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  1. David66



    Whistling Straits- I think DBBIA saw them at the auld Burns Howff.



    I miss that patter

  2. Coneybhoy – I would love to go to it in the US of A.



    Maybe when I retire.






    D :)

  3. David66



    Always good to have a dream👍



    In other news. Got he 6am from DUB to GLA today. Big group of Tims from Cork (I think) were a comedy show you would pay for. Knew more celtic lyrics than me. They are doing Charlie and the boys gig and the game



    I was supposed to be at Playground festival today but my mate stayed in England with bronchitis. My other mates arriving at hotel from England , Wales and Bearsden around 5pm so I may be a complete mess by then😎

  4. @Wishaw Tim good man for noticing and showing concern mate.



    I’m sure there’s a few on here like me ..Mabye wonderin ???


    If the big man down under is ok these days?


    M.M hope your well mate if your lurkin….


    Miss your early”our time” posts …




  5. I echo the bhoys sentiment Mick, try and let us know if you are ok.



    I always enjoyed your posts of the bhoys and Ghirls footy from down under.



    D :)




    If people were honest and aware enough to sit down with a supply of paper and write down all that the Labour Party has done for ordinary folk in the last century, they may get writer’s cramp as they fill the first ten foolscap pages (back & front) – but don’t worry, the SNP list will hardly cover the back of a postage stamp.



    Separation will bring hardship with crippling uncertainty. The SNP would blame it on the UK ad infinitum – can you live on grievance? Their Growth Commission admitted TEN years of austerity post indy- the thing is they can’t see the future – they don’t know and fear the worst…..they reckon saying TEN years gets them ‘off the hook’.



    NHS, EDUCATION, JOBS, PENSIONS, BENEFITS – you know what we have NOW, why play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with five loaded chambers, with your & your loved ones’ future?



    Salmond, on the back of Devolution, took them from monthly ceilidh dancers to power – they stabbed him in the back without a thought – the cause always comes first and they will do ANYTHING say ANYTHING to further it; people and their ‘conned’ votes are merely a means to an end.


    ……think about it!!!!

  7. JHB…glad to see u can’t take an obvious joke



    Drambowiecelt…Garry is young and vigorous…he’ may well be ill…but not life threatening as Wishaw Tim was alluding to

  8. TLT Aye got it mate ..Hope your well yersel ….


    Passed on my thoughts to Garry via M ..BCUWP..on a text this morn.


    And apologised for any misunderstanding .







  9. CORKCELT on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:08 AM




    ;DD, (Garry}, is sick not ill’





    So in non medical parlance does that mean he’s under the weather but not under the doctor?

  10. The video of wee Kyogo is brilliant. What an infectious wee bundle of joy this bhoy is.



    I think in him we have in earthed a real, real talent. Great on the park and great off it.



    I cannot wait to see him back in a starting Jersey.



    D :)




    Get well soon mate!



    Let us know how you are doing please!



    Take care and God bless.

  12. Love the video of Kyogo fist bumping the team as they come off the pitch after warm up. He really has taken to life with Celtic. His enthusiasm is missing big time on the pitch.

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Well done the Celts. No drama apart from the continuing injuries.





    Whistling Straits looks to be one of the most spectacular golf courses I’ve ever seen. Some of the holes remind me of those impossible golf holes calendars which were popular in their day.






    Sky allowed youtube to stream the first two days of the Solheim Cup then retained their rights on the final singles day. I’m not holding the same hopes for this weekend and expect to follow the three days by bbc text updates.



    Plaudits to Scots golfer Kylie Henry last week, rolling back the years to her Kylie Walker days, by a 2nd place finish to the foxy Celine Boutier in Paris.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    LIONROARS67 @ 7:58 AM



    The UN stunned by the level of idiocy








    There’s a scene in the movie Calamity Jane during which Calamity (Doris Day) bursts in on Katie in Adelaide Adam’s dressing room in Chicago.



    Calamity is rough, Katie thinks she is a man.



    When Calamity hears this she howls uncontrollably with laughter ….



    … then stops abruptly, stares with shock in to space and exclaims ….



    “Come to think of it, that ain’t so funny!”




    Pretty much my reaction to this clip.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Mixed emotions on this one.






    The economic case is likely open and shut.



    The “high street” across the globe is dying.



    Part of me though thinks we owe our fans in Ireland a tangible presence there.



    In general, I don’t like bunching Celtic fans into sub-groups. We’re all in this together.



    But the contribution of our Irish community ..



    …. from our founder right up to those who continue in their thousands to make a long round trip to home games fortnightly …



    … does feel like a special case to me.

  16. We need to get through the next 2 league games.The Europa game is just a bonus.For the life of me,I can’t see Ajeti troubling a Leverkusen defence.Ange needs to get a bit of consistency of selection for the 2 games.None of them are world beaters,but we have had great days and bad at Pittodrie in similar circumstances.Cannot afford a draw.Will have Jullien,Kyogo,Forrest,hopefully,Gio back after the International break.


    Think we might have a very good young LB in the making.All helps.Huns have a difficult month in December,we need to be on their coat tails.

  17. Morning all.



    I might well be hypercritical (the young lhad near me when he was leaving said I should put on my boots and show them how to do it-he did it with a friendly smile) but I thought we were very poor last night. As my mate said, there is no urgency in the team. I thought our crossing (especially from Abada and Ralston) was dire. We gave the ball away far too easily far too often. The midfield seemed clueless. Just shows how much we miss the likes of MacGregor (and he really needs a good rest.



    My thoughts as well.



    The guy sitting next to me , who happens to be Tony Roper . Said at the end of the game.


    We really are a poor team, with very little quality.


    I think that sums things up, when Mcgregor, Kyoto, Julian and Forrest are missing.



    3 fullbacks and a centre half on the bench against Raith Rovers.

  19. My friends in Celtic,



    Very clever guys on here do statistics much better than I do.


    Are we really, really unlucky with injuries or is there an element of unprofessionalism mixed in. ?


    Are the doing the basic pre training warm up. ? Basics I know, but maybe this is why Ange was desperate to get a sports science individual in the door.




  20. Emeraldbee- Sorry had to drop the wife off at the hairdressers.



    The video was on celtic news now..



    D :)

  21. For all the golfers out there is this the time to have a mixed Ryder/Solheim cup?



    Does the format not lend itself to that?



    D :)



    Enjoy the gig Coneybhoy. Who are you most looking forward to seeing





    If that’s the Rouken Glen thing, Squire Jnr and girlfriend going today – James their target