Brozek aims to become first choice striker


Since Jock Stein’s famous comment, “If I had two players to choose from, a Catholic and a Protestant, I’d sign the Protestant, as that would deny Rangers two players”, Celtic managers have had an eye on their opponents across the city when making buying decisions.  Of course, until the late 80s there was zero chance of Polish footballers like Pawel Brozek being entertained at Ibrox, but in these enlightened times footballers, irrespective of religion, are welcome, or at least employed, by all Scottish clubs.

Pawel, who is expected to breeze through his medical this morning, will formally become a Celtic player this afternoon and train with the first team squad tomorrow.  He aims to become first choice striker and maintain his place in the Polish national team ahead of Euro 2012.  He joins an on-form Celtic full of confidence and purpose and is the team’s third signing this month after Mikael Lustig and Rabiu Ibrahim.

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  1. Early start Paul. But what time does The Battered Bunnett come on and admit Gary Hooper has a tremendous burst of pace after all?

  2. Pawel. Do you pronounce it like ‘Paul’ but very slowly, or Pavell, or is it like Alex Ferguson saying Parl?

  3. EXILED TIM, no info on that one.



    BlantyreKev, you’ll be waiting a few hours for that.



    kevinlasvegas aye, could be a busy week.

  4. Daily Wrecker


    “The insider said: “Nikica is very close to his agent and he has made it clear to him that Everton is the move he wants.”



    Very close?


    I wonder if his agent has been infected by that virus that has cut a swathe through the Jelavic family.

  5. Janko a non starter. Would be good though. But Pawel will be our main striker I concur. Wee toni to drop to bench i think. To be honest i dont think there’s much between him and Hooper both have their strengths.




  6. Paul67



    Do you reckon we are trying for another in?



    I am personally happy with what we have got.




  7. What ranglers are doing with these phoney attempts at signing players is really quite low.


    These players that have been turning up at Sir David Murray park are obviously just being used as part of a PR exercise.


    There seems to be no intention of actually signing them up .But they are playing games with footballers livelyhoods.


    Players turn up believing they are getting a chance to join a massive club only to have their hopes quickly dashed.


    How easy it is to con your average bear.

  8. Does anybody know if we have an option to take Pawel permanently? I read this on a few sites, but nothing on the official site, so I wondered if it was just lazy journalism from the e-rags.



    This one has me excited, but that means nothing – I was excited when Morten Rasmussen came!



    Welcome, Pawel.

  9. Welcome Pawel hope your time at the Hoops brings a few goals.



    Looking at the SFL website for details of the final and I see we are at home, tickets should be no problem then and it will be a better pitch to play our silky soccer on.



    The Scottish Communities League Cup Fixtures


    Sunday 18th March 2012




    15:00 Celtic v Kilmarnock Celtic Park

  10. Hi Paul



    Do you have any idea how Blackman is getting along? Surprised we haven’t seen him with Izzy struggling for fitness.

  11. Paul67, I dont get to post to much, but I try to read on a daily basis, your articles are spot on and the Qners that come on and give you good up to date info on whats going on not only with our club but with what else is going on in and around Glasgow its great stuff for all us Ex-Pats that like to catch up and read when we can, I would love to know the number of ex-pats worldwide that just come on and read, bet its massive, keep up the good work.



    Hail Hail





    It was ur site that informed us of the financial discomfort at RFC way back 4-5 yrs ago…

  12. Hopefully Pawel will do the business, I’m out with my begging bowl, theres a few of us


    heading over to Edinburgh for the Hibs game on sunday 19th Feb – we are short match tickets


    and any help would be greatfully appreciated!.



    Hail Hail



  13. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Keevins claims ebt’s never affected Celtics ability to win a title as they were lost on last day deciders.



    Hugh,just how were the huns able to take titles on last days?

  14. Paul 67 – Do you know who is responsible for the tickets for yesterdays game is it us or the SFA ?? Had 2 parent child tickets yesterday, looks like instead of a Family section they just sold Parent Child for anywhere, while the pricing was great it was a nightmare, caused numerous issues yesterday, guy next to me with his two kid actually left at 27mins into the game. Everybody knows that the majority of the fans stand especially behind the goal, would have been good if they had a section purely for parent child rather than all over the place, gonna drop them a note but bot sure if its us or SFA.



    My arms are just about recovered, a long 90 mins with two 6 year olds taking turns each to see.

  15. bamboo



    …about as easy as it is to con your average footballer (or his agent). The agent should be aware of the situation and advise against. If no agent involved, parents or friends should give the same advice.Would you go there for a trial as thing are?



    Janko? Probably a very good player but we have a very good side with basic understandings throughout the team. I would not want to change too much. Pawel should be sufficient for this window.


    CH? Well, Big Dan is back……it will be just like signing a new player o:-)




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