Budget, recruitment, tactics: Brendan adopts


We don’t often hear from largest shareholder Dermot Desmond, but he issued a statement after yesterday’s appointment of Brendan Rodgers saying, “In appointing Brendan we believe we have again brought that quality to the club. Brendan is a very talented manager, he has huge experience at the highest levels and is a man who knows how to win and do so in style.

There was no shortage of candidates for the role, but the first line of the quote tell the story of why Brendan was appointed.  “Experience…. highest levels… knows how to win”.  One candidate was not prepared to leave Norway, one could not speak English and several excellent prospects were short of experience at the top level.  Brendan ticked all the boxes, the only candidate to do so.

When he arrived in 2016, he rang the changes.  No disrespect meant to Ronny Deila or Neil Lennon, whose experience was limited to managing in Norwegian and Scottish football respectively, but Brendan had worked under Mourinho at Chelsea, then as boss at Liverpool, you’re just not going to get the same development opportunities at Stromsgodset.  On his return in 2019, Neil Lennon was gracious enough to acknowledge the advancement made since he left five seasons before.

In the years since Brendan was last at Lennoxtown, Celtic have pushed ahead again, most crucially in recruitment.  The systems and metrics used to evaluate players now are so far ahead of what Lee Congerton would recognise, it could be considered a whole new discipline.  Brendan is clever, he has acknowledged and embraced the progress.  He will also work with the prevailing financial and trading development plan – which is more expansive than it gets credit for.  Nothing was changed to induce him.

We have a successful tactical strategy which needs to be further developed, not abandoned. John Kennedy, Gavin Strachan and Harry Kewell remain.  Ange’s backroom team is now Brendan’s.  His long-term partner Chris Davies went to Tottenham, but again, Brendan acknowledged and embraced the progress made in the coaching staff since his departure.  As a result, I expect our style next season to be closer to that of Ange than it was previously under Brendan.

We are six weeks from the start of the season, bring it on.

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  1. Chairbhoy @ 5.35am



    Good Morning Timland – Champion Day To Be A Celt…
First full day into Brendan’s new era and we are already looking in great shape… seamless





    Why- what’s happened? How do we know if it’s seamless?


    All I’ve seen is the tabloids guesstimation of an agreed transfer fund. It does not even tell us if it’s dependant on generating player sales to get this. I certainly know nothing more today than I did yesterday about how Celtic are going to operate. And the club website has nothing new today.





    SFtBs @ 1:57 AM,
Let’s start with my opening paragraph in response to Auldheid’s comment…
…Well that’s very interesting, as I’m sure you are aware CQN gets its info and spin from big Pedro and his agents.
So any other blog or social media’s input is irrelevant, I’m discussing CQN and CQN only





    A bit of a non sequitur there. Despite isolating your observation to CQN that does not lead to all other blogs are out of bounds. After all, you came on here to make the accusation. Like me, you visit more than one blog and Timternet site. Like me, you read false predictions on all these sites too. How many of those did you dig up and accuse of feeding misinformation? Why dig up Paul’s false prediction only? That is why other social media is relevant- let’s call it a “sin of omission”.





 Next is the “assumption” that CQN is “ITK” and is being briefed by big Pedro’s camp.
This maybe right or wrong, but Paul67 has made it clear he has a strong relationship with PL and gets information from him.
There are multiple examples.
In fact he said the year around the Rangers demise that he talked to PL every day.
When fholk on here were blaming PL for Dominic McKay leaving, Paul67 stated that PL was on holiday and had nothing to do with it.




    Nobody disputes that Paul HAD a relationship with PL and that Celtic Quick News WAS a conduit for this. How influential or helpful it was is a moot point. It seems to me and my reading of social media that post 2012, and certainly, since the unchallenged outcome of LNS and the duplicity around Res 12, that there hasn’t been an appetite from the Celtic support to hear directly or indirectly from Peter, even on CQN. You are stretching things if you are suggesting he still speaks to PL daily and that he got news of his holiday that way. How does PL being on holiday even excuse him on the decision to let Dom McKay go? I have no idea yet about the mechanisms behind this- do you? Do you think Paul has?





Now, Paul67 maybe making some of this up, in fact he could be a fantasist and be making all of this up, yet the fact remains…
…the default for readers of CQN is that Paul67 has a close relationship with PL, is briefed by PL’s camp and is batting for his side.
So that is the assumption I’m going on – if you can prove this to be a false assumption I’m happy to hear it but please, stick to the facts and leave the tangential approach out, or we end up all over the shop.





