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  1. TIMBHOY2 on 14TH JULY 2021 11:11 PM


    Dane Murray






    I agree, also the recently loanee to Ross County, Hjedle, looks promising







  2. Delaneys Dunky on



    You didn’t see the game but because you read negative comments on a blog, you feel we will struggle against the huns this season.


    I think we will win the League with 5 quality first team ready additions to the team.


    Our competition isnae that difficult to beat in Scotland. Would forget about Europe till 2022/2023 season though.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on



    Hjelde looks a cracker and his loan manager at Ross County John Hughes raves about him.


    11 months left on his Celtic contract.


    Can sign a pre contract at Leeds United in January. Bielsa wants him.


    Incompetence by Lawwell & co yet again.


    What a tarnished legacy Peter has. Sad.

  4. DD, the assumptions you make are based upon nothing more than supposition driven by your emotion.

  5. TIMHORTON on 14TH JULY 2021 11:57 PM


    I don’t think they will be going bust anytime soon to help us from our own ineptitude.




    If there was ever a time more unlikely for Ibrox to implode again, it is right now!



    Those of us who desperately hang on to the hope, or, expectation of another Whyte-like announcement on the steps of Ibrox……are desperate!!!

  6. DELANEYS DUNKY @ 12:04


    “I think we will win the League with 5 quality first team ready additions to the team.”



    The League starts in 16 days. We better get a move on! Since Seville, Lawwell has made sure we never do this. Or perhaps you were just fantasizing? Is that 5 quality first team additions to replace any that leave, or net? Having watched that impotent performance today, it seems we would need more than 5. No?

  7. Delaneys Dunky on



    I would prefer 11 new first team players from last seasons non triers.


    Calmac the captain is doomed to failure.


    Would sell him and the rest from last season.


    Elyounoussi was the only one I liked.

  8. My friends in Celtic,



    Had problems with the picture, but I saw enough to be underwhelmed.



    Never like reading too much into pre season friendlys, but we seem so unprepared.




  9. Good morning CQN



    Peter (the smartest guy in the room) fooled us into thinking he had departed the club, none of us guessed he was still heavily involved in the background as a director…………………….. It such a shock



    A costly friendly against good old bulldog English football last night, good possession, cutting edge missing



    Remember those Scottish names in the Caribbean……….The Black Irish ! visit to climb the Galway volcano





    Taking the knee……..the original





    have a good day its taps aff weather, me I’m going to be humming Shang a lang all day……………



    could be worse……………….



  10. Good morning all ,great read from ASGWL on Sent Celts.




    The King of Kings


    ASWGL 15 Jul 2021 8 comments


    I’ve written a few leaders on some past Celtic players and I thought long and hard before doing this one, as I don’t know if I can do it justice, I hope i have, he is (and always will be) The King of Kings.




    I initially thought, where do you start with a guy like this, revered by everyone as the greatest ever foreign player signed for the club, brought to Glasgow in 1997, after Wim Jansen got him to Parkhead from Feyenord, by then he had already established himself in Sweden’s national side, and had enjoyed a successful tournament, helping Sweden to finish 3rd in the 1994 US World cup, they incidentally left the USA as the tournaments top scorers.



    It’s safe to say Henrik’s first appearances for Celtic were something of a mishap, and certainly more than a few had their doubts on him. Chic Charnley still claims he can dine out on stories of how Henrik passed the ball to him by mistake allowing Hibs to win 2-1, and how can we forget Henrik’s own goal in his first Euro campaign start with Celtic, as he lobbed Jonathan Gould, we did however go on to beat the Austrian’s as eventual 6 goal winners, so his o-g mattered little.



    We would very shortly see firsthand if Henrik could play a pivotal role in halting the Oldco run at ten-in-a-row, during which time he would play alongside, either Simon Donnelly, Harald Brattbakk, and Darren Jackson, Henrik had become Celtic’s top scorer with 19 goals.



    The title decider to stop the ten, would be against St Johnstone and was set for Parkhead 9th of May 1998, the sun was shining it was a great day, the atmosphere strange, although noisy and good, everyone was on edge, you could actually hear people praying loudly, “Please don’t let them get the 10”.



