Defending to win against Zagreb, Sevco roulette


Dinamo Zagreb dropped points for the second time in 10 league games this season on Saturday when they drew a blank against bottom of the table Slaven Koprivnica.  Slaven took only one point from five league games in August, and lost heavily to Zagreb on the opening day of the season, but have tightened up at the back in recent weeks.  Parking the bus on Saturday was enough to curtail the Croatian champions.

That blank score line was a rarity for Dinamo, who had scored in all but one of this season’s 18 previous outings.  After losing their first leg at home to Zagreb, Aalborg shut up shop in the Champions League qualifier in Croatia and overturned the first leg deficit.

So what can we expect on Thursday?  We’ve kept only one clean sheet in the last 10 outings, and that was to lower league Hearts, who missed a penalty and struck the crossbar.  Looking at Celtic’s defensive record, Dinamo will fancy their chances of getting a goal.  Like most teams away from home in Europe, they will plan to defend first and foremost, and take their chances on the break.

Having collected a vital point away to the top seed on match day one, the group opens up for Celtic if they can beat Zagreb this week, but how should they go about achieving this?  If St Mirren, Motherwell, Dundee and Inverness can score against Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb will do so, unless Celtic protect their back line considerably better than they have so far this season.  Celtic are likely to need to score two or more to win the game.  Without Goals Guidetti, this sounds like a big challenge.

Going on form, it’s in Celtic interests to ensure this is a tight game, deny Dinamo space to break into, and use their own speed to attack when opportunity arises.  We’ll need to hold the ball, and that means Kris Commons will have to play, no matter how fit he is, but I would be tempted to give him a deeper role than usual.  Johansen and Brown have critical roles to play in protecting the defence but they will need Commons available to bring calm to proceedings.

I see The Telegraph have taken a punt on Craig Whyte, et al’s, Worthington Group being in sufficient funds to mount their threatened legal challenge to Sevco Scotland Ltd, now known as Rangers International PLC, for acquiring the legal entitlement of Sevco 5088 Ltd.  Sevco 5088 had irrefutable entitlement to the assets of liquidated Rangers FC but this entitlement was assumed by Sevco Scotland, then owned and controlled by Charles Green.

Green and Craig Whyte both claimed to control Sevco 5088 when the company’s entitlement was assumed by the other company.  So what does all this mean?  There’s nothing in The Telegraph story that we didn’t know two years ago.  Even if a journo had first-hand information from a prime source, you’d have to wonder what value you could invest in what any of these characters say.

Until Our Hero spins the roulette wheel at the Ibrox Casino, everyone’s chasing shadows on this one.

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  1. In an ideal world :







    Lustig. Denayer. VanDijk. Izzy



    —————Brown. Johansen———-



    J.Forrest. K.Commons. Wakaso







    IMO, Celtics strongest team… I understand people have their own opinions and preferences of players over other players. On current form I’d drop Johansen, but I’d really need to see an impressive performance or two from Bitton or Kayal, before giving them Johansens jersey

  2. ruggyman



    The Commons/Guidetti partnership is the best in that formation but Guidetti is, unfortunately, ineligible for the Europa League.

  3. WDH


    Late Saturday afternoon/early evening curry in Glasgow City Centre/Merchant city. Where would you recommend? Thanks,



  4. Just my thots on our strongest 11….. Not for Thursday, as I don’t believe Forrest or Lustig wud be match fit either

  5. Bawsman




    16:16 on 30 September, 2014




    Proceeds from the share offer £3.13M


    Net proceeds from the share offer £2.75M





    Letham – £1.05M (inc interest)


    Easdale – £500k


    Ahmad – £400k (estimate)


    Wallace – £300K bonus


    Total outgoings £2.25M




    Add one month payroll £700k


    Total outgoings £2:9m Happy days:)))

  6. ruggyman



    OK, got you now – in an ideal world etc.



    I think there are about 10 midfield twos I’d have over Brown/Johansen – recipe for disaster.



    I like Lustig at RB, but he and Forrest haven’t combined well over a raft of games now.



    I think O’Connell has shown he deserves a shot at CB alongside Van Dijk.



