Backlash needed for Highlanders


Three weeks after putting 8 goals past South Lanarkshire’s top team Celtic struggled to demonstrate their superiority against the county’s least decorated SFA member

We’ve seen these games before, East Kilbride looked no weaker than the Arbroath team who took us to a replay after drawing at Celtic Park a few years back, but neither performance was an endorsement of Celtic’s football.

I’m getting an uncomfortable feeling that teams know how to play Celtic. For most, this knowledge will not affect the result, but some, like Ross County and Aberdeen, will figure they can give us the ball all day, and as long as they stick to task, they’ll have a chance.

The only resolution to the ills of the last three outings is to get back on the field and boss a game the way we did several times last month. Ross County and Inverness both visit Celtic Park in the next two weeks and both need to feel a backlash. Let’s hope.

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  1. Ronny better hope for a backlash, he’s one bad result from the sack. Biton, Forrest, Efe and Johansen should all be dropped out of the squad. Time to build this team around Allan, Christie, Roberts et al.

  2. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Paul, we also need to stop playing guys out of position and use our creative midfield players. We have 14 midfielders but IMO no midfield of note. Had we someone who could cross a ball on the right yesterday we would have won by double figures!!


    Football is in essence a simple game – play to your strengths.

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Taken from the john james blog



    The Journeys



    Everyone on this site and others recalls the events of the summer of 2012 as if they were yesterday. We are six days shy of the four years since administration on February 14, 2012. Four years on what has became known as The Journey. We expected a few kinks on the road and some adverse cambers but what we did not expect at that time were that those responsible for the journey would be subject to indictments. We anticipated a seamless progression from SFLII to Premiership. Why actually transpired was that most Scottish football fans acquired a knowledge of Scots Law and UEFA/SFA articles of association. On Friday of last week we were introduced to some a hybrid that Scots Law has ‘yet to catch up with‘ of which Lord Brodie inquired whether this was some form of Scottish Football Jurisprudence. The SFA law of metaphysical and philosophical constructs. A football governance body that operates laws that are inconsistent with the laws of the land.



    If truth be told there has been two journeys. A football journey and a corporate journey. The travails of the football team, and the defeats by Motherwell in May of last year, was the watershed of the Green/McCoist journey that began with a new construct, an associate SFA membership, which no-one had ever heard of. With the benefit of hindsight we now know that the SFA were making up rules as they went along. On the 3rd August 2012, the SFA then transferred the registration of the old corporate entity to Sevco Scotland who conveniently changed their name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. Scottish Football Jurisprudence had served us well and we were off on a new adventure to export our Rangers traditions with a missionary zeal to far flung football backwaters where there were more pies on sale than spectators.



    On the balance of probability the football journey should end on or one month prior to May 31 2016. Hibs, despite their resounding defeat at Ibrox, have achieved a League Cup final place and staged a remarkable comeback in Edinburgh derby where they faced the third best team in Scotland. If we used Hibs as our form line for Rangers prospects next year, we would be competing with one or both Edinburgh clubs for 3rd place. However if we used Premiership also rans Kilmarnock as our form line, the first leg of our play off journey might result in a very disappointing scoreless draw. We would then be travelling to Rugby Park on May 31st with trepidation.



    The corporate journey can best be described as an omnishambles. Andrew Dickson introduced us to The Kit-Kat Concept. Mr Dickson’s narrative, which can best be described as a parable, used the analogy of the manufacturers of the four fingered chocolate comestibles as his case for continuity i.e. the same ingredients, different owner/manufacturer. In this narrative we are introduced to concept of a ‘club’ which is an ethereal, metaphysical construct of philosophical note. The ‘Club’ has no legal personality. It cannot hire professional players. It cannot participate in UEFA tournaments. However as Mr O’Neil for the SFA informed us, it is the club with no legal personality that is registered with the SFA. It follows that The Rangers Football Club Ltd and Sevco Scotland play no part in this registration. Is it not about time that the SFA referred all Scottish Professional Football fans to the Article of Association that deals with philosophical constructs? Is there a clause in an under the counter volume of Scottish Football Jurisprudence? Should we look under ‘K’ for the Kit Kat Construct.



