Cluj, give Jullien a run, Ian Holloway


They may have ejected Celtic from the Champions League, but Cluj did not have the look of genuine contenders for the group stage.  They lost 0-1 at home to Slavia Prague last night, with Masopust (no relation) getting the goal.  The Romanians will almost certainly drop to the Europa League.

AIK arrive in Glasgow today smarting from their home defeat on Sunday.  Scouts from both Celtic and AIK will have taken in each other’s games at the weekend, but it is unlikely much of consequence was learned, or at least, I hope AIK learned little about Celtic.

Whatever reasons lay behind Neil Lennon’s team selections at home to Cluj, Boli Bolingoli and Christopher Jullien both have an additional 90 minutes under their belts, so are more likely to make the line-up, especially if concerns remain about Kristofer Ajer’s shoulder injury.  I know this is not a universal feeling, but I want Jullien to be given a run in the team.  We have scouted this player, there is more to come than we have seen.

Ian Holloway’s comments, where he blamed the EU for football’s new handball rule is a perfect metaphor for our time and the entire Brexit debate.  The world is full of clowns who believe simple answers exist to complex problems.  No weight of logic will shift them, and they are not limited to the Brexit loons, football problems are easy to solve, just ask anyone with no experience.

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  1. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 21ST AUGUST 2019 12:16 PM






    Sorry, no, it’s not related to you, in any way, apologies


    I should have made 2 posts, instead of lumping it together.

  2. Julien showed on Saturday that Lennon got at least one selection decision correct against Cluj. He looked no where near ready to play domestic football let alone European. Simunovic and Ajer is the preferred pairing and if Ajer is injured then it wouldn’t surprise me to see Bitton beside Jozo.


    I would play Boli but don’t think the manager will. Nothing’s changed from him not trusting him last week. It’ll probably be McGregor at left back again (that wasn’t a problem according to the manager and worked well) or Hayes.


    We could have signed Meling & Taylor back in June for a combined fee similar to that we paid for Bolingoli.

  3. Holloway is a moron but appearing to offer him up as an excuse for our dysfunctionality is almost as bad. And that takes some doing. If this is the thinking behind the scenes then I’m afraid we should really fear the worst.

  4. traditionalist88 on




    quickly changed your message from last week following the Cluj debacle! Many of us have defended the club and highlighted the difficulties in securing players but it is clear we should be doing a LOT better than we are.



    Clubs like Cluj and AEK are highly susceptible to losing players as well yet did not resemble a patchworked mess during our encounters.



    We are constantly told planning is all done around our biggest games of the season in July and August yet with us nearing September and the close of the transfer window we are still scrambling around for potentially 3/4 players?




  5. glendalystonsils on

    Depends what you mean by ‘no experience’ Paul. Gordon Strachan’s opinion is that anyone who hasn’t played football at a very high level doesn’t really understand the game and is therefore not qualified to comment.


    I have only ever played at a very minor level and even then , not very well , and I suspect it’s the same for most fans. Like most fans however , including many who post on here , I have been watching Celtic for long enough know a problem when I see one.

  6. The old “complexity” argument again … I’ve heard this shampoo before.



    I once described snooker as being “complex.” And when you think about it, it is. If you consider it rationally the game requires a masters degree understanding of geometry, combined with a keen comprehension of physics. How hard you have to hit the ball to get it to move up the felt, how hard to make another ball move, the exact point at which to strike it to send it crashing into another ball, and the exact position you need to hit that in order to get it to do what you want.



    Complex stuff. It is not a surprise that only a handful of players are good enough to make the top tier. They are clearly vastly more intellligent and possessed of more brainpower than the rest of us, right?



    But we’ve seen snooker players. We’ve heard them get interviewed. A lot them would be mopping floors if they weren’t good at holding a cue.



    The truth is, snooker is a basic game that requires a certain degree of skill … and of course an understanding of physics and geometary isn’t needed at all. It’s just that I am completely unable to play it and couldn’t make a decent fist of it if my life and the lives of everyone I knew depended on it.



    To me it’s complex, but let me tell you, if you’ve ever seen me trying to play you’ll know that it’s nowhere near as complex as I make it look.

  7. James Forrest



    The way I read the article the Brexit “loons” comment, is talking about those who think there are simple answers to complex questions, like Brexit, rather than a dig at anyone who voted for Brexit.



    I would point that one at ALL politicians, who are self serving @rseholes in the main.

  8. HeknowsWHOknows on

    We have contingency plans in place if the worst case scenario happens.




  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    There’s nothing complex about our recruitment process it seems, there doesnt seem to be one and the crimes of all crimes is that we have never learned from all the other debacles during the transfer windows.

  10. DAVID66 on 21ST AUGUST 2019 7:33 AM


    Good morning CQN from a more than usual damp Garngad




    If you still need a plumber Four Green Fields of this parish might be able to help you or certainly advise you. He seldom posts these days but a few on here have his contact details including me.

  11. Paul67



    Yip, unleash the BIG summer signings, after all, we’re safely out of the CL and Jullien has be trying to get up to speed since June.



    Nearly given up on transfers and concluded there is nothing worse as a Celtic fan, as paying too close an attention, to the transfer window and the finances of the club.