    My “proof” is above. Knowing that Paul67 had access to some of PL’s thoughts back in the day is no proof that this cosy relationship has continued. Which Blogs that we have read were wholly Paul’s words and thoughts? Which were dictated by PL? And which ones had small inserts from PL? If we admit that Paul67 has thoughts of his own and is not just a Tucker Carlson paid shill for the Board, then why not tackle him directly on HIS assertions, rather than assume he is a mouthpiece for PL. If we both admit that PL must have a degree of cleverness to get and keep the position he has, why would he keep feeding info to a blog that was discredited by much of the Timternet for being a conduit and a mouthpiece. That is a view I have read on E-tims, Joe McHugh, Huddleboard, Sentinel Celts, and James Forest site(a bit more nuanced than most) and on Twitter and What’s App groups. Is PL stupid enough, therefore, to keep flogging a dead horse. Who in hell is being influenced by this?






    Let’s make this doubly clear, what I’m talking about in my response to Auldheid is CQN and that CQN is briefed by the PL camp and in that regard CQN is “ITK”
Anything else is whitewash





    Let me make it doubly clear. Had does not equal has, was does not equal is, and true in the past does not continue to be true indefinitely. The past is not the present. PL is not a CEO – he is now the Chairman/person/thingy





    BTW: You seem to have misunderstood what the company executive is!? Worth looking it up, the company executive at Celtic in this case are the CEO and the CFO – the Chairman is a non-exec


    Not at all- mistaken assumption. You were using the term Executive in this sentence:-



    “the Executive had been following quite different aims and objectives doesn’t mean that the Lawwells should “walk”.”



    I am aware that PL being Chair does not place him on the Executive- that’s a widely publicised fact on Timternet but your charge is that the Money minded Lawwells, dragging Mark into the murk with Peter, were pursuing a different manager target, for cheapskate money reasons and were opposing the appointment of Brendan Rodgers. Further that PL or both Lawwells were kept in the dark about the Executive’s (or DD’s- I am unsure how widespread you imagine the split to be) real intention to land BR at all costs. You are painting a picture of a fractured and duplicitous relationship between the Executive and the Chair (and possibly his son too) and you are doing so on the basis of Paul 67’s fancying Maresca and the Man City group relationship? I think that is a huge stretch of belief built on an aged and flimsy evidence base and it shuts out alternatives.


    I believe Maresca was fancied by Paul. I believe that the City Group model was admired by Paul. I still have no confidence that I could guess what PL’s views are or were. I have less confidence in my imagined projections being the truth than you seem to do with yours. I afford Paul the same courtesy I afford you and others- i.e. you are responsible for the words you print and you are answerable for them. You are not a mouthpiece for some Machiavelli – that’s just the social media way of wheedling out of dealing directly with an issue- Create a bogeyman that makes things happen this way- The Elite, The World Wide Paedophiles, The Davos Group, The Democratic Party’s Paedophile and Pizza Parlour, The Lizard People, The Covid False Claims made by almost every leading Medical Advisor and, of course, the penny pinching, unambitious, Rangers-loving non-team player that is Peter Lawwell.


  2. kevinlasvegas on

    Love it Paul.



    Welcome on board.



    Our board all know even Peter that the league is king, no learning curve next season, sevco will continue to get everything, the whole club needs to keep up these levels of professionalism to keep above them.




  3. Getting fairly excited now. I belive we have appointed the best candidate.


    Time for all players, board, fan groups and individuals to work as one and remember why we’re here.

  4. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    The fusion of BR’s tactical, coaching and man management skills together with the clubs revised scouting and recruitment departments has huge potential.



    As long as everyone involved buys into the vision and there are no disrupters with self interest agenda’s.



    I’m looking at you Rodgers and Lawwell :-0

  5. I initially didn’t want Brendan back. Nothing to do with his leaving/PL/quality, more that I think players and managers coming back never seems to work. (I’m sure people will post times when it did work… so maybe just me).


    Reading the gossip on various websites it does seem that part of the stipulations for his return are an improvement behind the scenes. If this is the case I am a lot happier with the appointment. Onwards and upwards.

  6. Asian Cup Jan 12th to February 10th. When is the winter break this year? We’ll likely lose a few starters for the tournament.

  7. DD says Rodgers, “Is a very talented manager, he has huge experience at the highest levels and is a man who knows how to win and do so in style.”