    The SFA, to coin a phrase, want Rangers to have their kit kat and eat it. In the bill of sale document from Duff & Phelps to Sevco Scotland was a £1 entry for goodwill. This has since been recognized by the SPFL as the history of Rangers. Fifty-four league flags (one shared with Dumbarton) have been assigned to The Rangers Football Club. A quick glance at the SPFL website will confirm this. Charles Green purchased the history, brands and crests of a company that is currently being liquidated. However there is a major flaw in this argument. There is no problem with the physical trophies being sold to Sevco Scotland, but who assigned the 54 league flags and League Cups to Sevco Scotland? The Scottish Cups, which are within the gift of the SFA, were also transferred to Sevco Scotland. Do the SPFL, as a new corporate entity, have the authority to transfer historical titles between two different corporate entities? I can confirm that they do not under UEFA rules. Neil Doncaster, who qualified as a solicitor from Bristol University in 1992, is as ‘au fait’ with the UEFA regulations as I am. Despite this he has gone out of his way to stress that Rangers are the same ‘club’ and are thus entitled to the historical titles. This does not chime with UEFA rules. It does not comply with the laws of the land. It can best be described as another chapter in the tome that is Scottish Football Jurisprudence.



    As a Rangers supporter, there is a part of me that finds the semantic gymnastics and confectionery analogies as amusing and entertaining, but I would add a cautionary note. The back room deal done with Doncaster will see the light of day in Edinburgh High Court. In the Inner House of The Court of Session (one of the three highest courts in the UK, which have UK wide authority) Charles Green’s counsel described The Rangers Football Club as a mere trading style and debunked the myth of continuity. What is your response to this Mr Doncaster? Charles Green, the architect of the corporate constructs TRFC and RIFC, has stated that there was no continuity of Rangers. Will you be challenging this in a court of law? Counsel for Mr Green will consistently contradict your ‘same club’ rhetoric at Edinburgh High Court. Will you maintain your ‘same club’ mantra despite the overwhelming evidence against it? Are philosophical constructs the rightful custodians of Scottish Football Trophies?



    The scandal that is Scottish football could have been dismissed as the partisan adventures of a bunch of bumped-up amateur administrators. However Neil Doncaster is not cut from the same cloth. I wonder if anyone will write to The Solicitors Regulation Authority to complain about Mr Doncaster’s illegal statements that are in the public domain? A complaint to Companies House would also be an avenue worth pursuing. Mr Doncaster with his illegal statements could be perceived as representing a corporate entity in a false manner to enhance the SPFL’s broadcast contracts. If there is any bonus element in his contract that has a causal link to the contract amount, then he is further compromised. In law parlance this is known as gaining a pecuniary advantage through deception. In common parlance it’s known as fraud.

  4. thetimreaper



    I’d go with that.



    Ronny may well be the architect of his own downfall, but he has been aided by a number of negligent draftsmen.

  5. ‘I’m getting an uncomfortable feeling that teams know how to play Celtic’



    Paul I’m afraid we’ve been a long time sussed. Malmo and Molde had no problem dealing with us. Other teams in Scotland now follow the same plan.

  6. For a bit of light relief, watch two Tyrone men try to move a couch down the road.



    It contains a few swear words.






    Árd Macha

  7. Paul.


    I agree teams have worked out how to play against us, but I feel that that way.


    Is that it must be an open secret between the rest of the league.


    That is that it’s open season on Celtic.


    Teams are allowed carte blanch to kick pull and cajole us and nothing is done by the referees.


    If we retaliate our players get booked straight away.


    I’m not in any way arguing with you it’s just my opinion.

  8. Paul67



    When playing the highlanders we need a few caber tossers of our own.



    If all fit





    Janko Sviatchenko Simunovic Tierney


    Commons Brown Mulgrew with any from – Bitton Rogic Johanson


    Griffiths and CKR



    Boyata Lustig Effe as defence cover



    Armstrong Allan Christie GMS Forrest for mid or wide up front.

  9. When playing the Highlanders at home we don’t need big lads



    We will be playing on a good pitch. Let the ball do the work. Pass and move.

  10. Mulgrew may well be the most important player between now and the end of the season. I’m not his biggest fan but for his flaws he’s brave on the ball, knows what it’s about and has the experience to help us over the line. He should be sat in front of the two centre halves between now and May.

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I thought so too and then he comes out with sturff like this



    We expected a few kinks on the road and some adverse cambers but what we did not expect at that time were that those responsible for the journey would be subject to indictments.



    and then you have to say thicko hun




  12. So we’re now reduced to hoping for a backlash against Ross County to kick start our faltering season.


    How can that happen in a so called one horse race?


    Look at the team that beat Hamilton 8-1, and should have scored a lot more. They played at a high tempo, passed the ball forward, closed down the opponent in their own half and created chance after chance.


