City and PSG will be the last new European Champions


Last night Manchester City became the ninth UK club to reach the European Cup/Champions League final, where they will face either Real Madrid or Chelsea.  Of those who have reached this stage before them, only Leeds United and Arsenal are without a win in the tournament.

European football was more interesting in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.  Each of those decades saw four (90s), five (60s, 70s) or six (80s) clubs win their very their first European Cup.  That trend of variety has stopped.  Since Paul Lambert lifted the trophy with Borussia Dortmund in 1997 only Chelsea’s name has been added to the new winners’ list.  The football peak seems to have effectively closed to new entrants.

City and last night’s losers, Paris Saint-Germain are the obvious omissions from the list.  The petrodollars pouring into both of them, as well as Chelsea, makes their ascent to the top only a matter of time.  If City do not win this season, they will continue to spend until they do.  The same goes for PSG, both will win this decade.

Then, unless Uefa or the European Club Association can find some mettle, the door will finally close on new entrants.  The European Super League may have died but its ghost will live on to haunt aspiring European clubs.

Can you name all 9 European clubs?

A note on the comments’ section.  CQN is not the best place for anyone to demonstrate their inability to be respectful to others.  I have a ton of email (yet to respond, sorry) on this subject, if you cannot leave off the personal abuse, your account will be pulled.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Although they operate on a totally different plane from us … there are some parallels between Real Madrid and Celtic.



    Two teams who’ve run out of steam and come to the end of the line after a brilliant run of success.



    This Real Madrid squad grew together, matured together and are now over the hill together.



    They were a quite pitiful watch tonight.



    Not one player of pedigree in the 26 – 29 year bracket.



    Huge rebuild (similar to us) while carrying colossal debt (not similar to us).



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  2. If two teams from the same nation are left at the semis stage, they should be drawn against each other by default.



    Another euro final that’s just a glorified FA Cup final.



    HH jg

  3. Uncle Jimmy@9 14



    So in this present world are you telling me without these corrupt refs


    we would still be 23 points behind and sevco would finish every game


    with 11 players. I first saw Celtic in 1948 so i’ve been in the real world


    as you call it for a very long time now

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    The debt held by Madrid made the Super League imperative, nea luck to them😵😱😯

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Looks as if both European Finals will be comprised solely of EPL teams. Just tragic.






    Indeed Iniq.



    Or, alternately, Russian owned, Arab owned, US owned (x 2) potential finalists.



    Equally tragic.

  6. If I remember rightly, and emotions are difficult to pinpoint all these years on, my reaction, and those of many around, to the election of Bobby Sands as MP, in April 1981, was one of celebration…


    To his death. Sadness


    Neither of those have changed over time.

  7. quadrophenian on

    CORNELIUS – kudos for couple of great posts.


    Such insight, maturity & sensitivity couldn’t come from someone whose preference is for the nasty stuff.


    Generally, bitter abuse – even in writing – indicates a problem with the person, not w the subject of their attack.


    When I see some names posting – for eg – I know to scroll, scroll, scroll cos I know what I’m likely to get.



    Back @ old Glas Tech in 80s, we were going on about this guy, that yin and the other being arseholes.


    One bloke – Neilski – summed it all up profoundly with this line:


    ‘Everyone’s an arsehole some of the time – but you guys are my kinda arseholes’


    I never forgot that, but I now better know which ones to steer clear of when I meet them in life or online. HH

  8. GlasgowBhoy…………..



    Many thanks for the info, I’m going to check them out.






    CQN………..Cycling Quick News!




  9. Quadraohenian


    Glasgow Caledonian University if ye dont mind haha.jeez changed days new buildings all over the place.they fixed the lifts and put carpets in it.the old union was good furra swally.big gym for 5s.




  10. in ither news………..



    A good Tim and mate of mine ventures further into the outer reaches of cyber Timdom


    and he reports that the smaller fringe sites have regular ootbreaks of nuttery, and trolling nuggetry.



    TheGrassIsNoGreener CSC

  11. This blog is a paragon of virtue compared to some sites.



    The blog is in danger of emulating some of the wackiest elements of society where they are offended by everything.



    Actually I’m offended by those offended by everything.



    Sticks and stones.

  12. fourstonecoppi on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 5TH MAY 2021 10:45 PM



    ‘the smaller fringe sites have regular ootbreaks of nuttery, and trolling nuggetry’.



