Dinner with the president


I didn’t comment on reports earlier this week that the SFA would allow Rangers International to complete an internal investigation into alleged links between Craig Whyte and Charles Green as I thought this was the appropriate course of action.

The SFA acted correctly: they wrote to Rangers International expressing concern over the matters in hand, and received assurances that their questions would be answered by an independent panel.  Last year the football authorities were slow to enforce compliance with predecessor club, Rangers, but we can hope they apply a little more pressure this time.

News, released last night, suggesting after it was established Craig Whyte had been struck off as a director and would therefore face disciplinary proceedings, he had dinner with SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, and president, Campbell Ogilvie, is far more concerning.

Mr Regan assured us that Mr Ogilvie, who he admitted was “heavily conflicted” by matters concerning Rangers, would remove himself from matters concerning the club he was previously a director of.  This is meaningless if both parties met to discuss disciplinary matters with Mr Whyte before formal proceedings were underway.

What is increasingly clear is the co-dependency between so many characters in this play, including Regan and Ogilvie.  They exist to keep each other in a job. This co-dependency will be jeopardised by the one man so many are attempting to paint as the only villain of the piece. Craig Whyte has them all taped and will not go down quietly.

It will be a frustration to many that the bottom half of the Scottish Football League clubs have held out for a bigger share of the trickle-down pie.  Odds on a schism opening up between community and full time clubs have to be high.

Many thanks to everyone who has ordered (below) Willie Wallace’ autobiography, Heart of a Lions.  It goes to print this week and will be with us soon thereafter.

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    Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh




    Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee


    and a hey ho nonny no

  2. Perfect timing. Currently enjoying all that is coming from our Dear Charlotte. What a wonderful person, she just makes the summer so much brighter.


    Uefa cup final – day of the match



    For me , having been taken to the matches as a kid , it was great to be able to go to the final with my dad who had just turned 60 and I had just turned 30



    As a follow up, having returned to the hotel that morning about 04:00 we were reasonably fresh



    At breakfast the place was amazing , dozens and dozens of Celtic fans, various generations of the same family all there etc



    Leisurely morning and trip into the city on the hotel shuttle bus



    As the bus comes over the river into the city we are reminded of this was the scene were the Porto fan had lost his life the day before



    We see all the various Uefa style banners on all the poles , this is the start of the long walk from outside the town to the stadium area, very much sevilles expo area or their version of a posh gallowgate walk way to the stadium



    We cross the river and enter the city



    We are off again walking about, we pass by the cathedral, it was mid morning but still it was getting busy



    Along through some of the cobbled streets, we are then on the main road again, we eventually find ourselves at the far side of the city were the UEFA hotel was , we would be over this way later



    A short stop for one beer and we decide to take it easy and then head back for the bus



    Back at the hotel, nerves are getting the better of us , time for showers, time to put our strips on



    We were that nervy we put our tickets under the insoles of our trainers/ shoes ? Incase they fell out our shorts



    Back across to the wee restraunt we were in the day before , lunch and one beer, we had the sensible head on here . waiter today knew what a well done steak was when my dad was asking him !



    Back to hotel and on the bus to the town, although bus driver informed us that he would not be stopping on the bridge (were the walkway to stadium started)



    Some quick thinking and suddenly some one was feeling sick, wonder who that was, driver pulls in at lights on bridge , more than half the bus jump off



    We are now at the posh gallowgate, tents were up in car parks, great ideas to avoid 40 degree heat



    The local barrow bhoys were out selling beers and water , great idea



    We decide to head to the stadium early, a bit stressful getting in through all the security as we had heard about genuine tickets being rejected



    In the stadium early on the atmosphere was pretty amazing , more than three quarters of stadium full of Celtic fans



    At one point during the game due to the heat we had to go and buy extra water due to sore heads from the heat



    I won’t mention much about the match other than note that one of our four predicted that Henrik was just about to score



    After the match we deliberately stayed until right after the final whistle and watched everything that was going on, taking our time to leave the stadium



    Other than the score, one regret was watching the Porto players rolling about the deck, other than that this was the only reason to boo the winning team



    After match it seemed to take ages to walk back from the stadium to the town, we probably did not realise how far we walked before the game



    On way back to the city had noticed loads of people sleeping on the grass verge of the long road out of stadium , most bizarre must have been a couple of bhoys sleeping up on the scaffolding which was around the corner from the cathedral



    At around 0215 hrs we finally manage to walk from stadium to the hotel where our friends were staying, this was at top of road from the big hotel that uefa were staying at



    Other than to catch up with our friends that long walk ended up being fruitless as about one beer later the pub shut …. Boo