    Who played, or more importantly who didn’t play? No Commons, no Mulgrew, no Brown, no Forrest, all of whom slow us down with either square and backward passes or holding onto the ball too long.

  13. Sviachenko has made a very promising start,in a team that is playing poorly.Leadership,wanting the ball,stands his ground well,and he plays with a level of urgency that others could learn from.

  14. My friends in Celtic,



    Very dissapointed to see a bed sheet with sack the board on it yesterday. It is not helpful.



    I could understand it from the Villa away support. Continual Inept performances, rooted to the bottom of the league with relegation an absolute certainity.



    Celtic were in a no win situation yesterday, but it is us who are in the draw today. If we had hit 6,7,8 or nine we would have been accused of humiliating a junior team and showboating.



    I wonder who the genius that is Derek McInnes’ team will face in today’s draw. The same team that lost 3 goals to the might of St Johnstone. ?




  15. Janko——-Lustig—-Izzy—–Tierney









    Midget Gems CSC

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo



    Ah, his cover story is a good one…



    Yeah I agree, he does come out with some absolute corkers that do make you think maybe he is a blue nose after all.

  17. Davidopolous



    It’s no me BTW. I know the rules better than he does.



    It wasn’t an “associate” membership that was granted. It was a “conditional” one to cover the anomaly of RFC having full SFA membership and TRFC also having it AT THE SAME time.



    Only one Full SFA membership up for grabs and RFC had it at time TRFC played Brechin. So TRFC got a contrived conditional membership, conditional on RFC losing the full membership which let it free to transfer.



    Lawyers and fitbaw don’t mix.

  18. Bada – agree, Sviatchenko looks decent.



    Gary67 – Hamilton were cannon fodder, much bigger challenges lie ahead.

  19. Auldheid



    He comes out with a lot of nearly-facts. Do they serve to accidently undermine his messages? Or do they serve to deliberately undermine the conversation at a broader level?



    He has a lot of energy for the topic but charges about like a bull in a china shop.

  20. Just hope that the boys mother forces him to wash it himself. Or takes it out his pocket money for a new one.




  21. thetimreaper on 8th February 2016 2:25 pm



    As EK should have been but the way we played didn’t trouble them nearly as much as we should.

  22. The idea that teams are only now working out how to play RD’s side is both accurate and an alarming indictment of the shoddy standards of coaching in Scotland.



    It doesn’t take the IQ of Einstein to work out that RD has only one method of playing football and as such, should be easy to counteract with only a little pre-planning.



    I won’t bore with details but suffice to say I spotted the ‘method’ inside 6 weeks of his arrival and nothing has changed in his game style.



    The fact it’s taken this long given we play the ‘diddy teams’ four times a season is almost laughable in its amateurism.

  23. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    1923-01-13: Lochgelly United 2-3 Celtic, Scottish CupThis is a featured page


















    Match Pictures | Matches: 1922 – 1923 | 1923 Pictures




    Played at the Recreation Park Lochgelly, the “Happylanders” as Lochgelly United were known gave Celtic a run for their money.






    In a five-goal thriller in front of a record home crowd in Fife, Celtic win through thanks to a late goal from John McFarlane.







    Paterson, Williams, Day, Berry, McKay, Nicol, Toner, Brown, McIntosh, Neish, Wilson.




    Shaw, McNair, W McStay, Gilchrist, Cringan, J. McStay, McAtee, Cairney, Cassidy, McFarlane, McLean.



    Referee: J Menzie (Falkirk).


    Attendance: 10,000


    Goals: McIntosh (1-0) (7), Cassidy (1-1), Cassidy (1-2), McIntosh (2-2), McFarlane (2-3)





    Match Report (see end of page below)




    Match Pictures





    Match report from The Scotsman, 15th January 1923





    The visit of the Celtic to Lochgelly was responsible for a new gate record being set up, 10,000 watching a thrilling game, in which the local side were only beaten by the odd goal in five. Lochgelly won the toss, and took advantage of a strong wind. The scored the opening goal after seven minutes’ play by McIntosh, but before the interval, Cassidy, the Celtic centre, equalised. In the second half the local men played a great game, and although Cassidy placed his side one up, the Fifers again scored by McIntosh, and it was only a desperate rally by the Celtic in the last ten minutes that gave them the lead, McFarlane getting the winning goal, after Paterson had saved brilliantly from McLean. The Lochgelly team gave their famous opponents a fright.

  24. St Stivs….



    Were there calls for Maley to be sacked?



    I hope so!



    Shocking performance against minnows.



    So it wiz.

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