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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    theres no point in neil lennon being at the ground. just send a memo saying same team and tactics



    its not as if he does anything during the game to change things anyway


    FRED COLON on 6TH DECEMBER 2020 2:50 PM


    Moderator 2







    Please delete the post which i will post at approximately 4.50 pm




    VERY funny lot’s wont get that Well lenny wouldn’t

  3. Great to see the police at parkhead… if you are a criminal in Glasgow. Cowards of a board , can’t take a bit of abuse. Never seen anything like it. I was at Douglas park when accies fans were chanting against the chairman. At half time he came into crowd to argue with them.. with no security

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Is everyone’s picture shite





    your viewing will become even shitier once the game starts



    but my picture is perfect so far

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    “subs on early doors.”








    aye right

  6. lets all do the huddle on 6th December 2020 2:57 pm



    “subs on early doors.”






    We’ll be three up at half time and that will facilitate the early subs.

  7. isn’t amazing that we are hoping and willing for a result other than winning by how many, an absolute shocking state of affairs.

  8. Hand of God,



    Cheers for getting back to me. I’m getting emotional at the thought of my daughter not believing in Santa after this year so I don’t know how I would survive what you and the other boys have gone through.




    Re the team – I think the team is crying out for some consistency of shape. Get a formation that will give us a couple up front and keep the same players in the same position at the back.


    All this chopping and changing from one week to the next must have the players wondering what the hell their role is.

  9. Can’t understand why some Supporters, just make smart ass negative posts just before a game as if to wind up their so called fellow Supporters.


    Right now I don’t give a f**k about the Huns, Milan or Ross County.


    Celtic are playing in a couple of minutes, I just want to enjoy the game, hopefully see Celtic play well & win the points.


    At this stage it looks like my best bet is to log off until game is over.



    A real pity I joined this blog to enhance my Celtic experience not to spoil it.

  10. What the F**** is he then He is not a keeper. Never moves.. Doesn’t look interest. Like a primadonna CF going in goals at fives. Bain makes howlers , sas every keeper does, but makes saves. Barkas never looks like he will make a save.

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    300th appearance for mcgregor


    600th appearance for brown



    i think thats just this season

  12. Till January my formation would be a




    With a rigid back four (no wing backs)


    Frimpong Ajer and Laxalt pushed forward into midfield


    and the best holding up front man.


    I know its boring and not the Celtic way


    and this is the system I would take to the bigotdome.

  13. Nice that Celtic want to keep fans away from the stadium. I am sure they will get that next season

  14. Hopefully Eddie is in mood today. and Christie hots shots on target. Hope Frimpong just plays the way he can and not be timid

  15. Celti TV.Dear God,does that idiot Gerry have any idea whats going on.A fekin idiot.


    Lennys team.Really.Bumming up Christie.Never a bad word said.Where is Soro ,is he not due a start.I give up.

  16. “Application Error


    The error occurred in the hosted application”



    For computer smart folk, does this mean the problem’s at my end or at the other end?

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