    I hope that is correct.



    If it isn’t, I assume he will be replaced speedily without agonising. He’s coming to do a job and it is believed he has the talent to do the job with the resources at his disposal and he believes he can do the job with the resources available. he knows how things work at football clubs and at Celtic. Celtic has a wonderful squad of young talented players and is as financially well self-resourced as it has been in fifty years.



    No excuses or hard luck stories or tales about what was promised, thanks. It won’t wash.




  8. What is the Starz on

    Lawwell in talks with the Jim Goodwin and Jonny Hayes dream team already.


    Wow even I didn’t think Pedro would start undermining Brendan this early.

  9. I agree that Brendan is a better manager than Ange. Because of that, I think the days in Europe of having our fullbacks 20 yards into our opponents half with our CBs standing on the half way line are over.

  10. Now that’s more like it.



    Let all the adults in the room adapt to the prevailing ways of doing things.



    The scouting should be in the 19-23 bracket (forget the lazy EPL links) with talented kids able to grow and flourish under Brendan for a few seasons.



    Interesting and positive summer coming up.




  11. I’d also add that the days of 3 subs on 60 minutes are over as well. Brendan will manage the game as he sees it, not on an arbitrary time line.

  12. Maeda, playing as a CF, just scored for Japan…..



    Good finish from a through ball.




  13. kevinlasvegas on

    Think the bull is for the off. Hope the other 2 stay though, Brendan loves a bit of pace and power. ;)




  14. PICINISCO on 20TH JUNE 2023 12:30 PM


    DD says Rodgers, “Is a very talented manager, he has huge experience at the highest levels and is a man who knows how to win and do so in style.”


    I hope that is correct.




    No excuses or hard luck stories or tales about what was promised, thanks. It won’t wash.





    Hmm… that ALMOST sounds like you are hoping BR will fail !


    I`m sure that is not what you meant but I would hope our general support is, well, more suportive.

  15. Prestonpans bhoys on

    An Dun



    All managers have quirk and foibles and that 60-65 minute subs was certainly one. Only injury seemed to change the time slot 🙄

  16. SFtBs @ 12:11 PM,



    It is seamless because we have the exact same set up as we did under Ange, of course we will be expecting future changes and developments under Brendan.



    Our coaches and backroom staff are the same



    Our Executives who have supported and implemented the recent player recruitment are the same



    Our head of recruitment and staff are the same



    All we have done from last seasons set up is taken out a B2 manager and inserted an A1 one.



    CQN is unique in Celtic blogs, from time to time I will c&p a comment from CQN to SC and vice versa, but normally the comment is specific to that site, as was my response to Auldheid last night.



    I’m not at all sure what “accusations” I made, perhaps you could elaborate!?



    I’m not sure why you think I visit so many Celtic sites, I don’t, in fact my Celtic social media browsing has very much been curtailed.



    However I do comment on SC, about a month ago BMCUWPS (ex of this parish) stated in a lead article that Ange wasn’t going – I told him that he was wrong and that Ange would be going after the Cup final. BMCUWPS made it clear that this was his personal opinion and he had not been briefed.



    Of course you are twisting my words around again, I did not say that Paul67 spoke to big Pedro everyday, rather he stated he had during Rangers demise, that was over ten years ago.



    On the executive…



    “the Executive[Micheal Nicholson and Chris McKay]had been following quite different aims and objectives[directed by the Desmonds] doesn’t mean that the Lawwells should “walk”.”



    I’m afraid your last paragraph makes little sense to me. I told you my assumption was that Paul67 has a close relationship with big Pedro, that unless you could prove to me my assumption was wrong I’d stick by it.



    You haven’t stated anything that disproves my assumption, far from it, you give the impression you are guessing to what the current relationship is.



    So I’ll stick with this…



    …the default for readers of CQN is that Paul67 has a close relationship with PL, is briefed by PL’s camp and is batting for his side.



    Hail Hail

  17. fanadpatriot on

    Brendan wasn’t my preferred appointment but I am a great believer in redemption


    Good luck Brendan HH

  18. The structure is in place.


    Player recruitment and development systems are in place.


    The guaranteed finance to strengthen is in place


    The core team of players is in place.


    We need to stop speculation whether PL and name anyone are bickering over finance, appointments or strategies.


    The only strategy I want in place is how we beat, nay skelp, the Huns at every meeting this season.


    I want to see Beale bankrupt them with mediocre signings. Once more stop their close season crowing backed by their goblins in the Scottish media.


