December has loomed long in the calendar


Credit where it is due, Newco have kept pace with Celtic in the league and did better than expectations in the Europa League, where, like Celtic, they top their group after five games.  So far, so good, for the challengers, but December has loomed long in the calendar.

Before the end of this month, Celtic play two away games in the league, against Hearts and St Mirren, teams joint-bottom of the table.  By contrast, Newco are away to top of the table Celtic, Aberdeen, who lie one place below them, Motherwell, who are fourth and sixth place Hibs.  The only team in the top half of the league they do not face away from home this month is Kilmarnock, who visit Ibrox on Boxing Day.

In the Europa, having already won the group, Celtic can rest players away to Cluj, whereas Newco will almost certainly need a point at home to Young Boys to qualify.

Against Ross County on Sunday, Neil Lennon had the luxury of giving players extra time to recover from knocks; the same is true tomorrow when Hamilton Accies come to Celtic Park.  Aberdeen are not the side they were two years ago, but Pittodrie is still a challenging place to perform.  Newco will not have the luxury of resting anyone when they visit tomorrow.

The consequences of tomorrow’s games might not tell in the league table at full time, but it will have an impact on energy in legs in the latter stages of Sunday’s League Cup final and could contribute to how the league looks on 30 December.

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  1. Norriem


    Depends who is correct between Bada and CQN . Bada says `Yes` while CQN article suggests `No`.


    Naturally, I am hoping Bada is correct.

  2. I’m looking forward to Frimpong absolutely destroying Kent. Ken’t biggest asset is his pace and our bhoy will more than match him – plus he’ll do serious damage when he’s attacking. I hope that this is there master plan as it will play into our hands.

  3. V Accies:




    Frimpong Jullien Ajer Taylor


    Brown McGregor


    Forrest Christie Ntcham Johnston





    V Sevco:



    Forster Elhamed Jullien Hayes


    Brown Mcgregor


    Forrest Christie Ntcham Elyounoussi



  4. Bigbhoy – the Forces of Darkness crave momentum. We need to drive a stake through their dark heart at the earliest and every opportunity.



    From stake to steak…..WDH, thank you kind Sir!



    HotSmoked – I’m in Kew in west London. Very nice part of town. Prices less so! I’m collecting all the great English to take home with me once the Britannic empire collapses.



    HH jg

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Frimpong would have the pace to shadow Kent. Just send him out and tell him to keep between Kent and the goal when we don’t have possession.



  6. Jamesgang


    Yes, Kew is a fine part of town.



    ` I’m collecting all the great English to take home with me`.



    All the great English what? Am I missing something or did you?

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Well said Neil…



    “Are we talking about Sunday again?” he asked STV’s Raman Bhardwaj after another question on the Hampden clash.



    “What have I told you? I’m here to talk about Hamilton. You’ve got all of Friday when you can ask me anything you want about the cup final, or previous cup finals, or cup finals to come, or team formations.



    “It’s disrespectful to the game tomorrow night and the opposition so I’ll cover that all on Friday guys.”

  8. BSR


    Yep ! That was well done by Neil. Especially at the end when a couple of `Journalists` tried a sneaky approach to bringing up Sunday again !

  9. Norrie- el Hamed not one reported to be back training today, he won’t make it IMO,Frimpong to start

  10. Jeremie will need a bit of help in the air covering the post from crosses, otherwise his pace is excellent seems tenacious in his challenges and plays like a good winger going forward, get that defensive part right he will be sound.

  11. Listening to the ad for James Forrest autobiography on the radio got me thinking.


    Isn’t it sad that we are still waiting for the paul mcstay story to be told.


    I know he tried to crowdfund it a few years ago and it got shelved because it did not get enough interest.


    You would think Celtic fc would have stepped in and sorted this out for McStay.


    I read somewhere that McStay was interviewed and turned down twice for a job on the coaching staff at celtic park.I remember for sure that one of those occasions was in Martin O’neills reign.


    I also heard Frank McAvennie saying something about celtics poor treatment of McStay in one of his podcast youtube shows .


    Come on celtic fc I dont really require a James Forrest book quite yet no matter how much i love the wee man.


    A Paul McStay book has been on my wishlist for over 20 years.

  12. Hilarious stuff by the Sports ‘Journalists’ on Shortbread.



    Headline – Hearts get ‘Germany’s’ Stendel – sound like Hearts have swooped for the German National Manager ……but no



    Actual story – Hearts have made an offer for a German guy who was sacked by Barnsley in August but they might not get him anyway as Barnsley are looking foe compensation



    The National Broadcaster my ……….

  13. European revenues


    Has anyone worked out how much we have won to date in the Europa?


    And how much did we earn in the group section last time we made the CL?

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I liked Neil Lennon’ s presser today. Give these peepul nothing.



    I’m hoping El Hamed is fit for Sunday.

  15. GG



    Haven’t worked it all out, though it’ll be along these lines from UEFA website



    The group winners can expect to receive a qualification bonus of €1m each and the runners-up €500,000 each.



    The clubs that qualify for the knockout stage can expect to pick up the following amounts:



    • qualification for the round of 32; €500,000 each



    • qualification for the round of 16: €1.1m each



    • qualification for the quarter-finals: €1.5m each



    • qualification for the semi-finals: €2.4m each



    • qualification for the final: €4.5m each



    • The UEFA Europa League winners can expect to collect an additional €4m.

  16. EmeraldBee: no luck on that book in english. There are summaries though. A Google search will find them easily enough.



    Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help.

  17. Any thoughts on the prospect of the proposals for a joint bid for the 2030 world cup from all the home nations including ireland.


    Think it would be great and FIFA are having 4 hosts at an american world cup coming up.


    Decision to be made in 5 years time.


    I would like to see celtic park make a play for this.


    We are the ideal ground and everybody knows it.


    Time to bring the old main stand [50 years old] up to date whether that includes a much debated increase in capacity or not……we essentially need team bus tunnel access, larger media facilities and changing rooms……we have everything else.

  18. James Gang



    You’re right about the Undead we need to drive home the Stake as this could kill them. There is no-one else to help us so we need to do them. People are saying it’s the hope that will kill them, they are wrong, it will be Celtic that kill them.



    In December we want 21 points from 7 games (4 Home,3 away) and the League cup. If we get it then the Treble is on and we have a lead in the league.



    Rangers would fall away

  19. I’d want el hamed to play but that looks unlikely so Frimpong it is.



    I’d hate to see us deviate from our tried and trusted. We should have confidence.



    Seething G shat the bed in September and changed for us. That lack of confidence was evident in their team that day.



    Lenny should show the confidence in his great team and play our game.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Frimpong V Kent.


    In a cup final ?




    Protect young Jeremie .


    Experienced Bauer first .


    If he ” fails ” to negate their only significant forward weapon , Kent , then bring on young Jeremie who would have nothing to lose and much to learn .

  21. It’s ALL about the Accies game…



    3 points and no problems is everything.



    After that, let the huns and the media spout their pash for 4 days…. After that, we will go to Hampden and play our own game and within 20 minutes we’ll be battering fek oot them.

  22. Nelly I couldn’t agree more – this season we haven’t dropped points in titanic struggles we have let them slip away in mediocre non events at Hibs and Livingston- the focus must be in three points and perhaps a few goals, against Hamilton.

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