Brozek in Glasgow chess game. Check.


Two years ago I had a memorable journey from one end of Poland to the other, mostly in silent prayer that our man from Poland would slow down, to check out a few footballers, including Wisla Krakow striker, Pawel Brozek, who obliged with a goal.

Pawel has played mostly as a lone striker, he can hold the ball up and bring others into the game.  He’s not a particularly tricky player but he has good positional sense inside the box.  His move to Trabzonspor last year hasn’t worked out well as he has played back up to scoring sensation, Burak Yilmaz, who is averaging better than a goal per game in the league this season.  Brozek’s record at Wisla was comparable to Maciej Zurawski, who he replaced as top striker in the league.

The Polish CQN brigade told me Celtic should move for Pawel and his twin brother before Trabzonspor signed them.  When news leaked that Pawel was a target to replace ex-Rangers player (too soon?) Nikica Jelavic our man in Poland suggested he would pick up a lot of points for Rangers in the SPL.

If he comes to Celtic on a six month loan both parties will have plenty of opportunity to figure out if there is long term fit.  In the meantime, should Pawel arrive we have someone to put pressure on Gary Hooper and Anthony Stokes and the Cheeky Chappie will have to consider his next move (again, too soon?).

On the subject of Jelavic….  Remember in August 2010 when we were told he “effectively went on strike” to engineer his escape from Rapid Vienna after the player declared he wasn’t able to face Aston Villa?  I hear he’s unable to play against Hibs this afternoon.

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  1. TTTthats my question can anybody confirm the percentage, if as is likely there is one. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  2. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Best wishes to Gold Coast Tom today.



    He and his family are in my thoughts.



    YNWA big chap. Hope you’re back on soon.

  3. Gold Coast Tom,


    Shocked & saddened to hear about your sudden health problem.


    My thoughts & threadbare prayers are with you.

  4. Monaghan1900 says:


    29 January, 2012 at 10:21



    Sounds reasonable enough to me!



    I would actually accept that if they added the shredding of the titles won too

  5. pauloantony says:


    29 January, 2012 at 12


    That was my take on it too.



    Great to see the Hun looking after the interests of us all.






  6. The Battered Bunnet on




    Bourne is setting up the gazebo at the No 10 Hotel on Queens Drive, just off Cathcart Road. 5 min walk to Hampden.



    Maybe see you in there?

  7. Jobo – at the Rankers end side you have Clockwork on Cathcart Road at the Railway Bridge and what was called The Florida Park just on Battlefield Road opposite the high flats – not sure of persuasion of each but as that mob are not in the Cup you shouldn’t need to worry

  8. tommytwiststommyturns on

    For the horsey types – David Pipe sends over a rare English raider to Leopardstown today. Not a great price, but worth a look….Notus De La Tour in the 13:25.




  9. Jobo Baldie says:


    29 January, 2012 at 12:49


    Apart from the Beechwood are there any other pubs within 10 minutes of Hampden?



    Queen’s Park Cafe on Victoria road is a brisk 10 mins from Hampden



    Any of the bars Vicky road would do you







  10. Jobo / Kelvinbhoy,



    Clockwork no chance unless there for opening, Florida Park right hun hole. Best bet Victoria road / Polokshaws rd, full of Tim boozers and a fifteen minute walk away.





  11. Bada –


    if you are with VP and G64 it will be more like half an hour….couple of old bassas!!! Hope you have the wallet with you:-)

  12. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Need a strong team out today, the Treble is on.Would like to see Ibrahim on the bench to hopefully get a run if we are a few up.

  13. FourLeafClover says:



    29 January, 2012 at 12:57



    Cheers – my pre-match ritual is Chapmans in Main Street and brisk walk to Hampden….cmon the Bhoys.

  14. Lisb\o/nbhoy who thinks Neil Lenn('0')n is a legend on

    Jobo Bourne has the right Idea No 10 hotel owned by a couple of great Bhoys easy to access any part of ground just of catthcart rd.


    Queens park Cafe also a good shout if coming from town


    Church on the hill at Battlefield monument £2 a drink during Jan was told last night


    Near celtic end Montford,International and 100 acres

  15. Jobo / Kelvinbhoy STAY WELL CLEAR OF THE FLORIDA PARK!!!!


    This dump had a rankers event with tickets priced at £16:90!!!


    and Donald Findley as guest speaker !!!


    A H*n hell hole!!