Daunting Celtic


Hibs were on a good run of form before capitulating 1-4 to Newco last time out.  Conceding a penalty minutes after taking an early lead, sapped whatever coherence their match plan had. Before this, they took 13 from 15 points.  That successful run came on the heels of a chastening 0-3 home defeat to Hearts.  Hibs appear to be successful against teams below them in the league, not so much on those above.

With only one draw and one defeat in 28 league games, Celtic are a daunting prospect.  Lee Johnson is likely to complete the notable achievement of going an entire season as Hibs manager without getting the sack.  To retain the confidence of club and support, he doesn’t need a result at Celtic Park, but reining in the gap on Hearts, just one place above them, is where he will be judged.

This may be just as well, as I cannot see a weakness in Celtic right now.  They are vastly superior to tomorrow’s opponents and have no hint of complacency.  Same as usual, please, Celtic.

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  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



    Can’t wait to see the parades going down Prince’s Street and Argyll Street on the TV tonight.

  2. SFTB



    If you are around, you may remember getting me some copies of materials relating to the Under-15 European Youth tournament of 1973, jointly hosted by Eastercraigs and Celtic Boys Club.



    Unfortunately I’ve lost your email contact details due to my lack of computer skills (i.e. I fecked it up!)



    I have the Celtic Boys Club pennant swapped with Eastercraigs in the final and want to find a new/good home for it. If you are interested drop me a line/email.



    Ave Ave

  3. Happy St Patrick’s Day comrades.



    The onlybteam in Scotland that will stop celtic right now is… Celtic.



    If we are focused and treat every opponent with respect then only freakish events will stop us winning.



    It happens though and when it does, we need to keep the heid and re-focus.



    True Confidence is never complacent. It cones because you know you are prepared and you know you have the goods.

  4. Emerald Bee



    I just checked my e-mail history and I cannot see your e-mail address. I do have record of receiving some of the Youth Tournament stuff from Celticrollercoaster- so he may have links for us both. I can speak to him this weekend.



    I note that I passed pics on to calleyroadbhoy whose initials were JC

  5. boondock saint on

    Happy St Patrick’s day to all. As I sit here in my class with the hoops on teaching the masses about WWI and the idiots who were in charge, I look forward to the game tomorrow against the HIbs. We need to put out our strongest team and keep sending that message out. Hope everyone has a great Friday.


    Hail Hail from bama



  6. My friends in Celtic,



    No away fans makes absolute sense in the Glasgow derby games.



    Something many of us have been advocating for a long period of time.



    Maybe they have being viewing CQN for sensible reasoning.



    However there is a wee lesson for those on here who said ” rules are rules” and no away fans cannot be actioned.


    Anything is possible if common sense dictates it. No is not an answer when it is wrong.



    We have obviously helped to right a terrible wrong.



    KTF and HH.

  7. Happy St Patrick’s Day to all. Local brewery is offering $4 pints all weekend to honour their Irishness. I’m not complaining.



    Repeating my call out for 2 tickets for the Rangers game on April 8th. Will be traveling to Glasgow with one of my boys for a long overdue visit to Parkhead. Any help greatly appreciated. Happy to bring some very nice American bourbon over if that would help. lol.

  8. For what it’s worth I have placed a bet on Impulsive One at £5 each way at 66/1 in the 17:30 race.

  9. Prestonpans bhoys on

    !!BADA BING!! on 17TH MARCH 2023 2:17 PM


    No away fans for next 2 Derby games



    The cowards in the media are trying to blame each sides fans. There is only one crowd to blame for bottles and glass on the park and hod knows what is flung at our fans

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PB- the situation arose as the huns were desperate for cash,and sold the hun hordes season tickets for the Broomloan Rd Stand….but the SMSM obviously ignore this….

  11. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH MARCH 2023 2:17 PM


    No away fans for next 2 Derby games




    I’ll need to avoid the STV nightly Sevco news to see how they spin that. Or have steam coming out my ears. MSM media in overdrive this week, “don’t come to Celtic or your international career is over”, “get rid of the five subs and revert to 3”. Pathetic.

  12. The Class of 67 on

    League will be won by the time we play at the toilet block. They don’t want to see us celebrating.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Sad as it seems, I enjoy my weekly ritual of firstly watching the manager’s presser then looking at Shortie online to see how they twist his answers for a headline/story/narrative.



    Tells you all you need to know about the SMSM.



    Spoiler: they’re no friends of Celtic.

  14. While I think it is great that there will be no deid team’s follow followers in Celtic Park, am I not right in thinking that there is supposed to be a percentage of opposition supporters allocated tickets? The current situation is down to the deid team’s directors issuing season tickets to the area which we used to fill.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GM- to be fair, the way they spin the stories is like Drop The Dead Donkey standard…

  16. I am quite happy not to go to Ibrox to see Celtic again.



    My only slight concern is that I have never ever seen us beat them at Ibrox on TV live.



    I have attended every single win at Ibrox since 1971/2 season. The games I have missed have always been defeats or draws. Mostly the former.



    I have cherished every single win. I have seen as win from all of their stands. Main Stand Lower, Main Stand middle and Club deck, I saw Charlie Nics classic goal from the Copeland Rd, I saw Henrick and Lubo 3-0 from the Govan, I saw the last 2 wins we had from the wee corner with 700 others. I saw a couple from the Broomloan lower and the cast majority from Broomloan upper. There are few better feelings than the 5-1 gave us, or the 3-2 red card red card, or the 2-1 Brian O Neil, or the 2-1 Andy Walker / Paul McStay, or the Sami game …….for me it is a pity we can’t go there with 7 or even 10 thousand fans but I have had plenty of great times there. Unlike my dear old dad who unfortunately never saw us win there in the league in 40 years of going from 1940 onwards.



    Hopefully I can break my TV watching duck in May this season.

  17. Evening all



    Here’s a wee tune that I’ve just come across, maybe not to everyone’s liking but I hope you enjoy it.



    A Bee Gee’s classic covered by Jota lookalike, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.



    Boogie Box High – Jive Talkin’



  18. Sad news about your Aunt Mod, may she Rest in Peace.




    Nearly three years ago I said that football as we know it will change for ever, was roundly ridiculed for my troubles, just a couple of days ago the mini huns decided to cut our allocation to 600, today this has been taken a bit further by not allowing any away fans at the derby games, the days of NO fans whatsoever are on the way back, the 15 min cities-20 min zones will see to that, times sure are a changing.

  19. TET,



    I don’t care who initiated this but, F’THEM.



    I can remember 1974 when there was talk of reconstructing the League as we were running away with it AGAIN, T’was all over the Press. NOT GOOD FOR Etc.



    Now, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts Dunfermline were good teams THEN. BUT, We have to re-arrange to get PRE-SEVCO (:-)) A chance to win the League. WHY????






    Can someone from CFC explain why, Pre Sevco, stopped our 10 in A row?



    Why not Aberdeen or Hibs who were far better teams then?




  20. CT67


    I agree 100% ef them


    I remember the days when Scottish players were the cream, Souness in one fell swoop destroyed IMO Scottish football with bringing in mercenaries, before him Scotland could compete on any level, clubs in an attempt to compete also brought in lower level foreign players to the detriment of bringing on local players, nothing against foreigners of course, we are sadly paying for it now and have been for some time, it sadly is what it is.

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