Don’t bet, tardy payers and immersed in our culture


Quick question for you.  Which Scottish team has won their last four home games, scoring 13 goals in the process?  St Mirren are on a run of form at home.  One of those wins was against Second Division opposition, but remember, this season, Second Division teams are on a par with AC Milan in the early 90s.

Ross County scored four at St Mirren Park but St Mirren scored five, while Hearts were despatched 2-0.  This is a team with good home form who kept their squad in place over the international break.  My best advice to you is to avoid betting on this one.

Many clubs have trouble paying their bills but the problem with Hearts and their regular tardiness when it comes to wages, evident again this month, appears to be different.  Hearts cash balances will have peaked weeks, possibly months, ago.  From now on they will be eating into ‘reserves’, or more likely, accruing additional debt at their owner’s bank.  The club have been here many times before and Vlad has dipped into the equivalent of his commercial pocket to avoid an insolvency event but I’ve always found it curious why he didn’t do so on time.  It’s not as though anyone can be surprised pay day is coming.

As such, there appears to be a degree of control over late payment.  The money is always provided but not before pain is passed down from owner to earners, which is a bit curious.

For all his faults, and they are many, Romanov and other shareholders in Ukio Bankas have ‘invested’ countless millions in Hearts, money they are unlikely to get back with the residential property market so depressed.  They have also not exposed the club to outrageous fortune – the overwhelming majority of debt is owed to the bank itself, balances at HMRC and other creditors are low, and they pay their football debts.  This means that if Hearts go into administration, the route back through a CVA would be clear.  The only serious losers would be staff made redundant, while Ukio would face a write-off, perhaps already acknowledged internally.

I was surprised at the news Danny McGrain was appointed first team coach yesterday but also delighted.  Danny’s was not a name mentioned for the position when Alan Thompson left the club but he is immersed in the fabric and culture of our club.  ‘In the days of changing ways’ a strong thread of continuity is an invaluable asset in ensuring the new generations acquire the important elements of our identity.

We are a club in touch with all that is important.

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  1. jimmybhoycampbell on

    regular lurkerer, irregular poster.



    im in the UK after coaching Cambodia in the Homeless World Cup, Mexico City.



    I am heading to Barcelona on Monday evening and wondering



    – if there is a venue for CQNers to get together?


    – if anyone has a spare ticket for the game?



    thanks in advance




  2. KevJungle – Murdo..10 men Championees..1979




    14:34 on 19 October, 2012




    Anyway….talking about abusive songs.


    I well remember the WORST abusive chants being aimed at one my Celtic – underdog heroes from the 1970′s. For the ENTIRITY of the 1970′s – Paul Wilson was treated to


    the worst racial abuse that this country has EVER witnessed. imo



    *first time I heard the “Wilson’s a darkie” was the Glasgow Cup Final of 1975, on the Monday I was working on the highway extension tae Glasgow Airport in the vicinity of ibroke, walking down tae the subway a wee hun who was working as a jack the ripper on the site justified it as PW allegedly blessed himself after scoring against them.



    BTW didnae think there was and still do anything wrong with the “I’d rather be a darkie than a hun, I’d rather a turban than a sash, I’d rather eat curry than haggis” chants.

  3. Jimmybhoy



    How did the bould Cambodia get on in Mexico?



    Can’t help with Barcelona, alas, except to say that if guys are getting together and it’s outdoors, watch out for the fines.



    Good luck.

  4. I have to say that – the only time i seen the Jungle losing it’s composure was when, the huns visited CP soon after the passing of the late Desmond White – August 1985.



    The huns displayed a banner which read – “Desmond White S#### C#### In Hell !”



    They displayed this banner whilst bouncing to – “Glory, Glory what a helluva way to die etc…”



    All of a sudden the Jungle seemed to attempt to – charge the huns end. Thankfully order was quickly restored.

  5. Looking to find an old CQN post but don’t know how to find it; advice re appreciated………..



    Regards & Hail Hail



  6. Tomtheleedstim,



    Isent MWD an e-mail regarding the planned bike ride several weeks ago, still to receive a reply. If you want you can contact me on RMG1888@hotmail.com.



    Hail, hail!!

  7. Tontine


    Because we are saying that being either “a darkie” or ” a Hun” is a bad thing but being a hun is the worse of the two evils.



    ” I`d rather be a Scotsman than a turd”. kind of thing.

