Celtic’s headwinds


Let’s be honest, you and I were never completely comfortable facing Newco, or even old Rangers, with the wind at our backs and all indicators pointing green.  Celtic are at their best when they have the odds to fight against.  It has always been the case: Inter, not so much Feyenoord, Barca but not Molde.

When Neil Lennon eventually addresses his depleted squad after the Covid diagnoses of Odsonne Edouard, Nir Bitton and Hatem Elhamed, the enforced absence of Ryan Christie, the injury to James Forrest and who knows what after the remaining international fixtures and travel, he will not have a moment’s doubt.

Celtic are the champions because they flourish in headwinds.  Neil Lennon has now run out of fingers to count his league title wins, whereas others have no idea what it is like to win a league.  Despite being affected by Covid like no other club, there will not be a moment’ self-pity as the players prepare for Saturday.

There is frustration at the club that their safety protocols have not been matched by travel arrangements of various international teams, but that is a matter for official channels.  This is a confident squad of players who have what it takes to build league-winning campaigns.  I’m feeling OK about Saturday.

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  1. I’m hoping that the numbers being limitd by the day (no more please!) supports Neil’s decision-making.



    He’s been thinking about this game since late December 2019 and has hopefully bought players with this type of game in mind. I know he’ll be hungry to avoid a repeat and so expect him to be cautious rather than gung-ho against a very effectively deployed team with an increasing array of dangerous players beyond the fat Colombian.



    Players capable of retaining possession, breaking their high pressing game and capable of creative passing will be needed in my opinion – those with that in their locker are Ajer (best CH breaking from back), McGregor, Ntcham, Moi, Frimpong, Julien & hopefully Ajeti/Eddie partnership.



    Will we go 4-4-2 to counter their 4-3-3?



    Bring it in ya Hun bassas !!!




  2. “Neil Lennon has run out of fingers to count his league championships “ .


    Excellent, Paul. Thumbs up .



    My own thoughts turn to the Orcs and them not handling heightened expectations from their warped support.


    Make no mistake, they smell blood and more so they expect us to suffer a doing.



    Bring it on, huge chance for us to burst the sticky’s bubble.


    2 forwards up front will be a start, but I worry as much about John Beatons influence as anything else . Match their physicality and work rate , then the cream will rise , if Beaton allows it . HH

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Really should have posted this on last thread about EFL but only just found it.






    I quite like Ian Holloway.



    He’ll never ace it at the debating society but, at the risk of patronising, he has this almost “homespun” wisdom about him.



    Not afraid to speak his mind either.

  4. Sevco are ALL IN.



    A loss at the weekend will have catastrophic consequences. I firmly believe that.



    I think they gambled on Morellos transfer fee, funding their acquisitions and when that didn’t materialise they had ran out of road. Now its a £8m loan to keep the lights on and see them through to a first championship and a possible CL promised land.



    If Celtic go 5 points clear by Mid October, the pressure on Sevco will become intolerable, the early season “hope” will evaporate overnight . There’s not a bookie in the land that wouldn’t make Celtic long odds on for the league.



    Its a massive opportunity to inflict a potentially lethal blow.



    I sincerely believe we can deliver it.

  5. The Battered Bunnet on

    They use a ‘Christmas tree’ shape 4-3-2-1, the two behind the striker playing within the width of the penalty area. The width comes from the full backs.



    It means there are 5 midfielders playing narrow, and this has been very effective in matches against us recently.



    Lenny needs to find a shape and system that works against it, something he hasn’t managed yet. As Big Wavy notes, he’s had 10 months to think about it.

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TBB – agree. Were completely outplayed in December and largely outplayed in the league cup final, notwithstanding our goal and their inability to capitalise on us being a man down for half an hour. They swarmed all over our midfield, and we could not retain the ball for any amount of time.



    We had real squad selection issues then too – playing an unfit Moi being one of the problems at Hampden.






  7. Pingback: Celtic’s headwinds Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  8. BGFC – I asked where he heard it from. Should have maybe done that before posting.



    He has just said someone sent it that sometimes sends him team news ahead of teams being announced.



    I hope he is wrong.



    If we do have anymore call offs could we ask for game to be put back as its not the Clubs fault whilst players are on International duty??



    D :)

  9. They flood the midfield, get the ball wide to their 2 full backs , who deliver early into the box.



    Can’t say that I agree , that we were outplayed in league game in December.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘CELTIC IN CHAOS’ the SMSM scream as they tell their customer base what they want to hear.



    I wonder what they will say when the their beloveds from Govan can’t beat the team in ‘chaos’ on Saturday.



    Ram it down their throats, Bhoys.

  11. How do you get in on these juicy texts by the way?



    Mine are usually, “can you pick up the kids” or “we need some more cat food”….



    Missing texts csc

  12. All players are insured, what are insurance companies saying about them playing, particularly international travel games?

  13. We are really struggling to field an effective team if the Norwegians rumours are true.



    If Ajer, Bitton, Elhamed, Christie, Elynoussi, Forrest, Johnston Ajeti are all out



    We do have a team available






    Frimpong Julien Duffy Taylor



    Brown N’tcham Mcgregor



    Rogic Turnball
























    Dembele in reserve

  14. Ajer apparently pictured training with the Norwegians.



    If mischief-making can we bring back the birch for these feckers spreading heart-stopping rumours?

  15. Have no idea why people are not picking Laxsalt.Constant moans on nearly every blog very unjust,IMO,about Greg Taylor,yet in our biggest game for the 10 so far,they want to play him.Nothing against Greg but I would think Laxsalt is a couple of rungs above him in class,and experience.Obviously been training with Milan,and now us.With a full compliment,maybe I can see the point,but we need every bit of class we have on Saturday.That includes Griff.Oh,and Ajer on the right.For all we know,Eddy could arrive on Friday ,fit and ready if he has not had any effects,he will have been training on his own,already match fit.

  16. Kinda perverse how we still rely on a plucky underdog complex to see us over that – albeit improved – shower.


    We have outspent them massively and have a manager who’s kept our momentum going towards the 10.


    For once, why don’t we acknowledge our strengths, go on a stroll and smash them.


    Our omissions are replaceable, tho I think Nir coulda made a difference in the dig quotient.


    If we have a good squad – rather than just bodies – we’ll prove two things: We’re still champs elect and that our recruitment activity was genuinely good.

  17. TBB makes an excellent point at 12:59



    This needs to be fwdd to the Celtic coaching staff



    Their game plan is obvious yet effective

  18. PS My key concern over Laxsalt atm, is just communication and familiarity with his fellow backs; esp as Barkas, Tam, Nir, Duff and Ajer have all been away. Not unless Neil plans on a back 4 of Ralston, Jullien, Welsh and Laxalt?? Greg from the start, Diego to shore us up when we’re two clear.

  19. “TIMALOY29 on 13TH OCTOBER 2020 2:00 PM


    People really need to stop believing these texts.”



    Thay can believe them if they want but maybe they should wait for evidence before posting them.

  20. ” NOTTHEBUS on 13TH OCTOBER 2020 12:57 PM


    A loss at the weekend will have catastrophic consequences. I firmly believe that.”



    I read that and thought: Why do so many Tims feel the need to be negative about our team?


    I then realised that you were talking of Sevco, decided to post this to let you know that and only THEN did i see your `SEVCO are ALL IN. Headline.` !!



    I will be incredibly happy if we beat the but, with the Beaton factor, I feel a draw is likely.

  21. Big Wavy – Just had another juicy text :) saying sorry Ajer pictured training this morning.



    Sorry Bhoys, I will keep the auld texts to myself to stop me looking even more of a fool. :)



    D :)

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