December has loomed long in the calendar


Credit where it is due, Newco have kept pace with Celtic in the league and did better than expectations in the Europa League, where, like Celtic, they top their group after five games.  So far, so good, for the challengers, but December has loomed long in the calendar.

Before the end of this month, Celtic play two away games in the league, against Hearts and St Mirren, teams joint-bottom of the table.  By contrast, Newco are away to top of the table Celtic, Aberdeen, who lie one place below them, Motherwell, who are fourth and sixth place Hibs.  The only team in the top half of the league they do not face away from home this month is Kilmarnock, who visit Ibrox on Boxing Day.

In the Europa, having already won the group, Celtic can rest players away to Cluj, whereas Newco will almost certainly need a point at home to Young Boys to qualify.

Against Ross County on Sunday, Neil Lennon had the luxury of giving players extra time to recover from knocks; the same is true tomorrow when Hamilton Accies come to Celtic Park.  Aberdeen are not the side they were two years ago, but Pittodrie is still a challenging place to perform.  Newco will not have the luxury of resting anyone when they visit tomorrow.

The consequences of tomorrow’s games might not tell in the league table at full time, but it will have an impact on energy in legs in the latter stages of Sunday’s League Cup final and could contribute to how the league looks on 30 December.

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  1. CANAMALAR – he got a lot of unfair criticism when Brendan played him CF at Ibrox. He came back from that well and as well as being a bit of a buzz bomb, is also a potent goal threat. I’d have him in my team every week, especially ahead of a player who is here on loan.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 1:51 PM


    Rangers fans PRAISED by Uefa for their behaviour in Feyenoord’s De Kuip despite fears sectarian singing would see Ibrox closed



    I smell shite….




    Has Kenny McKaskill got a job with EUFA now?




    Then me expressing my opinion on a discussion and not necessarily selecting anyone in particular to pick on as you imply.





    You are welcome to express your opinion. It is clear to anybody who can read that it was intended to mock. I pulled you up on it but as we all know, you can never be wrong.



    Your continued attempts to deflect will convince nobody.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The bhoy is an immense talent that is not in question I just think he is no confident enough to go on that park and own it against them, he does it everywhere else. There’s a block there.


    I’d love choke on my word on this but I’ve no seen him replicate his form against them often enough.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    It’s clear to you so that’s enough for you I found the idea that the Plc might invest in the team while they are trying to sell the club laughable, that is what the post demonstrated. Your interpretation was that I aimed that at an individual, and as I told you if it was aimed at an individual I would have named them.



    I’ll leave to you to try and work it out, good luck it’s a toughie I know.

  6. Timaloy29


    Argue your case however you wish but when I see this `as we all know, you can never be wrong.` in an argument, that argument loses potency. We most certainly don`t` all know` and Canamalar arguing his case does not equate to never being wrong.

  7. Canamalar,



    We’re gonna have to give him the platform and watch him do it hopefully.



    He did get injured in that game and that pass resulted in a goal.



    He needs more quaker oats….

  8. Mikey Johnston on one wing and Frimpong, effectively, on the other would throw up some fantastic entertainment !


    I`d maybe go with that for tomorrow and Elyounoussi instead of Mikey on Sunday.





    I would like to think the board would spend if a suitable player came up ( that they / could agree terms with).



    Btw ,i’d rather be patronized than ignored :)))

  10. Canamalar – I think Lenny will side with you and go with elyounoussi and Elhamed, if fit, ahead of Frimpong and MJ. Maybe if we are 2-3 up MJ will get his chance. Here’s hoping.


    Frimpong is also an unknown against them but something tells me he’d relish it.



    Hail, Hail

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on





    I’m no long confident they would, the main focus is making DD a big exit profit

  12. Bada !



    ` Eddy,Elyounoussi, Boli,Bayo,Ntcham, all returned to training today`



    Where did you see that?

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’d love to see Mikey in full flow against them but I believe both Elyounoussi and El Hamed are less phased by them. It’s just another game to win and that attitude removes the heightened fear of defeat.

