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  1. Holy Rosary Intentions to pray for Gary Delaney (DD). Heavenly Father, we humble ourselves in your Holy Presence. We confess your holiness and we acknowledge that we are sinners. In your Holy Name we forgive those who have offended us and we pray that you forgive us our sins.


    September 23rd, 2021 Anno Domini, Angelus and Holy Rosary



  2. Sionnagh…i have zero problems with peeps having faith…use it as a political tool…then am not so nice

  3. THELURKINTIM, Everything is politics. Everything is politics. One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors (The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis). Mann/Plato

  4. WISHAW TIM on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2021 11:13 PM


    JHB, is it a nat whip or tory whip😉




    Neither I happy to say – just someone who passionately cares about social justice and who fought successfully for it during the transforming years when a Labour Government managed to squeeze into power and passed laws that changed the life of ordinary people forever – people that without the Labour Party had no voice, no prospects and no hope.



    Someone who can see that independence and a breakaway from all our brothers and sisters in the UK, with whom we have grown up and bonded with over three hundred years and with whom we have everything in common – who since the birth of the Labour Party have fought the ‘good fight’ and won all the major socialist battles, would be pointless, futile, selfish and ultimately disastrous for Scotland.



    I have detested and fought against the SNP all my life in the Labour Party, and although I left when Commie Corbyn and his acolytes took over, I still fight against a Nationalist movement built on hate, self-interest and jealousy, that cares only for their cause and legacy, and has scant regard for the needs and wants of the population of Scotland…..a majority of which also detests them and who defeats them in the popular vote in every election and referendum.



    JHB…thanks for agreeing…I was correcting your grammer tho lol ;-))




    No thanks required – and I wouldn’t even attempt to correct your grammer(sic)

  6. Good morning all from a blustery and wet Garngad



    DD – Garry get well pal. 💚⚽️💚⚽️



    D :)

  7. WISHAW TIM on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2021 12:22 AM


    Having read sentenial celts regularly, noticed Gary Delaney has been missing recently, reading today he is unwell, most on here know him as Delaneys Dunky no matter what our political views are ,and DDs are definitely different from mine . get well soon bud !




    Very sad to read about Gary, I pray that he recovers asap.



  8. A social justice thatcherism.


    Not one criticism of Boris


    A fraud and an embarrassment to the working class



    Brothers and sisters my arse


    More austerity.


    Cuts in uc


    Increases in N.i


    No tax loophole changes.


    Ex member of labour my arse


    Your ranting war criminal days seen that.



    A tory rent boi.


    A brexit error.


    On the left you wouldn’t know it.



    Little englander




  9. FAO..


    DAVID66, I hope that you and the family are all good.


    Hopefully you will be okay to meet for a good bevvy after you have your wee holiday…just give me a shout.


    HH Mate.




    Well done Celtic last night as I thought that Raith stuck to their game plan and played quite well.


    I have NOT rated Ajeti almost from day one, and I dont like being so negative on any Celtic player, but if Ajeti is a fitba player….then I’m Brad Feckin Pitt !



  10. AN TEARMANN on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:24 AM




    CORRECT mate.


    The JHB Guy is on here typing at 7AM…to spout his Unionist Crap.


    Hes not just a CHUMP….Hes a very sad Chump !


    I hope that you are well AN TEARMANN, and the family of course.


    HH Mate.

  11. @Big Jimmy I Echo your thoughts on the Garry Bhoy mate ..


    Never like to hear that anyones down….


    One thing i know He’s a strong Bhoy……….







  12. Good morning CQN



    Risible insulting nonsense from the CQN GB news division here’s the reality governed by incompetents



    Transport Secretary Grant Shapps attempts to explain why ballerinas are on the specialist skilled worker visa list and HGV drivers are not.






    PS Can you eat a Ballerina



    Attended last nights cup tie, we are in the semi final, missing our two top performers (Kyogo, Cal-mac) is all to evident and the paucity of the replacements

  13. Big Jimmy – Hope you are well to mate.



    Had to get a PCR test on Wednesday as I was Kerry packered, sore head, high temp, runny nose and sick.



    Negative thank god. Must be a bug.



    Still got a sore napper and not really ate since Tuesday, dontbeven feel hungry. :)



    But I had 6 cans last night watching footy and will be fighting fit for going back to work on Tuesday.



    Of course we will meet up when we come back from October week.



    I will take a wee half day on a friday and we can meet up in the afternoon.



    Stay safe big man. Remember if you need anything text or call.



    How is wee Rocky bhoy



    D :)

  14. JHB on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:06 AM.





    How can ANYONE be a Tory Chump and also ” Care about Social Justice” ?


    He obviously doesnt do ” IRONY”.


    This JHB NEVER has a bad word to utter/post about the Tories….which is very strange when he calls himself a Life Long Labour supporter…


    I WAS a life long Labour voter until 2009, when Labour, Gordon Brown PM…..and my Labour supporting Trade Union FECKED my LIFE right up and hung me out to dry…I had that Labour Chumpess Jackie Baillie literally running away from me at my front door…just because I had the audacity to ask her some relevant questions about the manner in which Labour and my Labour Controlled Council had treated me….Shes probably never moved so fast in her life.

  15. Drew1967 – You haven’t posted for a good few days or I have missed it hope you are ok mate.



    D :)

  16. No banana skins last night.



    But it is worrying our multi million striker is unable to play Let us hope it is not a repeat of a script we have seen too often at Parkhead.



    HH, the journey continues.

  17. DAVID66 on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:44 AM




    Sorry to read about you being unwell, hopefully those few cans last night show that you are recovering ?



    Ive only been out once for a Bevvy in the last 7 Weeks or more, but I may venture out Tomorrow ( Saturday) after the Horse Racing on TV ?


    Any Friday that suits you, will suit me for a bevvy, I will look forward to it.


    Cheers mate and please give my best wishes to the Missus.


    HH Mate.



    @Big Jimmy I Echo your thoughts on the Garry Bhoy mate ..





    Never like to hear that anyones down….





    One thing i know He’s a strong Bhoy……….





    IF you are in contact with Gary, please give him my best wishes.


    Cheers mate.



  19. Reading back TLT @12.39 What do you mean mate??? are you saying Garry is ok ??


    Bit confused….Apologies DD if iv’e picked up on the wrong message..








  20. Drambowie celt , I noticed DD , hadn’t been on here or sentenial celts, someone posted yesterday that he had contacted him and he wasn’t keeping to good, get well soon Garry