    A full house looked on, even when Henrik put us 1 up, we were still full of tension, this then set up Harald (who came to us the same year as Henrik, with the reputation of being a prolific striker, but had been disappointing in the main since his move from Rosenberg to Parkhead), to write himself into Celtic folklore by scoring the winner in 73minutes, and thus giving what most Celtic fans to this day, believe to be the most important league title win in the clubs history, for some it is their greatest sporting memory. Many were so relieved they just burst into tears.




    Season 1998-99 and under a new manager Jo Venglos (appointed in July) Henrik would score a total of 38 goals, Dr Jo would also introduce a certain Lubo Moravcik to Henrik and Celtic, and this would become a pivotal point in the years to follow.



    Henrik started the following season 1999-2000 in blistering form, scoring 8 goals in nine matches, up until a EUFA cup game against Lyon came, which resulted in a horrific leg break in two separate places that would have seen any footballer out for at least a year, sometimes even for good, but no, this was not for Henrik, he took only 8 months to get fit to play again. A testament to his will and desire to overcome his injuries, was spoken of by someone who heard Henrik going through his treatment and they say the screams of pain as Henrik fought his way back from this injury, were not something that should be heard by the weak of stomach.



    Henrik had pushed himself on through severe pain to return to play for Celtic.



    In 2000-2001 We worried that Henrik might never regain his form after his horror leg break, but we were completely taken by surprise when he started the season with 12 goals in 9 games, and was in his best form ever, and managed 53 goals in 50 matches. The King of kings was born.



    You could never tire of hearing Elmer Bernstein’s Theme from The magnificent seven, whenever Henrik scored, it just suited him, being a hero in the hoops.



    There were a couple of significant things that happened in my mind from 1999 to 2001, besides Henrik’s leg break, one was Lubo Moravcik as he became more involved in the team and Henrik would flourish more playing alongside Lubo, the other was the appointment of Martin O’Neill in 2000 as manager. Henrik had by now played under 4 managers at Celtic and he must have felt like starting anew once more. Martin brought in some other players that again Henrik would benefit playing beside, Sutton, Thompson, Lennon, Hartson, along with others in place Petrov, Agathe, McNamara, Bobo, Lambert etc…



    The season started well and Celtic with Henrik won their first 6 games, and their next challenger was Oldco who having spent millions (or more precisely had illegally overspent millions, by what we know now) were very confident of beating Celtic as were their good friends in the media.



    Things however did not go as planned and Celtic totally annihilated Oldco 6-2, needless to say that game became legendary and known as “The Demolition Derby”. This led on to Celtics first domestic treble since 1969 as Henrik teamed up well with new strike partner Chris Sutton, and just for afters a SFWA footballer of the year award for Henrik to go with the European Golden boot for the highest goal scorer in Europe award to the King of Kings.




    Whether Henrik played against Livingston or Liverpool, Motherwell or Manchester, Oldco or Porto, Henrik would score goals and most of them were stunning. Henrik at this point, would never globally receive the status that other players of his calibre did, simply because he played most of his career in Scotland, and it is not regarded as one of the elite leagues, such as Serie A, or La Liga, this is without any doubt whatsoever, one instance, where 60,000 fans inside a stadium were a far better judge of someones ability, than a handful of those so called experts were, and they would very quickly learn this.



    They were so wrong and it was of great benefit to us, as supporters we did not want Henrik to move outwith Scotland, we were spoiled and we loved him for it, even if that meant we were selfish and wanted to keep him for ourselves, and Henrik stayed at Celtic even though many other teams including Manchester United tried hard to get him to move, Henrik had decided he liked it at Celtic and his family were happy to be here in Glasgow too.



    The record books will show that in season 2002-03 Celtic won absolutely no trophies.



    What they will not show however, is, it was their most successful season in many many years, because Henrik and the team were to do something that had long been missing, since the glory days of Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions.



    Celtic would go all the way to the final of a major European competition. And the road to that final was something very very special. Time and again Celtic were written off by the so called experts, they would be drawn against the best in the competition, including a couple billed as “The Battle of Britain”, and time and time again Henrik was there to silence the doubters. Among them Celta Vigo fell, Blackburn fell, Stuttgart fell, even the mighty Liverpool fell to Henrik and Celtic. Pride was again restored to that amazing Celtic support.