  8. The Good Ship Celtica. on

    It has been brought to my attention that the arrival of my wee boy yesterday was exclusively revealed by frantic07 on CQN (in your face MSM!) :-)



    He mentioned there were some congrats posted so from the new arrival, Mrs Celtica, Ms Celticette and I thanks for the good wishes.



    I’ll have a read back at some time. Maybe 2013? :-)





    Sailing On….

  9. Tontine Tim



    14:44 on 19 October, 2012




    What scunnered me about the Wilson treatment was – the way it was erased from history as though it never happened and that – racist chants only originated in this country when Mark Walters arrived. imo

  10. jimmybhoycampbell on



    14:45 on


    19 October, 2012



    the Cambodian team did alright in the Homeless World Cup, played 13 games and won 3 of them.



    they were the youngest and smallest team in the competition but played with a lot of spirit and heart, they did themselves pround and jumped up 8 places in the rankings,

  11. Guys im 50 been going to watch the Celtic for as long as I can recall, usually with me oul fella, me oul Das workmate lost his only son that day on Stairway 13 irrespective of that my oul fella who is 82 wouldn’t tolerate any such songs in his earshot, Im originally from the Calton, so the Gallowgate was and sometimes still is my drinking haunt when out for a beer after the game, I Can honestly say I have never heard any song sung about the Ibrox Disaster, not saying it has never been the case as some here can apparently tell different, but its not something I’ve ever come across, if it did then my reaction would be as my faithers.

  12. Classic smear tactics : being forced to deny a false accusation.


    It’s a variation of the old , ” When did you last beat your wife? ” nonsense. You never did, but you are forced to confront that question.


    They, the huns, are rarely pulled up by anyone for their love of blood and violence, their need to wade knee deep in gore, their affinity to and admiration of the Shankhill Butchers.


    I’d like to see the so-called powers that be get wrapped right around their daily bigotry, intimidation, violent chanting, and endless issuing of Govan Fatwahs on anyone who dares speak against them.


    And Ernie Lynch, you would do well to re-post the financial criminality that Green is perpetrating in this scam share issue that you did yesterday.


    And I’d rather remember 1967, than the 1966 tragedy at Ibrox, dreadful though it was, that they brought upon themselves with their financial mismanagement.


    They are not a football club. They are a criminal organisation for the advancement of loyalist bigotry and thuggery; they don’t give a 5***** flying **** about their own fans who are nothing more than ignorant shock troops in this bellicose outfit and an eternal cash cow to fund their 17th. Century zealotry.


    The sooner they all get tae, the happier we will be.


    They are scum. End of.

  13. Jungle Debate


    I used to stand behind the goal in the Celtic end when I was a wee, daft boy but moved to The Jungle when I became much more sensible. I now sit in the part of the Jungle where I used to stand. Fascinating stuff.


    James of The Jungle.

  14. jimmybhoycampbell on

    off out into the London rain, if anyone has a spare for Barc at the Nou Camp Paul67 has my email.



    check back later




  15. Couple of seasons ago on the balloch to Belgrove train I heard a couple of buckied up 20ish year old Celtic ‘fans’ singing a vile song re the Ibrox disaster.


    They stopped it when we told them to.


    Not sure if they were old enough to appreciate what they were singing about and how horrible it was.

  16. We are going round in circles with this Bhoys.



    Some have never heard songs or chants sung about the disaster ,


    some have heard them and wished they hadn’t heard them



    Our supporters are not all angels, but over the years we are ‘self policing’ when some our fans over step the mark .



    We all have our experience from different parts of the ground , from different buses, different pubs,



    There is little to be gained by stating that ones experience negates another’s.


    Both are valid but they are only snapshots.



    Lets move on ……


    to tomorrows line up or something that we can agree on



    Forster , and 10 full backs for me..



    The Onlooker

  17. kitalba


    14:51 on 19 October, 2012




    depends how far back you want to go…………..



    Kitalba, thanks for the response; think it was originally posted about four years ago……….



    Regards & Hail Hail



  18. Can also remember the jungle was a tad angry at rapid vienna game


    Gordon strachan was the only player i can remember who enjoyed


    playing in front of the jungle

  19. Congrats to Danny McGrain – love to see legends in the Dugout.



    I’m not an expert on DMcG Coaching ability but his record with the young bhoys speaks for itself.



    Also Celtic have never been known to be sentimental when handing out Managerial and Coaching positions, they are hard earned.



    So I believe Danny will be there on merit.



    BTW: Was at the Partizan Tirana game, seemed fairly chocca to me:-)



    Hail! Hail!

  20. The Onlooker




    Lustig Ambrose,Wilson Izaguirre







    My selection is based on injuries and resting eg When did Sammi return from International game?

