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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    So we just accept corruption as all part of the sport then, not for me.


    For someone who was recently waxing lyrical about how money is not th most important thing, this flips that upsidedown.


    I would also suggest the chance to play in Europe is a bigger draw for players than anything domestic.

  2. GFTB on 11th March 2019 9:24 am



    The official records show they have won those titles, and that’s what matters.



    Celtic’s acquiescence in the whole charade is as shameful as it was predictable.

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    For a man who wants the job Neil Lennon must be under tremendous pressure and results like the Aberdeen game will not help his cause.However,we must take into account the number of first team players missing due to injury on Saturday the team looked flat and did not really get behind the Aberdeen defence and it appeared that Neil could not lift them and the crowd at times were very restless if I was marking the manager on that game I would give him a 6 out of ten and a must do better the team I would give a 5 out of ten and the fact the gap between us and the Rangers was not closed was fortunate.H.H.

  4. Is it true the manager and some first team players are going to the Cheltenham Festival this week?



    I sincerely hope not!

  5. Greetings from a rather hot Phnom Penh – 37*C ? Time for an ice cold beer ?




    PHILBHOY on 11TH MARCH 2019 10:00 AM


    Is it true the manager and some first team players are going to the Cheltenham Festival this week?


    I sincerely hope not!



    Agree 100% !




    Wee problem with our office heating this weekend!



    It’s been fixed but my feet are currently numb!



    Enjoy your beer!

  7. Pog/Philbhoy



    Dunno bhoys, could be a good thing, we’ve been told today that money is the root of all evil, so if they’re anything like me at Cheltenham time, they’re going to come back with a whole lot less of it!

  8. Has there been any talk of likely date for post-split Zombies game?


    When possible I think it’s first game which would be April 21st – Easter Sunday……

  9. Delaneys Dunky on

    For many reasons, I hope that Neil is our interim manager for this season only.


    Get us treble treble please.

  10. Beatbhoy



    Dependant ? Not sure I used that word the old internet easily misconstrued






    Acceptance ? Not sure I used that either



    Anyhow work calls



    Hope the bhoys e joy Cheltenham and gamble responsibly if gambling at all some folk can enjoy a wonderful spectacle without drinking or gambling :-)

  11. Silver City 1888 on

    Strict liability: The Shame Game came up in a conversation recently and it brought back an aspect that is relevant. The ref on the night was repeatedly manhandled by the Rangers players. When challenged about why he didn’t book any of them his excuse was he didn’t feel threatened by their behaviour. “Sectarian” chants haven’t significantly increased recently. They have only increased in sections of our support. I have no faith in those who want this or those who would administer it.

  12. Delaneys Dunky on



    Get tae yer work ya part timer.


    Just came aff a 12 hour night shift heavy graft.


    Away and play wi your computer haha.


    Give my love to Dallas and AOW. Miss them on here.



  13. DELANEYS DUNKY on 11TH MARCH 2019 10:49 AM



    Hope so my bhoy….beat them on the 31st and it’s effectively over.



    Either way I’ll want to watch game and the timing of the Easter Sunday family meal is causing a bit of domestic strife.

  14. 50 shades of green on

    I see the sheep manager has been linked with the West Brom job ,, Anything to do with the sheeps next game,,nah I’m paranoid still/again.

  15. Phil


    I was on the club website, it has been taken off, they were all getting kitted out in suits from a sponsor and as Magners sponser the Cheltenham Gold Cup this year which is on Friday maybe they arranged it, I hope if they are going it is their day off not Friday and drink is not consumed .

  16. Delaneys Dunky on



    My son is organising a bbq at his for all family and friends for the Ibrox match. Pray for good weather and good Celtic victory. ???







    In my opinion they would be better off here practising throw ins and corners!!



    Take care!

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Sassuolo 1– Napoli 1



    ” Napoli’s worst performance of the season to date . 516 passes attempted , 89 % of those were completed , virtually 100 % of those achieved nothing beyond demonstrating their ability to give and receive the ball. Salzburg next and on the evidence of what I’ve just suffered it’s time to remember the gambler’s wisdom that 4 wagers should be offered for .Napoli games -.Napoli winning . Napoli drawing , the opposition winning and Napoli beating themselves .”.



    Napoli fan’s website -10 3 19

  19. glendalystonsils on





    Unbroken (though not very illustrious) history since 2012.

  20. No problem with the guys having a couple of days off,and going to Cheltenham, these Bhoys work hard,and have earned a bit of downtime IMO

  21. South Of Tunis on




    Indeed !



    Ancelotti seems unable to stop Napoli playing Sarriball ( no matter how hard he tries ) and Sarri seems unable to get Chelsea to play Sarriball.( no matter how hard he tries ) Both will leave at the end of the season.



    Mr Money Man –



  22. 50 shades of green on




    100% right, Turns out we weren’t paranoid enough mate, and they are still at it ( media) in this instance although they are all prompted by the fat one.






    P.S. still no date yet for my wee holiday in Clydebank ?

  23. So


    Reading back.


    That awkward moment when a poster with a personal grudge makes things up and misspells.

  24. Delaneys Dunky on



    John Brown’s the pub has just shut down permanently in Clydebank like John Brown’s shipyard did.

  25. DD,



    Was in the Sari on Saturday for a bit of culture after the game.



    Busy night for music all round.


    Yungblood in St Luke’s.


    KT Tunstall at the Barrowlands



    And the Stranglers @ the 02, which never let’s you down. Brill.




  26. I don’t know how many times we have to play teams with players not turning up . Happened again on Saturday. (Tin hat on here ) when we play teams like aberdeen , we need everyone picked to perform , unfortunately we have too many who have no stomach for the battle , and stay out the road as much as they can ,weve all seen this . We and I’m sorry to say this ,have a few players who imho don’t want to be here . We are in a position to make it 8 in a row , we could possibly be in the position to make it a treble treble , but to attain that, this team needs to improve , needs everyone to show up , and needs everyone to toughen up . Next season we could be without mikael , dedryk , berkovic , Burke , Weah, ntcham , joso, and possibly a few others . Add possibly a new manager . Really is a state to be in , I only hope if we have a scouting team ,that they are already active in bringing in the much needed QUALITY we so obviously require .


    Ps and a hardman destroyer for midfield , to combat the hammer throwers we will soon be facing , as unfortunately i


    Think it is all to much for broonie now , and I take no pleasure in saying that HH

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