Belgians premature


The Belgian league put the cat amongst the waffles yesterday by declaring the Jupiler League over and Bruges champions.  They sorted out their TV and other commercial arrangements and can start next season as soon as it is safe to do so.

There are very few calls to cut seasons short.  Tight leagues, such as in Italy and Spain, would forever  have questions hanging over them, while those assured of winning the title, as in Scotland and England, want to do so on the field, not at a league meeting.  Still, it was nice to see panic among the Null and Voiders, who would rather everyone lost than anyone (Celtic) won.

The Belgians have been pragmatic but premature, football is finished for the season, their champions are assured without controversy and they will accommodate those threatened with relegation.  The rest of Europe still clings to the hope that competition can start behind closed doors in the summer.  It will next month before we know if this is possible, there is no reason to make decisions before then.

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  1. GG (from overnight)



    Re Jimmy Smith of Newcastle in the Hoops- he did get to sport them. From Celtic Wiki:-



    “Celtic had tried to buy Jimmy Smith, a ball playing winger, twice before – once when he was at Aberdeen and then once he had made the move to Newcastle United. In February, Celtic were in need of rejuvenation.He came on-loan and as a trialist for a month. There were doubts as to his fitness as he had not played a game in the ’75-’76 season and had had three cartilage operations. He arrived at Celtic Park on the day of the European game against FC Sachsenring Zwickau, in March 1976,having had some second thoughts about joining Celtic. He played in one Reserve game against Dundee Reserves with new signing Johnny Doyle and was listed in the squad for the game away at Dundee for the first team. But he picked up another knee injury in the Reserve game and promptly returned to Newcastle.

  2. Not very sure about premature Belgians



    Hercule Poirot was never premature- he took his time in getting to the denouement.


    Jean Claude Van Damme was not premature- his timing was just right.


    Audrey Hepburn was never premature when she moved her lips in time to Marni Nixon’s vocals



    Jacques Brel, Edy Merckx and Kevin De Bruyne haveimpeccable timing.



    Not so sure about Jean-Marc Bosman or Rene Magritte

  3. Tobago Street on

    DENIABHOY on 3RD APRIL 2020 2:45 PM


    Trying to recall some of the outdoor/playground games from my childhood to explain to my son.



    The girls used to play a game called ‘Doublers’ using two tennis balls against a wall. We used to play ‘5 stanes’ ( stones obviously ) which is just like the American game ‘Jacks’. Plus we played a game called ‘Mochie’. 3 holes in the ground just bigger than a penny and it involved tossing pennies between the holes…






    Ps this was in the area Green street, Gallowgate, Abercrombie Street and London Road.

  4. With Prince Charles “virtually” opening a hospital via video conferencing, that should become the new standard way of doing it.



    All royal engagements done remotely via calls.



    They all get to stay at home, and enjoy their palaces. The public sycophants who buy into this crap can still say I met “The Duke of Cambridge” when he gave me the pleasure of naming our scout hall.



    The Media would save money on their royal correspondents.


    The savings to the public purse would be enormous and redirected to the NHS.



    Maybe Betty and Co could take a lead from Megan, and become their own PLC’s and start charging for their services and actually go PAYE.



    Imagine that family being taxed and how much they could be contributing for frontline services.




    Thoughts and prayers with your Dad Felix, yourself and the family at this sad time.

  6. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    The first player to appear in the final of the European cup for different English clubs was Glasgow born.Who he?

  7. Parkheadcumsalford, very sorry to hear about your father. Condolences to you and your family.



    Caunel will be lit in the kitchen tonight.



    Can I also express my sorrow for a work colleague who lost her son today. Terrible news to hear of loss of young life.




  8. fourstonecoppi on

    BIG JIMMY on 3RD APRIL 2020 1:56 PM



    Hey Hey i’m a Blessed John Ogilvie bhoy too started ’62. Played for the school inder the management of Ms Sherlock…..







    Wee prayer said for his family.



    May he rest in peace.

  10. The idea of simply picking up where we left off is something all of us want. We all want to win this league and finish the season.



    That idea no matter how many times it’s put forward ignores the reality that come that time there’s every chance we can’t finish a 38 game league season because some football clubs have ceased to trade.



    This is about survival for a lot of clubs and waiting for months without income and no season ticket sales for next season will see some go out of business.

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    May your father rest in peace


    RIP Felix 🙏

  12. Hrvatski Jim on

    It is a fallacy that there is no live football in Scotland just now. Yesterday, I played against my grandson Aiden:


    • Aiden selected the pitch


    • Aiden set up the goals – his 2 feet wide, mine 3 yards wide


    • There was a slight suspicion of handball with most of Aiden’s goals – i.e. he carried the ball in both hands up to my goal line before kicking it in


    • When I appealed to VAR, he reviewed each time and decided that the goal should stand


    • He chose steps beside my goal to take “throw ins” which went so high over me that Fraser Forster (6 foot 7) would not have saved them. They counted as goals


    • When I equalised at 8-8, I was deducted 7 goals


    • Aiden won 10-6


    HRVATSKI JIM on 3RD APRIL 2020 5:13 PM



    He sounds like he will run THE SFA some day.

  14. So the season resumes


    With two metres between all at games.


    Problems ahead



  15. After this, no matter what government is in, they should go after all the “off shore / HQ in Luxembourgh” big businesses, and simply say if you operate in the UK, you pay taxes here, end of story.





    those EBT recipients, hang your heads in shame, tax dodging bassas.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP- I still think a deposit to secure your seat for next season would have been a help at this time.

  17. Saint stivs


    Was a bit on the news about a small business owner whose staff could claim the 80% but she didn’t take a salary and paid herself in dividend . Of course this is done to reduce the tax liability – there should be a lesson there.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Covid19 -Italy @6pm-3/4/20




    Dead -14,681


    766 people died in the 24 hr period between 6pm yesterday and 6pm today.

  19. Bada



    I’m hoping they put back 1st payment due at end of May by a month :o(




    There will be a lot of people like that regretting they screwed the taxman.

  21. I received my renewal letter today with no deadline. I assume they are just preparing the groundwork for when decisions are made & they don’t have to rush these letters out.



    Howevva….I will be waiting to see exactly how this pans out. Obviously there are more important things just now. If the season is declared whichever way I don’t think they can just tell ST holders …eh…you don’t get a refund so lets start again.




  22. Tobago Street on

    I would not be surprised Gene. I’m sure ‘Moshi’ had many iterations throughout Glasgow. Down on Arcadia street there was a moshi ‘pitch’, for lack of a better word, carved into the tarmac. So some folks took it seriously!




  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP- I think if the Club offered a deposit, it could be simpler to administer, what if we play a reduced number of games next season due to possible reconstruction, and some might look for a rebate for this season, which they may be entitled to? Could get very messy.

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    If there’s one thing I cant stand, it’s a premature Belgian…



    Captain Mainwaring CSC

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