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  1. Bada Bing.



    I love the Ashes, ever since Beefy showing great spirit.



    I was a wee laddie. Cricket is a cracking game and this series is shaping up to be as good as 2005.



    Not seen any of it, Celtic is always the most important but it sounds like a belter of a day at the Cricket.

  2. Wis being nice there .lol


    Cricket ffs


    I stand by my above comment.


    So, if you be so kind as to fuk off with your english loving pish .


    Mon The Timalloys.






  3. DixieD,



    Celtic done a good job yesterday.



    Thon minis must be wondering whats going on when they launch the ball rugby style frae the kickoff at The Holy Ground.




  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Re. “english loving pish ”



    I love Guinness and he was English.


    Does that count ?

  5. Macjay1,



    I hope THE VW is brought in this week for the hate factory.



    I hope Big Kris is ok too.



    JOZO is focused again. I thought he was excellent against AIK.



    Come on the Magnificent Celtic.

  6. PETEC on 26TH AUGUST 2019 1:20 AM






    Thanks for the acknowledgement mo chara.



    Gentleman and a scholar Petec.



    Celtic to the core.



    HH. 🍀

  7. My only one and only criticism of the magnificent Celtic support is our impatience.



    It’s frightening the level of expectation.



    Hit the ground running, or else..



    Teemu Pukki – fair play to whomever the scout was – seen what we didn’t, then again probably scouted Amido Balde.



    Contrasting CSC. 🍀

  8. The most impotant game is the one before the next one and after the last won….







  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 26TH AUGUST 2019 1:38 AM



    Would have VW back in a minute , but not so sure about chucking him in at the Ibrox deep end.



    For me , the AIK game is vastly more important.



    I`m quite comfortable with a loss to the huns next week , and nobody loves to smash them more than me.



    BTW Any sign of DD these days ?

  10. Can anyone be unhappy at the type of football we are seeing in the SPFL at the moment?


    If they are then they must have been apoplectic at this stage last season.


    After 3 games last season we had scored just 4 times and had accumulated just 6 points, after our 0-1 loss to Hearts second game in.


    Neil has turned a shot shy 11 into a potent goal machine.


    It took us until October 20th against Hibs before we reached 15 goals.


    9 SPFL games.


    In winning the title we scored only 77 goals, 5 less than the begging bowl bandits downstream.


    Yet people are questioning our ability to secure 9 in a row.


    Are we weaker than last season? On and off the park?


    Are we less hungry to win it?


    Does any opponent have players of similar capability to Ajer, Christie, McGregor, Forest, Brown, Gordon, Bitton, Eddie or Griffiths?


    Can you name a player in Scotland who would displace any of them?


    So wake up, smell the coffee, get behind the team and rejoice.

  11. Good morning CQN from a dry and hopefully sunny later on Garngad



    Good result yesterday, with some good football being played, we could have had another 2 or 3 more goals.



    GG from 4.40am great post.



    It was that Clujy game/result, with Lenny’s team selection that had us all rippin our knitting, that coupled with being on the cusp of 9IAR. No one wants us to feck it up, so everyone is nervous.


    What we have to remember is exactly what you said we had a poor start last year and they probably had the same start as this year. No doubt they are slightly stronger, but I feel still pish. It’s what we will do that counts.






    D. :)

  12. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Right…. WHO DONE IT???



    Who leaked the story confirming the new team are planni g on spending 9 million ON MOUASA KONATE. Coukd that me Vietnamese Dong as let’s be clear. It’s the only chance they can spend that amount of buck.



    P. S. Don’t think Mr. Ashley nor the other creditors would be eased do. You?



    Oh the fickle world of modern day football


    Hail Hail.

  13. GG



    I said yesterday that I was glad to see the back of the tippy tappy stuff



    I also, said on a previous post that I loved the change of play, long diagonal passes more shots on target from outside the box. . Lots be pleased about.



    But when I or anyone else mentions on here where we hope to improve , it’s entitlement and spoiled that’s bandied about.



    My hope every season is to win the league and play entertaining football.



    16 Roads



    I have concerns about our midfield shape defensively and our defense when under pressure.



    Midfield going forward and our attack gives my great pleasure (the contrast in movement and skill)



    As I said yesterday hopefully Julien will improve pace and mobility through game time.




    Anyhoo, this greeting faced auld duffer has to go



    Take care 👍 😀

  14. mullet and co 2 on

    Wanyama is apparently signing for Brugge on £65k per week.


    That’s over £3m per year which is around 10% of their wage bill.


    You can choose to believe it or not believe it but giving one guy that amount soon creates problems.


    Was a nice thought though.


    Looking through the wages total for other clubs I do wonder how in gods name we pay out double what Wolfsburg do or clubs of that ilk.


    Is it the case that footballers will play for A German club for £15k per week but wouldn’t for Celtic on £20k – I don’t think so. We need to get better value for our £50m wages bill.

  15. “You can choose to believe it or not believe it but giving one guy that amount soon creates problems.”



