CQN Golf Day goes Kano


Taggsybhoy and BlantyreKev are again organising the CQN Golf Day, as they have every year bar the last two, since 2005.  Details are:

‘This year’s golf day will fall a little later than past years on Friday September 2nd.   For the seventeenth time it will again be at our perennial golfing home, Aberdour Golf Club.

As ever demand for places is likely to be greater than supply so if you would like to express your interest please email John and Kevin at cqngolf@gmail.com  The cost for the whole day is £85 and includes breakfast roll, your round of golf and meal afterwards.

This year the CQN golf day will be taking part in the inaugural worldwide Kano Golf Event which is on that very day, 2nd September, and the Kano Foundation will be the recipients of our charitable efforts.   More details will follow on how we plan to shake the day up a little while keeping that long established Celtic spirit in play.

All the best,
Kevin and John’

Kano was one of the original CQNers.  It is great to participate in events bearing his name, which are a legacy of people who moved mountains back in the day.  Hope to see you there.

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  1. I hope Ange utilises the element of surprise as we go into the CL group stage.



    Our Exceptional Captain must be the maist over played player in Top Class fitba over the past 5 years. Callum deserves the time allowed this pre-season to really recharge the batteries. Looking forward to seeing the new signings, Leftfield signings are all good with me.




  2. Johnny its Hail Hail…………………..






    Reading the magnitude of some of the Teams that our 1967 team beat on the BBC website, wow, respect.



    What hun SMSM media muppet said if Sevco beat Eintracht Frankfurt it would surpass the Lions? What gear is the dude hooked on coming out with that?



    He could make a fortune selling it. Unfortunately.

  3. Joe Deacon and Billy Reid couldnae mix Vinyl at all but they played absolute banging Sonics in Saltcoats.






    I wish I’d seen Bobby in full flight.



    Being the biggie still to this Davie Hay – Davie Hay I loved as Manager.



    Seeing a swallow fly like it did reminded me why I don’t like McDonald Seagulls. Majestic the artistry, such a shame so many urnae about…… when my Son was playing in Oban (long time ago now) there were Swifts (GRRR that acronym), swallows and unfortunately not housemartins flying about like normal like when I was a kid.



    Honestly these Birds are the maist marvellous of birds and the Bullies have chased them.

  4. Sláinte Ange on

    Nothing to do with Celtic but….


    Ringo Starr has received an honorary doctorate from the Berklee Academy of Music in Boston, USA

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Hopefully a winning day at the bookies.

  6. SID on 3RD JUNE 2022 6:01 PM


    It’s nearly 2 years ago the whole blog was raving about Luca Connell after a bounce game, well everyone except 1 poster, me.





    I tried to point out it was a bounce game with no tackling but the full blog disagreed with me.





    I only post when I’m sure of something and I’d previously spoken to a team mate who told me how surprised everyone was at his standard.





    I’ve been keeping tabs with Luca’s development and the same report kept coming back.





    Your Post above isnt quite accurate .


    YOU state that the ” WHOLE BLOG” and the ” FULL BLOG” disagreed with you in relation to Luca Connell ???


    I have NEVER, at ANY TIME Posted anything about Luca Connell, which means that I certainly DID NOT agree or disagree with anything that you Posted about him.



    I am glad to clear that one up.

  7. I love 7 & 8s attitudes.



    Unsung but backup? 7 so far…. for Liel, Shofar.



    We have an excellent forward line ready to Rumble.

  8. fourstonecoppi on

    SLÁINTE ANGE on 4TH JUNE 2022 6:57 AM


    Nothing to do with Celtic but….


    Ringo Starr has received an honorary doctorate from the Berklee Academy of Music in Boston, USA



    ye heard that. Well done Ringo a unique and incredible drummer!

  9. Sláinte Ange on




    Dr. Ringo Starr – love it!


    brilliant honour for a really nice guy



  10. Good morning CQN from a beautiful morning in the Garden of God.



    Not to much getting done today apart from sitting in the sun with a beer or 10. 😂🍺



    Do not believe the SMSM regarding Starfelt. His injury changes nothing we still need at least 1 quality centre back in as big Julienne will be for the off.



    I do not think Ange will put up with his 1 man sulking show, it’s a team effort and all that.



    Big Jimmy hope you are well and remember that BRRB ruffian will lead a good bhoy like you astray.



    Hope to get a few beers soon with the mad squad.