    Henrik had finally silenced all the doubters, and it was all the more sweeter, as a certain ex-Oldco manager was among one of them, he was taught, as were many pundits, that it’s best to keep your mouth shut until the game is over. The King of Kings did his talking on the field. in a sublime “Here endeth the lesson” fashion.



    The final against Porto would be a bridge too far, and is too painful for most to watch again, and for many years I have pondered on the what-ifs, the heat, the squad injuries, the opposition antics, the ref, the sending off, it certainly hurt. Somehow though, amidst the pain, it was one of my proudest moments as a fan, that we had been on a wonderful journey not seen in many years, that once more a Celtic team could compete with the elite that Europe had to offer.



    I felt gutted for Celtic, but more so for Henrik, he had carried us there, he had replied twice in the final with two of the best headers you will see anywhere, he should not have been on a losing side in that final, and my heart sunk for Henrik more than for Celtic. Fortunately Henrik would get a second chance at European cup glory, when he signed for Barcelona and helped them to win the Champions League in 2006, no one deserved it more than Henrik.



    Henrik Larsson in his time at Celtic was the complete professional, he only appeared on the back pages of newspapers, never the front pages. He was loved by young and old alike and brought joy to many, he could have left for more money like others had, but he gave Celtic more than many others had before him, he is still regarded as the King of Kings by those he brought joy to on so many occasions. No matter which team you followed, Henrik Larsson is one of those extremely rare and immensely talented players you cannot help but admire. He put happiness before money, a lesson many of us can and should learn from.



    If you have 15minutes you should watch this clip of all of his 242 goals for Celtic, it still amazes me the variety of goals that he scored, Henrik was predominantly right footed, but he could score with both feet and his ability to spring so high while scoring with his head was second to none. We were truly blessed to have had Henrik Larsson at Celtic for 7 years. Thank you King of Kings.



    Hail Hail




    The following few words and stats on Henrik (were taken from wikipaedia)



    Thierry Henry: (After losing the Champions league final to Barcelona) “People always talk about Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto’o, Ludovic, Giuly, but I didn’t see them today. I saw Henrik Larsson. He came on, he changed the game, you need to talk about the proper footballer who made the difference and that was Henrik Larsson.”



    Ronaldinho: (Barcelona legend) I grew to admire Henrik more and more, and I consider Henrik my idol.



    Oldco Manager: “Larsson is one of the best strikers in Europe, maybe the world, if you watch Batistuta he is sometimes not seen for 90 minutes but will score 2 goals, Henrik Larsson has even more, besides being a tremendous player and goalscorer, he has a tremendous work rate.”



    Sir Alex: In his last game in for us at Middlesborough we were winning 2-1 and Henrik went back to play in midfield and ran his balls off. On his return to the dressing room, all the players stood up and applauded him and the staff joined in. It takes some player to make that kind of impact in two months.”



    Henrik won in 7 years with Celtic, 4 Leagues, 2 League cups, 2 Scottish cups, 1 Eufa cup runners up.


    Henrik won the Champions League with Barcelona, as well as La Liga, and Supercopa.


    In 2004 Henrik was voted the greatest Swedish football player of the last 50 years, by the Swedish FA.


    In 2006 Henrik was awarded an MBE.


    Swedish Forward of the Year: 2001,2002,2003,2004


    Scottish Premier League Golden Boot: 1998–99,2000–01,2001–02,2002–03,2003–04


    SFWA Footballer of the Year: 1999,2001


    SPFA Players’ Player of the Year: 1999, 2001


    European Golden Boot: 2001, as well as honours with Feyenord and Manchester Utd


    Henrik won 106 international caps with Sweden playing in 3 Euros and 3 World Cup competitions.


    Henrik is currently working as the assistant manager of Barcelona.



    Henrik Larsson: “You don’t want to walk in another man’s footsteps, you want to create your own.”

  11. Drambowiecelt on

    @Vogue……Thanks for sharing that wonderful post


    Hairs on the back of your neck stuff……..Wonderful ..


