Celtic income down 21% after drop from Champions League


Celtic’s turnover slipped 21.1% last season to £51.08m (2014: £64.74m), almost wholly explained by the drop from Champions League to Europa League competition. Operating expenses dropped by a smaller amount to £53.27m; higher than income, but by a very manageable amount.

The club’s cash position at 30 June 2015 was a positive £4.72m, although this figure will stray into negative territory during the season. Net exceptional costs were down to £740k, considerably less than the £4.089m paid out a year earlier, when the management team moved on.

Profit on the sale of intangible assets (football players) was £6.773m, down considerably from the £17.052m from the previous season, and a bit of a surprise given the expected impact of Fraser Forster’s sale to Southampton. It’s possible that Newcastle United received a dividend from the Forster sale. Total loss for the year, after interest, disposals and acquisitions, was £3.947m.

“Investment in football personnel” was up slightly to £9.42m, the amortisation charge for the year was £7.313m.

It’s clear that Celtic can continue to operate at current levels but the impact of Champions League revenue on all aspects of the club remains stark.

On the club’s wider place in society, chief executive, Peter Lawwell, noted:

“Charity forms a fundamental aspect of the club that we aspire to create. Charity lies at the very heart of Celtic; it is part of our DNA.

“I am delighted to say that the Club and its supporters does more now than we ever have done for charitable purposes, most notably Celtic FC Foundation, which continues to grow from strength to strength and to inspire all those involved with it.

“The continued commitment of our supporters, shareholders and partners is crucial; I thank you for that commitment, which we will do all that we can to repay.”

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  1. Jeez Mulgrew plays, guy has been a disaster for club and country this last month, hopefully he rams that down my throat by having a superb game.

  2. Canamalar


    More power to you & the rest of the resolutioners .


    Hail Hail & thank you from me :)))))))

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Surprised at the team the new bhoy is not even on the bench neither is Allan but Ronny knows best.I just hope Mulgew Brown and GMS re-find there missing form big Tom must be happy getting a start.Come on you bhoys in green. H.H.





    Next time you venture over,I’ll try to arrange one. Even if I canny make it!

  5. Geordie Munro – better than that, I’ve watched them all season mate.



    GMS has been well off the pace, Johansen has been poor and now appears shunted out wide. Rogic has done ok but I wouldn’t have started him.



    I’ve already said that Aberdeen will hem us in and force us to go long. We will struggle to keep the ball due to lack of physical presence so will either be under the cosh or try and take risks at the back to play out.



    I don’t see it ending well.



    I presume you have some thoughts on how the game will go?

  6. For all Labour Supporters. I hope Jeremy Corbyn isn’t another Michael Foot.don’t like a politician who doesn’t have a tie on.to left wing.people have a good life.well some have.they won’t want to go back to the old ways of the old labour party.

  7. 2 nil to the good guys. Let’s state our intention now and play 2 strikers, FFS. Best means of defence and all that,eh







    Tony D, I love your stuff, lurking huns and all that, billiant

  8. Abuse of Mulgrew is very hunnish isn’t it? Great utility player- we’ll miss him when he is gone.



    HH- support the players support the team





    He has been a disaster playing at LB


    Should be ok in central defence



    We should not be excepting ‘should be ok’ as the standard for a celtic player ,we are better than that, CM is not good enough to be in the starting 11period.

  10. So some cyber booing before we start and some getting their excuses in early, I will be supporting the 11 wearing the hoops




  11. Leftclick,



    He’s not my favourite player and I don’t think he’ll play once Jozo is up to speed but I’ll laugh ma nuts off if he is our game winner today :))