Celtic on knife-edge


We have all the excuses in the world, but if you cannot beat Dundee United, or Livingston, teams with vastly weaker squads than the Celtic teams they denied five points to over the last 8 days, you do not deserve to win the league.

Celtic will improve.  Kyogo Furuhashi, Callum McGregor, Greg Taylor and James Forrest are known quantities who will lift performances and results.  Georgios Giakoumakis will surely also add something.  When we get Christopher Jullien fit he will bring experience to the back line.  Right now that matters little, six points adrift after seven games is the form that leaves confidence on a knife-edge.

Jota was outstanding, a one-man siege of the Dundee United back line, he deserved more from those around him.  Again, Liel Abada timed his run into the box perfectly to head home at the back post.  Anthony Ralston committed to a tackle a minute later and suffered an unfortunate ricochet.  It was not the worst defensive error you have seen from Celtic this year, but from there, Dundee United made no mistake.

Albian Ajeti was already having an afternoon to forget (think Kazim-Richards, but less mobile) when, within seconds of conceding, Abada’s cutback found him three yards from goal.  The striker snatched at the chance and sent it high over the bar.  Ange Postecoglou had no choice to persist with Albian, although surely we will see little of him when fitness allows others to play.

James McCarthy was clattered early and scarcely left the centre circle before being replaced at halftime.  This pleased most around me, but it took Ismaila Soro most of the second half to retain possession.  If McCarthy is not yet fully fit, he should be left before further reputational damage occurs.

On another day one of the three chances that rattled United crossbar would have gone in and the chat would be about digging out a win the way champions do.  Instead, we flattered to deceive, the way those with nothing but sob stories at the end of the season do.


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  1. “We are very happy to welcome Albian to West Ham United. He is another very young player who we believe can have a big future at the club. Our scouts have watched him many times and given very good reports. He is an aggressive, quick striker who likes to play in the box. He has scored a lot of goals, both for Basel and the Switzerland national team at a number of levels, and we feel he is ready to make this big step with West Ham.”



    Aggressive, quick striker eh? A play-in-the-box poacher eh? Clearly WHU didnt fork out 12mill for a laugh…



    Wonder if Cadete syndrome has affected a youngish foreigner living in Glasgow amid Covid times? Hope Albi has family, pals and other support around him as a happy head is key to doing your job well.



    BACK-TO-BASICS – good post earlier ta.

  2. Anyhoo if any lurkers ..or pro sellic teamsters..


    fancy a link to cheer them up??


    It’s The little things……..Danny Bhoy Elfman…..


    No huns invited

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Is the evidence not showing you that he is constrained by his selections options?





    That is the exact point.






  4. Don’t know..if emdae remembers wee Miki….


    At the end of his days he was positive…


    And he pledged his guitar and keyboard To wee Oscar….


    Now thats the sellic we are talking about…

  5. Have Patience Celtic Supporters.



    We have an Incredible Manager in situ, IMO, who is being dealt the sh!ttiest of hands.



    It is Madness for anyone to deny Ange the Time he deserves to Build.



    If it takes 2 or 3 windows, so be it.



    I love Countdown and its spin off 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown.



    Sean was very funny. Susie is just a genius and rolled with the Rudi Vata.






    Keep the Faith – These are difficult Times for Everyone. Nae self reflection frae Cheat FC though.

  6. BANKIEBHOY1 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:20 PM



    Excellent post Bankiebhoy. You’re right it won’t make any difference. Too many on here are the must have immediate gratification types. Anyone who is happy to believe that the manager and the players are simply not good enough is:


    (i) too focused on what happens in the east end of Glasgow to the exclusion of the rest of the footballing world – a wider focus gives you a deeper understanding of the lives of teams


    (ii) letting the main culprits (board and DD) off the hook when they should be encouraging protest against them : no purchase of merchandise, placards etc making it clear who is responsible for Celtic’s recent lack of success and failed succession planning.

  7. It was an excellent Banner by the Jungle Bhoys, couldnae quite see it all.



    Callum McGregor Committed to the Cause.



    Callum was, IMO, the main man in Celtic getting 4 Trebles. The Dude is the Scottish Xavi.



    When Callum is Back, Celtic will be destroying teams Domestically.



    We have Dross that are draining. Pay them off.



    Or keep on board Dross?



    This is ridiculous, the situation we are in.




    IMO, We Will win this League.

  8. Steve Clarke has already said that Callum is in his Scotland squad no matter what.



    Kyogo will likely make the Japanese Squad.



    Ange is Legend.



    This isnae a sprint.

  9. Oh







    The Book of Revelations………..




    Let us debate…..



    Not being allo allo or allowed to Work in Britain?



    This is a virus, without a Shadow of a doubt.

  10. I Love BJ,



    Putting all the faults on Brexit gets me reacting.



    This is Global.




    Global Governance is SO MEGA incoming.




    I CANNAE fight, as Kojo said,

  11. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Well that was tough reading back, looks as though the multi monikers


    have managed to influence some of our regular and good Celtic men


    Into the neg camp, some of the comments like “ Lurgan Lout “ are just




    Can just see the Multis sitting rubbing their grubby hands and thinking


    “ job done “


    It certainly wasn’t a great performance and we all know it’s time for


    Ange to get points on the board but my goodness he’s not exactly been


    lucky with injuries etc.


    So before you all jump on the blog and damage your delicate little typing


    Fingers to give me stick, I won’t be here, I’ll be down the local football


    Park with young bhoys some who’ve never been to Celtic park, all hooped


    Up and with far more faith than some of you are showing at the moment.






