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  1. I’m totally confused.


    I’m watching, just tuned into the game on Celtic TV.


    It looks like it’s from Celtic park.


    What’s that all about, why are we at home first?


    Are we not seeded?


    Did I miss the away leg?


    Best wishes from Rosenheim.

  2. Dangerous corner but cleared. Now a free kick from left hand side just,outside the box.

  3. SOAL.



    Perhaps it’s Celtic waiting for me to get the wine ready before they score?

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    We should be a couple of goals up by now

  5. angelgabriel on

    Nothing against Armstrong but his mate GMS would be more effective in same position tonight.

  6. fan-a-tic



    20:26 on 15 July, 2015


    Our slowing play in last third is helping them






    Think we’re doing ok. I don’t see it as slow. Passing and movement is lively.



    In saying that, just got message from son at the game saying we have no urgency. What do I know.

  7. …..thanks………