    Ha Ha ..brilliant nuttery and nuggetry good one ha ha!



    ah’ll get ma coat.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Off to bed.



    When the blog gets a bit too emotional you could do worse than periodically checking out Swiss Ramble on Twitter.



    A proper antidote to all the angst.



    Detached, factual, always interesting.



    Having looked at his latest offerings, two things jumped out.



    1. Despite our awful season I’m so glad we have very little debt and no floating charges over our stadium. Some of these top clubs are in serious financial trouble.



    2. Sale and leaseback. Is there a single example in the history of capitalism of this delivering any long term benefit? Crazy.



    Night all.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  14. Sale and lease back is a standard operating model for long term owned property that are worth more than the business or on land that is worth more than the business.




    Often used to inject capital into an ongoing concern

  15. Many many distressed business have refinanced successfully after selling the owned property to stay afloat.



    Rangers did not.

  16. QUADROPHENIAN on 5TH MAY 2021 10:33 PM



    Thanks for your comments even tho I’m a bit embarrassed.


    Those qualities you mentioned are not among those that my wife would suggest.



    Talking of which, Mrs Cornelius had a heart attack on Saturday night.


    While watching television of all things.


    She was in the car 4 minutes later and in the ER 10 minutes after that.


    Turns out she had a SCAD – Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, although I suspect that it’s called something else in the UK.


    She’s a very slim person who eats like a sparrow and always the healthy stuff.


    She walks 50 miles a week & looks the least likely heart attack candidate imaginable.



    Turns out it’s not just narrowing of the arteries that brings on heart attacks.


    She had a tear in the lining of her left anterior descending artery that led to blood forming a bubble that blocked things, leading to the heart malfunction.



    She’s now on medication for life and a considerably altered lifestyle – as am I apparently now. :o)))



    Here’s a link to the condition from the Mayo Clinic.






    Get your annual check ups lined up.








    Excellent points made in a good post.



    There were times during the first decade of this century after Martin O’Neil’s tenure, when there was a pandemonium & sometimes boiling anger among certain elements within our support because we were not following the Ibrox ‘live now pay later’ model. Times when Peter Lawwell & the Board were taking as much, if not more, flak than they are getting now, after our horrendously disappointing season.



    We held firm in those days in the run up to 2011/12. We ensured our house was in order, lived within our means, and paid all our bills. We reaped the benefits big time.



    Rangers FC crashed & burned in a most humiliating way, and we went on to enjoy the second most successful football period in our history and, became the greatest financial success ever in Scottish sport.



    We have had one bad season in ten – a sore season where we could have added 10iar to our history-making quadruple treble in domestic competitions. Everyone is shocked & bewildered at the level of performance on the field of play.



    We have a massive rebuild ahead, but we do it from an honourable position. We have a club that is run honestly with unquestionable financial probity. Mistakes and errors of judgement have have been made in the last ten years – they have been, in my opinion. ‘honest mistakes’ made by Celtic people who believed that they were doing the right thing at the time. We did not, unlike others, set a path to win at all costs and under any circumstances.



    We can hold our heads high as we move to a new era – yes we have been beaten, but we live to fight another day with a clear conscience and our dignity intact.

  18. CORNELIUS on 6TH MAY 2021 12:31 AM



    I wish your wife a good and speedy recovery. Apart from her physical health, her confidence will have taken a battering. I had an ‘out of the blue’ heart episode during the last year although not as serious as your wife’s, so I know how it can affect you.



    I have enjoyed your recent and very erudite posts – keep it up. God bless you both HH.

  19. Westcraigs, you just broke one of the unwritten cardinal rules of this blog. There are certain non Celtic-related, non football-related topics posted on here that you cannot/should not/must not question…..

  20. quadrophenian on

    CORNELIUS on 6TH MAY 2021 12:31 AM



    Well, I like to think I recognise fair-minded posts when I see them.


    Mrs Quadro will, similarly, contest that I don’t always live up to my ideals – but she’s patient with me ;)



    Sad to learn of your wife’s attack; sending all of you the very best for effective recovery.



  21. JHB & Quadrophenian



    Thanks for your good wishes.


    We’re 48 years married & happier than ever, so we just laugh at most of what life throws at us.


    We DO take our health seriously but try to find humour where we can.



    Take Care & HH

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