Celtic growing into their skin, more on Maribor


You could see Celtic mature during last night’s game.  They were defensively solid during the first half, and Craig Gordon was assured throughout, but for the best part of an hour we scarcely tested St Johnstone.

That changed after the goal, which arrived just as St Johnstone were enjoying their best period of the game.  Kris Commons didn’t have his most productive night but it was his pressing which led to the break through.

During the second half Ronny Deila replaced Commons, Stokes and the tiring Forrest with Boerrigter, Inge Berget and Kayal.  Even before the home team were reduced to 10 men moments after the final substitution, Celtic were clearly in a more comfortable shape.  Players were finding space which didn’t exist earlier.

Maribor made seven changes for last night’s Slovenian Super Cup Final, which they won comfortably against opponents who are pointless in the league after four games.  Celtic’s scouts are unlikely to have learned too much useful information ahead of next weeks’ game.

What is clear about Maribor is their aerial threat.  Five of their 12 goals this season have been headers, which may influence Ronny’s team selection.  They also break quickly down the flanks, so maybe a 4-5-1, offering protection to our full backs, is the way to go.  Hopefully we’ve learned we’re not quite ready for 4-3-3 away from home in Europe.

The Slovenian media are dismissive of Celtic’s chances, encouraged, it seems, but continuing celebrations from Maribor that they pulled an “easy” draw.  I suspect they’ve yet to see the Celtic who will take the field on Wednesday.

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  1. Still no official conformation of the verdict…wtf..bedtime for me, but 99% sure it will be good news.



    Roll on Saturday.

  2. • Geordie Munro


    13:40 on 14 August, 2014


    Big joe


    The young ones??




    The young ones were classics




  3. RogueLeader




    13:35 on 14 August, 2014




    Tom Molach – the only people who go on about this debt being due are huns and they use it as some sort of comfort blanket hoping it means we will follow them into shame and parsimony.



    There is no chance, none, that we will not get our debt terms renegotiated at similar terms. Why? Because of the reasons that we are not buying players. Celtic are being ran conservatively, at a profit. We are servicing our debts very easily and have cash to cover them.



    In other words there is zero risk for any financial institution in lending us money.



    If we put the word out we were looking to move our finance every bank in the country would be banging the door down. We will get the same terms we have just now no matter what the plethora of goat bothering financial experts wish to happen.



    Those are facts.





    The debt is due to be paid off with the current lender. Co-op Bank are not in great shape so IF they want to retain our business and offer a new deal it is likely to be on different terms. Our alternatives are to either go to another lender and get better terms than Co-op (if possible) or pay off. Paying off seems an unlikely thing to do if favourable terms are available for lending.



    Only thing I would disagree with is your statement that there is “zero risk”. Nothing is zero risk is business.

  4. Drambowiecelt


    13:42 on


    14 August, 2014


    No ruling yet…..Sally Magnasson






    The sub didn’t start, but he finished….Magnus Magnusson

  5. Johnnyrambo,



    Martin used to do that too.



    Only an eejit would believe he told the players the same behind closed doors;)

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/




    13:42 on 14 August, 2014




    I hope Mc Cann wasnt driving home last night!!





  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    McCann has a splint on his leg.


    My wife saw him at the VW garage in Edinburgh at the weekend in his Pars outfit.


    She said that eejit you don;t like off the telly was at the garage. He had a Dunfermline trackie on and a plaster on his leg – his hair was a mess by the way!



    Hahahahaha. Wummin!




  8. squire danaher on




    Maybe just me but your use of the word ‘bent’ is of order



    What SCR & adult males get up to is their own business as long as they are both consenting to it



    What is being ALLEGED on BBC website is not of that nature and if true would be criminal.

  9. the long wait is over on

    Last summer I was watching the Andy Murray Wimbledon final in a bar in Spain.



    Beside us were a group of fairly young – late 20’s – English kids to whom we got talking.



    At one point the camera cut to Cliff Richard.



    “Is that Gary Glitter? ” asked one of the girls , to explosive laughter all round.



    Perhaps she knew something we didn’t…

  10. Sannabhoy and 2000 kids say Hail Hail to Pablo’s family



    22:12 on 8 August, 2014



    The Kano Foundation Bucket Collection 2014



    Folks as you may remember , we set out an ambition/hope to try to minimise the amount we imposed on the fans while maximising the return . For that reason , we try to only reach out with the begging bowl a couple of times a year – well next Sunday is one of those times .



    For the 2nd year in a row , we’ve obtained the collecting licence for the environs around Celtic Park for the flag raising day . As a result , we need to ask for help for volunteers to help with the collection on Saturday 16/8.



    Because of the early kick-off, we need to ask for volunteers/helpers from 10:00 am .. If you can help ,either with the collection or with the counting afterwards [after the game obv ], please drop a line to bucketcollection@thekanofoundation.com including your name , address , dob and whether you can do before the game or help with the count afterwards.



    As an added incentive , you’ll get a kano t-shirt and free entry into the Kano Karaoke we are holding in Arena from 7pm after the game.



    Anyone else is welcome to attend (5gbp entry fee).



    For anyone attending the game , please bring along your loose change – we averaged 10p per fan last year – a repeat of that would be great .



    Hail Hail




  11. My contact at Uefa has told me that 4 new administrators, formerly employed by a Polish football team, have been hired to update the Uefa News Website.



    Canny think what the delay is.

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Why was there only 1 minute extra time last night when there were about 6 subs ……. was the ref worried in case we scored again …..hahahaha

  13. As far as McCann and his media hun cohorts are concerned, that’ll be another sleepless night for them all.



    I want them never to sleep again.



    Unless it’s with the fishes.




  14. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    What was the source of the reports last week that Legia sacked four of their employees?

  15. Latest I can find on polish twitter




    Decyzja negatywna, cieżko nawet komentować, odwolujemy sie do CAS (planujemy jutro) i skupiamy sie już tylko na grze w piłkę




    Negative decision, it’s hard even to comment, we are using the CAS (plan to tomorrow) and we focus only on the game ball

  16. Robert T. Błaszczak@RobertBlaszczak · 58s



    Legia’s appeal to the UEFA Appeals Body has been dismissed.


    Legia will now:


    1) play Kazakhstani club Aktobe in UEL,


    2) appeal to CAS.

  17. Can I have Rasp.


    Aye she wears it well, and a top professional.








  18. Robert T. Błaszczak@RobertBlaszczak · 1m



    Legia chairman Bogusław Leśniodorski has now confirmed the UEFA Appeals Body verdict on his Twitter.

  19. Captain Beefheart on

    Any CQN guys in Glasgow centre?



    Want to meet for a drink and talk Celtic?



    Let me know.

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