  21. TheBarcaMole:



    I don’t think the archives go back that far; unfortunately. All my links to ‘interesting posts’ have died if they are over two years old.

  22. The Onlooker



    14:55 on 19 October, 2012



    It’s relevant to the extent that asserting or trying to create the impression that Celtic supporters have never said anything inappropriate about the Ibrox disaster is untrue and undermines our credibility when we say that the dalek thing is nonsense.



    Which is why this topic came to be being discussed in the first place.

  23. Leftclicktic



    Thanks for that 7-1 link, superb.



    Tontine Tim



    Thanks for 7-1 reflections and your memories.



    I will always be fascinated by the 7-1 phenomenon. Despite my moniker, I was born 3 years after the game that still today, is the 2nd biggest glory day in Celtic’s history. I love hearing about where people were and how the news was received.


    Both my Donegal grandfathers were at the game, and several of my uncles. My Dad could not get off work.



    I remember seeing footage of the after match celebrations in Lisbon and there was a


    “7-1” banner – that tells you how much this game meant to the fans….



    I remember seeing many walls in Glasgow daubed simply with “7-1” even into the 70’s and 80’s, including one on the way Celtic fans walked to the Celtic End at Ibrox (how it lasted there for years is beyond me…..).



    Like Big Jock Stein, the 7-1 game itself is immortal. Thank God no other team has won by this score or better in a UK national cup final…and I include us in that….I would hate to see it beaten. The Embra final last year was worrying at 5-1 and 30 mins remaining.



    Talking about wee Bertie…..it’s incredible that he came so close to appearing in our 2 greatest victories.



    Here’s to the famous 8 goal thriller….




  24. I must be another unrepresenative liar. I’m fifty-three and have never heard any somg about the Ibrox Disaster. If I did, I would not associate in any way with the performers. Can’t say I can hear it from where I sit in the stadium, either. Maybe you need to be in a special part of the ground reserved for those who most vociferously always support our club.



    I lost two good friends that day. My father, who was there, lost a close work friend. Why would I participate in, or condone, such an ignorant assault upon their memories?




  25. Whoever is unfortunate to be next Scotland manager, he’d better not have any connections to Celtic. The media and certain sections of the community will hound him relentlessly. Basically, unless he wins the World Cup, beating England 7-0 in the final, the MSM will focus purely on his Celtic connections and blame it for everything.

  26. kitalba



    14:59 on 19 October, 2012





    How did you know they were Celtic ‘fans’?



    It was the fitba train full of Celtic fans. We were all heading to CP.


    the wee guys singing had the Hoops on.

  27. timbhoy in spain on

    I lived in the south of England for many years & became friends with a butcher who lived near me & we would go for a pint together.I think he was the most fanatical Celtic supporter I ever met.


    One evening he had a few too many pints & started singing a song about the Ibrox park disaster.i had never heard it before & i´ve never heard anyone sing it since in 30 years.


    It was the most foul disgusting thing I think I´ve ever heard.


    He was told in no uncertain terms what was thought about it.


    It went to the tune of an english country garden.Foul.

  28. jimmybhoycampbell:



    you should try and make contact with Oldtim67 (possibly via Paul67), he’s going and he is the party leader. He’ll see that you won’t want for company.

  29. When this Dalek nonsense first reared it’s head a few weeks back I mentioned then that in nearly 40 years a Celtic supporter, I had never, not once, heard this used as a reference to the Rangers supporters who died that day at Ibrox.



    In fact I am another who has seemingly led a “sheltered life” because again I have never heard any derogatory chants, songs or slogans from the Celtic support with regards the Ibrox disaster. Be that individuals, groups, supporters bus or the crowd as a whole.



    The one and only time I witnessed a Celtic “fan” use the disaster to goad some Huns was on a now defunct fans forum around 8 years ago, when the Huns on the receiving end were rejoicing in their “BJK” rubbish.



    It simply never has been and never will be a subject the Celtic support would use as a ‘weapon’ against Hunnery. The fact that the worst of Hunnery are using the subject to spread malicious lies about the Celtic support (and Thomo) now says it all really.







  30. kitalba


    15:01 on 19 October, 2012




    I don’t think the archives go back that far; unfortunately. All my links to ‘interesting posts’ have died if they are over two years old………….



    Kitalba, OK, thanks anyway. Just following up on a request………… If it was one of mine it wouldn’t be that interesting in any case!!!!!!!…………Cheers.



    Regards & Hail Hail



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