Direction of travel encouraging for Scottish football


It’s heartening to see Celtic linked with a raft of players over the weekend and encouraging for many but I’d ignore everything you read about a Celtic target this far out from the transfer window opening.  All an agent needs to do is post a DVD to Lennoxtown to be able to legitimately link his player to Celtic.  The club will also scout up to 100 players a season, enough to keep you busy on the stats sites for hours, but even Ronny doesn’t know who he will be signing at this stage of the season.

After 11 wins in 13 league games Aberdeen’s title challenge inevitably slipped.  They’ve won once since February, coming from behind against Motherwell at Pittodrie, as Celtic, Dundee and Partick Thistle have taken points from them.  We are at the stage of the season when injuries, suspensions and fatigue kick in.  Whereas Celtic were able to add quality to their squad in January, Aberdeen have to work on a tighter budget.  That the gap at the top is only seven points, with Celtic having a game in hand, says a lot for the direction of travel at Aberdeen.

If Ronny gets his treble wish, this season’s title will be a lot tighter than the last treble, won at a canter by Martin O’Neill.  It was a weaker league back then, Aberdeen were rubbish.

Talking about direction of travel, have you been watching the ebay auction for Hospitality for four for a day at this year’s Open Golf Championship at St Andrews?  This is a unique prize and has attracted some incredible support.

The auction is in aid of the Celtic Quick News appeal to build a fourth school kitchen in Malawi for Mary’s Meals.  Shuttle transport for the five minute journey to and from the golf course as needed, with beer, Gin and Whisky tastings throughout the day with the master distiller.

You also have the chance to create a unique CQN single malt whisky cask worth potentially £5000 for future CQN charities, and you will receive a bottle of this very special single malt whisky to commemorate the great day when it is bottled in several years.

Eden Mill is Scotland’s newest and most innovative distillery and brewery incorporated in February 2012!  Located just 2 miles from the famous Old Course itself it provides a perfect base for hospitality for yourself and 3 friends on a day of your choosing at the forthcoming open golf championship on July 16th to 19th.

But this is so much more than just a day’s hospitality at the home of golf.  Before taking to the course to watch, you will enjoy a breakfast roll or two and discuss your perfect single malt whisky with the master distiller.

Whilst you and your friends are enjoying the golf he will seek to surpass your favourite whisky by using the best barley to create the right wash and recommending the right type of barrels for our very own unique CQN 1/4 cask of single malt.  A cask which will mature and provide over £5000 of future funding for our charities in a few years’ time.

You will return to the distillery by shuttle bus for lunch and an optional beer tasting and then for afternoon tea with a tutored gin and whisky tasting with the owner capping off a memorable, unique and very special day for your group and for CQN.

My thanks to Eden Mill for their incredible support.  You can bid on the auction here.

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  1. Italian Bhoys, I am at it again… and looking for info on any decent coastal resorts within driving distance from PIsa airport to stay for a week before a further week at a eurocamp for the kids (6 & 7) in August. Small town for a beach holiday with plenty cafes etc ( such as Majorcas Puerto Polenssa) rather than what looks like the larger Viarggio resort.


    HH BBhoy

  2. Hardly been on this last week but have been lurking whilst out and about.there have been some fantastic posting over the week that was top CQN quality.



    Turnbull Hutton rest in peace



    for the rest of time we will point out the cheat was ‘accepted into’ our league system in 2012 after David Murray went base jumping with no ‘chute.




  3. Do you know we’re riding on the Marrakech Express?


    It’s taking me to Marrakech.


    All on board that plane,


    All on board that plane.



    Got to love those Sky Lounge “breakfasts”




  4. South Of Tunis on




    Tallybhoy will know more than me .



    I spent a day in Viareggio ( many moons ago ) . I am not in a hurry to go back..



    I remember driving the coast road ( many moons ago ) heading north to La Spezia. Nowhere stuck in my memory.

  5. agrees wi Bawsman -faints:-) (noo dont you be gaun cuttin n pastin that to everythin lol)



    we have a good stream of young people coming thro and there is nowt better than having the best of home grown talent at the home of the champions,furthewring and bettering Celtic and our national side.




  6. Mc Tall



    Good to see you posting yesterday and that you arrived back safely,good to have a beer with you and other fone Celts in Partick.



    Hail Hail bigman love sayin that ha :-)

  7. Tony Donnelly67



    Tony,belated condolences on the loss of your brother Micheal recently.Michael was in my prayers from when you first told us of Michael being unwell.He is at peace now.Prayer offered for you and your family




  8. Pog and mini BT have a great day,looking forward to seeing the champions tomorrow night



    HH all :-)

  9. South Of Tunis on




    Asked the Italian Mrs S of T .



    Viareggio in August ? ——– ” absolutely not .”.