    The Larsson Goals are always on our minds…







  12. Good morning all from another lovely day in the Garngad 25 degrees expected today. Lovely.



    What I took from the game last night is we still need a few experienced players in there, I thought Bristol stuck the boot into us and tried to stop our passing game.



    Fast attacking players needed to compliment the forward passing that Ange is trying to bring back.



    Still need a RB, Centre Back, LB, 2 x Centre forwards if Eddie goes, and a couple of wingers as we are prone to injuries. So another 5 or 6 fast attacking players needed.






    D :)

  13. vinniethedog on

    It seems the likes of Aaron Mooy is just fantasy Island stuff as was matt Ryan…….we need a keeper …two right backs…two cente backs …a left back…a midfield enforcer with quality….a left sided attacker ….and one possibly two strikers !!!…….we have enough promising youngsters…..this isn’t Australia or Japan….we need solid hardened professionals……God im depressed……I missed the first two games because of work …I wish I’d missed that I would have slept a lot better !!!

  14. JHB on 14TH JULY 2021 11:41 PM



    ` I don’t ever remember us being so completely unprepared for the first competitive game of a new season as this year.`



    We might or might not be properly prepared for the coming season but is is not possible that your `memory` has been influenced by the constant repetition of that accusation?

  15. While P67 thinks the Danes are as equally unprepared as we are – I suspect not. We could very well end up playing Europa conference football such is our level preparation.



    Either Lawwell is still fiddling in transfer negotiations or Dom is cut from the same cloth and not getting deals over the line.



    I’m not sure which of those scenarios is the more disturbing.

  16. CELTICFOREVER on 15TH JULY 2021 9:23 AM



    Agreed. I think we will be a happier support if we ignore both the vitriolic MSSM and uninformed negativity.


    Cognitively dissonant I know but we somehow have to separate the behaviour of The Board and our support for the team and, as you said, `all get behind Ange`.


    Bike time for me now on a beautifully sunny day in Angus.


    Cheerio for now.

  17. Advice for our new CEO……………Thought-provoking and challenging



    Roger Mitchell



    Dear Dom,



    Forgive me if I add to your list of unknown people offering you spurious good wishes and advice.



    I am a Celtic fan and since our club was founded by a priest, I simply offer you a prayer.



    Father, give us courage to change what must be altered, serenity to accept what cannot be helped, and the insight to know the one from the other.



    Let me start with “courage”.



    I admire you. Never before, or after, will you have a responsibility for the hopes and happiness of so many. And all in the most public of eyes. That is something many of us wouldn’t have the stomach to embrace.



    They say discretion is the better part of valor. And never a truer world in this case.



    None of us know what the owner wants for this club. I assume you do. We instead can only guess.



    When he bought it, at the start of the brutal process of polarisation in European football, Celtic could still compete with the best.



    A generation later, the landscape is very, very different. Have the courage to ask him: “What is your definition of success Dermott?”



    So, onto the rest of Niebuhr’s famous invocation:



    “Change what must be altered.”



    Stop defining success in parochial terms. It’s not about Rangers. It’s about being better than Bruges, Ajax, Benfica. These are the benchmarks. This was what did Peter Lawwell in. Some fans might not want to hear this but ignore them. Find your own “why Celtic?” as a brand. What does it stand for? Communicate it. Think wider than Scotland or you will fail.


    “The fans” as a terminology is no longer fit for purpose. The Celtic community is now heavily segmented. No one messaging and narrative works across everyone. Invest heavily in knowing the fanbase. And tailor your communications to ringfence and mitigate the negatives, whilst leveraging all the amazing assets within our family. This is not easy. You’ll need both technology and emotional intelligence. But ultimately Celtic PLC is the definitive community business. Study hard what that means in 2021.


    There are many old school people in there who may resist the use of data to inform decisions. They might tell you that picking a player, or defining tactics, is only for people with medals to be shown. They are very, very wrong. Eliminate these people, with no thought for their past in wearing the hoops. All of us have been a bit star struck. You will need a very ruthless streak. Show it early. Run your studs down someone’s shins.


    Decide that the standard of coaching in there has been poor. Ask why players kicked on under Brendan, whilst regressed before and after. You need to invest in serious coaching talent. I doubt they will come from Largs.


