Scot Gov can reset relations with 18,000 fans


It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a chance for the Scottish Government to reset relationships with Celtic after the First Minister grandstanded over the club in August and January last season.  10,000 socially distanced fans waving Scotland flags were permitted into Hampden a full month ago.  In that time, Wembley’s attendances rose from 18,500 to 67,000, supported by higher levels of vaccination.

The tape measures have been out at Celtic Park; 18,000 people can attend while observing the 1m INDOOR socially distance requirement.  As of my last visit 16 months ago, the stadium had no roof.  From my seat in the back row of the North Stand, you experience birds flying high and a significant amount of fresh air meets your every breath.  From that perspective, this stadium is one of the safest in the world, and far safer than any bar you may consider watching the Midtjylland game from on Tuesday.

But this is Ms £600k, so you might want to book into a pub instead.  We will see if she offers Dom McKay an olive branch.  You know how I feel.

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  1. Talk today that Ajer will not feature tonight is worrying. I don’t see him featuring next week with no preseason games under his belt.



    I hope Ajer doesn’t sour his relationship with the fans by doing a Boyota.

  2. The Ajer thing I think is talks with another club are nearly there, so no one wants him to get injured at this time, both the selling and buying club, por cierto

  3. I see Kris Ajer’s representatives are actively briefing against Celtic in the media.



    The player himself has a “niggle” so can’t play for us. The same player who says he has to move to a better league as when playing for his national team he is “surprised” at some things better players than he faces in Scotland do in games.



    He looked pretty “surprised” in most league games last season to me. For a man his size he can’t defend a free kick or a corner and all of his best performances were at right back.



    Remember who gave you the chance to improve your career Kris and don’t sour your relationship with the fans on your way out. If you are needed in the qualifiers step up or it’s likely that your stance might negatively affect your chances of a move.



    Berate your representatives for not finding you a new club willing to teach an acceptable deal with Celtic rather than briefing against us.

  4. P67


    If only you had a fraction of the angst you have for the SNP for someone who was actually employed by our own club yet lied to our own shareholders over his part in the 5WA and said nothing to Uefa over trophies won by the dead rangers with players not eligible to participate at our expense.


    However that would affect your relationship with our board, wouldn’t it!

  5. P67


    I almost forgot to add said parties part in shafting the requisitioners over RES12, which you originally campaigned about then mysteriously dropped completely, never to be mentioned again.


    But, hey, lets target the SNP. eh?

  6. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Absolutely no reason whatsoever why 18,000 can’t be allowed in if social distance criteria is met. If this is not allowed a detailed reason why is required and we need to make a public statement. We can’t leave it to NL this time to talk up for us. Not the Manager’s job anyway it’s the Directors job.

  7. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    1972 socially distanced fans waving Scotland flags (Czech Republic game) were permitted into Hampden a full month ago.



    1940 socially distanced fans waving Scotland flags (Croatia game) were permitted into Hampden a full month ago.



    2655 socially distanced fans waving Scotland flags were permitted into Wembley a full month ago.



    The rest were fans under UEFA rules and regulations. These tickets were sold over 18 months ago.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    First off, I’d like to go see Celtic vs Midtjylland.



    Nothing beats seeing our team in the flesh.



    I hope for it but don’t expect it.



    A few barbs from P67 (consistent with his “you know how I feel” narrative) in the article.



    But I also counted six incontrovertible facts in there.



    Given the subject matter (and previous reactions) …



    … boo hoo to you too responses to be expected.

  9. Could it be though, that those games and the 2 unofficial George Square gatherings can be related to the increase in delta cases throughout Scotland? por cierto

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jimbob71 ….



    Respectfully 16,500 fans were permitted into Murrayfield 18 days ago ….



    … because the SG said aye, awright

  11. Nina Simone or Michael Bubble….



    Sleep in peace when day is done, that’s what I mean


    And this old world is a new world


    And a bold world, for me

  12. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    I didn’t say SG didn’t say aye.



    There is still some nonsense about dressing like the Bay City Rollers, waving saltires and singing Shang-a-lang to allow us back into Celtic Park.



    I want back into Celtic Park as much as you, I mostly enjoyed the experience at Wembley but as I said on here weeks ago, the concourse was a terrible experience. Social distancing outside the stadium was adhered to but once through the turnstile it was a free for all, wasn’t pleasant at all and the Wembley concourse is so much bigger than Celtic Park.



  13. Why was the amount of Fans not mentioned in the Briefing yesterday. Because, the answer would not be appreciated. Clearly one offs like Scotland or British Lions games were allowed reasonable crowds.