    H.H. Mick

  12. Does anyone know if Owen Moffat is registered for the EL? If he is, I’d like to see him play on Thursday instead of Ajeti who I can see no future for at Celtic. A front line of Joti, Moffat & Abada would be a bold stroke, but he who dares wins, as Delboy was want to say!


    In Ange we trust.

  13. Good morning all from a wet underfoot and overcast Garngad



    Surely to support Ange someone or Ange should be looking at players who are out of contract just now (Free’s), there has got to be 1 or 2 that would come and help us surely.



    D :)

  14. Is there a list of free transfers somewhere?



    It could help get us to the next window as we are way short on experienced players.



    Or would that be poo pooed by the board as it wont fit our sell on model.



    D :)

  15. Well said Mick …


    The LL comment just did not sit right…..


    The young team are the future Keep the light shining down under ..







  16. @Slainte…He is indeed..along with young Karamoko….


    I was hoping to see him on Sun against united…….


    All we got was a camera zoom wae 10 mins to go…….


    You and Spidey are the only two i’ve seen mentioning the Bhoy….

  17. Mornin Celts.


    David66 hope we are looking at frees.we are a bit soft.


    Hope your well David.keep chin up David.


    Roll on Thurs





  18. Scotland head coach Steve Clarke will gamble on injured Celtic captain Callum McGregor’s fitness by including him in his squad on Tuesday for next month’s World Cup qualifying double-header.






    Headline on BBC Scotland website, well that’s reassuring to know thta the Scotland manager will ‘gamble’ on CalMac’s fitness, not his decision to make surely?

  19. AT – I’m an admitted nerd but not so nerdy as to sit on WyScout, etc (not yet anyway – maybe when weans grow up and I spend less time being their chauffeur) so I don’t have the stats you ask for. Bhoysanalytics, Celtic By Numbers, Juco James and the like probably could do that.



    David66 – the free agents list is here: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/vertragslosespieler



    Word of warning – some may not be able to be registered until January if they were released after the window closed – Paulinho for example.



    No hugely obvious candidates – maybe Bentaleb would take a short term gig having just got over an injury and pit himself back on the market. Grenier may be decent. Think the rest are probably out of our price range or not good enough though I have only had a quick glance!

  20. Devastated to report the sad passing of one our own, Delaney’s Dunky aka Garry Duncan.



    Garry had been unwell the last few weeks.



    I will post funeral arrangements as they become available.



    Condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him.



    Ar dheis lámh Dhé go raibh a anam uasal.

  21. @Big j i know you were asking about D.D our Dear fellow Tim has sadly left us ….


    This world has lost someone special today

  22. Absolutely devastated by the news of the sad passing of Garry Duncan aka Delaney’s Dunky , I knew he had been ill and he hadn’t responded when I tried to contact him over last couple of weeks , I was led to believe he was ill but was going to be ok, still can’t believe it RIP GARRY 💚💚💚

  23. Terribly sad day.


    Condolences to the loved ones of Garry, far far too young to have left this world.


    A loss that will be felt by many.


    RIP Garry Duncan

  24. The board / happy clappers strike back — it is now the support’s fault.


    You have to hand it to PL and DD — they have no shame as the try to shift the blame.



    in the last transfer window we sold twice as much as we spent and we are still expected to believe that we are serious — at the board level — about winning the league?



    The gaps in the squad are huge — a few in form SPL journeymen would have helped but for various reasons that was not to be.



    The shout would have been that they were not good enough for us.


    Unfortunately teams of SPL journeymen — in form or not — are taking points off us left / right / centre.



    The fact that we have no reserve / youth striker available to step up is the legacy of giving a second rate property bean counter too much responsibility for too long.



    The squad looks shell-shocked.



    We seem to have lifted CMcG to the position of club saviour when in fact he is a squad player at best as an AM if we were to run the club properly and go for growth rather than the current focus of being one of the two Glesga Ugly Sisters.



    AP has been handed a threadbare squad for a challenge he doesn’t fully understand.


    DD wanted money in the bank rather than quality on the park — and guess what?


    He got it and yet still they clapped.


    And lapped up the excuses.



    GT is now another saviour … yes that GT.



    AP needs to up his game — he is too nice.


    The coaching staff is just a bunch of local cone placers.


    Local worthies who are either starting out or filling a jersey.


    He needs his own people who he can rely on.


    Hopefully things are moving behind the scenes.


    That would be the rational way forward — but we are anything but rational at the moment.



    TFOD2.1 win the league — they might be able to survive financially.


    We win the league then it is curtains — sorry hedges — for TFOD2.1 with TFOD3 on speed-dial.



    Makes you think — or at least it has made DD think.

  25. Knew Garry, great guy, numb right now.


    Conspiracy theorists who post stuff on Internet need to think twice.



    I’ll pray for you Garry, may you Rest in Peace,

  26. Shocked to hear the news about Garry this morning,


    he was the first bhoy from CQN that i met,


    i had a few messages from him last month,but didnt


    know he had been ill.


    RIP Garry,you will be sorely missed.

  27. R.I.P Garry Bhoy.


    One of life’s good guys gone.


    Thoughts and prayers with his loved ones at this time.

  28. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Utterly devastated to learn of the passing of my good friend Garry Duncan. A true Celt and a lovely human being.



    There are no words.



    Rest in peace Garry.

  29. CQN @ 17 going on 18 years old.


    The ebbs / the flows — the comings / the goings …


    The way of the interweb until something like this happens.



    Sorry to hear about the sad passing of DD.


    RIP — GD / You will be missed.

  30. Garry was a special soul. A lovely man and a good friend to me and others on here.



    Football takes a very distant second place today.