Biggest test since Crawford Allan re-refereeing games regime


Sunday’s League Cup final comes just one day shy of a year since Celtic last won a trophy, the Scottish Cup, season 2019-20.  That day we celebrated the Quadruple Treble, in the knowledge that the run would end there, as we were eliminated from a domestic cup competition for the first time since 2016 earlier that month.

We celebrated that penalty kick decider against Hearts at home, with the Hampden stands empty.  It is two years and two weeks since you and I have seen Celtic win a trophy in the flesh: that memorable League Cup win over Newco in season 2019-20.  Celtic were poor that day but we had the fortitude to go the extra distance and get the job done.

Celtic eliminated our main rivals in recent seasons, St Johnstone, in the semi-final.  This leaves the field open for Hibernian to become the third most successful Scottish club over the last decade, behind Celtic and St Johnstone – if they win on Sunday.  We should not take that motivation lightly.

Hibs sacked manager Jack Ross after the club dropped into the bottom half of the table.  A home win last time out over Dundee sees them remain in 7th spot, a point behind Aberdeen and 2 off both Motherwell and Dundee United.  The latter sit fourth, in a European spot, giving Ross scope to believe he was hard done by.

Celtic pummelled Hibs 1-3 at Easter Road in October but that was the last time the Edinburgh side have lost more than one goal –they have played 8 games since.  They are nothing if not strong at the back.  During that run the humbled Newco in their semi-final at Hampden and only lost to the same team due to a late penalty.  Most concerning of all, this is the biggest test since Referee Head Crawford Allan’s post-re-refereeing Celtic games regime started.  It demeans our game that we have to hope referee Don Robertson is not influenced by his boss.

There is a truism: if you are good enough to get to a cup final, you are good enough to win it.  Despite all the positivity around Celtic right now, we face a team who have genuine credentials to win the cup.  But with Tom Rogic on the field, what chance do they really have?

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  1. Morning all,from a bright sunny cold morning here.A slip up by the residents of Pandemonium today,might be on the cards against big Charlie’s men.

  2. Good morning from a still dark but dry North Staffs.


    I see the tag team of MOS and farcical citizen we on last night – oh dear.



    England struggling in the test at 169 for 6 still 300 runs behind.



    Port Vale match off due to having COVID in the camp.

  3. Given the amount of postponements in the English leagues it look only a matter of time until they call a break.

  4. JHB


    Michael Stewart’s opinion is that Ange is Celtic’s “best signing of the season” – now I wonder who’s to blame for that? Probably the usual suspects, Dermot, Peter, Ian & Michael again. St Dom never got his hands ‘dirty’ and left with his reputation completely intact…. by doing nothing. People who do nothing can’t make mistakes.



    It really is a breathtaking leap of logic to turn what was obviously a huge compliment for Ange into an attack on the club.



    Are you really so steeped in agenda that you fail to recognise the value of signings such as Kyogo and Jota.



    Stewart’s comment was in praise of Ange. He wasn’t rubbishing his signings. Only you are doing that.




    Thanks for the name check re the Ange/Warne video.



    Really enjoyed that.

  6. England collapse continues. Now facing the humiliation of the follow-on.



    I’ve been up since 3:15am watching this.



    I hoped for better from England to make a game of it.



    Dear oh dear.

  7. TOM MCLAUGHLIN @ 9:10




    My first comment is Eh?



    Then I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you had not read my post.



    If not the first two, then U must assume that you are mischier-making for the sake of it.



    I offered absolutely no hint of criticism of Ange – in fact I’m inclined to agree with Michael.



    As for “rubbishing his signings” – that is pure invention on your part.



    The gist of my comment was that Ange’s signing is a huge compliment to the board after the drawn-out disappointment of Eddie Howe.



    There is absolutely no hint of an attack on Celtic, quite the contrary – why don’t you read it again?




    I’m afraid it is you that appears to have an agenda – you have twisted all I said – that is very sad.

  8. TOM @ 9:10am



    I haven`t read JHB`s post but I read the part you have posted as a criticism of those who often criticise `Dermot, Peter, Ian & Michael ` rather than any criticism of the likes of Kyogo and Jota.

  9. SCULLYBHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2021 9:17 AM



    In my mind, Kyogo and Edouard had never played together ! I thought Eddie had gone long before Kyogo arrived.Really surprised me so thanks for the clip. Might have saved me a few bob in some future argument :-))

  10. Tom McLaughlin



    I see you have been up all night watching cricket – good for you. In that case I’ll judge your comment as a ‘no ball for throwing’ Maybe you will step up to the ‘crease’ and apologise…..I’m not holding my breath!

  11. Re JHB`s post.


    Let me add that I don`t agree that the Board deserve that ` huge compliment`.


    Had they gone for Ange in the first place, I might have been inclined to agree ( even then, it is too early to judge) but as their obvious preference was Howe, andAnge was very much a second choice, then I feel the huge compliment is a wee bit generous.

  12. Tom


    I like cricket but not that much – will Australia enforce the follow on – with 9 down we’ll find out soon enough. With the lights on I certainly would.

  13. Someone at the BBC DECIDED that a photograph of Celtic supporters running on to the periphery of the pitch was the one that best reflected their headline that Ross County were to investigate sectarian chanting/singing from their OWN fans.

  14. Gene,


    If Australia are able to enforce the follow on, then I believe they will. The humiliation alone would maybe be considered !


    Incidentally, I `support` England in the cricket.

  15. The Board’s appointment of Ange?



    The idea that this was some tactical masterstroke rather than a last desperate throw of the dice having been rebuffed by Howe after months of wooing is utterly ridiculous.



    Auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn.

  16. ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH DECEMBER 2021 9:55 AM



    What was wrong with my 9:41am post?



    Were you just desperate to get you `Huhn` humour viewed by a wider audience?



  17. JHB



    You said “Michael Stewart’s opinion is that Ange is Celtic’s best signing of the season – now I wonder who’s to blame for that?”



    If you use the word ‘blame’, I have to infer that you see fault in that position.



    You are backtracking.

  18. Hot Smoked


    Although I’ve lived in England for 50 years I find it difficult supporting them at anything – pathetic really.

  19. Thanks An Tearmann for the Hampden re-runs you posted earlier



    Some great Saturday morning viewing there.




    I always want Australia to win but sometimes find myself cheering England on when they’re fighting back.



    England all out. Australia decide not to enforce the follow-on.

  21. The Battered Bunnet on

    For what it’s worth (probably hee haw)…



    I gather that the board wanted to move on from Howe when he stalled on signing up around April time.



    The incoming CEO though wanted to give Howe the time he needed/asked for.



    The approach agreed then was a compromise, giving the new CEO his head while progressing with alternative candidate(s).



    As a result, when Howe finally pulled the plug the formalities were quickly completed with Postecoglu.

  22. GENE



    I know how you feel.



    I am an Australian citizen with dual UK/OZ nationality/passports.



    That’s my excuse.

  23. Tom



    Must admit, I also read JHBs post as being re the previous criticism of the board.



    I didn’t think there was any reference, inferred or otherwise, on player signings.

  24. JHB



    I apologise. I obviously misinterpreted your comment.



    Maybe I do need some sleep.



    Bed now.

  25. It is because of a poor management decision that we have no recognised striker available for tomorrow.


    But I wouldn’t put it past Ange to play Kyogo ieven if he’s not fully fit.


    When in reality, Wednesday night is a more important game.