    The academy is not working. We do not produce players. And even the ones who do seem good leave whilst still in puberty. So you need to ask some painful questions. As an investment, is the academy a good use of our resources? Or would we be better following a Brentford model. To arrive at the solution, you need to know the answer to the above “brand” question. Maybe Celtic will want to be a club that has at least half the players from the academy? It needs a coherent strategy.


    You cannot have a “wait and see” approach to environment change. This road has been totally damaging to the club for 20 years. Things are changing in football. Look at the potential Belgium and Netherlands League. In 1999 Celtic and Scotland led this debate. Now it is totally unclear to me how Dermott thinks this will play out given he has vetoed the Atlantic league consistently.


    Celtic’s club media is not as good as it thinks it is. You would never have seen the growth of excellent fan media if the club had been serving the community well. Ask some very tough questions.


    Get your chairman to start earning a wage. He should be your heat shield. Every CEO knows the difference between a good, bad or ugly chairman. Find a good one. Whilst you’re at it, change your Board. It’s looking old and tired.


    “The serenity to accept what cannot be helped”



    Accept that the odds of you getting out of there alive are low. History is not on your side. Only Fergus managed, and even then with the benefits of revisionism. If you relinquish from the start the idea of being a popular leader, your prospects and state of mind will improve.


    Accept the Board room and others linked to it will always know better in their own minds, commenting on your work in corners at half time, on private phone calls, in the bars and pubs and in the stands. You’ve barely started and I myself have already heard that “Dom is liking the profile too much”. Have the strength to ignore them. Anyone not dealing with fans and media on a daily basis can’t understand how you need to manage your public profile.


    Accept that you cannot manage in Glasgow football by trying to win rational arguments. Nobody is listening. Manipulate heartstrings to your agenda. Shamelessly.


    Celtic Way: SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster


    SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster



    Accept that the SFA and the 42 club league is unmanageable. And unproductive. Peter’s strategy seemed to be to control them via Ian Maxwell and Neil Doncaster. Maybe you just ignore them?


    Accept that you need environment change to rejoin Europe’s elite.


    “And the insight to know one from the other”



    Be humble and ask advice. This is a job like no other. Nothing you have done, even in rugby, prepares you for this. Find great people without ambition or agenda to whisper in your ear.


    Leverage the amazing talents in the Celtic community. Most will help for free.


    Pray for insight. Pray to Brother Walfrid.



    Best wishes,




  18. squire danaher on

    HOT SMOKED on 15TH JULY 2021 9:29 AM


    CELTICFOREVER on 15TH JULY 2021 9:23 AM




    Agreed. I think we will be a happier support if we ignore both the vitriolic MSSM and uninformed negativity.



    Cognitively dissonant I know but we somehow have to separate the behaviour of The Board and our support for the team and, as you said, `all get behind Ange`.






    Some of us can’t do that nor am I not prepared to.



    The manager is already being hung out to dry by the PLC by the continued Lawwell-esque transfer dealings.



    The PLC love the idea that they can act like this and supposedly 90% STs are renewed and people say “Everyone get behind Ange”.



    This is like Titanic passengers welcoming the opportunity to have an impromptu 2am swim.

  19. I found last night’s game to be very interesting. We got a glimpse of a new tactic, it’s advantages and drawbacks.



    Celtic employed the splitting the centre backs tactic. I was wondering why in the early stages there was a huge hole in the centre of our defence when we attacked. Most of our players were in the Bristol half. Our centre backs both moved out wide and allowed our wing backs Ralston and Taylor to press forward high up the pitch. When we attacked we had more men available to give the ball to. It involved both Soro and Callum dropping deep to pick up the ball and start moves from deep positions. It involved a lot of high energy movement from our players. It was very noticeable that a lot of them dropped to their knees or sat down on the pitch at the final whistle.