    Stokes edges it for me over Wakaso on the left, but either is a great option to have.



    Commons behind Guidetti may well feature regularly from now on – they clicked in the Hearts game.

  7. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    leftclicktic 17:08.



    One could almost hazard a guess that you want his fledgling football club to be obliterated lefty:_))



    Happy daze indeed.

  8. turkeybhoy



    15:53 on 30 September, 2014!!Bada Bing!!13:57 on30 September, 2014More political stuff from the GB? I think we know how this will end up.So waving a Saltire is now being classed as political on here.FFS,getting close to Hun Media for nonsense on here.



    if you know the ongoing uneasy relationship between the GB,the board ,and other fans who go to CP to support the team,and (in case you missed it),we had a referendum for Independence recently).Cross that with the hun hordes at George Square a couple of weeks ago,i think,even you,can see where this is heading.In no way am i putting the GB and the hun hordes in the same basket here.Personally i have no objection or desire to see or carry a Saltire to CP.The GB add much needed atmosphere and good humour to games at CP,and IMO should stick to the football.Myself and a few others who attend CP are getting tired of the attention seeking political guff they attach themselves too,now and again.Again ,in my opinion,this will be their last chance to make a lasting contribution,to supporting the team,in a proper controlled manner.If not they are history.HH

  9. Craigy bhoy banned fae being a Company Director for 15 years………never stopped him before✅:))

  10. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    whitedoghunch, had a wee peek at the menu you posted for JJ. That’s got me slavering so it huz:-)



    I posted a couple of weeks back asking if you’d been to Andrew Fairlie’s restaurant when I was looking for somewhere special to take mrs acgr for our 25th. Couldn’t get it booked so went the Strathearn instead. Still looking to book Fairlie’s place some time and would appreciate feedback if you have any.





  11. Any of the Spanish based Tims know of a golf course near Los Alcazares that would let a diddy like me play without a handicap certificate? Off for a lads weekend next year and panicking that I may not get a game.

  12. WDH


    Thanks very much. I will definitely give it a visit on Saturday. I am guessing I won`t need to book if I am going around 5 pm, Saturday?



  13. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    It seems that the blog is happier when the dead team lose than when we win.



    If you doubt it look back at Sunday’s postings and compare it with last night’s

  14. timmy7_noted – we used to go very year with work and we made our own laminated members cards. No-one ever checked them which was just as well.


    They sometimes see you off on the first tee which can be a bit nervy though.

  15. Dontch just love Craigy boy and how much Mintys men try to blame him,


    Memo to all lurking Huns dont **** with a spiv asset stripper and his crew.:))))



    ACGR :))) stay well sir might catch a glimpse of you on Thurs.



    Till tomorrow all

  16. With all this talk of flying saltires at CP this weekend I’m glad most if us will only be waving non political tricolours, er

  17. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan. The Vow – Critically Rebuked by 45% of this fine nation.


    Is there a text donate option?

  18. Gene’s a Bhoy’s name


    Might be as simple as it is not enough for our team to win ; we have to win comfortably and with fluency. Those expectations lead to `debate`.


    Sevco losing is sufficient on its own. We don`t care how they played. Hence, simple happiness.




  19. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    !!bada bing!!



    17:23 on 30 September, 2014


    Craigy bhoy banned fae being a Company Director for 15 years………never stopped him before✅:))





    You’ve had your OS 8 updated today and you’re showing off, aren’t you.

  20. Up_over_goal



    Just shows you how tough the Celtic Managers job is, everyone’s opinion is so varied.


    For me the one thing most of us hate about James Forrest, is he’s always injured. That said, he is our best natural wide right player. Delia is playing a centre mid McGregor out on the right for now, due to Forrest being injured. The other player I wud consider wide right is A.Matthews… Think he’s got more to offer going forward rather than at the back.



    But Stokes wide left? Nah, I kno they linked up well against hearts… Less so against st.mirren. I don’t think Stokes can give you the work rate or the defensive discipline the wide position merits. I think Wakaso can



    As for O’Connell…. Early days… 2 decent run outs of late, doesn’t equate to first pick for me. He hasn’t really been tested.