    Celtic have plainly run fresh out of excuses for not signing players, from the moment they appointed Brendan Rodgers three seasons ago and then topped up ‘Neil Lennons’ warchest with an inevitable but unnecessary sale of Kieran Tierney.



    Indefensible that unique resources are stockpiled, to later disappear into the ether. Not only are we not signing players, we’re not even scouting them it seems?



    The Celtic standard managerial phrase is,



    “ The board have been great with me “



    Well you would say that wouldn’t you?



    Get the chequebook out CSC

  12. HeknowsWHOknows on

    The saddest part for me is that it’s so obvious that the squads needs a quality top up yet the board make an @rse of it again.



    It won’t change and its a sore one.




  13. I think we need a Director of Football to take football matters away from our Director of Micromanagement and Control Freakery. But what would I know?

  14. Paul 67,



    If ordinary people find it difficult to comprehend the complexities of Brexit, wait until they navigate the complexities of joining a union. Get a load of the ” Copenhagen Criteria”.


    Makes understanding Var decisions easy peasy. Maybe not for Ian Holloway though.




  15. I haven’t read anything on zombie media for weeks.



    That isn’t a good sign.



    Hopefully be able to return next Sunday.



    HH. 🍀

  16. Re recruitment inactivity are the club, in fact, still blithely pursuing a ‘wait and see’ policy?


    I.e. how we go against Aw Ee Kaw will depend on how much – or if at all – we will bolster the squad.


    Despite all the girning, I still think we have the best players in the country; if domestic bliss is the focus.


    (We do need total unity from coaches to team for them to do the bizo)


    But if Europa success is really in the club’s sights, we do need min 3; full-back, strong midfielder and a fox in the box with a good head on him.


    Timing, they say, is everything.

  17. Paul 67


    What is the structure of our scouting and recruitment department, just a simple flow chart or explanation of it will suffice, with the job titles rather than names will do, or does it not exist hasn’t existed for many years and someone takes this responsibilty as he thinks this is in his remit?


    If any other club in the SPFL had the funds we have and think of themselves principally as a football club first above anything else be in the mess we are in, no harm to the laddie who has joined but where is he and the rest of non first team players going to get games? We are in a total mess and the CEO has to be held accountable for this shambles as he is head of the club.

  18. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    We’re only as strong as our weakest link. we know that if injury takes our ‘better than the rest players’ off the park, the resulting change in shape and positions can make us easy to defend and pick off – much of BR’s away form last year – I don’t think lennie will let that happen again but sweet jesus the board are playing it close.

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Apart from the deniability of accountability the most galling insult we will be served up, for this total balls up, will be…………………………………………..



    Its someone else’s fault or a big bhoy done it and ran away



    You get the impression, sometimes, that they are actually working against the supporters instead of trying to get us on board, you would think getting us all on board would be a requisite or even just a good idea

  20. My friends in Celtic,



    Thursday night is a mega game. European football is one of the only ways we can gauge progress on the park.



    Off the field it can be viewed as a fans barometer.


    It is soooooooooooo important.



    HH to all.

  21. Years ago I heard a Liverpool fan on the radio saying how the guy that sat next to him, when he heard Jamie Redknapp was starting, would get up and leave. Makes me laugh every time I think about that scenario.


    If, as Gary67 suggests , Calmac starts at left back tomorrow I might do the same.

  22. but I want Jullien to be given a run in the team. We have scouted this player, there is more to come than we have seen.



    who is the ‘we’ that scouted this player?

  23. “The world is full of clowns who believe simple answers exist to complex problems”.



    I’m amazed Holloway doesn’t know that the Blockchain is the answer to the handball problem.

  24. but I want Jullien to be given a run in the team. We have scouted this player, there is more to come than we have seen.







    who is the ‘we’ that scouted this player?



    On Le Sportscene…….?

  25. Paul67


    So I’m a loon – I don’t need to come on here to be insulted


    Extremely disappointed – expected better

  26. JAMES FORREST on 21ST AUGUST 2019 @ 12:37 PM



    I think I know why you are rubbish at snooker. You think you are playing on felt rather than baize.



    “Felt is a lightweight fabric made from matted fibres of either wool or a synthetic. Being matted rather than held together in a tight weave, the fibres easily fluff up or ‘pill’ if rubbed. On the other hand, baize is a strong, dense and hard-wearing fabric made from woven strands of wool. If you look closely at baize, you’ll see it has a warp and a weft”.

  27. Like Groundhog Day on here.Same old,same old.How coming on here and rehashing the same old guff,is going to change things,I have no idea.We just signed one of the brightest stars,ROI,has unearthed in yonks,and one mention.I was informed last week by the Irish contingent here,that the ROI young goalkeeper we signed is fantastic.Did it even register on here.On the Afolabi signing,I see the brain dead moronic Celtic fans who inhabit the world of Twitter,have come up with some welcoming words.”Eff of Celtic,its a RB we need”.Many saying the same.


    A wee rest required,until the script is changed.Or Celtic get the finger out with new signings.Hard to say which is favourite.Hope ,at least we all enjoy tomorrow night.

  28. Go tell the Spartim on

    The other nugget of a soundbite



    “All the money will be reinvested in the club”



    We soon learned it wasnt necessarily the first team, but maybe we could see the benefits to the matchday experience, now it just sits in a bank still waiting to be reinvested.