Craig Whyte’s proxy ready to step forward


You know, I know, even those denying reality for a year know, Craig Whyte is the only show in town.  So if Our Hero does a deal for his shares and Ibrox Stadium – and that deal is not with the Blue Knight (singular), you have proof positive of the degree of concert between Whyte and his ‘buyer’.

If the Blue Knight gets the nod as preferred bidder tomorrow it will be a considerable relief for Rangers fans.  Murray’s plan for a CVA lies in tatters but at least he is a Rangers fan and has committed to sell shares to fans to increase their control of the club.  They will remain in a horrible situation, but at least it will be their horrible situation.

The alternative may be for a new buyer who tries to hoodwink fans with superstitious nonsense  while hoping they don’t notice his plans to break their history, LIQUIDATE RANGERS, break their history, permanently erase the digits 1872 from merchandise (apart from Celtic fans doing irony) and break their history.

If it’s Bill Miller, perhaps someone should “delete the Google records” (a small joke from a few weeks ago) of everything Paul Murray and Brian Kennedy said about the American’s bid, what it actually is and what it means for the future.

Popcorn time!

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  1. off to bed,



    but based on the picture posted today.


    of gathered ra peoples at celtic park on sunday,



    i am guessing the Dan Browns next novel is on hold



    “The Search for The Handsome Hun”

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Paul67 – from previous thread,



    Do you (or anyone) know if Doncaster receives a performance related bonus based on the TV income he generates for the SPL? (your article on him yesterday prompts the question)



    If so, it is in HIS best interests to keep Toxic FC in the private members club.



    A conflict of interest?



    Hail Hail and Good Night

  3. Paul67 – More of those fabulous Bill Miller press releases? Oh yes please.



    More of Our Hero? Don’t mind if I do.



    How do you spell “lease back” and “retaining a seat on the board” ?



    Om nom nom

  4. leftclicktic on

    Good night


    Thank you paul


    I wandered onto an orc site about 3 weeks ago and they were saying


    ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYBODY but MILLER as they thought he had links to Whyte.



  5. Árd Macha on 1 May, 2012 at 23:56 said:



    I might be wrong but I think that D&D have waived the £500k deposit. Think it was proving too much of an obstacle in this pantomine. Don’t tell me that they’re going to be duped for the 2nd time.

  6. Sorry to say this but Duff n plebs remind me of Laurel n Hardy when they have two mountains of potatoes to peel n a mountain of chickens to pluck and a hungry army to feed. Oliver did not look opportunistic.

  7. Ernie/TTTT



    Sorry for butting in but…



    Ernie. Why would you refuse the opportunity to have your suspicions put to bed by accepting Paul’s offer? Why? Unless of course it suits your agenda?



    I would love to be in a position to accept such an opportunity but fear that many would not believe me if I were to communicate that my fears had been put to rest by Peter Lawell.



    I feel you are doing this blog a disservice by refusing to accept. You, ST or Neganon would be the perfect CQNers to accept and communicate back to us PL/Celtic’s position.



    So! Why not?




  8. All this time and leeway they’ve had to save their club and the best they / duffers can come up with is a conditional bid for liquidation then zombie under sanctions for previous cheating .



    Jeez maybe if they had spent less time threatening and greetin’ they’d have come up with better but I doubt it.



    Didn’t think it could get any murkier.



    Enter the cowboy bid to drag them further into the mire.



    Tick Tock







  9. reilly1926 on 2 May, 2012 at 00:03 said:,



    Thanks. Seems to be an upturn in the mood with the Miller news. I wish I understood why? Is he really Whyte’s proxy.



    Bedtime though.



    Árd Macha

  10. Moonbeams WD. Kano \o/ Neil Celtic FC. We are the Champions. Ignore the WARTS. on 2 May, 2012 at 00:04 said:



    ”Ernie. Why would you refuse the opportunity to have your suspicions put to bed by accepting Paul’s offer?”




    I thought I’d made it clear that my doubts would only be allayed when there’s no huns in the SPL next season.



    If the Celtic Board have a cunning plan to stop such an eventuality they could make it public.



    If they can’t or won’t make it public they’re hardly likely to take a random internet bampot into their confidence to discuss the matter.

  11. How long will this charade be allowed to go on? Even if miller is announced as preferred Bidder , it still means liquidation.



    Will someone please turn off their life support machine and turn the lights off on the way out.

  12. from the expess 2/5






    Rangers have already appealed the SFA’s ban are hopeful they can get the transfer embargo over-turned.Boss Ally McCoist has already had an extensive list of free transfers, loans and bargain basement deals compiled for the summer should he be in a position to add to his squad.



    He expects a preferred bidder to be named this week.



    Lack of dignity FC / Newco 2012




    Oh it’s great to be a Celtic supporter…..







