Celtic deliver best performance of season


It was cold and very wet as we walked away from Celtic Park last night, but with adrenaline coursing through the veins, still coursing hours later as we tried to sleep, no one really noticed.  We had just watched Celtic’s best performance of the season, one in which several players grew into the jersey before our eyes.

The gradient on Odsonne Edouard’s blossoming ability has been steady in the two-plus years he has been at Celtic.  Suggestions that we would pay PSG the agreed £9m option for him were laughed at in 2017, but when he goes, as he will eventually, it will be for more than the £25m we received for Kieran Tierney.

The only question I have over him is whether he has already overtaken Moussa Dembele in ability.  You would be hard pushed to counter this point.

Mohamed Elyounoussi demonstrated why Southampton spent so much money on him last year.  This was a physically challenging game and Mohamed wholeheartedly threw himself into challenges and constantly made himself available.  His pass that set James Forrest off before returning the ball to Mohamed, was a peach.

Not that that was the best pass of the night. This particular honour goes to Callum McGregor.  Some of us grew up on tales of what Bobby Murdoch could do with a ball.  I will not go into detail here, but look back at Callum’s pass and you’ll get the idea.  Boli Bolingoli had work to do to catch it, but when he did, he dinked the ball over the lunging defender for Odsonne to head home.

At this stage, Celtic looked set to run Cluj ragged but expending so much energy early on caused the game to settle until the break.  Cluj struggled to make an impact in the final third, relying on corner kicks and one free kick, which Fraser Forster did well to block.  The rebound was knocked forward by a Cluj striker to a teammate in an offside position, who knocked the ball over the line.  That was pretty much all Celtic had to worry about until very late in the game.

The outcome was in the balance for much of the second half.  Celtic’s game management was much better than their Glasgow meeting in August, although in this respect, the unusual wait until the 86th minute before making a substitution when so many players on both sides were clearly flagging.

Ahead of their fourth meeting of the season, in Romania, Celtic are ahead 6-5 on aggregate, in truth, there is not much between the teams.  Celtic delivered a hard won result which places them top of the group.  There is a decent chance both will qualify for the knock-out rounds.

This feels like a memorable season in the making…

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  1. Excellent performance from everyone last night. Everyone a 7+ at least.


    Great atmosphere in Paradise.


    Watched it again on TV when I got home.




  2. Last night in the wings was a team that could win the SPFL…..



    Gordon, Bauer, Jozo, Bitton, Taylor, Arzani, Ntcham, Rogic, Sinclair, Bayo and Schved…



    Future is Green…Ugly old carpet to play on Sunday and team of cluggers…arrrgghhh

  3. The thing that made me a bit nervous last night was that we had one striker on the park and none on the bench.

  4. What is the Stars on

    Lennon out


    and take those duds Julienn and Boli with you



    Oh and of Course Lawwell the failed bean counter also




    Not to mention Kennedy and Duff who clearly do nothing. And did you see how fat all our players have become since Lenny threw out all the sports science stuff? Christie can hardly bend down to tie his shoe laces.


    Nothing but projects, rejects and loans.


    Heads must roll.

  6. Callum’s pass was indeed perfect, but Bolingoli’s run and deft chip to Eddie while under pressure was worthy of just as much praise. I think once Jullien scores with one of his headers it will be followed by many more. He just needs a little confidence in front of goal.

  7. The amount of work Mcgregor does off the ball is astonishing. Covering his full backs, his midfield colleagues and constantly moving into space to receive the ball. He is able to hold the ball for that vital few seconds under pressure which allows others to regroup and find space. He was imo the catalyst for our control and without a doubt the best player

  8. David 17,



    Agree ‘re Callum McGregor.



    I also think that NFL has given Scott Brown leeway to surge forward.




  9. I agree wholeheartedly with the article.



    Great performance. Baffled why we didn’t see Ntcham earlier when the game was crying out for him. Sinclair, Hayes & Rogic all had things to offer.

  10. I take it no one else has heard anything re Calmac going to Leicester in January?


    I certaily hope he goes nowhere except to the top with Celtic.