    Lasting memory of trying to get a taxi was the orange trees on many of the streets



    Later on we eventually manage to get a taxi driver, this guy was a cross between dick Turpin and jackie. Stewart



    At one point we were concerned given the speed this dafty was driving taxi round bends, especially on those windy ones that join the motorway ( we actually had to tell him. To slow down)



    So we are back at our hotel , great day , result could have went anyway , beat by a good team, sore feet from walking about, limited beverages after match, we then had a go at trying to drink the limited items from the mini bar



    The next day we spent some time admiring what a nice city Seville was, before some relaxation at the pool



    Eventually we had to go to the airport, last memory of the airport is that it was completely jammed and there was two younger guys battering a ball about, before two long the ball was shifting all over the place, then it smacked a big huge guy right on the nose , so funny



    During the trip we met loads of people, some we knew some we met for the first time



    Truly amazing experience , Celtic family / spirit



    Would do it all again

  4. If they were providing Whyte with assurances ahead of the disciplinary hearing then you would think both of their positions would be untenable. Yet we have been saying that about Ogilvie for so long and yet he still lingers on.

  5. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Cup final week.. While the champions prepare for a cup final, others can only watch in envy..

  6. The Boy Jinky on

    Gretna bhoy



    Congratulations. … a great achievement.



    If I had a wee heart symbol on my phone instead of typing in the word love . I mighta pipped you ..



    Charlotte is my darling btw ;)

  7. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    It’s about time the good people of Scottish football stood up to Regan, Ogilve and voted NO confidence and make them resign..



    Enough talking ..



    Get them out..




  8. Paul67 et al



    Paul, no mention of “succulent lamb and fine wines”?



    Where is Jim Traynor when we need him?

  9. TheTributeAct





    @CharlotteFakes Any chance of a summary for us dummies? If Whyte is Richard Barrington” then it’s game, set and match?

  10. Anyone have an accurate weather prediction for Sunday?



    I love a Cup Final in the sun.

  11. South Of Tunis on

    Fiorentina have announced that Stevan Jovetic is for sale . Offers over £ 25 Million .



    Great player.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well if the documents are not fakes we see how the football authorities are complicit in what is going over at Ibrokes. The interesting thing Regan and his cohorts will see nothing wrong in this as they are only working for the greater good of Scottish football meanwhile uefa sit and watch on seeing the the cheating going on but not prepared to do anything about it.Scottish football is rotten to the core.H.H.

  13. ASonOfDan @ 1.03 –



    tempted as I am to break with my long held tradition the best I can offer is to REPORT the weather early on Sunday morning, less than 7 miles from Hampden Park.



    However, the so-called experts on foreca.co.uk are predicting overcast and light rain.



    Back to lurking…

  14. ‘Dinner with the president’?



    What was on the menu?



    Succulent lamb and the finest clarets?



    Or mutton and cheap plonk?!




  15. Dinner with the president is it


    Mini BT called to say she lost her dinner money and these clowns are eating with the president…



    Did Michelle make the sweet?

  16. normanstreet49 on

    Is it not about time that the compliance officer, Vince (not so) Funny earned his wages….


    His role is to ensure compliance wether that be internal or external to the SFA and their members.


    Regan and Ogilvie have breached their own compliance procedures……


    Why does someone (or club) that has SFA membership simply report messrs Regan & Ogilvie to the compliance officer…… Like what would happen in any other business……


    Now that would be interesting…… :)))))

  17. ASonOfDan


    13:00 on


    22 May, 2013


    El Arbi Hillel Soudani, a replacement for Hooper.



    Maybe rather than going straight to the cheapest option, and look abroad at journeymen, we should look closer to home and spend a bit of the cash we’ve made from CL. Would rather see a Johnny Russell (or Charlie Austin) than potentially another Mo Bangura, Lassad or Miku. At least you know what you’re getting and know that he will deliver. The fact Russell’s a Celtic fan is of course a bonus.

  18. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Hush, hush sweet Charlotte



    BetteDavis CSC

  19. From @MTHForum



    I might get stick for this, but f*** it anyway. Just what do Celtic know about all this CW/Sevco situation, how much have they sat on?

  20. Afternoon Timland



    hope the sun is splitting the trees on Sunday



    ooh Hamdump in the sun.

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    B/T – trickle down pie for pud?



    I enjoyed my lunch today [ chicken tikka and spring onion brown bread sandwich, slice of peppermint slice, pot of tea for one]; would not have relished it so much if I’d known mini- BT was going hungry.

  22. Can someone kindly post a quick summary of the content of Charlotte’s latest docs? I can’t access at work, and could do with cheering up a bit!

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