Celtic should to plan to score in Lisbon


Benfica enjoyed a 0-2 away win on Friday evening to remain joint-top of the Portuguese league with Porto.  They will have enjoyed a day off while Celtic played on Saturday and will two days training before tomorrow’s game.  By contrast, Celtic player will have rested yesterday and will get no more than a run out inside Estadio da Luz tonight.  With games coming thick and fast at the moment, hopefully rest is the most important requirement for the players.

Benfica shredded Spartak for most of the second half in Moscow but contrived to miss what chances they created, allowing the Russians their only win of the group so far.  The return game in Lisbon was a comfortable win for the home team.

Neil Lennon has some major tactical decisions to make.  He will surely acknowledge the danger Benfica pose but has to find a way of scoring an away goal or two.  Match day one between Celtic and Benfica brought a 0-0 draw, ostensibly a good result for the visitors, but the group has matured since then.  Both teams played that game as though it was an away game; Benfica were happy to defend and Celtic, in their first Champions League game since 2008, were keen to feel their way back into the tournament.

This time Benfica will attack with speed and hope that Celtic open up a little more than they did against Barcelona.  It’s important also to acknowledge that while Benfica are no Barcelona, they will also be less predictable than the Catalans, we will not have it all our own way in the air.

It’s going to be a game tiring 90 minutes where the use of fresh legs could be crucial but an early Celtic goal would allow Neil Lennon to set his stall out clearly.

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  1. When a ghettoized people are surrounded on all sides by an oppressor who regards them as subhuman, who absolutely controls their means of basic survival and who larrups them good and proper on a regular basis, the prognosis for a favourable outcome is dismal and distant.


    This too, was the reality of The Hunger.


    This too, was the reality of The Jewish Ghettoes under the Nazi yoke.


    This too, is Gaza today.

  2. If it’s breaches of the ground regulations that are really the issue here the plod only need to round up all the smokers in the toilets at half time. They would have endless overtime processing the countless individuals who are clearly guilty of ignoring the law of the land.



    Instead, they all disappear like snaw aff a dyke at HT. Funny, that!






    At the Barca game there was definately……..



    LaTeRaL mOvEmEnT iN tHe ChAmPiOnS lEaGuE……………………………………………….


    ……………………………………………….LaTeRaL mOvEmEnT iN tHe ChAmPiOnS lEaGuE


    LaTeRaL mOvEmEnT iN tHe ChAmPiOnS lEaGuE……………………………………………….


    ……………………………………………….LaTeRaL mOvEmEnT iN tHe ChAmPiOnS lEaGuE



    From my vantage point at the back of 105 i have to say that the stewards could not have looked less interested that night.



    Billy Bhoy….who’s not going on Saturday

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    billy bhoy,


    I have already accepted that, sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye on them when I’m watching the game :o)

  4. No FTT result today



    Is it realism or misplaced cynicism to suggest the FTT result will be after Chuckles sells his shares

  5. ernie lynch



    3. Tickets (whether season tickets or paper tickets) are issued by the Club for the use of the ticket holder only. Resale or transfer of the ticket is prohibited without the consent of the Club. If there is a breach of this condition, the Club may cancel the ticket and retain any money initially paid for it.





    ernie ,prohibited not got same impact as FORBIDDEN.

  6. canamalar



    I have made my feelings known on here.



    ….and to CFC when I informed them – via email – that I would not be buying an Overseas ST




  7. The G.B… Protest Movement









    Kettle o’ Fish.



    Yep.. Sirreee… and ..it’s a Fine Wan…tae!






    It is developin’ intae..if it has no..,already,Has…




    Internecine Warfare.



    and.. That’s No Guid, at awe.






    Ah am no in favour o’ Civil War witnessin’ breakin’ oot.. No at Parkheid oan the Clyde,anywey.



    It Maks me so Sad..





    Oan account of Me..No Hiving awe the Facts at MA dIsposal.



    Ah hiv decided tae Sit this Wan oot.






    Only Affected Members o’ the G.B. organization .. and .. Soiten Members o’ the


    Polis .. Know the Pertinent Facts .. o’ whit is actually Causing This Trouble..


    and that has led me to Ma decision.



    Noo.. Let’s Play Ball!!




  8. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on

    Two solution to remedy the GB ongoing harassment.



    1) Political pressure.


    Do the Club and Supporters have the will and the ability to create pressure on the pasty faced bureaucrats in Edinburgh, that will result in loosening of the legislation that is responsible for this in the first place?