    We pressed Bristol for almost all of the game and forced them back into their penalty area. This caused problems for us, however, because Ajeti often received the ball in the 6 yard box with his back to goal and our players found it difficult find space and get a shot on goal. There were so many Bristol players that they tackled our players immediately or blocked our shots. Against this deep, retreating defence we needed to shoot more often from outside the box because the goalie’s view would have been obstructed by the sheer number of players in front of him. We did have a great attempt from Ajeti which their goalie parried after great play from Callum and Turnbull



    I was fearful at the gaping hole in the centre of our defence and thought we’ll be slaughtered on the breakaway but on just about the only occasion a Bristol player managed to attack the area, 4 Celtic players arrived from nowhere to block him. Welsh didn’t need to foul him though.



    I think we’ll cause a lot of Scottish teams problems this season as they’ll find it difficult to cope with our pressing, passing and movement. However, our team is young and will need the support of several first team ready players. Otherwise, I see teams packing their area like the old days and waiting on our players to tire before trying to grab a sucker punch goal. We’ll need to use a lot of players during each game to be able to cope with the demands of this high energy approach.

  20. Hot smoked….don’t you think the majority that post on here ( huns excluded…Where’s big wavy) ignore Smsm ??….I’ve not bought a Scottish tabloid since thugs and thieves……some of us have eyes …..take Liam Shaw….not bad decent enough freebie….would be great slowly slipping into a decent team ……young Norwegian player ..has all the qualities….again has a chance…..but these are superficial problems…….we need proven quality…….never ever thought we’d be in this position……6 first team ready players needed..

  21. squire danaher on




    I didn’t see the game.



    A very interesting post m8, a good read.

  22. While it is fair to say that I was underwhelmed by the performance last night, I have been even more underwhelmed reading CQN and not only this morning. Why some people have to come on day after day, sometimes hour after hour, moaning and moaning baffles me.

  23. squire danaher on

    Interesting to note the physical demands on the players.



    AP must be working them hard in training.



    Surely CalMac needs an extended break at some point after the last four seasons ???

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    You can see from the game last night that Ange wants us to play high tempo football. This requires us to have a squad fit and capable to play this type of game. Our creaking squad will not be able to do this and the hope is that eventually when the comings and goings are over we will make progress. This requires time. How many of our supporters are willing to write off at least one season to allow this revolution to take place?

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Respectfully … so we’re the Titanic now?



    Maybe it’s me. Maybe I AM complacent.


    (A genuine attempt at honesty here ! ).



    I don’t think we are doomed.



    I don’t think the ship will sink.



    Another metaphor?



    We’re not dying.



    We just had a very bad headache last season.



    Our GP didn’t cure it.



    We’ve got a new GP and a new guy running the GP Surgery.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  26. I may be the odd one out but I enjoyed the game last night.


    These games are primarily to get fitness up I think that was achieved.


    Sure there is improvement to be made and with a few players in that will happen.


    I have a feeling this could bean enjoyable season .HH

  27. Interesting performance last night — some good / some not so good.


    One highlight was the performances of CMcG and DT — both were a class above the game they were playing in



    CMcG — played very well on the left with individual skill and movement.


    DT — class act linking the play and working the ball around with the potential to find a cutting pass.



    We played well in the first half although we seemed to play on their 18 yard line too much and looked to walk the ball into the net — need a bit more directness.



    AA needs space to work / find gaps.



    Other highlights:



    AM has something — possibly just confidence but he was positive.


    EH is still looking for something / anything — lots of work needed starting with his engagement with the game being played around him. He is not the wonderkid / future anymore — he needs to get his erse into gear.



    Not sure about the pecking order of the defence.



    SW — had his moments but needs more support / coaching.


    OU — Looked happier / more involved at RB compared to CB where he played as if his studs were too long.


    DM — Didn’t look out of place when he came on but still a bit raw.


    LFH — Looked better at LB than GT who was his usual curates egg self.



    Also …



    IS — Slow start but got better.


    LS — took an age to get into the game and is still a bit off the pace.


    KD — Looked good until he got clogged.


    MJ — Missing in action again — something badly wrong with his development.


    TR — Please no more 40/50 yard passes.


    SB — Not a GK for us.


    He looks too much like a fisherman to me — only good at picking things out of a net..

  28. SD @ 10.14



    CMcG needing an extended break after 4 hard seasons.


    You are having a laugh …



    I think we all had an extended break last year.


    Plus last season he phoned it in with the rest of the NT clique.


    He played well last night but there is a lot more to come.

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