Celtic v Aberdeen, Live updates


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  1. Ft


    That will do nicely.


    3pts clean sheet and playing well.


    9 wins away from the title.

  2. Easy win and no injuries. Now a week to prepare for the Final.


    Wouldn’t mind seeing Haska starting ahead of Maeda on the right with Jota in his favoured position on the left.

  3. Well done the Bhoys. One step closer to TIAR !!!



    You know what, I’d play Iwata, Hatate and McGregor as my midfield 3 next week. 3 rolls royces.



    Haksa and Abada knocking on the door and a terrific shift from Oh.



    We’re in a good place for the first part of the treble.




  4. By the way, for any golf fans out there, I watched the new Netflix series Full Swing last night. The episode on Matt Fitzpatrick was terrific as was the one that focuses on Finau.

  5. Interviewer: How do you avoid the inevitable noise ahead of cup final?


    Ange: you don’t, you embrace it.

  6. Well done Celtic. We never stop.



    We are a very good team and Aberdeen ( even with the grit and professionalism of Barry Robson) are a very poor team. Paul 67 knew this despite the previous article.



    Ange is achieving something special here.



    To lower the tone :-


    Who would have bet against Penalty to ” Rangers ” and just to remove any doubt, the obligatory red card.



    HH the journey continues.

  7. CorkCelt,



    The fella is getting better by the week, We’ll be lucky to hold onto him after this season so let’s enjoy him.



    I really like the look of Iwata too.




  8. It’s slowly dawning on the hvns that they’d have to beat us three times, each time 8-0, to win the league.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    As well as their penalty records , the huns are abviously going for the ‘finishing against ten men’ cup .



    And still they can’t catch us .

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hope you noticed what MacKenzie was doing – manufacturing an opportunity to push and pull at Kyogo’s shoulder.



    Unfortunately Kyogo seems to have recurring issues with it and his opponents now know this. He can expect much more of that treatment from defenders.

  11. Can you imagine supporting a team that gets the benefit of every refereeing decision week in week out …what would that say about you as an individual ?…never mind as a collective unit ( group of supporters ) ?🤔…the scum are just weak minded clowns ..who will take any win regardless of how it is achieved …says it all about the type of Peepil they are …cheats 🤣

  12. All seats in Jock Stein Lower had a leaflet attached which was a message to all occupants re a proposal to turn the entire lower stand into a standing area. It outlined the details which gives each ST holder the option to relocate if not wanting to stand.



    There was a lot more but the leaflet was from a group known as TheCelticEnd which is what the new standing area would be known as.



    This was not from the club but the Green Brigade / North Curve.



    It also said that all ST holders in the stand will be contacted by the club for a survey on the proposal.



    Interesting stuff.

  13. We are playing some very good football just now. We have a recognisable shape and we impose our football on the opposition. Though I am a big Jota fan, two players stand out in terms of consistency and quality, Reo and CCV. I thought Haksa was the best of the subs but it really is enjoyable just now.



    Witnessed a wee bit of naughtiness on Springfield Road as I left at full time. Some of the Dons fans had left early to fight with Celtic fans but when I got there, the police were just arriving and all I saw were some injured guys with NE accents, all claiming they were heading to their bus. It was obvious to me that some of the younger Dons lads were walking past the polis, without scarves and heading back up to London Road. I wonder if it kicked off again.

  14. I have mentioned it before fellow Tim’s …watch their “proudest” moment ….The ECWC final in 1972…commentary by woooof …Archie McPherson on you tube and marvel at their “achievement “…cheating then as now …they really are sad 🤔🤣

  15. Aye we are getting better by the game, any chance of fair officiating next week and we pump thems.


    As for thems, Pen to kick things off, a red when the game was in the balance, it was a dive from Roofe for the second yellow, never saw it but it was never a pen, if in doubt cheat yer way out.