Cole, Kazim-Richards, keeping the receipt


“News” broke this morning that Carlton Cole has left Celtic. Next they’ll be telling us the Berlin Wall has fallen.

Carlton had ‘left the building’ some time ago. Last month I asked about him in unflattering terms “Didn’t look like a Celtic player on paper or on the field, so why did we sign him?”. He was a pay-as-you-play punt, available to sign between transfer windows. If he could cut it, he’d get a game and be paid, if not, he wouldn’t cost a penny.

He didn’t work out (of course), but there’s no real harm in taking punts like this. I suspect Celtic also had a break option in Colin Kazim-Richards contract which allowed them to encourage him out of town this month. He was another bizarre looking signing who didn’t work out, but unlike Carlton, at least we got the odd shift out of Colin.

Don’t look for top-level strategy in all this but you’ll find a low-level strategy known at Celtic Park as ‘Keep the receipt” business. Get them in, get an option to make the move permanent, but give yourself an out, in case the warning signs have substance.

In short, the Carlton Cole-Colin Kazim-Richards strategy looks indiscriminate but it’s not really. Making transfer mistakes is a problem for all, but if you’re going to do it, and every club does, make cheap mistakes.

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  1. Finally a win for Roy at a major tourney.


    This is the clown that paid 5 mill for Christian Dailly!!. Ffs.



    Rooney is no stevie G!, get him back up front, there again keep him in midfield roy!.

  2. Bale a huge disappointment again. Thought he was poor v Slovakia and was worse today.

  3. Damo: I’m just telling you the version my Welsh professor told me:-)



    An Tearmann: None of the languages we speak on these islands are ‘pure’ in the sense that they have not been influenced by other languages. English has had a huge influence on the Celtic languages but in turn the Celtic languages have had some influence on English.



    Modern English itself has been heavily influenced by other European languages so studying the various connections and influences is fascinating imo.



    Btw, the word ‘Scot’ was the Latin for an Irish person.

  4. Geordie Munro on

    “Finally a win for Roy at a major tourney”






    Aye with that shower.




  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    What evidence ?


    What consensus of opinion ? Whose opinion ?


    All absolute bunkum


    No one has ever left the EU before, so there can be no known outcome or consensus except for those who wish to align behind one opinion or the other. Consensus would normally be across the divide, where is your evidence that states both sides agree on this, you are trying to make a lie into an accepted fact there is no consensus that is why the is a referendum taking place, unrestricted travel is one of the main reasons behind the bloody referendum ffs. People are afraid and that is down to governments scaremongering on security issues and this is the result, isolationism.


    Consensus my arse.


    As I said at the very start of my reason for supporting Brexit, Turkey, is and should be enough for people to walk away, what is your opinion on that ? I’ve followed your agenda all day, even though you made it tangential and a moving target. Answer one of mine, Turkey in the EC, is it an important enough factor for people to decide if Europe is where they want to be ?

  6. Been quite a few last minute goals in this tournament, that used to the Celtic way!! H H Hebcelt

  7. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Without being regional about migrants coming to live in the UK – unless you live in London the effect is minimal


    London bears the brunt of the volume


    I have no problem with people (migrants make them sound illegal) coming to live in the UK – but I do have a problem with the an uncontrolled amount of people moving to the UK and benefiting from our state benefits without first contributing


    And on the EU in or out – at the moment my decision is based on who I think is lying the least – and that’s out – even though every piece of economic info says we should stay in



  8. Canamalar – the answer to your question is ‘no its not a good enough reason’.



    They aren’t joining any time soon and even if they do the ridiculous numbers quoted are not coming to the UK.



    There may be good reasons to vote out but that’s not one of them.



    George monbiot put it quite well in the guardian today. It’s worth consideration.



    Remain is the lesser of two evils.

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    With my recent “Rambo”, and remembering “Jakesgang” I’m gonna compile a list of Autocorrect posters names. Will get back to yooz :)

  10. Incredible news about Jo Cox.



    Wonder what the Sheriff who thought it was right not to jail the guy why charged at Labour candidate in Barrhead with a chainsaw shouting “Red Tory”, is thinking about today.



    He should be examining his conscience and hanging his head in shame.




    I take it you believe we’d get a trade deal that no other country has got then? We’d get access without accepting free movement of EU citizens.



    I think that’s highly unlikely I’m afraid.





    ‘No one has ever left the EU before’






    1. If the UK leaves the EU it will no longer be a member of the EU.



    2. It will therefore be in exactly the same position as a country that has never been a member of the EU. Like, say, Norway.



    3. If the UK is no longer a member of the EU it will have to decide whether it wants to trade with the EU.



    4. I’m assuming the UK would want to be part of the European Economic Area. I think everyone else is assuming the same.



    5. In that eventuality the UK would be in exactly the same position as Norway and I’d suggest it would be treated exactly the same as Norway.



