially lead to assets being frozen…

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