  11. On a quick lunchbreak here but bBrilliant to see that 59 folk have already emailed in their top 3 performers from last night’s game so we appear to be well on the way to having the most votes sent in for any game so far (68 voters is the target to beat)


    So don’t be shy, a survey open to all! Stick 3 names in an email and fire it off before 10.00pm tonight to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM


    I wonder whether this might just be the first game where every single player gets at least 1 vote. Hmmmmmmmm….

  12. HOT SMOKED on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 1:36 PM


    I take it no one else has heard anything re Calmac going to Leicester in January?



    I have now! por cierto :))

  13. glendalystonsils on

    Agree wholeheartedly about Calmac. His quick brain and quick feet means he can get the ball in tight situations


    find space and find a pass . It’s almost intuitive with him, and a commodity not many players possess.



    To sum up…..Brendan Rodgers and Leicester, GTF.

  14. Neil Lennon – sacked by Hibs


    John Kennedy – Lawell’s pet


    Damian Duff – youth coach



    El Hamed – panic buy


    Ajer – punted on loan


    Jullien – waste of £7M


    Boli – a bombscare


    McGregor – invisible


    Christie – punted on loan


    Brown – past it


    Forrest – empty jersey


    Edouard- never a centre forward


    El younoussi- S’hampton flop


    Ntcham – not interested



    Cold pies in the Northstand? CSC

  15. AuroraBorealis79 on

    We’re not moaners anymooooooore… we’re not moaners.. were not moaners.. we’re not moaners anymooooore



    Pit it ta bead

  16. The most pleasing aspects for moi last night were the endless levels of energy and how balanced the team now looks.


    I just loved the whole night.



    Hot Smoked1.36


    Greetings, hope all is well, on the subject of Cal Mac, there’s a guy ( good Tim) who seems to have the ear of some well placed agents. When asked about Cal Mac, the reply was that his information points to the player being open to a move, and the huge wage hike involved but that he’s not in a particular hurry. Seemingly the player thinks that being part of 9 , and then the 10th title is a legacy he would fancy being a part off.



    I’m hoping this is a true reflection of Cal Mac’s thoughts. He’s virtually irreplaceable imho. HH

  17. Calum McGregor is contracted til 2023. He’s here for the 10.



    The guys who will definitely be here for the 10 are: Bain, Frimpong, Elhamed, O’Connor, Julien, Boli, Taylor, McGregor, Brown, Christie, Rogic, Forrest, Johnston, Bayo, Griffiths



    That doesn’t mean Ajer, for example, won’t be. But the club needs to get that contract extension signed. I believe they are in talks.

  18. Still glowing from last night, so many positives,every player was outstanding. Bringing Forster back makes the whole defence much stronger, Boli had his best game in the Hoops, Broonie, Callum,Ryan, Jamesie across the middle never put a foot wrong. The appetite to get the ball back from Cluj was there all night, Eddy in the first half, was like a young Larsson, I don’t say that lightly. The team set up last night and against Rennes was first class, good shape about us,and at long last in Europe, we are keeping better possession, and look a goal threat too.

  19. Thanks for the replies re Calmac. No more from me on the subject .Lacking proper Sports` Journalists, the mssm would be only too keen to create a negative mountain out of this. .


    Cheerio for now.

  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    POR CIERTO on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 1:42 PM


    HOT SMOKED on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 1:36 PM







    He seems to be fairly well settled, but astronomical sums – if offered – will doubtless turn some players’ heads.



    Some players, however, will see a lifetime legacy / being a ‘name’ in the Club’s great history as of higher importance for a longer period than others.



    You’d hope that some see the adulation that still follows the Lisbon Lions, and others – such as Fernie and McPhail, Bobby Evans, Barney Battles (what a name), etc. – and will want to have that for the rest of their lives – hopefully McGregor is one such player – joining Broonie and Wee Jimmy.



    Some recently-departed others have now let that particular and unique chance pass them by; their names will be no more than a footnote in the club’s list of heroes.