    D :)

  11. Its 20 or so years ago already, but I had kinda forgotten how big an impact Martin O’Neill was for us.



    I rate him as the 2nd greatest manager of my time, yip more than Brendan or Ange.



    5 seasons, the first a treble winning event with a permanently cheating hun opponent.



    lost 2 leagues by a point and a goal.



    listen to this for the measure of the man.




  12. I see another scottish referee has came out, good on him.



    now if they could only declare what team they support that would be real progress.

  13. CELTIC40ME @ 1:01 AM,



    Ok, so you are saying Luca was a Lenny signing – fine.



    It wasn’t the impression I got at the time but OK.



    Hope the lad goes on to have a fine career elsewhere.



    Hail Hail

  14. SAINT STIVS @ 10:09 AM,



    Yes, Martin was phenomenal, blew away that nineties angst and set us up as the twenty first century bhoys…



    God Bless MO’N



    Hail Hail

  15. Ben Davies,remember him,for sale at Liverpool.Around 1.5 million.No idea how good he is.No games for Liverpool means nothing when you look at their choices.Was only brought in for emergencies.I would think he has to be very decent for Klopp to consider him,never mind buy him.Was up for coming before.Maybe?

  16. St Stivs,



    Yep,definitely the second best manager .Pending.Lets wait and see.We,none of us have a clue about the financial goings on over the City.We have no idea really what our manager is up against.To lose over,£100 million,in 10 years,yet still be paying high wages,bringing in Gerrard,GVB,with their full compliments to run the football side,pay the same wages as us,not even mentioning the regular litigation they go through,I am very suspicious.


    No shit Sherlock.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Saint Stivs on 4th June 2022 10:15 am



    I see another scottish referee has came out, good on him.



    Whit…? As Catholic?

  18. St Stivs,



    Never had a strip when I was young.Always wanted the Shamrock one,never got it.Funny thing,in Lisbon,not too many strips on show.I was there,and did not have one.I remember most just being dressed normally,Wooly scarves,Tammy’s.Cant really remember Milan,brain wiping it out.Because of no sponsors,most just kept the one they had.Not a “Riddy” then,to wear an old strip.

  19. BADA BING!! on 4TH JUNE 2022 11:14 AM


    Saint Stivs on 4th June 2022 10:15 am







    I see another scottish referee has came out, good on him.







    Whit…? As Catholic?





    Heaven forfend !!!!!!

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    A couple of years ago, Fraser Forster returned to Southampton after a successful loan season at Celtic and promised the club he would sign for them before the start of the new season. Celtic let Craig Gordon leave on the strength of Forster’s imminent return, only for the Englishman to have a last minute change of heart.



    The 2022 transfer window opens on Friday 10th June. Celtic cannot sign new players until then. Is it any wonder that the club refuse to talk about the situation with Jota and CCV after being bitten by the Forster u-turn?



    As soon as contracts are signed, Celtic will announce the good news, and not a second before. Even if verbal agreements are in place, Celtic now know from bitter experience not to jump the gun.



    Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that if either player had decided not to sign, Celtic would have announced it by now. You don’t need to wait for the transfer window before revealing bad news.

  21. Some upcoming international fixtures that will involve some of our bhoys –


    ●Croatia v France , 06/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Denmark v Croatia , 10/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Kosovo v Greece , 05/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Greece v Cyprus , 09/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Albania v Israel , 10/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Iceland v Israel , 13/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Japan v Brazil , 06/06 , 11.20 am KO


    ●Scotland v Armenia , 08/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Ireland v Scotland , 11/06 , 5.00 pm KO


    ●Sweden v Norway , 05/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Sweden v Serbia , 09/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●USA v Uruguay , 05/06 , 10.00 pm KO


    ●USA v Grenada , 11/06 , 03.00 am KO

  22. SAINT STIVS on 4TH JUNE 2022 11:38 AM



    ‘ why “micks” actually isn’t an offensive term for Irish people…’





    Listen to it again. He’s referring specifically to the Irish Guards, not to Irish people in general. He also says that any negative connotations that might have existed have worn off through the passage of time (in relation to that regiment). So he’s acknowledging that the term could be derogatory.



    Surely the issue here is that Irish people are still joining the regiment?

  23. does anyone know what the queen is up to today ?



    i am desperate to know , but i cant find any news on it.



    cant start my day proper till i get this sorted out.

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