  13. Goodnight CQN


    This is one internet bampot that needs to get some zzz’s, and his voice back that has not worked properly since Sunday for some reason.



    Refuse to play them.


    Refuse the New Orc Ragers.

  14. seventyxseven million plus VAT & PAYE on

    Fergus McCann always struck me as someone I would not want to cross.



    Certain people crossed him very badly during his tenure at Celtic.



    Bill Millar met Fergus McCann a few times, I believe.



    Knight all.

  15. incidentally, he is dumping stock like it’s on fire…



    in the last monthor so he disposed of…



    5300 shares on 14th march


    1400 shares on 15th march


    2600 shares on 16th march


    4342 shares on 19th march



    11657 shares on 26th march



    and 5600 shares on 29th march


    4965 shares on 30th march


    24900 shares on 2nd april




    now… i’m no expert in corporate finance, but at average price of around $17, that’s around a million dollars worth…



    this dumping of stock started around the middle of june last year, by ALL major stockholders, his (president) son included… if we assume he has earned (too late, too may documents) about a million dollars a month on average from stock disposal then… that might be as much as $11M, or about £7M.





    prior to this time there is no evidence of any regular large stock movements, and certainly none by him historically stretching back many years.



    now that does sound like he’s getting prepared for a takeover, but…i’d suggest he’s getting woefully ill prepared for a takeover…



    the interesting bit is, if you approximate his disposals at just over £7M, and add in his current shareholding of about £3.4M… you get very close to a figure of £11.2M…



    if that figure sounds familiar…



    what was his bid for the orcs again?



    so he may well have the money to buy them, but i’d suggest he doesn’t have a penny in working capital to run them…



    no tv revenue if they go to the third division… half empty stadium means no ticket income (ticketus get their greedy paws on that) and… they don’t even own the fixed assets of stadium and training facilities to sell…



    something is very, very fishy.



    get the champagne on ice guys…the end is in sight…and i don’t mean a newco.

  16. Possibly the most precious ‘asset’ to TFOD (ia) fans is their ‘proud’ history. This appears to be an essential element of any future, whether that be the creeping corpse of RFCia or a newco.



    All talk of transferring assets from the corpse to another body is centred around dumping all the bad bits and keeping all the good bits (if they can find any that is).



    I hate to tell you guys but if you claim to miraculously transfer the ‘proud’ history from A to B, that history under B still includes the glorious trophy laden Murray era.


    Like it or not, that history is founded on all the events which brought about the demise of A. You can’t pretend it isn’t there. It is there and will always be there not matter what devious plans you have. Those events happened and no amount of legal ducking and dodging can change it.



    Face it guys, your sordid/putrid history is a permanent presence no matter what you do.

  17. Keevins and Co go on and on about the booing of Fergus.



    The point they omit is how the media demonised the man.



    Therefor influencing the gullible…

  18. Here we go….it’s coming soon.



    Bye bye Rangers…… they never did dignity.



    Brought to their knees, humiliated worldwide for their sins ,Liquidised .



    Never the same again.







  19. Re Fergus – remember when he apointed Tommy Burns? Remember the £100,000 fine? Remember RS thinking £100,000 was all hunky-dory? Remember that this sum exceeded any previous Scottish football fine by a factor of 20? Remember who championed this fine as just and apprpriate?



    Step forward a former senior officer of the SFA and a current senior officer at RFC. Second clue – he has interesting hair.

  20. Bhoys,



    Don’t worry about them keeping their history; I’ve got it sorted.



    I’m gonna pay Google to delete it.



    I’m just waiting on Roger Hannah to get back to me with an idea on how much this might cost.



    If it’s more than a pound I intend to set up a fighting fund (oversees contributions welcome)

  21. I have transcribed Mr Doncaster’s appearance on Monday night on Sportsound with the two Jims, Spence and Traynor.



    I thought it fairest to do so because, to be frank, much of what Mr Doncaster said seemed to me wrong, legally and factually, and remarkably, as I mentioned early on Tuesday, seemed to give credence to my Bill Miller “Switcheroo” theory.



    As I see that Mr Doncaster is a former solicitor, then I accept that he might be right 100%. The reader can judge when I post my comments on what he had to say. That should be up later today (Wednesday).



    I think it is fair to say that what he said was very telling, and that Messrs Spence and Traynor did their best to pin him down.



    It is clear what message Mr Doncaster wanted to get across, and also what he was not willing to answer.



    If I was a Rangers fan, what Mr Doncaster had to say would have had me jumping up and down with delight.



    If there are any transcription errors, then they are mine entirely, and I would be happy to correct them. The link to the podcast is here –



  22. ernie lynch on 2 May, 2012 at 00:10 said:



    Now that all depends on whether you consider yourself a bampot?



