Demob Celtic, SFA statement adds confusion


October was an horrendous month for Ross County.  They lost five of six league games and looked doomed.  Crucially, most of these games were against teams in the bottom half of the table; they took a point at home to Dundee United but lost to Kilmarnock and Motherwell left Dingwall with a 0-5 win.

A run of form like that can be difficult to recover from.  Jack Ross was unable to do so at United before being emptied out.  Malky MacKay hung in there and responded with a transformational performance and result against St Mirren, overcoming a halftime deficit to take the win.  On Tuesday they plunged Hibs into crisis by deservedly winning at Easter Road.

Those two wins moved them three points clear of the relegation spots.  No side in Scotland is more experienced at battling relegation better than Ross County, it has been their daily chore for 10 of the last 11 seasons.  They pick up points when not expected, you will not need reminded of which team came to Celtic Park and stopped out run of consecutive Trebles at four.

There will be a demob mood around Celtic Park tomorrow, our last game for a month as football breaks for the World Cup.  Some players are off to the tournament, the rest will pack their bags after the game and within days will land in Sydney.

Can you imagine the difference in perspective the County players will have to the game?  They have nothing on the roster but to give their all in an effort to frustrate Celtic and take something from the game.  Their performance level against Hibs was a new peak for the season and miles ahead of where they were when they came within six minutes of taking a point off Celtic in August.

Celtic have talent in abundance, yet struggled against bottom side Dundee United on Saturday, then had to manage their way through the final minutes at Motherwell.  Nothing can be taken for granted tomorrow.

An SFA statement this morning addressed the Jota ‘goal’ at Motherwell on Wednesday, confirming the VAR camera which should have been pointing at play “did not capture an appropriate view of the incident”.  We read elsewhere it was trained on the managers at the near touchline, which itself begs many questions, but back to the SFA statement.

Having confirmed the only Hawkeye camera at that side of the field was not looking at play, the SFA nonetheless vaguely imply VAR got the decision right.  What they actually said was that VAR determined “the Celtic player had received the ball in an offside position”.  Offside has nothing to do with when a player receives the ball, it is only active the instant a forward pass is made.  On this matter, the SFA statement makes no comment, but they would like you to think everything worked out for the best anyway.

They then try to divert blame away from themselves by saying “We have provided feedback to the host broadcaster”.  “Host broadcaster” is a term you only hear when a UK commentator abroad attributes pictures (or the lack of) to the TV company covering the game.  The SFA are the effective host on this occasion and their Hawkeye system does not even broadcasting.  This was a shabby attempt at diversion.

Celtic, who campaigned for VAR, must be wondering why they bothered.  I doubt in the history of the technology any other club had a goal disallowed when the VAR camera was inconveniently looking elsewhere.  One level of conduct for Celtic, it seems.

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  1. None of it makes sense.



    Why would a Hawkeye camera be looking elsewhere? They’re fixed in place and looking along the line of the 18 yard box?

  2. A court case beckons on this, right to CAS with it, f..k the SFA and all their officials, a bigger cheating shower you couldn’t meet.

  3. Fix fitba: empty Hampden………………….


    and don’t let hunned-up, sleekit nuggets anywhere near the Var buttons…………………………..




  4. The fact is, the linesman raised his flag for offside and the referee disallowed the goal. If the var check was rendered inoperable, regardless of the reason, the offside could not be overruled.

  5. Celtic FC must call for a summit re the application of VAR in Scotland, and for it’s immediate suspension by the SFA.




  6. Once the goal was scored he put his flag up, so it would be reviewed by VAR, but, it was doing something else, heads should roll, this was no mistake.

  7. Should Hawkeye now be known as cockeye ?


    They’ve certainly made a balls of it 🤣


    H H. Mick

  8. CELTIC40ME on 11TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:13 PM



    None of it makes sense.



    Why would a Hawkeye camera be looking elsewhere? They’re fixed in place and looking along the line of the 18 yard box?



    On the contrary it makes perfect sense Celtic40me.



    Obfuscation,confusion and riddlement only goes to show what state of confusion our governing bodies have in implementing tech.


    They are at it.



    The var camera checking out dugout-nonsense


    Jota offside when receiving- nonsense.



    Release all audio back up of what was asked for?



    Still obfuscation,still cheating,exc wi car we can show it




  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from old Glasgow Town. Time for a leisurely stroll to the old Shipbank to see the bhoys of the very old brigade.

  10. When Jota received the ball ……



    Tells us everything we already knew.



    They ain’t fit for purpose




    They cheat with impunity ?



    Enough rope to hang themselves. ?



    This is what we pay into.