    2) Legal recourse.


    Do the supporters have the will and financial clout to retain legal representation that would mire the aforementioned legislation in a soup of contradiction, and defeat it’s objectives through a concise legal platform?



    STANDING UP LATERALLY FOR THE GREEN BRIGADE. (Typed in caps to ingratiate myself with Ole Ernie).

  9. must have been said before, but masks disney masks see the polis loose their rag and start complaining to the stewards about fans wearing mask, “they’ve got to take them aff we don’t know who we’re filmin”.


    good luck GB i wish i was home these days.

  10. mncelt



    17:15 on


    19 November, 2012


    I just noticed that The (rampant) Rangers are being lauded on Sky Sports.com for a clinical second half performance in beating 10-man East Stirling, currently 3rd bottom of the lowest tier in Scottish Football , by 6 goals to 2.



    I have nothing but admiration for the new Sevco team. I hope they continue to prosper for many more years in Div 3.

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Two things.



    1. I will take the car too watch the game in the pub tomorrow night in case we win.



    2. I dont expect an FTT verdict until a SUCCESSFUL share issue has been completed. Could be another year yet I reckon.



    And would not be surprised if it did not see the light of day until after the referendum in 2014




  12. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on

    Just to clarify: If the powers at large are allowed to smash and dissolve the Green Brigade, I will reconsider my financial contribution to the club next season, as will a couple of others I know.

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    “legislation that is responsible for this in the first place?”


    the legislationis not responsible, the harassment has been going on a lot longer than the legislation was in place.


    You cant start a campaign with erroneous facts

  14. The Guardian’s ‘Fiver’ football e-mail picks up (unsurprisingly) on the Snoop Dogg story but the last paragraph is rather good…



    “Of course, given his form in the field of being banned from entering numerous countries around Europe as a result of random acts of bad behaviour perpetrated while travelling abroad, it could be argued that Snoop would feel more at home at a different, equally famous Glasgow football club.”



    Made me laugh..

  15. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on

    neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    17:48 on


    19 November, 2012




    Yes, but this legislation gives the accused a focus to dispute in court. The parly have effectively written a document into law. That then can be dissected.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    3. You need treatnent if you have not by now succesfully deduced that the GB harrassment is not board approved




  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I’m just advising that the inaccuracy will be used by the pedants to ridicule your good idea.


    hail hail

  18. Football runs in the family for Celtic FC defensive midfielder Victor Wanyama. His father Noah, a left winger, played for Kenya. His brother McDonald Mariga is at Parma FC and two more brothers play in the Kenyan Premier League. An international at 15, Victor joined Mariga at Helsingborgs IF in 2007, moving to K. Beerschot AC a year later.



    Celtic signed their man in July 2011 and he chose No67 as his squad number, in honour of the Celtic side that claimed the European Champion Clubs’ Cup by defeating FC Internazionale Milano in Lisbon in 1967, and became an instant fans’ favourite. He is maturing fast, adjusting his game to offer more of a goal threat, as he showed with his header in the victory against FC Barcelona on matchday four, and is clearly loving life in Glasgow.



    Who taught you that hard work is the way to success?


    My mum and dad have always worked hard. We have a big family and it wasn’t easy raising us, giving everybody what they needed. My brother Mariga has been my inspiration. I’ve worked to be like him, to achieve what he has, and to play for a big club like Celtic.



    Growing up, were you a very competitive family?


    Playing football against my brothers, who were bigger and older, wasn’t easy. Whenever I lost I sulked for the whole week. That’s where I learned to fight. My brothers always played hard and kicked [me], but I had to take it and carry on. Sometimes it was difficult, but I guess that’s what made me who I am now.



    What were your first impressions of Glasgow?


    The city, the stadium, the fans … they are so passionate. Fans here love the game. I can’t speak highly enough of them. They make the game better. When you have fans around you like this, it can’t get any better for a player.



    Goals aside, why do Celtic fans feel you are special?


    My style of play and my jersey – it’s a part of the club’s history. I appreciate the history, what the club did in that year, that’s why I chose to wear No67.



    Who were your favourite players growing up?


    I used to watch the Premier League and saw a lot of Paul Scholes, Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane. It was great seeing how they played, their passion.



    What was it like playing against Xavi Hernández?


    He’s one of the best in the world, so good! It’s hard to match him – he never loses the ball – and it’s tough to get around him. You never get him easy, you have to be sharp to win the ball. We learned against Barça that we have to keep the ball and try to break them down on the counter. That’s something we’re good at and if we do it well, we’ll get results against many teams.