    I have now! por cierto :))

  21. Fraser Forster’s signing was a masterstroke whilst we debated who was best between Gordon and Bain, NFL went beyond Brendan Rodgers ( and Dorus) and signed a £10M keeper who jumped at the chance to revive his career under the disco lights. El Hamed signed under a cloud of summer discontent, will be very difficult, for impressive Moritz Bauer to dislodge as the number one number two. A giant at full back goes to ground and gets the ball, no nonsense signing of the highest order. Jullien gathers confidence on the big stage, along with Boli Bolingoli whose chipped assists, KT still dreams of completing. Ajer gets better in every game he plays for Celtic, and gone is the Celtic passing across the back line, that caused more heart attacks than a lifetime of deep fried pizza.



    Forward passes with McGregor’s slide rule precision, Celtic ditched sports science? yet look fitter and faster this season under Neil Lennon’s more focussed tutelage, and have spare talent in abundance when you consider we have Rogic, Bitton, Johnston, Frimpong, Sinclair, Bayo, Shved, Taylor, Griffiths, waiting to play?



    Time is the biggest obstacle in Celtic’s qualification for the Champions League preparations which have to begin immediately after the closure of another treble treble, just isn’t enough it seems and were the qualifiers to start later, how would the current Celtic squad do?



    Lazio tickets SOLD OUT CSC

  22. TIMALOY29 on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 2:06 PM


    Calum McGregor is contracted til 2023. He’s here for the 10.



    As was KT……..

  23. Callum….hope he stays.



    If he doesn’t. We’ll thrive and survive and have the funds to replace.



    As per KT’s situation..



    Simples. Don’t sweat the detail.

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 3:08 PM



    Fair point.



    I do think part of the KT issue was down to his injury record. No point turning down £25 million for a guy who’s fit 50% of the season. CalMac is always fit and performing.



    I honestly think, with 9 in a row sealed and 10 within the clubs grasp, next summer the board will see things differently.

  25. Buddy Morrisey on

    Jeremy Corbyn is some guy but …



    OH Jeremie Frimpong …


    Ohh Jeremie Frimpong

  26. random question for today.



    In my emails this morning I have something with an attachment.






    title is “News about your Direct Debit”.



    I am on the DD scheme for home tickets, so I very nearly clicked on it, but spidey sense said “wait”.



    Never having had an email from Celtic with an attachment, am I right to think its a scam ?



    Anyone else had an experience of such things ?

  27. Must say I think Cluj are a decent side. They have already beaten Lazio and that alone proves they are no pushovers.


    However I thought Celtic were superb last night, we played as a team and there wasn’t one passenger on the side, Brown,Christie,Elyounoussi, Edouard, Boli & CalMac were all credible contenders for man of the match And Forster, Elhamed, Julien,Ajer & Forrest weren’t far behind.


    For me this was a throwback to the Henrik/Sutton era when Parkhead was feared by every team in Europe. It follows on a very decent performance against Rennes, and it’s given me hope that this team can restore our European reputation.


    At this stage it’s still just a hope but if we can repeat this against Lazio then that hope will start to turn into belief.


    It could & should have been more than 2 but that is only a small criticism, we created so many breaks but just couldn’t deliver the killer cross but this team is evolving, they are playing with a smile on their face , they get the Celtic thing and are now playing football the Glasgow Celtic way.


    Unfortunately the League we play in and the surfaces we have to play on means we will be dragged into dog fights in the domestic game, that and trying to break down 10 men defenses would wear you out but that is all the more reason to cherish European games and to celebrate performances like last night.

  28. lets all do the huddle ? on

    i got one. deleted it without opening it



    i seen a tweet earlier to john paul taylor from someone who got one too. he forwarded the tweet to the ticket office to ask about it. not sure of the outcome



    but i wouldnt open it if i were you

  29. bsr



    full back singing of the highest order.



    cant be he only cost 1.8 ml.( happy face.)

  30. SAINT STIVS on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 3:17 PM


    random question for today.



    If you hover your mouse over the address does it match up ?. To be safe I would call the club and ask. Usually I get emails from individuals and not a group email.




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