    6. You prefer to believe otherwise, though you have adduced nothing to suggest your belief is anything other than a fantasy.




    I have the Family Package and I have STV HD do you have a SKY +HD box as that may be the solution.

  14. A sister in a dysfunctional European family if we remain.



    America’s bitch if we leave.



    I’m not leaving one bad relationship for an abusive manipulator who genuinely calls all the shots.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    That’s your opinion, and ill informed as it may be it’s your right to have it, my issue is nothing to do with numbers coming, my issue is aligning with a community that believes Turkey is a worthy addition to that community.


    If you want to make an issue about numbers though, how do you know the quantities heading to the UK, remember there will be no limits so once your in, that’s it end off, you have zero control. If they decide they want to send ISIS to the UK they simply give them a Turkish passport and job done.


    As for timescale, another one who makes claims without any knowledge, Turkey could be members of the EU within as little as ten years, I’m getting to the age that ten tears is soon.

  16. John mcdonnell put it well – this is a right wing tory Brexit. It will be a disaster for the working classes.



    Made me laugh to read Beefhearts new found love for the little man!!

  17. BT


    Sad story. Don’t realise how lucky we are and we persist in arguing how many angels we can get on a pinhead.


    May the soul of Sean rest in peace and may his family be kept warm in the glow of his memory.



  18. Canamalar – can you explain to me how it is an eu immigrant could undercut me, given that he’s got to live in the same country and pay the same taxes. Assuming that he’s got to have the same experience level as me to do my job, the chances are he’ll be in roughly the same boat as me with family etc.



    Let’s say he’s not though and therefore has fewer financial responsibilities. His ability to undercut me is exactly the same as any single, childless Scottish person.



    Also employers can’t legally pay below the minimum wage (and let’s bypass the arguments on that for the sake of this discussion). So if EU migrants are prepared to work for those wages and can do so, why can’t UK citizens? If the chose not to, it’s not the EU person stealing a job from them.



    In all walks of life you get paid what the market thinks you are worth. A few years ago a developer with my experience would probably be on a much higher relative wage, there’s way more of us now though so we’re not as in demand and therefore wages are down. That’s just the way it goes. You cut your cloth accordingly.

  19. Tambourine Bhoy of 1967 on




    You’re a bit further north than myself…. hope you have yer wellies prepared! :)



    Surely we’ll have our t-shirts before the weekend.



    …. Trying to explain to friends (fitba fans included) what the cause is…. I’ll fight for the cause and spread the message, and I hope folks with more influence than me will do the same…. and give the Res12 guys credit and a break. We all can do our bit. Share the message. Accept the puzzled looks. Accept being called ‘paranoid’ and aconspiracy theorist. No matter. Share it. This is too big to turn a blind eye to. It’s more than football. It’s more than most know.



    NEVER let a lie slip away. Ever







    …….. for some reason, I have a fecking letter pops up while typing and I can’t delete it! It was an ‘L’ before and now it’s this ‘r’r…… aye, that one. WTF.




  20. Canamalar. – What passports did the 7/7 bombers hold? The bataclan murderers? Shall I go on?



    I have little time for the turks and their repressive govt but you need to come up with better arguments than that.



    You asked if turkey was good enough reason to leave. The answer remains no. You need to explain how it is a good reason amd how it isn’t a red herring.




    If you enter Services via your remote then select Customise you can highlight all HD programs they will


    then be easy to find on the channel menu.

  22. On the plus side Canamalar – it’s the type of arguments you’re making that has a lot of us on the left motivated to actually vote. A month back I wasn’t bothering – rich man’s argument I thought, damned either way….. Now I’m voting early and often!!!!

  23. JUDE2005 IS NEIL LENNON \O/ on 16TH JUNE 2016 4:44 PM









    Yesterday she was present at the Remain demonstration in London. She was with her husband and two young children.



    Today in her constituency she has been shot and stabbed by someone who is reported to have shouted ‘Britain First’ as he carried out the attack.



    It looks like she is now fighting for her life.

  24. ROBERTTRESSELL on 16TH JUNE 2016 4:45 PM



    I was quite interested by Paul Mason’s argument that the EU will disintegrate naturally, and while he’s generally not in favour of it, he said he’d probably vote Remain because he didn’t want control of Brexit handed to the Right, which is where it is just now.

  25. Shocking news that a guy shouting “This is for Britain” guns downs, stabs and kicks an MP at her surgery.



    Jo Cox wishing you a speedy recovery, God Bless

  26. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove as the faces of the leave campaign, two people you could never get tired punching………..



    Add in Ngel Farage……………

  27. Have UEFA been officially informed of Res 12 or are we assuming cognisance via the Ad?




  28. Zbyszek


    I can almost guarantee that there will be some on here who prefer those in the second photo 0:-))




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