Celtic visit last team to hurt them


Hibernian sit joint bottom of the SPL, above Dunfermline only on goal difference, but they have collected seven of their 19 points in the last four games and have not lost a goal in almost a month.  For all Hibs poor early season form, they were the last team to take a point from the league leaders.  No Celtic fan will need to be reminded that one of the 12 points Hibs earned in their first 21 league games of the season was won in a 0-0 draw at Celtic Park.  You suspect Neil Lennon will often use the word “complacency” in pre-match team-talks before playing bottom of the table teams, but no one in the Celtic team will need to hear this word today.

Come rain, hail or shine; win, draw or defeat, Celtic fans will stream into Easter Road today determined to have a party, but yesterday’s Kilmarnock will at Ibrox demonstrates how footballers don’t always read the script.

Three points today will be a huge achievement for Celtic.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Twitter………………………..Ice Cream van fully decked in Celtic colours on the M8 Edinburgh bound

  2. BSR and PF



    Re the colourful ‘former’ impresario…….



    It is exactly quotes like these, the morsels of bombastic arrogance that need serving right back at the Murray Preservation Society…



    Forget having the SFA review this mob, just ask the Directors of Ayr Utd…



    Case : Open…. and Shut!







  3. He will take all the heavy wieghts you got I ve got a man who will beat the whole lot he used to ring the bell in the belfrey now hes going fight jack dempsy. WHO IS IT EVERY ONE

  4. midfield maestro says:


    19 February, 2012 at 13:13


    Nice wee treble, another one due in May…



    One post only – so podium – Don’t be Hun like ie Too fecking greedy for you own good

  5. Afternoon bhoys (and girls) ,



    here’s to the first of many parties between now and May. May your tummies be sore and your sides (banana) split after much hilarity and partying.



    Hail Hail







    This site has always been a place for serious discussion of all things concerning Celtic and some of the contributions have been outstanding, but of late I have noticed an air of levity creeping in and the tone has been lowered somewhat markedly over the last week.



    I will hold my hand up and admit that I was caught up in this schadenfreude for a while but have managed to compose myself long enough to take stock and realise that the prospect of the second largest establishment in Scotland perhaps being lost to the nation is a serious matter.



    A matter that is worthy of more constructive discussion than just talk of ice-cream and jelly.



    Such a lowering of standards does us no favours and quite frankly is not Celtic class.



    So come on boys and girls raise the bar with the contributions.





    I will have to cut this post short as my ice-cream is melting and needs put in the fridge and I still have to get the party poppers and streamers from the shops.



    Does anyone know a good firework stockist? I need some of those big rockets that explode in colour bursts. Green and White of course. Sorry I have to go, got those giggles againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  7. row z \o/ (O) Truth 2012 (Truth? - You Can't Handle The Truth!) on




    I take that back. He’s neither big nor strong………in fact maybe he fails on all three?




  8. calabam says:



    19 February, 2012 at 13:14





    That’ll be Victor Wanyama!

  9. Celtic moved three point closer to the title yesterday but the hard work has to done by the team today. Come on the Celts!

  10. PF…..



    Didnae ken that aboot wee Spencey…………



    We’ll no haud it agin ‘im tho, eh???






    Right I’m away out to see some ‘Cork Kung-Fu’, otherwise known as Road Bowling…….


    Armagh are in town!



    Back for the gemme.

  11. Concentrate


    Eye on the Ball


    17 points clear by tea time





    for anyone having a punt today what about


    2.00 Ffos Las




    Very appropriate for the big houses current inhabitants.

  12. Would anyone here be willing to lose against Murderwell if it meant Der Hun losing 2nd spot? Heretical thought?




  13. If you offered Motherwell FC second just now they would not take it, their manager knows where his loyalties lie and damaging RFC is not one of them , not now not ever. Motherwell supporters never seem to question this.

  14. oh what a beautiful morning


    oh what a beautiful day


    I’ve got a beautiful feeling


    Rangers are going away.



    Party time at Easter Road.

  15. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Keep the tide turning.. Bigotry and bile is all they have at Ibrokes ..




    Enough about THEMS .. Let’s focus and cheer on Celtic today …



    Rejoice that we are Celtic supporters..



    Let the people sing…




  16. oglach , do you really think we need to ? They’re feeling the pressure just now.



    Killie set us up yesterday , we need to score and convert the potential 3 point gain to reality.



    We have 3 games before they play again – a 23 (that’s twenty-three in a Final Score stylee) point gap will be an absolute kick in the gonads and represent a 38 point swing since November 5.



    Big Nan , good point about complacency – if the ‘doomsday’ scenario for Scottish football comes to pass then EVERY game will be a cup-final because EVERY team will want the big scalp and will raise their play against us EVERY week.




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