    Celtic have surprised some in Europe this season …


    We’ve been working hard as a group and defending well. When opponents don’t score, then you have a chance and we have the players to do that. Winning away in Moscow [on matchday two] was the greatest night since I’ve been at Celtic, for me, and the whole team. Everybody in the dressing room was jumping round, celebrating, screaming – it was unreal. It was perfect: the music was there and everybody was dancing … one of the best nights ever.

  19. Any Celtic SUPPORTER… kin Withdraw His Support Fur The Celtic..



    That is His right…
















    If .. He is a FAN.. of the Celtic Fitba’ and Athletic Club..



    Like Me.. and Many ithers..



    He WULLNAE..be able tae withdraw his Support ..at the Drap o’ the Hat.



    fur a FAN is A FAN is A FAN..and will remain..wan



    Until. Death dae He Part..



    And Ah am .. A FAN o’ the CELTIC






    Wull Remain



    FAITHFUL . THRU AND THRU…like the song Says..






    Good Luck… tae AWE… the FORMER Celtic Supporters ..



    Who hiv withdrawn thur Support..fae the Celtic, over this Stramash..



    an hiv noo. decided tae







    SUPPORTERS o’ the G. B.



    Ah hope they wull be Happy.




  20. Som mes que un club on

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the below bars? Perhaps when they visited Barca a few weeks back?



    SPAIN – THE WOODEN SPOON IRISH BAR, C/ PARADIS, BARCELONA 08001 (Just off Pl Sant Jaume) (Tel: 605 247 690) (Shows any Celtic game which is broadcast)






    Looking for somewhere to watch match tomorrow in Barcelona.

  21. WeeOscar4Life Race Night & Auction raises in excess of £25,000



    WOW what a night! The WeeOscar4Life campaign Team would like to thank everybody who attended and supported the Race Night & Auction on Saturday it was a wonderful night and the generosity shown was just amazing.



    The evening’s entertainment included moving yet truly inspiring videos of Wee Oscar and his incredibly brave family’s journey which generated an energy and fun loving atmosphere comparable only to Wee Oscars outgoing and fun loving nature.




    There was a ‘buzz about the place’ and cheers went up as winning horses went over the finishing line.



    The Auction and raffle, strewn with kindly donated items, sparked a flood of generosity and excitement as friendly rivalry saw items being auctioned for literally thousands of pounds.



    The videos used on the night can be viewed here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEE1p2ABB9w-kc03T8-dW8g?feature=watch



    The WeeOscar4Life Campaign team would like to say THANK YOU 25,000+ times



    Thank you to the Weeoscar4life campaign committee, the Celtic family at its wonderful best



    God bless wee Oscar

  22. Good evening friends and I hope we are all well.



    I hear Derek Johnstone is back on SSB. He’s talked more sense in 20 minutes (without actually saying much) than Dalziel will ever do. So fair do’s…

  23. Calm down Celtic men.


    The way that the Green Brigade is being treated is sad & irritating. It should not happen.



    Howevah, as the Mynah Bird loves to say,.. it pales into insignificance when compared to the way that the long-suffering Palestinian people are being treated by the world’s New Nazis.


    The GB are not being slaughtered in their beds.


    They can move freely around their own country.



    When I can stop thinking about what is happening to Gaza, then maybe I can spare the time to care about our Celtic brothers & sons in the Green Brigade.



    Meanwhile, let’s get our priorities into some sort of perspective.



    May God have pity on the beleaguered & tortured Palestinian people.

  24. Dick Byrne – If I may sugggest a compromise – the polis should leave the Green Brigade alone & lock up Kev Jungle.



    Generally I ignore the hunposters but there is a nasty edge to KevBungle’s stirring, much worse than Joshyboy, donegaldanny and co. (thumbsup)

  25. Snake



    It is cringeworthy imo. It stuns me that any Tim would listen to such a pro SevCo show



    There are a number of Celtic radio shows that people should be listening to instead of morons who know foxtrot alpha about the game

  26. Legia ultras have lawyers who document police actions, defend supporters. I don’t know if Green Brigade thought about having similar group who work for supporters?

  27. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish by the Cleansing of the 'den! on

    State of the issue from GB site



    ‘To put this into perspective, this means that just under 50% of the Green Brigade have either faced, or are facing a police charge/ban from football.’