CQN Golf Day goes Kano


Taggsybhoy and BlantyreKev are again organising the CQN Golf Day, as they have every year bar the last two, since 2005.  Details are:

‘This year’s golf day will fall a little later than past years on Friday September 2nd.   For the seventeenth time it will again be at our perennial golfing home, Aberdour Golf Club.

As ever demand for places is likely to be greater than supply so if you would like to express your interest please email John and Kevin at cqngolf@gmail.com  The cost for the whole day is £85 and includes breakfast roll, your round of golf and meal afterwards.

This year the CQN golf day will be taking part in the inaugural worldwide Kano Golf Event which is on that very day, 2nd September, and the Kano Foundation will be the recipients of our charitable efforts.   More details will follow on how we plan to shake the day up a little while keeping that long established Celtic spirit in play.

All the best,
Kevin and John’

Kano was one of the original CQNers.  It is great to participate in events bearing his name, which are a legacy of people who moved mountains back in the day.  Hope to see you there.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sid- both players have good pace and movement, i think it might be horses for courses,some games both,others can spell them,2 totally different strikers,which gives us options.

  2. TheLurkinTim on

    Sid…pretty sure Jota, Maeda and Kyogo can all interchange, Gmak and Kyogo can interchange…am sure Ange is looking forward to that particular dilemas ;-))




  3. Sean T


    Like most I know family and friends deeply affected by the scourge that is cancer.


    Indeed, many footballers have suffered from this dreadful disease.


    Quite why the Record have decided to have daily puff pieces about the former rangers goalkeeper, only they can justify.


    It seems out of sync. They had 6 x separate articles on a single day.


    Presumably the same paper will continue to describe Alek Tonev as ‘controversial ‘ and will embrace anti racism in the months to come.


    All very contrived.

  4. Bada Bing



    So you reckon he’ll change the system for certain games to accommodate both, something he’s not done yet?


    I definitely see it as a conundrum because both deserve to play but for the big games their is no way they play together if everyone is fit. Kyogo makes it into our first eleven playing through the middle but not as a wide man, certainly couldn’t do the defensive work of Maeda which you need in the big games.

  5. SID @ 6:01 PM,



    Yes, it seemed a strange one, not that I’m claiming any insight, for me he seemed a tidy enough player, but defensive midfield!?



    When I heard we were getting a DM from Bolton Wanderers for a song I was looking forward to seeing the guy – when Lenny couldn’t remember him from his time there my thoughts were – who signed him then!?



    As you say wishing the lad nothing but good luck in his career.



    Hail Hail

  6. Turkeybhoy .thanks for your reply . . Urogohide I would give a chance too look at the job ange has done with tony ralston , I appreciate ange put him out on loan I did think he had a bit to go but Maybe worth another chance . HH

  7. CHAIRBHOY on 3RD JUNE 2022 7:30 PM



    “– when Lenny couldn’t remember him from his time there my thoughts were – who signed him then!?”




    Luca Connell was 14 when Lenny left Bolton

  8. I think it is a problem for Ange.Whoever,you are losing out probaly 25-30 goals a season.


    We played with Henke,Sutton Hartson,in the past,regularly together.


    There has to be a way to play both.

  9. Ernie,


    I heard a rumour that you got an OBE from the Queen,in the honours list.

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Laurieston Bar. Bridge Street looks bonny in the sunshine. I may be taking that too far.

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I believe the club is one centre forward short of requirements at present. A goal hungry leader who runs, knocks over centre backs and is comfortable operating at the pace of international football.



    Such a signing with Jota and CCV joining up would be job done for the transfer window. Strike force of new guy, Kyogo, GG and Maeda as the fill in occasionally. Ajeti’s ship has sailed.



    New full backs, centre backs, centre-mids, wingers are all frippery for Celtic. Have goal scoring strikers ready to play and everyone else will do what’s needed.



    It goes without mention, I’m not a sophisticated student of moderrn analytics.

  12. BRRB,



    I thought you would be partying with Jonny Depp in the Record Factory on Byres Rd. Mrs GP is gobsmacked and thinks she is Anne Bonny.



    I would love the picture of ” Who’s that with BRRB”






    PS : I am on Amber’s team.

  13. Holland battering Belgium,4-0 now.Manager could be in trouble.Done nothing with masses of talent.

  14. Always looking to improve and I think the quickest easiest way for this team to improve is to add more quality at left back and legs and athleticism in the midfield.


    Someone who never stops if you like.



    We are underachieving in Europe because of the midfield imo.

  15. Jinkyredstar on

    St Stivs from earlier



    I watched the launch in 1962, same year I first went to Parkhead to see the bhoys.



    Inverclyde Council couldn’t find a hole in a fishing net, total disgrace.



    I’m happy to get involved

  16. CELTIC40ME @ 7:57 PM,



    Once again you twist and (deliberately) misconstrue the point; Celtic’s announcement…



    CELTIC are delighted to announce the signing of highly-rated Republic of Ireland youngster, Luca Connell, who joins the club on a four-year deal.



    The versatile 18-year-old midfielder joins the Scottish Champions after progressing through Bolton Wanderers’ youth ranks before breaking into the senior side during the second half of last season.



    Ok, this great young prospect came from Bolton Wanderers and it wasn’t reasonable to think Lenny would have been known him!?



    Pointed the scouts in his direction!?



    Further, Lenny didn’t acknowledge that he knew of his progress since Lenny had left Bolton, the opposite in fact.



    So, who signed him.



    Hail Hail

  17. CHAIRBHOY on 3RD JUNE 2022 10:44 PM



    “Ok, this great young prospect came from Bolton Wanderers and it wasn’t reasonable to think Lenny would have been known him!?”



    But you said earlier he wasn’t known to him!?



    “Further, Lenny didn’t acknowledge that he knew of his progress since Lenny had left Bolton, the opposite in fact.”



    So to sum up your argument: Lenny didn’t acknowledge that he knew of the progress of a player who he didn’t remember from his time there. In fact the opposite of that is true.

  18. TB



    my old man 87 still goes away on but always brings back currency but with covid last two years stuck with Euros and Turkish LIra for a couple of years. Always trying to offload on me :-)



    This year


    Bodo no Dad Kroner or similar


    Lithuania take some dad


    Prague no dad no euros



    Last week


    Spain Take rest of your euros but Feck no Turkish Lira



    Told him his Lira are now worth about 1/3 what he paid



    ps he has more money than i have X10






    TURKEYBHOY on 3RD JUNE 2022 5:36 PM









    Yes,Turkeybhoy will do,thanks.The megalomaniac running the country,is using this gigantic Squirrel to turn peoples,Turks,attention away from the colossal fek up he has made of their economy.Real figure inflation nearly in treble figures.No idea how normal Turks live.Does not affect me,because whichever way he turns,I benefit.





    Just an example.Mrs TB bought a brand new car 4 years ago.140,000 Lira.Same car,second hand today,same mileage,400,000 Lira.Madness.





    But its Turkyie now,so no worries.

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