  21. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on




    I play at Hacienda Del Alamo and they’ve never asked me for a handicap card. Also near Los Alcazares is Condado which comes highly recommended.



    I’m playing there the week after next and I’m told the cheapest in the area, and also one of the best courses.

  22. ruggygman


    “Just shows you how tough the Celtic Managers job is”



    I am reasonably confident that Ronny is comfortable enough in the job , confident in his own ability and knows where he wants us to be. He will have , I am sure, a plan and a timetable to take us to as high a level as possible. He will have a realistic expectation and a dream. We have no plan, no timetable and care only for the dream.




  23. Hope ur right Jungle Jim….


    Thursday nights result will be pivatol …. A real yardstick to where we’re at.


    Good away performance versus Maribor was quickly followed by dross at home.


    Good away performance versus Salzburg, will quickly be followed by what?



    We will see. Ronny must break the above sequence…. Of one good followed by one bad.

  24. From BBC website!


    Echoes of aggressive genuflecting that so terrorised 30,000 irreligious bams a few years back!






    A Muslim NFL player was penalised after celebrating a touchdown by dropping to his knees in prayer. Many on social media were not at all happy with the call.



    After scoring for the Kansas City Chiefs, Husain Abdullah slid on his knees and touched his forehead on the field as a gesture of his Muslim faith. The action drew a flag from an official for breaching the game’s “excessive celebration” rule.



    The referee’s decision quickly prompted a negative reaction from social media users.



    “I’m pretty sure the Husain Abdullah just got flagged 15 yards for praying… I don’t consider that to be unsportsmanlike,” said one Twitter user. “So Husain Abdullah literally just got a 15 yard penalty for being a Muslim?” tweeted another.



    It was not apparent whether the penalty had been given for bowing in prayer or for sliding when he scored. Officials did not speak to him about it after the game. Abdullah, 29, told the Kansas City Star newspaper that the his coach had informed him he had been penalised for sliding. “For me, I just got a little too excited,” he said.



    The following morning, NFL VP of Football Communications Michael Signora acknowledged the decision had been a mistake, tweeting that Abdullah should not have been penalised.



    ‘Official shouldn’t flag a player who goes to ground for religious reasons’




    By that time, however, it was too late to quell the rising outrage. Much was made of Abdullah’s devotion to his faith. The player had skipped the entire 2012 season to go on a Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca with his brother, another NFL player. Many tweeters drew a contrast with Tim Tebow, the Christian quarterback noted for kneeling in prayer so often that the practice has become known as “Tebowing”.



    HH jamesgang

  25. Ruggyman



    Hmmm. I’m not sure Forrest is everything his absence cracks him up to be – he’s had some great moments, but no sustained run of from, and certainky not against any top class opposition. That said, those moments mark him a cut above the likes of Mcgregor, and I only hope he gets back to his best asap.



    Agree on Matthews – he and Lustig seemed to spark, but then fizzled out. Fisher at RB with Matthews in front??



    Stokes and Izzy linked up less well v St Mirren, yes, but they were still excellent imo – their pairing v Hearts, Motherwell this season and last (2-0 game) worked beautifully, and I haven’t seen anything to compare apart from Wakaso. Work rate is more than running about. Don’t underestimate Stokes’ passing abilities – some of the cutest flicks and incisive short passing in the side.



    O’Connell not tested – true. Denayer has been tested, though, and found wanting in a few games. O’Connell deserves his chance.

  26. stairheedrammy



    17:29 on 30 September, 2014



    With all this talk of flying saltires at CP this weekend I’m glad most if us will only be waving non political tricolours, er


    VG :))

  27. theoriginalsadiesbhoy



    17:37 on 30 September, 2014



    Damnation! My wee symbols (emoticons?) didnae show in post.


    Stick at it ::))

  28. Just had a look at the Seating Plan for Thursday. I don`t know how many the Lower Tier holds but it looks near to full and I am hoping that those in attendance are of the make up that believes getting behind your team rather than booing is likely to improve matters. If so, I am hoping for a grand night in Paradise.


    Cheerio for now,



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