Celtic need a lager squad than any other club in football


At some point early tomorrow morning Callum McGregor, James Forrest and Scott Bain will arrive at Glasgow Airport and start their summer break.  14 hours ago, Kristoffer Ajer, left a field on the Faroe Islands and Nir Bitton did the same in Warsaw.

Within four weeks, they will have to complete their off-season rest, get back into training and compete in the Champions League qualifiers.

The problems thrown up by a season that extends into June are not unique to Celtic, but they are more acute here.  Celtic players are not midseason, like the Scandinavians, and unlike most others who are competing in international football this month and are in Uefa action in four weeks time, they carry expectation to win through the qualifiers.

Bodies need rest and one of the consequences of not getting rest is injury.  Celtic’s season is longer than most and as a consequence of reaching the last six domestic finals, involves more two-game weeks.

The injury count at Celtic last season left the club significantly short at various points in the season.  I know there are financial (and other) consequences of having a big squad, but Celtic probably need a larger squad than any other club in football if their players are to compete from July to June.

Lisbon Lion, John Fallon, send this message for those who took part on the CQN Last Man Standing competition:

On behalf of the Fallon Family, we would like to thank all that took part in this completion especially Marc and Jeff, who ran it, but must importantly the gift of £550 to Alzheimer Scotland, in memory of my wife Esther.  Thanks and god bless all who took part.

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  1. Pretty sure we don’t need a “lager” squad if we are aiming for a quadruple treble Paul ;-)

  2. Hopefully this means we can look forward to sophisticated continentals and strong Germans being signed, not weak scots

  3. Celtic need a lager squad than any other club in football




    Lenny’s getting the band back together …?????

  4. Oh man, it’s the inconsistency that gets me.



    I don’t know how many editorials on here I’ve read which lament the squad size. Dozens over the years?



    Why this now?



    Because this window is going to exemplify quantity over quality.



    It’s almost as if we don’t have enough bench warming dreck at the club; it is pretty obvious where this is going.

  5. Fool Time Whistle on

    Morning Paul, here’s hoping all our iternationals are injury free & enjoy their time on the beach or wherever.



    They certainly deserve it.



    I know that you do – get some sun in.



    BTW How can I be a member of the Lager squad?




  6. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “Celtic need a lager squad than any other club in football”




    genius from P67 today



    but who would win a fight between the lager squad and the coked-out-their-nut squad?

  7. Fool Time Whistle on

    Huge tribute to John Fallon & family for all the best of reasons.



    My wife’s siblings are ravaged by Alzheimers – down from 8 to 4.



    The carers for those who suffer from it are incredible people who always make me feel humble when I speak wth them. One Brother in law in particular was almost saintly in how he looked after his ailing wife as things wound their way to the inevitable conclusion.



    To all of those who suffer from this and to all who quietly care for their loved ones – lest we forget.




  8. Squad churn – 9 deffos and 5 WTFs (in my opinion)



    Going to need a lot of bodies…





    De Vries























    Someone called Marvin







  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I’ve been saying it for years… Let the Domestic Cup competitions go. Youth and fringe players only for the Scottish Cup and League Cup. Gives youth players the sort of competitive games that they are lacking, meaning they are better prepared when their first team chances come along. Who knows? They might even win it anyway.


    More importantly, it would mean nine games fewer per season, for the likes of McGregor, Forrest and Ajer, meaning less fatigue and fewer injuries.



  10. Celtic ‘snubbed’, Celtic ‘braced’, Celtic ‘dither’, classic SMSM anti Celtic coverage, on the first day of the transfer window, as ever.



    SMSM with a key man now in Leicester, they write with impunity, ramping up discord at ‘ downsized ’ tre8ble, tre8ble winning ‘anybody but Celtic FC’. Deflecting, from basking in glory of our summer sunshine the Daily Thugs n Thieves line up next seasons Lone Rainjurz at the worlds newest club, who might achieve more summer tapping than the blind man’s stick.



    This is the only game Sevco can win, that awkward period when there is no football, no referees to be threatened, no compliance officer to be traduced, its springtime for the hitlers, and gersmen, winter for Celtic and friends, lookout they’re on the march again, orangemen go into your dance, praying for a flier, and a Celtic flop, that evidentially they know, is not on the cards, despite the axis.



    Petrified of who Celtic could buy, terrified of yet another summer march to despair, Pot Piss FC, is really the worlds quietest club, selling season tickets in a graveyard, to peepul that thought they’d bought one for life, knowing that the merest blip or court case is waiting round the corner, like the perennial defeats at Rugby Park, Easter Rd, or Pittodrie,to derail them. Threatening, the SFA and the BBC, no one likes them, and they care less than Rainjurz did, or so they say.



    Neil Lennon is taller than Brendan Rodgers, he was a better player, he was a better captain, he’s a better dancer, and he’s got more hair than Rodgers, and despite the detractors he’s probably a better football tactician, and player judge. Upsize our signings, flex your muscles Celtic, keep Sevco in their box.



    Mel Brooks CSC



    Hail Hail

  11. Congratulations to you and yours Hebcelt, a wonderful addition.



    Well done all who assisted with eaising money for Alzheimer Scotland – a wonderful cause.



    Hail Hail

  12. Hunderbirds are gone



    Disagree. I think we should aim to have better B team players than we have. We have a core we are flogging to death.



    Our recruitment is often a bit more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’.



    We should be aiming to win both the domestic cups…

  13. traditionalist88 on




    Nah. Win the cups. All of them.



    A balancing act in terms of recuperation doesn’t need to mean total disregard for 2 of the 4 competitions we enter.




  14. Christian Erikson would be a good signing for the lager squad …. probably



    Bayo still has a chance ; has a good head on him



    a Leffe winger would be good



    Hail Hail

  15. Not getting in to any debates ladies-gents Just a few words from the Land Downunder.Today I met a lovely family from Downparick N.Ireland.Who were out here to bury their brother,Uncle,etc. Absolute pleasure to be in their company and to share stories about our Glasgow Celtic adventures. We are indeed a unique bunch of people and sadly on too many occasions we do not appreciate it.Tomorrow I’m meeting my big pal Frank McAleer who is now going through Chemotherapy.I do not post much but mentioned Frank in a post quite a way back which culminated in him talking to his family back in Scotland.CQN you might not think you are reaching people but you are.Finally TONY ROME,I spoke to J Rock today in WestAUST. He was over the moon we had made contact on CQN. He is a gentleman and sends his best wishes.God Bless to you all, I’m confident our wee pal Melbourne Mick will keep you updated.HAIL HAIL

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ JAMES FORREST on 11TH JUNE 2019 12:19 PM






    Between the leaked transfer doc, PL’s comments on the squad, Neil’s comments on LG being like a new player (and the importance of youth) and now this “need for a big squad”, it’s all point towards free transfers and loans again.



    If anyone hasn’t seen it, Etims article today has some great lines, like no need for a new RB, the CB situation is fine and that new signings don’t help CL qualifying.



    We could yet be proved wrong but this summer is not shaping up well.

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