Bankier, Livingston and most plural club in UK


I didn’t see Ian Bankier’s performance today, but I watched his predecessor John Reid a few times. John wasn’t liked by a significant body of the support, largely for professional reasons (his role in government), but when he got on his feet to address Celtic supporters, he had an intuitive feel for what to say. No one ever needed to script him.

Ian Livingston has received a lot of criticism since voting with the government in the recent Tax Credits bill. I’d heard the nature of some of what was written online included reference to his background – appalling, without question. Nor would it surprise you or me, we’ve been online long enough to see just about everything, including those who troll others on account of their background or identity. Often with Celtic-related targets.

We are a plural club, with people from Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, and for all I know, other backgrounds, on our board, all these and more in our dressing room, and among our support. I’m proud of this. We are often caricatured as an exclusively Irish-diaspora club but few in the UK can claim such an ethnic panorama.

A club of immigrants founded 127 years ago has continued to attract new immigrants ever since.  It’s worthwhile reminding ourselves of this, it should continue to be a part of our forward strategy.  What correlates with this is that anyone with a prejudice will find a target at Celtic – such is the diversity of our club. Celtic fans, players and officials have been targets like this for a very long time.

Was Ian Livingston right to vote with the government on Tax Credits? No. I haven’t considered the policy’s economic merits (first pass suggested it had none) but I believe his voice should have been raised against the policy. The expectations of being a representative of Celtic, not just a board member, are weighty.

Ian Bankier could have read all inappropriate online comment referring to Ian Livingston’s background immediately before today’s AGM, but that forum was not the place to mark anyone’s card. The intuitive feel John Reid had on these occasions was missing today. Go complain about such comment to the appropriate authorities, or to whatever online facilities hosted the comments, tell Ian Livingston ‘You’ll never walk alone’ in a private moment, but address shareholders and Celtic fans on matters appropriate to them.

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  1. Gutted that I missed the “live chat” wi the Legend that is Jim Craig.


    My old man(RIP).


    Cannae remember his exact words,but it went along the lines of “If it wiznae for Jim Craig we would nae have won Quizball”


    Can Paul or Winnining Captains or if Jim is lurking,answer if this is true? and tell us a bit more about Quizball?

  2. Paul67…..



    Your worst blog yet old son……



    Even the Pravdaesque Celtic View wouldn’t have been such an apologist and almost sidestepped the main issues from today’s fiasco of an AGM the way you have done.



    Celtic are indeed a plural club in a demographic sense, but to suggest we are the MOST plural club in the UK is an insult to all the other clubs who are open to all, like us.



    Almost like listening to the Deadhuns claiming they are the MOST successful at……ermmmmm…Almost everything ever football related……I’m sure the likes of Man United must be jealous as feck of their 5 star shirts lol.



    A bad day at the office all round for Celtic Plc and CQN AGM blog ….Two peas from the same pod sometimes?

  3. Macjay and Owen



    Gents you’re heart is in Celtic but one lives in Ireland and one lives in Australia.



    I’m more in touch with the Celtic support than you are. I’m not criticising but by being there amongst them every week I do know what the emotions are.



    Anyway tomorrow my wee girl will get to use her season ticket for the first time and thinking about it makes my heart burst with pride.



    Meanwhile, wankers on here question my motives.



    Good night God Bless and ask yourself would you be the last rebel.



    Ps. Tomorrow, bring your messages. That will separate you from our Plc board.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    petec on 21st November 2015 2:20 am






    The first person I thought of after the recent tragedy in Paris was Kojo.


    He was right about Islamic Jihad.His warnings were justified.





    Ronny….I would be delighted to be proved wrong.


    But one more season without C.L. football and he must be a goner.


    The future of Celtic is dependent on that income.



    Affoot for the messages.



  5. I’ve had a wee drink but most of tonight has been spent talking and not drinking.



    I could cry at what I believe Celtic has become.



    Bankier and Livingstone don’t represent me. They don’t represent my da or my granda. They don’t reflect the views of any Celtic supporter I’ve had the time to discuss with.




    A wee thing. My da and granda would never, ever have criticised Celtic but I know they’d be sickened by these Tory pricks in charge of us now.



    Bring your messages tomorrow and remember that Lawell once opposed this.




  6. macjay1,



    I remember Kojo for his promotion of Celtic getting the youngsters (home brewed) into the team.



    The divisive one knows what he is doing, and being Supernatural, kicked out, he can do a lot of Damage.