    However, Celtic games are not one offs and will be held at 2,000. I dont see how this will change in August and for the forseeable future we will be held at 2000.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    18000 should be a given



    i havent understood for ages why the many organisations and businesses who have been hit by seemingly inconsistent government covid rules havent been shouting about it from the rooftops to get much more visible public support, even to the extent of threatening legal action



    they all just seem to quietly have a moan and then accept it

  15. wooft ! paul , them nats will be whatsapping each other now , how dare you criticise them !! well said

  16. Garngad to Croy on

    Ajer will find out how good he really is (or isn’t) when he leaves Celtic. I hope it is resolved quickly for everyone’s sake.

  17. Garngad to Croy on

    Nicola has no love of football or alcohol but her personal preferences should not affect the choices of the people she governs.

  18. Any gossip / news / scuttlebut about a possible share issue?



    Who is pushing for it?


    Where would it come from / who would underwrite it?


    What would it be used for?



    The site in front of the Emirates should have our name on it — indoor arena would be great.

  19. RC @ 1.43



    KA ??? / !!! / ???



    You are having a laugh — he will be Mr Norway for 10 years.


    Superb talent who we couldn’t coach for 2 years.


    Our fail not his.



    Somebody to build the team around.


    Oh well on to DT — hopefully we get that right.

  20. Not Jacinda / the Nats are just lazy / low rent golf club populists.


    Bigger crowds mean more work for them so if they can stall that is what they will do.

  21. I look forward to seeing us play tonight.



    I thought against Charlton we played a high tempo pass and move game.



    Good signs.



    Add in some new signings and we will be on the Right road.



    I like what I am seeing so far.



    D :)

  22. Ayr Utd have 2,000 fans in for their home friendly with Burnley U23’s this Saturday.



    Season tickets holders can pick up their free tickets at the ticket office. That will be their entire season tickets holders in attendance.

  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    The amount of people in outside events was mentioned yesterday.



    The 2000 people limit is a sensible thing to have as a baseline maximum.



    The FM pointedly invited organisations to apply to have the limit increased for their own specific events and situation – I see no particular problem with this. Celtic will seek 18,000, Hibs may seek 5,000, others will look for smaller increases or accept the baseline of 2,000 depending on how confident they are with their own infrastructure and capacity.



    I agree with JocksImmortalLions – if we ask for 18,000 and are refused – a detailed reason why is required and we need to make a public statement.



    I don’t think it is particularly beneficial – given the rising number of cases and hospital admissions, even against the backdrop of increased vaccination rates – to authorise a higher baseline maximum at this time, especially with other restrictions relaxing imminently.



    As has been the case from early on – less caution / mitigation = more cases = more hospitalisations = more opportunities for vaccine-resistant strains to emerge. Holland are going through a surge just now, linked to relaxation of rules particularly in hospitality – I know it is not the same as a largely open-air Celtic Park, but that’s why the option to seek an increase is there.



    It makes sense – to me anyway – to remain cautious. Lets see if Celtic’s application is granted – if not, we can see how McKay operates.






  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    From the previous article…



    ST TAMS on 14TH JULY 2021 12:04 PM




    Thanks for your reply.


    I think the use of Duhan suggests he is still involved.




    No problem.



    For the record, I don’t disagree with you – it would be hard to given the continued involvement of Duhan, the switching from target A to target B, the slow pace of recruitment, risking millions to save thousands, etc., – all characteristics of the approach we have seen year on year under the bold Pedro.



    That said – from what I’ve heard from, and read about, both McKay and Ange, I’m very hopeful for the future. Given how late both are in the door, its probably inevitable that there is a bit of a gradual move from prior approaches / relationships to how we will operate going forward. It is a big juggernaut to turn around.



    Keep the Faith.






  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Don’t forget the fanzone – 6k flag waivers.



    O’Brien’s a bit slow today. Expected to see something from him by now to defend The Party.

  26. Has there been any chatter regarding jabs for 14-18 year olds?


    BoJo et al down south seem to be hiding behind the jab committee.


    Surprised at the lack of publicity this issue gets.


    Would appear to be the next step forward.



    Especially with the school holidays offering time to get things done.

  27. At least some at CP has heard about the Training Ground guru site.


    We now have two job adverts on it looking for a recruitment analyst and a data analyst.



    At least we are looking for new blood not an ex player at a loose end or a ex managers son looking for some work experience.



    Will plug the site again — great for news on the coaching / conditioning element of football.

  28. Cheap shot at CTV and how poorly it is produced / managed / publicised it is.



    Bonnyrigg Rose has graphics that shame our efforts.


    The commentary and the camera work not so good.


    However their graphics are very high tech.



    I wonder if their match report on the upcoming colts game will put our efforts in the shade?


    Will they get more viewers?

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