    If it `soon creates problems` it certainly looks like you believe it :-)




  16. A competent performance against negativity. Well done Bhoys.


    I still wonder about SS . What is the score there. ?



    Anyway, it’s national day for man’s best friend. Give your hound an extra treat today.



    HH to all, woof woof.

  17. Just watched the BBC Highlights of both our game and Sevco`s. The commentators could both be from Sevco TV.



    Any possible questioning of dodgy decisions in each game was met by `quite clearly` comments. Difference being in who the decisions favoured. I am sure you can guess.


    Cheerio for now,



  18. Quick thought, would people prefer Taylor or Melling? Pretty sure we won’t sign both seeing as we spent £3m on Boli.

  19. GG



    I think we look better than this time last year, that is true.



    But it would be foolish to ignore the fact that the other lot have improved. Also, with Aberdeen, Hibs and Killie seemingly going backwards, we can’t rely on others to take points from them as often as in the past.



    The head-to-heads will be vital this year.

  20. traditionalist88 on

    Rumour was Wanyama knocked back initial offer from Brugge, not sure of developments after that

  21. traditionalist88 on

    GEEBEE1978 on 26TH AUGUST 2019 9:04 AM



    Is that what they offered? Sounds about right given hes probably on more at Spurs – If we were going for him it’d probably be a loan anyway with Spurs paying a %. So they’re probably going to explore all options to sell first and if a loan is to happen it’d probably be a last minute job.



    Trying not to get my hopes up too much.




  22. I read the £60 grand a week qoute in the daily record, and how Celtic could never compete .. so, it’s obviously bulls@@t.




    The word is that Spurs didn’t want him going out on loan and that Brugge are close to sealing a £60,000 a week deal with Monaco also sniffing around. It’s a move that has been widely criticised in Belgium too due to the high wages.



    I suppose this is the problem once players sign big contracts in England -pretty much puts them out of our reach.



    Some have suggested KT returning one day. Can you imagine the wages he’ll be on by the time he decides he’s ready to drop back down to the Scottish league?

  24. JOHN1314MAC



    The “Celtic can’t compete” angle is typical of the the DR, I agree.



    But the move has been widely reported, mainly in Belgium.

  25. traditionalist88 on

    GEEBEE1978 on 26TH AUGUST 2019 9:15 AM



    Absolutely, its like another potential source of players just shut off completely. Players who maybe were on the fringes/out of favour at good EPL clubs could sometimes be a good fit for us and likewise us for them.



    But with the wages now even for squad players its hard to come close to matching it.



    And guys like Wanyama, who were probably not signed as squad players, will be on higher wages again.



    With the likes of KT its different as he has a real emotional attachment, not just with Celtic but his family and friends are here, and the flip side of the money argument is that he’ll probably have made so much by the time hes 30 he can think about coming back.




  26. traditionalist88 on

    …And with that source of potential signings closing for us or becoming harder to utilise, it makes it all the more negligent that our European scouting network is apparently so light.




  27. Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts & Kilmarnock & St Johnstone have all regressed this year.



    Both Celtic and Sevco could finish with 90+ points this year. Honestly, think the league has gone backwards.

  28. Wanyama – after yesterday’s result Spurs may want to keep him



    On gardening duty today – apparently my daughter wants to put in some flower beds 😤

  29. Timaloy29


    Agree – the English div1 can easily match their wages – too many professional teams in Scotland.

  30. Delighted for the Club – we got the result and the 3 points……well done to Neil and The Bhoys…..


    …..For us, every game is a potential dropped or denied points tho’. While for the most part it was ever thus………….the significance of dropped or denied points this year and next is multiplied.



    What thems get and how they are facilitated/ accomodated/ encouraged and how we are officiated at key times in the game will be key.



    Who was it that famously said ” if rainjurz need goals thu’ll git thum”…………..?



    In scoddland……………………We have to win more than a game of football.



    Fix Fitba’ Empty Hampden.






    …..in ither news…………….



    The Shortie koverage is execrable. “Big Packy” is an enthusiastic kritic of Celtica without objectivity, a clear sense of reality or perspective and any insight. The lunches must be world class at the Beeb.

  31. fourstonecoppi on

    16 ROADS. on 26TH AUGUST 2019 4:51 AM


    Christ knows that I’m no great fan of the Jew… Credit where it’s due though. They were responsible for some decent music :



    you fekin serious with that statement ??????

  32. Timaloy29 – that might be true but the league is never decided on the results of the Glasgow derbies. There are 38 games – it can become a slog, especially in winter so I think it’ll be whichever team comes through that period in better shape. Injuries will play a part as both us and Sevco don’t have a lot of striking options. If we lost Édouard or they lost Morelos it would have a huge impact – Defoe couldn’t play every game at his age.



    One last thing – we’ll have a better idea of squad strengths once the transfer window closes.

  33. Fourstonecoppi


    Didn’t read back so haven’t seen that post.



    The fact that Christ was a Jew was probably lost

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