  14. Hot Smoked et al. from the previous article.



    Thank you for asking after me. I’m in good form thanks. Missionary work in London these last few months is impeding my number of visits to Paradise.



    I didn’t flounce. Not post agm, or at any other time. Rather, I kinda did do ‘walking away’. Partly it was the infuriating pop-ups and ever-moving screen. Partly, it felt as though CQN had rather run its course.



    I still lurk And I still hold a wee place in my heart for all the great people (not peepul!) I’ve met via the site.



    HH jg




    If we get the ten , all will be forgiven by the majority regarding the boards reputed transgressions.






    I enjoy your input on here , controversial , outspoken , rude , no holds barred, with a modicum of satire thrown in , wits no tae like big yin .



    Anyhoo need tae go…. Great chattin , catchyeez.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I treat it like the boozers (not somebody’s house) and them that know me in the boozers know I speak my mind. No holds barred is usually the best way to ensure everyone knows where you stand.

  17. Is this Canamalar quick News?



    The game tonight is as important as any in that it not only 3 points at stake but a confidence boost in a very hard run of games in December game 2 of 9. We also have 2 important games against our closest challengers.



    If we win December then it could be that we will win the League.



    If we go into the break with the League cup and a few points lead then this could break the financially challenged team and force them to take the admin points deduction this season and regroup “debt free” for 10 in a row.



    Let Celtic victories be cause of their demise albeit temporary

  18. Got to give a lot of credit to young MJ. The Ibrox game would have destroyed other younger players but not him. It says a helluva lot for his character to have come through that and not only through it but the improvment in his play in almost every game since is the sign of a reallly great player emerging.


    Brendan Rodgers has a lot to answer for that decision that day, not his best bit of tactical awareness, but maybe some of the credit goes to the manager and backroom staff as well on his revigorated performances this season, por cierto

  19. Bigbhoy



    I always want my Tic team to be out the traps early and to best effect.



    I would respectfully suggest that tonight might be a tad too early.



    HH jg

  20. Jamesgang.


    Good to hear from you again.



    Re. ` Partly, it felt as though CQN had rather run its course.` I have felt the same for some time now but there are still a handful of posters who make it worth while and a lot more than a handful who offer good reads.


    Where in London are you working and staying?

  21. Interesting to remember two failed champions league qualification campaigns ago in may 2018 that the esteemed South African criminal Dave King announced that Celtic’s financial superiority would ‘fold like a deck of cards’ when we got deprived of champions league group stage millions.


    Well Dave ….hows that worked out for you because Celtic have failed these past two seasons to reach the millions of champions league money yet it appears we are still turning over pretty nicely compared to our nearest rivals.


    11 million in profit infact this year without counting a huge 25 million pound cash upfront player sale.


    Compare that to our nearest rivals Rangers and Aberdeen who have actually posted yearly losses of around 11 million and 6 million respectively !


    If this is us ‘ folding like a deck of cards’ …….then the rest of scottish football must be shitting their pants.

  22. They played very narrow against us at Ibrox and we completely snuffed them out. Julien in particular dealt with everything in front of him.



    I don’t think they make the same mistake, they’ll try and get at our full backs. Hayes or Boli will be fine but I’d go for El Hamed over Frimpong.



    We show up, we win.

  23. James Gang



    3 points for every League game. We are currently on same points and 1 goal ahead. Tomorrow, 3 points and a victory in the bag before Sunday. If they drop points tomorrow we have the jump on them.



    Is it who “blinks” first?

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I’m sure I read somewhere in the SMSM that sevco’s master plan for Sunday was to allow Ryan Kent to ‘destroy’ our right back. If that is indeed their plan we can’t play wee Frimpong, we will have to go with experience – ideally El Hamhed if he is fit, we certainly don’t want that eejit Kent running about celebrating at our place.

  25. Well that me logged in



    Good to hear some of the injured Bhoys are on their way back – we are in a fight, no doubt

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