    Celtic. Park everything at the Door.

  7. What was it… Blessed are the Cheesemakers?



    Time to attack the Theory of Devolution?



    The SNP have the dodgiest of symbols.



    Glasgow Celtic come on.




    It is N*z*.



    Wake Up people.



    Kojo is missed, he did say it was Communist, and he was likely right. That SNP is slippery as an eel and really are a horrific Governance.



    The Police State, Nanny State…… EdinBurgh gate.




  9. You can pay for one more at a “virtual” Christmas dinner –



    …and pay to feed a child for a year for a little over 12 quid..



    Tony’s Huddle has three partners…



    and this is what one of them are doing to help..






    No One Walks Alone

  10. RWE



    Thanks for that link.



    Great cause. Donation made.



    My gast is still flabbered at Mr Bankiers comments today and about Celtics refusal to become an accredited living wage employer.



    To me it seems that the good publicity that would inevitably follow on from doing this would at least offset the financial disadvantage that an extra £2k cost per match apparently confers. Further, a statement of intent such as this would go a long way towards healing some of the disillusionment felt by many supporters due to the public relations disaster that is Messers Bankier and Livingstone.



    I’m not going to criticise anyone’s politics for the sake of it but it’s clear that LLOP’s position and actions jar massively with the ethos of a large proportion of our support.



    Disappointing that no-one at CFC plc seems to be able to look at the big picture.



    Bankier is apparently on a collision course with the support.



    His intemperate remarks and sheer brass neck in citing Brother Walfrid’s example should in my opinion see him moved on.




    Other than that



    HH and c’mon the hoops

  11. Leaving aside the fact that Livingstone’s actions would be considered by most to be inconsistent with the ethos of Celtic. In addition , not having seen nor heard the alleged social media comments, taking the allegation at face value, it would be abhorrent.


    Aside from all of that, the most disturbing aspect ofBankier’s comments today was the arrogant, supercilious “croppy lie down” tone of his carefully pre- composed rant which in spite of his subsequent denials was insulting to Celtic supporters. The sheer indignation of the man that anyone should have the audacity to challenge their lofty positions was reminiscent of a Dickensian novel. The man is an Idiot and completely out of touch with ordinary Celtic supporters.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    havanalaugh on 21st November 2015 4:34 am





    Why do you,apparently,continue to support said organisation?

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    I’m not going to criticise anyone’s politics for the sake of it but it’s clear that LLOP’s position and actions jar massively with the ethos of a large proportion of our support.




    What percentage is “a large proportion” ?


    Or ,is that just your “unbiased,nay neutral” opinion.

  14. MACJAY1



    What percentage?



    In all honesty, I don’t know.



    Call it a gut feeling if you want.



    Incidentally, why did you put the words unbiased, nay neutral in inverted commas?

  15. I’m sure like most of the rest of the population I have my internal preferences, prejudices and settled opinions.



    I’m not sure anyone could really be unbiased, nay neutral on matters such as these.



    I’m also not sure why you are trying to pick an argument with me.



    What’s your problem?

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    You said this.


    “I’m not going to criticise anyone’s politics for the sake of it but it’s clear that LLOP’s position and actions jar massively with the ethos of a large proportion of our support. ”




    “Large proportion” ?





    My “problem” as you so quaintly put it ,is that you express your opinion as if it were fact.


    It isn`t fact unless,of course,you can prove otherwise.



    Al you are doing is suggesting that your view is shared by the majority,without having the slightest grounds for doing so.

  17. Mackay



    Ok. Whatever you like min. Shall we expect to see you waiting to pounce on everyone who doesn’t qualify (which I did in other parts of my post) the statements.



    That’ll be entertaining.



    Chill oot.

  18. Morning all. Dublin airport with first beer of the day!



    On the LW, can Celtic not pay the difference between basic and LW into a sort of tax efficient trust type thing?



    Too early for jokes?

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    skyisalandfill on 21st November 2015 6:21 am



    I`ll chill when Celtic supporters stop damaging Celtic and claiming that their views are representative of the majority of Celtic supporters.


    When they have no basis whatsoever for making said claim.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CONEYBHOY on 21ST NOVEMBER 2015 6:22 AM



    Never too early for jokes,pal.





    Why not contribute the additional expenditure sheeted to LW to Mary`s meals ?


    Perhaps they would be more needy.



  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Spot on.