    She said she would be ok about some of the resorts on the Maremma coast——eg


    Grossetto/ Ortobello / Porto Ercole.

  10. Thanks to everyone for the Italian advice will def avoid Viareggio and check out the rest , much appreciated,



    HH B Bhoy

  11. Hi Paul67,



    Very happy with the direction of travel, there seems to be a palpable improvement in Scottish Football. Aberdeen and Dundee United are showing a real hunger and with the like of Hearts being well directed and the National team in good order it’s looking good.



    However the strength and depth that Celtic have means the above mentioned Clubs have a ways to go. Still can’t see serious competition coming from elsewhere.



    “The club will also scout up to 100 players a season, enough to keep you busy on the stats sites for hours, but even Ronny doesn’t know who he will be signing at this stage of the season.



    Obviously our scouting has been somewhat hit and miss, was thinking after the the DU bonus situation how our scouts are recompensed. It seems to me that a lot of players, prospects & projects have come to Celtic on glowing credentials that don’t seem to be backed up by past attainments or subsequent performance at Celtic.



    Brining players to Clubs these days is a cross functional excercise no longer a job for the head coach, But it seems our Manager has an eye for a player and a clear vision of what that player should offer the Team, which for me has always been the forte of the greatest Managers.



    Early days but hope the opposition continue to improve and hope we remain the finest Team in Scotland.



    Hail Hail

  12. Paul, re. your reference to Aberdeen sticking in to the chase for so long.



    Went for a haircut this morning and the barber and I got talking about the fitba’, as you do. He’s a stickie, but has generally has been all right about their situation over the past three years. Well, what a difference a few wee results make. He was positively, well, positive about the whole situation down Govan way. Apparently (and much of this had escaped me) the New Rangers are playing really well, Nicky Law is back to his brilliant best under the Mullet, they will walk out of the 2nd. division, with the addition of couple of big, quality signings (honest!) they’ll be a real challenge next year (Aberdeen, you’ve been warned) and now that there are real Ranjurs men at the helm the whole money thing will be sorted, pronto.



    I was stunned into silence, which I think he took as a sign of agreement.



    You’ve got to feel for them.





    Agreed,mate. That fella sounds like he shouldn’t be anywhere near sharp implements.

  14. BBhoy



    Forget the coast and drive inland up into the Appeninos hills . Lots of beautiful villages and small towns.I spent the summer of 1990 in Pievepelago near Abetone. Great area. This was after I’d been at the world cup in Genoa. I went to Viareggio to try and find a summer job but was intrigued by a map at the bus station showing a windy road into the mountains.

  15. coolmore mafia



    Huge thanks for posting the Tony Fitzpatrick piece.



    Now that book is something that our club should be endorsing for so many reasons.



    Babakoochi CSC








    (I just hate it when I try to multi-task and take ages to finish scrolling and typing, then I find out that I am the only sad act on that thread, because Paul has posted a new article)




  16. mullet and co 2 on

    I would be keen to know what kind of logic is applied when we use scouting stats.


    Do we have a template for each player?


    Eg passes per game, distance travelled, tackles, assists, headers, shots…


    Do we make allowances were perhaps a player is played out of position by his current club and his stats perhaps allude to this?


    Thinking Henrik coming to us and being played out of position by Feyenoord then there was Dortmund buying Lambert and playing him in the holding role.

  17. A Chinese man with 17 girlfriends has been caught out after they all visited him in hospital following a car crash 12:14 7-Apr-15




    Hee hee hee hee.Hard to say if he was lucky,or unlucky.

  18. mullet and co 2 on

    If Rangers go up they will fnd straight back down. Like a stone launched into the air they will reach a moment of inertia and fall straight back down.


    Inertia is not a geographical area of Scotland btw though it is famous for spuds.


    Aberdeen will come unstuck as they struggle to hold on to players. McGinn, Jack etc. I expect Hearts to do well next season.

  19. Bbhoy


    I actually saw Celtic get their arse kicked by porto in veareggio many moons ago, spent a couole of days in a wee place uo the coast called varrezi (spelling?).


    Very expensive part of italia, and watch out for the scooters, barry sheene has he haw on this mob.

  20. Paul



    “It was a weaker league back then, Aberdeen were rubbish.”



    Very funny, in that special CQN kind of way.



    As “rubbish” as they might have been, Aberdeen didn’t cheat, swindle, lie or collude with the footballing authorities to enhance their status and position.



    Granite City CSC

  21. Burgas Hoops on




    Just lost one and a half hours there listening to SSB from last night, a pure hun love in….their back………..Stuart has got us playing great noo……………………….blah blah fkn blah.



    I need to seriously get out more !!!!!

  22. FourGreenFields on

    Had a really enjoyable few days in Dortmund with my Bhoy for the Dortmund v Bayern game .


    Definately miles ahead of Scotland for match day experience and merchandising .

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