    Beyond belief

  11. I hoped VAR would shine a light on the poor standard of refereeing in Scotland.


    Well, it has certainly done that.


    Quite what happens next is anyones guess.


    Celtic need to stay on this one

  12. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 11TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:20 PM



    The sensible thing would be to say that – we messed up with the Hawkeye camera which meant we couldn’t get accurate pictures to make a VAR judgement, so we went with the on-field decision. It was borderline, I wouldnt have had a problem with it



    Instead they’re saying they used an angle that can’t possibly give an accurate picture of whether it’s offside or not.

  13. I’m sure there be some reaching out to Celtic this morning urging the club to let this go in the best interests of the game – lessons we’ll be learned etc



    We absolutely must push this until we have full transparency and if that means lawyering up then do so.



    This is a big test for Nicholson.

  14. AN TEARMANN on 11TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:27 PM



    I think the SFA are just a really a bad organization and they can’t handle something as complex as VAR, especially when it looks like they’ve bought it from Wish



    When they cover up really basic cock-ups like Wednesday night with lies I can totally understand why anyone would see a conspiracy at work

  15. MELBOURNE MICK on 11TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:23 PM



    Should Hawkeye now be known as cockeye ?


    They’ve certainly made a balls of it 🤣



    H H. Mick



    Further reading:-



    -The Daveking view


    -The Daktari view


    -Gokkiness & Hun cheating,


    – Pullin ma wire ya cheatin hun.


    – Rubbin knuckles in the digital age



    I am jesting Mick :-)


    But the difference is this bank of amateurish decision making must be approached head on.


    Openness and transparency my friend and shining a light on their guff(camera lookin at Ange ffs)





  16. Stupid idea to bring in VAR mid-season, could be argued it distorts the competition. We all know why it was brought in, and it’s been rumbled in 3 weeks, bin VAR till they have the requisite amount of cameras,push UEFA to have officials from other countries to officiate,not difficult these days.

  17. They also said that the info showed Jota was in an offside position “when he received the ball”. That is a load of shite as it should be judged from when the ball was played.

  18. P67


    Everything you said today on what happened is spot on.


    This will all be known by our board.


    Your header on here this week extolled how great our board is.


    Well this is their chance to prove you right,


    For me this is an open goal to get rid of biased officials.


    I would hate to think that our board done nothing and made your statement about how fantastic they are look absurd.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    If we choose to believe it was incompetence , such a level of incompetence would get you sacked in any other walk of life , so the officials involved should never be allowed near VAR again .



    If However , we suspect corruption , The matter must be taken above the heads of the SFA , who are very much complicit .

  20. What a VARce.



    Hawk-Eye is a Sony owned system and trademark, it represents a technology which is relied upon and used to good effect in multiple sports across the globe. I wonder how they feel about their trademark product being used in this manner, and brought up as some kind of mitigation in a murky issue such as this. A professional product designed to eliminate doubt and confusion, used to excuse doubt and confusion.

  21. glendalystonsils on

    SONSOFERIN on 11TH NOVEMBER 2022 1:05 PM



    A professional product designed to eliminate doubt and confusion, used to excuse doubt and confusion.



    Or to deliberately cause doubt and confusion .

  22. bournesouprecipe on




    Welcome back on board



    That awkward moment when they blame the cameras.



    There were no cameras covering the 7-1 game, I believe. There were no cameras covering the 4-2 game either.



    How to end up with refereeing worse than it was ?



    Drastically change the offside rules, including putting a flag up at your convenience, completely change the handball rule inventing guidance that is easily misinterpreted. In an already impossible rule.



    Finally, Introduce a live not fit for purpose VAR system and let loose your ‘best’ Hamdump referees with Google Earth a closer camera option. The Scottish VARiant of video assisted referee was anticipated by most Celtic supporters, good luck in your quest for clarity, in a parcel of brogues.

  23. CELTIC40ME



    Exactly my point. They are only making matters worse with their obfuscation.

  24. Ian Maxwell is the latest in a long line of useful idiots to head the SFA. He will look towards Celtic Park and will be quite relaxed as there is no Fergus McCann or John Reid charging towards Mount Florida with all guns blazing.



    The quiet and mild mannered Michael Nicholson will not cause beads of sweat to form on Maxwell’s brow. The World Cup break should give the Celtic suits an opportunity to request an independent VAR audit for the few short weeks it has been in operation.



    Even if the team is not at their best tomorrow, a couple of moments of quality should be enough to see off the journeymen, thugs, and bodybuilders of Ross County.

  25. Just watching the news


    Think the SFA should turn to the Bradford Movie Makers to run VAR – at least they know they’re amateurs

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