    Mary`s Meals.



  22. MACJAY



    It’s a blog. It’s about opinions. Not every one starts their posts by saying imo.


    Of course it’s their opinion. If your looking for facts try an encyclopaedia.



    As far as damaging Celtic, I’m not.



    I think that Bankier screwed up yesterday. Massive own goal. Not the first time either.


    He seems Ill at ease in the AGM forum by all accounts.



    By all means defend his own position and that of LL, but his language, to me turned adversorial quite quickly as I remember. The shareholders and customers seemed to be the enemy.



    I would like both of them to go, not so much because they’re Tories but because their actions make them divisive with what I believe, having spoken to an admittedly small sample of Celic folk is an incompatibility, contrast Brian Quinn, with the feel of the club.


    Pretty much all of the CQN and csc folk I meet are supportive of pushing (or maybe smashing in some cases) the board about this and lots of other stuff.



    I know it’s not a collective but I think we miss some low hanging fruit. Living wage in my opinion would have bought a load of goodwill for Dirk Boerigtors wages for a couple of months.



    jUst my opinion.





    iF you don’t like what I say you could always scroll by.















  23. Paul67



    “I’d heard the nature of some of what was written online included reference to his background – appalling”



    Seriously! You are going with third party hearsay on this?



    I’ve been losing FAITH in CQN for a while now, mainly due to the adds , the time to load pages, and some of the Green Huns (increasing in numbers) who post.



    But that comment blows away yours and this forums strap line ‘Not Lazy Journalism’. Like Bankier’s yesterday the statement is completely alone in a wilderness without evidence to back up either statement.



    I did not see evidence of criminal racism towards The Tory Peer and evidently neither have you.



    So why the foray into LAZY JOURNALISM?



    Please provide the evidence of the criminal racist comments towards our POVERTY on the PEOPLE supporter on the board.






    PS John Reid comparison. Really?

  24. Maybe you didn’t like the message?


    Maybe you didn’t like the messenger?


    Know what?…..That’s your problem.


    I say your….as in – you who puts yer money into Celtic.


    Well, innocently / well intentioned it may have been but, for how many years must I watch Celtic supporters….tens of thousands of Celtic supporters being taken to school by a bunch of swivel-eyed-charlatans?


    Wake up FFS!


    Auldheid and all the well-intentioned, gallant cage-rattling rebels who are trying to clinch justice from the jaws of, hunfilled-hatefilled-evil-cheating-rioting animals who know full well that….the ‘only’ force who will put them away is a Celtic FC, driven by a board of rebellious Celtic fans like – Jeanette Findlay, the female Jeremy Corbyn and her ilk…not the, Tory-kowtoing-sit-at-the-back-of-the-bus-swivel-eyed-charlatans who, remain in office because the Celtic support of today …just dont get it….no, they dont and, For Auldheid and his like who, could never by any stretch of the imagination be called fools and yet….their relying on these toothless-tigers who run Celtic to get this resolution 12 Justice?….Well, either…I dont get it or, Auldheid and his comrades are in cahoots?


    I’ve been caned up and down this blog for saying the following….


    Sack The Celtic Board or….the died-huns will be back to shaft yeez……again!


    Dont shoot the messenger – CSC


    God Bless All Celtic Supporters – YNWA



  25. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Morning Timland.



    If these pages are to be believed then we’re on the


    verge of civil war.




    I would imagine that the board are hoping BDO


    stick an appeal in,it will kick a problem down the






    If no appeal,then the truth and justice seekers will


    not be put off by a hun type rallying statement from


    those CURRENTLY in charge of Celtic,we will rebel,it’s


    in our nature.




    In the meantime,if you can get up to CP,please


    remember today’s foodbank collection and give


    what you can.

  26. more than a club .. Not really.



    That banner is embarrassing .



    Board living off the hard work of genuine supporters as usual.

  27. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Ian Bankier will need to learn that the AGM is the forum for “addressing shareholders and Celtic fans on matters appropriate to them”, but, then again, and as I said last night, the Celtic Trust will also have to learn that the AGM is not the forum for them to promote their political views / leanings…….



    Ian Bankier should appreciate that the social media allows all sorts of cretins to voice their bigoted bile about all things Celtic…….. and the Celtic Trust need to refrain from using the Celtic AGM to debate mainstream politics ….. It’s bad enough having to endure politicos on here from time time …… when we should be talking ⚽️ …. !!!!