    How can you refuse the opportunity to sit down with Peter Lawell having being offered that chance? You do yourself a great unjust if you do not accept Paul’s offer. To look PL in the eye ‘without fear or favour’ and put to him the questions that have plagued you for so long and be able to look him directly in the eye while he answers each question. Why would you not want to do that? Why?



    Ok? PL has not gotten to we’re he is without having stepped on a few heads but surely to be able to sit with him, ask him the questions that could put your mind at ease and refuse that opportunity demonstrates your lack of belief in yourself and highlights your weakness’s?



    Now PL may lie to you. He may be so good at it that you are unable to determine from his body and eye language that he is spinning you a line. But then again, if you were to teport to us that you believed him and then at a later date had to come on here and state you were duped. That would not be a slight on you. It would be a demonstrateable slight on the man tasked with running our club.



    Take Paul up on his offer. Please take Paul up on his offer. You would be providing this blog a great service.




  23. Another point for the SPL clubs to consider in their deciding what to do about RFCia (or newco):


    You are frightened of what lies ahead if RFC (ia or otherwise) aren’t there.


    You are up to your eyeballs in debt and fear being unable to clear that debt if RFC ain’t around.


    Think of it another way, would you be in that debt in the first place if it hadn’t been for RFC’s overspending forcing all the other clubs in Scotland to get more and more in debt to try and compete on the grossly uneven playing field of Scottish football?



    If RFC(ia) are allowed to dump their debt, are you planning on doing the same? Is that the plan?



    It is a malignant disease undermining the whole of western society, rack up the debt, transfer the assets into another business/club/bank etc.., press the “Administration” button, catapult the debt and move onto the asset laden business, leaving all the creditors to their plight/fate.



    If Mr Salmond and his colleagues want to intervene to help resolve the whole sordid mess, they might like to consider closing this legal pathway to wealth which so many people are exploiting.

  24. I reckon Miller should just do away with the old Rankers it’s going cause too much hassle all this splitting up the good from the bad(good luck with that!)



    He should just start a new team something nice and American



    The Glasgow Bandits



    The Glasgow Pirates

  25. final words on the subject…



    since june he has disposed of 353864 shares at an average price of around $17 dollars. prior to june he appears to not have disposed of many shares for many years, at least back to 2008. the shares did briefly hit a spike around $21 but for the most part they’ve hovered around $16 and a bit… now…



    i make that $6,015,688 (£3,708,716) at current conversion rates…



    so his total wealth is around £7M. and half of that is still tied up in his company.



    he may of course have other investments, but having worked for miller industries for twenty years, it seems unlikely they’d be vast resources. certainly not “off the scale” wealth.



    i think we may be embarking on fakeover part two.



    bring it on :-)

  26. Ernie – I’m with MWD on this. Sorry MWD.


    It’s a win win situation.


    Internet bampot is a reserved name for our kind by Snyde, not PL. (I would hope)


    A chance to find out current thinking/strategy would be a bonus. IMO.



    Like MWD I can’t understand your stance as stated. I would go so far as to say it sucks. Paul’s blog is all about discussion/comment and is welcomed in the round. Go discuss or hold your discourse!




  27. Margaret McGill on





    take a recording device




    report back


    I’m dying to know

  28. incidentally… it took me about an hour or so to learn those details…



    if i was a JOURNALIST who was getting paid to write about the man who would take over the “second biggest institution in the land” (sic) i think i could have made a wee bit more effort.



    lazy, lazy journalism.



    what the figures don’t tell me is… why the flip he’s interested in becoming the almighty goat fiddler. proxy… or patsy?

  29. And if…



    You know…



    The HISTORY…












    Thursday night will be rockin.

  30. Paul Mc,



    Thank you for the transcript as I missed the show.


    One thing that struck me was Neil Doncaster’s insistence that the facility already exists for clubs to shed their debt and carry on regardless (albeit with a ten point penalty).


    Surely then it is in the interests of club chairmen, who’s clubs already are burdened by significant debt, to vote down the new proposals and maintain the status quo? Especially as a weaker version of Rangers cannot be relied upon to provide the same level of income in the immediate future.


    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this if you have time.

  31. Let’s hope Miller gets it…….he’s a front for a Russian hedge fund. It’ll be stripped,broken,sold off in liddle peeces and disappear like a stone offa Brooklyn Pier.


    This saga gets more and more and more bizarre by the day.


    One day a movie will be made from the script taken from the tomes written by Paul67 et al.


    Thanks for the article,Mr. Brennan ; you keep my days ticking along nicely,thank you.


    Cheer up all you despondent CQN’ers. This article has just shine another beam of merriment into the process again. The story that never ends. The gift that keeps on giving.


    I’m breakin’ out the ice cream ( I don’t much like jeely….too much on pieces when I was wee ! )………..I kid you not. HH.

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