Celtic’s purpose away in Europe, unprecedented SFA charges


You know the mantra: Give players an opportunity to fail and they will take it.  Don’t look ahead to a game by complaining about the pitch, the footballs, the weather or the referee (hmmm).  Don’t talk about having one eye on the next game, if you do, you have given players an excuse to pull up a little short.

Just because manager, Rini Coolen, told the world he would rest his striker and make early substitutions with an eye on Sunday’s Norwegian Cup Final, does not mean Rosenborg will be anything other than stiff opponents tonight, but at the margins, players need a hunger to push themselves to achieve great results.  Rosenborg might struggle for that motivation against Celtic.

Celtic also have a cup final on Sunday, but there is no looking forward yet.  We are very much still in the Europa League and a win tonight will ask questions of Leipzig, who face Salzburg away.

More than qualification, I want Celtic to start competing properly away from home in European tournaments.  Our record of 2 wins (both in the Champions League) from 60 group stage games on the road needs to be addressed.  We have to find the purpose that a burst Anderlecht team brought to Glasgow last year.

Rosenborg have accepted they are out of the tournament.  This will be our third game at the Lerkendal Stadion in 16 months.  It does not matter what happens in Salzburg, Celtic need a win tonight for its own sake.

Take note of what happens between Newco and the SFA after the club’s intemperate rant over a red card issued by Willie Collum.  Fans felt aggrieved and demanded the club stand up to the Association.  The club obliged with an indulgent but no doubt heartfelt statement.  I’m sure directors and PR officials enjoyed plaudits afterwards.

The SFA responded yesterday with a series of five charges unlike anything I have read before.   Charges are:

Indicating bias or incompetence in a match official.

Bringing the game into disrepute.

Failing to act in the best interests of Association Football.

Failing of the club to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play.

Failure to club officials to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play.

Did Willie Collum get the red card decision right?  It doesn’t matter, there is a cost to playing to the galleries as Newco found out yesterday.  No matter how many of your own people tell you you’re right, accusations of bias or incompetence will leave you isolated and a humiliated loser.  Football will close ranks.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

You can also expect referees to close ranks around Willie Collum.

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  1. It’s an omen ah tell ye!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. glendalystonsils on

    What a dilemma for our referees!



    Stick by Willie Collum , one of their own………or……….



    stick by Sevco , one of their own.

  3. Champions League Highlights on Italian tele –



    PSG -Liverpool .



    Italian pundit –



    ‘One more top class metronome plus protractor performance from the Little Owl Verratti. One more yellow card in a career littered with yellows and reds . He was lucky last night -it looked like a red to me . . He’s 26 and when he was at Pescara in his teens -Zeman -said this — ” he simply can’t tackle – I am working and failing at convincing him to leave the tackling to those who can” .. There’s still time to learn that lesson Marco ‘

  4. This Collum issue is a serious problem for everyone in Scottish football. Sevco are effectively saying they won’t accept being refereed by a Roman Catholic.


    The joke in this is that we probably have had more cause to despise him (and I do) over his career than they have had. They have utterly taken leave of their senses here. There’s a great phrase” is it really worth dying in the trenches over”. I think it’s apt here. All this over a contentious yellow card for dissent? Really?


    Sevco have heaped massive focus and pressure on Collum now. The Huns will rage at every decision he gives against them – more so if it’s in a game against us…..and will he even get the chance of a Glasgow Derby?


    What does poor Willie do now. Give them every 50/50 – and us nothing?



    At least it appears that the SFA have finally decided that enough is enough and have decided to rein this shower in. Not before time!

  5. Despise the hunbigots as I do, rightly or in this case, wrongly, the club went with the wishes of their fans. Grudging hats off. Just wish we would do more of the same!!!!




  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Surprised it took them so long to complain about officiating. Haven’t they been getting decisions going against them “for years”?

  7. Dear Paul,



    I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with any of your comments regarding the Sevco / SFA matter.



    However, if you are suggesting that is why Celtic choose to remain silent when legitimate issues around governance and such like need to be addressed, i would disagree. Sevco are run by lunatics, they have brought the game into disrepute and need to be punished to protect the integrity of the game. I do not believe it is appropriate to draw comparisons between that and for example, genuine concerns about the way the game is governed, administered and regulated. If Scottish football is not open to addressing such concerns and would close ranks, then that is also part of the problem. There is a big difference between indulging a lunatic fringe and doing the right thing by your supporters and shareholders.



    If you did not mean that then above still applies anyway.



    I wouldn’t get too exercised about the SFA stuff and Sevco. Its the SFA we are dealing with here. IF, and for me its a big IF, they decide the Sevconians are guilty of something, what are the chances of an effective punishment?







    the range of punishments will be used.



    10 point deduction for celtic and neil lennon to get a season long touchline ban.




  9. Powder being kept dry on this one until we see the punishment meted out to the huns……..



    as for Refs, haven’t seen or heard any o’ thum – rallying round the boul’ Wullie……..



    ….and wee Chic certainly hasn’t had his near vocal hernia on Shortie when discussing the issue with all and sundry…..




    Hmmmmmmm CSC




    ” and wee Chic ”



    Fond memory of seeing him and Hazel whatever her name is standing outside a ” Coffee ” place on Byres Rd ( roughly opposite where Woolies was ) .



    A passing wag ( who sadly wasn’t me ) couldn’t resist a loud _” She’s more of a man than you’ll ever be ya runt ” ( I’m sure it was runt -but you never know )

  11. S O T…………



    In Fitba’ terms, him and Fat Jum have helped make the Scottish game a hun cul-de-sac.



    The wee baldy chancer is a useful idiot for the wee arra peepil.



    Says it all about Shortie that he gets a shift there.



    Hell mend hum.




  12. Bada, I suspect you are correct…………and even if they do get fined, we’ll never find out if it gets paid and if asked ( Unlikely) Clarence will just bluff aboooot bullyin’ and red-tape, etc etc…




    Usual hun-guffery.




  13. I know you are not in agreement Paul, but the sooner king is gone along with his level5 guff, the better. They are a contaminant and have infected the whole of Scottish football and that includes us.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Hmmmm. What about a £5,000 fine, suspended until MoreLoss is sold for £13m.


    Or maybe no fans allowed in their next away game in the Scottish Cup?


    Or a two year ban from playing on their hover pitch?

  15. Paul67 et al



    Of course we have won games away from home in Europe, including this season, but with a few exceptions they have always been in the qualifiers. And not at the Acropolis. Can be done though, playing pretty well, got a handful of goalscorers and a pretty good record against the Vikings in recent times, and I am not just talking about playing in Dublin. My money, as always, on the Celts.

  16. The ‘charges’ against the huns are a sham,a trade off for the lack of bans the huns should have had,on the park,where it matters IMO

  17. Jobo


    Hot Smoked finished 11th ( of about 20). Here is the Sporting Life`s brief account of HS`s journey:



    `Always towards rear, tailed off 4 out op 66/1`



    There is a Stewards` Enquiry. They are wondering who the two shysters are who bet a total of £2 and brought the odds crashing down from an original high of 125/1 to a miserly 66/1.



    Unfortunately this is the reason they have charged sevco to give a semblance of balance.


    Fine will be paltry and unpaid.


    Refs on notice that any perceived wrong to sevco will see full wrath of mssm and no backing from authorities.


    Only in the best wee country.

  19. I think the new CO is due congratulations for finally (she’s only been in post about 3 months) taking Sevco on – more power to her elbows !!

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