    Time to extend a warm welcome to our manager.

  19. Really happy Rodgers is back but loved the Ange years too. A fair bit of negativity today wrt Ange; I think he did an outstanding job

  20. Chairbhoy



    “Of course you are twisting my words around again, I did not say that Paul67 spoke to big Pedro everyday, rather he stated he had during Rangers demise, that was over ten years ago.”





    No twisting required- you clearly stated in your own words that Paul had daily conversations with PL at a period of 11 years ago. You provide no evidence that this is still the case or that Paul67 claims it is still the case or PL claims it is still the case.



    The question not being answered directly is , simply



    Do you believe that Paul’s expressed preference for Maresca and dismissal of BR is his own opinion or do you believe that PL made him write it for money or influence or whatever? And do you have any evidence for that belief? Citing that it was true 11 years ago is no evidence that it is true now.



    I have changed lots of things from 11 years ago, even in my relations with this club. I doubt anyone has remained the exact same. But the market for imagined bogeymen remains a live market , especially on the Internet.



    You end up believing the mutually incompatible views that we have schemed our way to a seamless transition. Those 2 words- schemed and seamless are incompatible. If PL, and in turn, Paul67, was shafted by DD and BR there would seem to be more than a few seams yet to be unpicked. Would you remain in an organisation that treated you as untrustworthy, to be sidelined and misdirected? The Soap Opera scenario makes no sense to me.



    Well, unless both Lawwells walk tomorrow and I doubt that will happen.



    If it don’t make sense- it don’t make sense- even if it applied 11 years ago.

  21. MATTY MCGHEE on 20TH JUNE 2023 12:44 AM you asked





    I might be wrong on this, but was it you who said that we should become a membership run club and get rid of the shareholding structure, if it was not you I apologise I thought maybe the membership plan would get rid of the PLC secret stuff, no doubt there will be traps somewhere along the line.



    The membership scheme idea was about improving communications and it first saw the light in 2009 after an Open Meeting.



    I wrote about in an article called After The Ball and kept a copy on line.



    On rereading it there it is like a trip down .memory lane but I think it answers your question.






    On putting my feet up I’m off to Edinburgh tomorrow to hear SFSA/Scottish Football Alliance’s Review of Scottish Football presentation in Holyrood.



    Should be interesting.

  22. vinniethedog on

    A couple of managers I’ll be keeping an eye on next season….Iraola at Bournemouth…might now be beyond us already ….Maresca obviously at Leicester…and maybe the most interesting…Mckenna at Ipswich…

  23. From Anges departure on I’m simply after the men who can do the job for Celtic for the time they are here. In this case I think we have hired a manager who is better than he was when he left. That’ll do me.



    Get recruiting, get ready and do the job. End of

  24. Paul 67



    You said.



    He (BR) will also work with the prevailing financial and trading development plan – which is more expansive than it gets credit for. Nothing was changed to induce him.



    Would it not be a good idea within the constraints of commercial and confidentially boundaries for Celtic to do two things.



    1. Publish what the prevailing financial and trading development plan is.



    2 Publish how Celtic executives track if the aims of the plan are being met, along with course corrections if they happen.



    Both would inform supporters of Celtic’s aims and how they intend to go about acheiving them that would cut out second guessing on blogs in their absence and might produce a stronger sense of engagement with the support.



    A little bit of transparency helps the medicine go down.

  25. Guys as usual the new Celtic manager has been selected by Desmond. He has the First and final say. Peter Lawwell does Desmonds bidding or he wouldn’t be there.



    Peter Lawwell may well not fancy having Rodgers back but he has to accept it or resign. He seems to accept it is the best move for the club As Chairman he will not be having regular contact with Rodgers. Nicholson is the CEO and is Rodgers conduit to the Board.



    Mark Lawwell has no part in who the manager. He is Head of Recruitment and comes from senior position in City Group. He has been at the forefront of modern analysis for 11or 12 years. Ange claimed that he appointed him and therefore he will work for the manager.



    If we wish to change this set then we need to have a strategy to buy Desmond out. Dermot is 73. He will transfer his shares ťo his son. Do we want the major decisions to be made by Desmond Junior ?

  26. Chairbhoy





    Your discussion (and it is not confined to you two either) is why I coined the term Pedrophobia.



    On the basis PL will still be in post to Chair the next AGM have you any thoughts on what could be done to address Pedrophobia?

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