Celtic v Kilmarnock, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00 GMT.

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  1. Thought that the big Samster might have got a shout today


    but I’m convinced he’ll be on the park at some point.



    He deserves to be.



    It’s a perfect day to start a treble.



    Mon The Hoops.




  2. kevinlasvegas on

    PMT, Lenny staying true to the players that got him here, hence sammy being dropped.




  3. C’Mon The Hoops!



    1 of 3


    Looking forward to seeing Lenny hold up that Cup



    We will not be denied!

  4. Finally got around to watching the celtic v real 1980 game that I recorded… Imagine my amazement in seeing a corner advertising board with Murray international metals on it …. Wow

  5. kevinlasvegas on

    Larsson on bbc just now. what a footballer he is. Good to see BBJ.







  6. Pleased with the line-up today.


    1 Forster


    2 Matthews


    25 Rogne


    6 Wilson


    21 Mulgrew


    49 Forrest


    8 Brown


    67 Wanyama


    16 Ledley


    88 Hooper


    10 Stokes

  7. For the US Bhoys, the SPL is now live on Fox Soccer Channel. Big game is live next weekend in glorious HD.

  8. Big big game today, would love a comfortable win but would bite your arm off for 1 – 0 right now.



    C’mon bhoys, bring the first one home today and do it for P McB




  9. mncelt



    I know, sweet, sweet news.


    Can put my new TV and sound system to test. Happy days indeed.



    Just checked the listing half and hour ago and it doesn’t show it as being pencilled in yet though.

  10. Rob chooses to describe and style Neil’s week as ‘Bizarre’…….






    Not exactly an unequivocal, supportive expression of personal, human solidarity is it?



    I mean Ally is being unctuously lauded for putting up with losing “Jelly”..errr…and the Whytie pantomime…..



    There isn’t anything sinsiter in that is there?

  11. Aipple – They confirmed it yesterday. Channel 619 on Direct TV next Sunday. 7am and again at 5.00pm :)

  12. kevinlasvegas on

    BBC love showing goals against us. killeie won 66 -3 the day of the 3-3 game.lol




  13. Bankiebhoy



    nothing sinister just damned Hun bias




    McLean is a Hun toadying rat



    Ably assisted by uncle tim Nevin



    BBJ must feel unclean sitting beside those two

  14. kevinlasvegas on

    BBC is Killie Tv for the day by the looks.I’m off to find another channel




  15. Message for Palacio.



    I am heading for the club now. Will be in at kick-off. I usually go to the big room at the back when the game is on in there, with the big screen.



    Usually, I stand at the back rather than sit. I have a light blue shirt and dark trousers and glasses.



    Hope to see you.

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